Xplosion Match: Jessie Godderz vs. Mahabali Shera

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the contest is scheduled for one fall introducing first from Hollywood California Jesse daughters everyone wonders it is turned joining us again for his book on its ability Jessie guiders is here on explosion and the true victory no strings we want to have a good time it’s done all across the world yes good shear look at the strength of this guy power this got a sized mass of mahabali’s Sheriff if Jesse gyres wants to get into a pose always that pose down pose on I don’t know but one thing I do know is I always examine the Capello’s head and totally come to the ring and I noticed that do a shara have a nice string going from his chest down to his label oh that might be some warning talk you don’t get it right now there’s a lock up in the middle ring just strength who’s gonna win that’s the question I go with just batters Jesse guiders has all the tools it takes to be a world champion absolutely future needing an opportunity to see him Scout him here on explosions Shira speaking of scouting I made this known quite a while ago you know people always last hope his intentions what will he do we have interesting going and you know what if Pope had to get back involved that would be to be an advisor to someone like from the Martindale Donnie’s Jessie darkness just stick with trying to be the best play by play man in the bathroom stuff all I have to do is ride your back daddy oh stop it’s all true Jesse got is Halloween sheriff knew each other so one thing I love about explosion typically see sure I hope he gets something like Jesse got not to every day in the world because you’re clouded yeah I really made it to the round of 16 for sure both of these girls dancing the sheriff but open much of the commercial rain chest gathers in control so Jessie garters staying on top he got he has my hobby sure on the mat and that’s a wise thing for him to do because you don’t want to let the big man get up and roll you know what I’m talking about have you ever trained in the gym of Jessie goners absolutely talk about his work out why you know but you talk about Jessie goddess he’s in very intense just like he is in the ring right now he’s an intense person he gets in a jump and he wastes no time and hitting the way it’s conditioning and you know what here’s a little secret and folks look good to you but you got a secret yeah here’s a little secret of Jessie got it okay he is just a phenomenal athlete period he tells little too much cardio that might surprise the only cardio he does okay well thank you for that tremendous insight I’m Jessie Goddard’s have you ever been in the gym with mahabali’s sure you know Mohave sure he hears an individual that when you’re in the gym with him you might not know I kid you not the hobby we shared I saw him earlier today very early today that’s for sure was here all and everything earlier preparation and training that because the Adonis has taken his match 80% you worry about beating too late absolutely and that’s what I’m saying you know he was already dressed out exercising and prepared for this matchup and they may come back to haunt you look at that slap that was blue slacks up the pop song shift freak one of the shows on our American television partner loving impact on everyone is every week every Tuesday here in the States 9:00 p.m. Eastern eighth century after all that time I still feeling like it just didn’t come out the way that I wanted it to but nonetheless what’s that skid screech oh shit streak great sure I’m the man where available is investigators trying to bring the fight to mahogany shara shara coming back big round house right hands by Oh Shiro is able to spend the end of 2015 back home in India what does that do when you have been home for so long and hid the opportunity to be around your level but much like the holiday season you know it’s not the best time for any athlete are for many athletes a lot a lot when I was little way from the good stuff ah you and old so that’s why I like to overindulge all year yeah that way I’m not thrown off it’s not happy it shows dead I see daughters firmly in control here a frenzied crowd we share a pen to the mat God is very intense and that’s the way you have to be regardless of what stage you’re on when you are in that ring you have to bring it all Tigers congratulations to Cheryl what a victory to fill this – champion – the future sheriff himself they’re explosive you

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