WWE SmackDown: Rey Mysterio vs. Kane

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dangerous situation here for both superstars still trying to figure out if you guys are on Rey Mysterio’s payroll Kane will say to sit down and hear turns right once again now picking up an e there he goes Oh a shot Mysterio to the cover will be stupid for no Rey Mysterio’s got to be the biggest little man I ever seen in my life I mean he’s got the heart of a life this is the turning point to match the opportunity from Mysterio to continue his offensive aslope on Kane and I wasn’t totally I went to green with Ray hat in the heart of the lion but his hearts also black he’s gonna tuck Oh with that dreaded uppercut by the Big Red Machine just wave note you will see if this will do it for Mysterio Kate hooks the outside leg hand getting a bit frustrated perhaps it looks to put the stereo away but this is what we talked about earlier Rey Mysterio forces you to change your game plan change your offense definitely when you think you got him you know he’s still there man he’s not gonna give up wait a minute Big Red Machine came down a little hard on it what Mysterio got cardi wait a minute he tried to set him he tried to get him in position 46 190 go go down it up let down connects cane anyone at his feet but stereo awesome nowhere to go right no mug shot

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