WWE SummerSlam 2017 – WWE Championship Match | Jinder Mahal vs Shinsuke Nakamura

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[Music] and action-packed edition of SmackDown life what a night it was it may not have delivered in exactly the way WWE fans wanted but it certainly had its high points especially at the beginning and end of Tuesday night so everybody was expecting that John Cena will win the match against in Sookie Nakamura to enter into the SummerSlam to fight against modern-day maharaja cinder Mahal for the WWE heavyweight championship it was a very exciting that and it was nicely poised any one of these two group in one another but the king of the strong style piece Cena clean now Nakamura will have the opportunity to win the most prestigious championship in professional wrestling and of course Nakamura is the obvious favorite polios then Smackdown went off the air Baron Corbin attacked Nakamura from behind to the Money in the Bank briefcase John Cena then stood up for Nakamura and he hit the attitude assessment on carbon to the table looked like that match between John Cena and Baron Corbin is set at the mclamb – but it doesn’t end here WWE have long-term plan for carbon and Nakamura although Nakamura has won the number one contendership for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship I personally not seeing him walking out of the ring as champion well gene Omaha retained his championship belt certainly not we could possibly see Baron Corbin interference in the match or even though Nakamura wins two championships there is every possibility that Money in the Bank briefcase will be capped by Baron Corbin then we will see the field rivalry between carbon and Nakamura and this field will extend further and might end up when Nakamura eventually defeat Corbin who knows it become a feud of your I thought you would have enjoyed this video do share your views in the comment section below and subscribe to our channel to get more such videos thanks for watching you [Music] you

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