WWE Smackdown! vs RAW: Season Mode – EP.1 – Erection

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all right what’s up Smackdown or raw mm-hmm Smackdown it is welcome to Smackdown vs. raw gameplay this is I think this game came out in hmm 2004 2005 I played this game in 2005 I know this for sure so I’m not sure what year this game came out I can’t remember anyways we’re gonna get started with the season mode Here I am doing my season mode I have played this game before obviously but that was you know back in two thousand five and six I played this game a lot so let’s start with the new season mode what are we gonna pick I had no idea you know ah there’s Robin damn Rick oh wow blast of the past Rey Mysterio with that stupid frickin attire I hated that khaki color attire I got so used to looking at that I was just mad all the time anyways look at this I mean there’s well let me look at hardcore holly garrison cade edge eddie guerrero d-von dudley Oh chuck palumbo Kristin Jericho Benoit shallow Charlie Haas Bubba ray Dudley Booker Vic show booty booty stuff a trained Undertaker was his overall 26 hmm Oh everybody’s overall is all the way down I guess cuz you gotta start at some point right alright so what should I pick man um I don’t know what should I go for what was should I go for I’m gonna pick edge I guess either I’m thinking edge or Eddie Guerrero um man oh man oh man tough choice huh very very tough choice I’ll pick Benoit and Jericho and loss of my gameplays so I don’t want to do the same thing again you know I want to do something different Eddie where it is okay there’s a shop zone memo battle for the title there’s attributes save my progress or whatnot huh okay well I guess I’ll just start with the event yes Oh oh my gosh that Torrie Wilson so you’re saying that this is all my fault huh at least I don’t have to say anything I mean all the captions I’m saying that you lost half a dozen matches in the last month and you need to focus dude look at them boobs holy crap well maybe if you’d stop distracting me while I’m in that drink I would have been losing so much huh distracting you then maybe I should just stop coming out to the ring if I’m such a distraction yeah Tori just take my side oh there’s Eddie Guerrero your penis I mean your hair I’m looking at one of the biggest losers in the WWE and the diva who deserves a lot better of course my next manager whether she wants to offer me her sir well obviously I’m going to choose the first pick oh oh you’re so charming Eddie let me just touch your penis tonight continue back off jerk listen watch your mouth and keep your hands to yourself oh it’s not like I’m masturbating I mean jeez huh muy interesante let’s see what’s gonna happen dude Torrie Wilson looks so freaking hot in him even in the video game my gosh all righty then look at this I have a singles match against Bubba ray Dudley let’s play the match shall we fantastic Eddie Guerrero all right welcome to the first ever gameplay of smackdown vs. raw on my channel oh I lost that two out of three hand job there before I play or should I say you know in this video I mean of course you are watching me playing first time I went ahead played one match before this match just to get used to the controls first because I simply didn’t want to hop on here and just act like a noob even though right now Bubba Ray’s making me look so bad come on okay so the l2 button on my controller is for the strike reversal and r2 is the grapple just like that I just reversed his um grapple there all right so I’m playing as clean okay there are two ways there you know they were introduced and you know playing this gameplay that gives you advantage at some point as acting dirty just like that you know all doing all kinds of dirty moves like spamming over and over again not doing much much of the high-flying maneuvers like if you’re a clean superstar if you’re a plain clean and if you keep doing clean moves like over the top rope and all that crap your momentum you get you start gaining all that momentum so you’ll see you’ll see what I’m talking about I just need to be a little bit more careful man I’m not doing so good right now what why did the bar fill up so easily oh man this ain’t looking good my gosh you already got a finisher on me what is this mess okay come on ah no when that’s Samoan drop all right not what I expected I think I know what’s going on since I’m a new superstar like not a new superstar but like it’s plane as you know first time didn’t give my overall as like one of the midcard guys or you know set my overall some are very weakling I guess I’m not sure but whatever I mean his bar like started feeling like so good like all the way you guys know what I’m talking about come on well are you serious oh come on should have reversed it all right this is gonna be really bad I got a bad feeling I’m gonna lose this match not if you keep saying you’re gonna lose this match come on come on Eddie I mean look at it he is he’s still a blue Allah the way I was getting up on top rope I mean you can tell I have no agility at all I’m so slow I need some super star points man come on should have set the gameplay ass easy rather than plain old medium I didn’t change any settings at all on me I’m just playing from the top you know and my phone is ringing who’s calling me idgaf huh ooh nice monkey flip right there scoop on top rope and I am very slogan come here Bubba oh he head-butted into my missile dropkick and stopped me Oh ahead come on no I’m not answering the phone call quit calling me oh and a nice clothesline oh come on the phone is still ringing I’m assuming that’s a FaceTime phone call it keeps ringing if they hang it up but anyways I did you have I need to get a finisher here let’s just oh man I want to do three amigos but I don’t even know where to start off with I love the soundtrack I have to say like the soundtracks in this game oh man they’re so freakin good and her dropkick on back of his head take that you son up up just kidding pg-rated I should just change up the whole theme of my gameplay videos from now on I’m just gonna start cursing just kidding alright so I mean he’s just starting to turn yellow so I mean I don’t even know what to say right now come on taunt taunt taunt there we go b-but laughs and I sob there we go Oh nice dropkick that was a nice combo right there – uh oh no man he got a finisher on me I am not answering that phone call till I won this match jeez ah remind me next time to turn my phone on to solid oh come on oh there you go a nice reversal right there I had my hand set on our two button getting used to the controllers here come on give me a finisher right oh no take your door get your filthy hands off me ma oh man geez stop calling me okay dude oh my gosh no way my uh controller the r2 button is it I feel like it’s going in like this feels weird well these controllers are like bootlegging anyways I bought them on eBay for like geez I don’t know like five ten bucks like two of them for ten bucks or something like that oh no two three oh and I lost a match up ha I tried so hard well I mean it’s my first game play so give me a break I’m sure I’ll get better at one point if they stop calling me maybe I’ll win the matchup oh well Torrie Wilson are we gonna have sex tonight you’re looking for a manager it’s too bad for you that I don’t waste my time on guys you can’t get the job done ah nice punch line there Torrie Wilson well apparently found the right man you know I’ve been thinking about getting a manager and please stop calling me for gosh sakes and I think would make a good team what do you say oh look at this jackoff ah those tighty whities she’s not interested take a hike if you know what’s good for you you want a piece of me huh I’ll teach you a lesson you shut up bitch situation developing backstage between those superstars that’s the thing with tomatoes cold

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