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what’s up you guys Sean Ross that managing editor a fight for calm vital wrestling calm and now fight Phil select calm if you haven’t already check out fight full select it’s going to be bringing you these shows ad-free really the only plug you’ll hear is for fight phul select through WrestleMania weekend it is our premium service as retro podcast Q&A podcast jimmy vans match archives photo galleries our weekly fight for weekend or where we talk NXT Ring of Honor 2:05 live New Japan all kinds of stuff like that dark match commentary we’ve got a ton of stuff over there just go ahead and check it out fight full select calm you can get early access to the fight for wrestling weekly early access to my interviews early access to the pretty funny listen you boy intro that goes up tomorrow but just give that one to a glance and of course make sure you tune in this weekend we have podcasts galore Saturday night NXT takeover New Orleans UFC 223 shortly after that instead of covering Ring of Honor that night I’m gonna wait until the next afternoon we’ll do a bit of a Wrestlemania pre-show and talk about that show and of course wrestlemania night i am joined by one Jeff Hawkins who is not wearing a point at the fucking sign shirt but you’ll get to see the sign in person Jeff you’re heading to Wrestlemania I came very close to buying a you boy shirt to wear in your wit did last year and he got that thing all over TV yeah but the thing is I don’t wanna be the guy wearing the shirt for the product that I work for if I go out I don’t wear the fight full shirt or anything like that it’s just I am I’m packing and I’m I’m pretty much done but but I I need to explain this you I am firmly in that gray area between I have way I have just enough to get into a carry-on but if I want to buy anything else I won’t be able to finish yeah or do I just do I just check a bag and have to wait at the terminal for the bag to dress and have that extra room in case I want to get because this is a six this is a six-night trip for you yeah yes okay so yeah you got a pack like plenty of clothes for some honey that’s not the problem the problem is is do I want to wait at baggage claim that that’s the problem that’s my ennui I’m it’s suffering right now hot dog guys if you all haven’t already leaves a thumbs up subscribe of course fight foal is going to have all your typical news from Radio Road they’re gonna be sending us interviews a lot of things like that that we will cover but this week I’ve just loaded it down with exclusives from the fight for wrestling weekly on Friday which our friends over Pro Wrestling Unlimited do a great video on get go check them out but I interviewed Stevie Ray interviewed Ivelisse interviewed Joey janela interviewed Gangrel of all people they offered me a bunch of names then I think give me Gangrel I want Gangrel dammit who actually wrestles more than a lot of indie wrestlers that I know these days have a lot of shoot interviews dropping the Copacabana Dave lagana the Alex Riley when I did last year got exclusives from Sanjay Dutt and we got a ton of guests on tomorrow’s listing your boy show so keep it locked to fight for calm because we just got tons of stuff all weekend long that you can only find at fight full calm one of the more interesting things out of the interviews that I got this week Ivelisse throughout all the stuff this weekend she’s not booked to wrestle and she was a little pissed about it especially with lucha underground running a show like i should’ve asked her i was like how do you feel about it and she goes uh honestly i’m pissed i was like well okay then does that surprise you that someone with the profile of her and i mean you you hear some things some people say that she’s had attitude problems in the past and stuff but if anything she she’s outspoken always has been though yeah and it surprises me just but also i mean i don’t know what what are the women’s groups down there between shine and shimmer and lucha underground running against impact wrestling that true that – i mean you can at least to put her on there against like a see green or something who’s doing an impact appearance despite being finished with the company yeah it’s uh I’ll say it’s rather unusual but there’s a lot of unusual stuff like for example progress isn’t bringing over TK Cooper and the South Pacific power trip were the breakout team of last year’s mania he’s not even on that card that they’re there guys who are working too much and they’re people who weren’t working nearly enough this weekend yeah the interview is one that I wanted to do that that was another name that got offered up and I widely considered her one of the best women’s wrestlers outside of WWE in the North America area I think she’s phenomenal we just great when she wrestles guys I buy it she pushed for a lot of the things that are going on right now when she was in developmental and was very outspoken about some things that were going on in developmental that ended up being true also in the interview she flat-out accused WV of rigging tough enough saying that Andy Ariane and Christina all had contracts before the show I was like hot damn we’ll have a story on that this week so that would not that one shocked me most reality games are rigged there are other people uh how about this one fight foal calms Jason Kincaid wrestling for WWE this week on the access shows Dunedin be stealth came in and became the best indie show of the weekend how they do they may have Walter on here they have Keith Lee on here that they have tournaments for all their belts and this has gone virtually under the radar I you know what I’m so over booked now I couldn’t and God knows who wants to go to a wrestling show at 8:00 a.m. on a Sunday home and when they did the ones at the Arnold sports festival that’s when they’d start them but not only that they’d run them until like 5:00 or 6:00 that evening because they knew the QAS and they do the live tryouts and all that stuff so you didn’t really know when they were gonna run anything and you had to schedule your like lunches accordingly because I was there covering it it was just a ton I’m a big mess other exclusives by the way Jason Kincaid wrote a great article interviewed any wrestler Elliot Russell I spoke to Ring of Honor’s Bobby Cruz I spoke to we spoke to Becky Lynch’s boyfriend which there was a fun talk Luke Sanders about that type of experience our hon bowler who is known as the guy that Jenner Mahal was supposed to walk out to the cage UFC last year just a billion different things that we have going on this weekend at fight Volcom including a lot of features as well including one it’s it’s my favorite series the four year coronation of Roman reigns year three yes so you’ve got your WrestleMania plans does the access thing throw a wrench into that or did you I’m not I can’t make access there’s no be able to make that a month I mean I’m going to here’s what I’m doing I’m doing both progress shows I’m doing revolution Pro I’m doing shimmer I’m doing NXT I’m doing mania I’m doing Raw that’s plenty if you if you want me to like wrestling by the time I come back here on Tuesday and I’m gonna try and be back at least to do a run in at the end of at the end of your show next week yeah last last year I did all of WWN and I was just burned out I just could not handle another wrestling show after staying all the way through Smackdown last year so access look I’m gonna get some sleep I’m gonna have some lunch and dinners with friends I’m gonna enjoy myself in New Orleans and I’m not gonna worry about seeing everything because they’re taping these access shows apparently for the network’s so they should yeah should I just want to say based on all the people that have been associated with fight ‘full over the years the the athletes the wrestlers Shane Helms appeared on TV the process appeared on TV Jason Kincaid is about to appear on w/e TV I think Vince Russo gets on there before Matt riddle if the 1a may go into the Hall of Fame wanna do that poor Batman yes we talked about it a couple weeks ago and I think you were right on the money I think that if Matt riddle had signed with Ring of Honor when he wanted to heed me and WWE right now yeah that’s the thing you got to do the opposite of what they want because they want to keep you under their thumb to a degree mm-hmm he played good soldier and kind of got screwed I think yeah especially with the flow slam deal and he signed that contract with them and that stuff didn’t just it just didn’t work out but Matt’s level of talent is so supreme that it’s barring some catastrophic injury I don’t know that there’s much of a way or an Evan Bourne Matt Sidell getting caught at the airport type of thing that’s the only way that it can mess up by the way Dianna Perazzo vs. Matt riddle booked for I think a beyon show yeah that’d be on show is all inter-gender and beyond I stayed for a bit of that that is the end of the night when everybody’s running out of gas at 11:00 p.m. yeah and that’s gonna be interesting but but but I like what they’ve done in that they’re marketing something different than every other show on the card there they’re a complete card of inner gender matches and if you like that thing you got that what is the biggest match of this weekend in your opinion the biggest match of this weekend okay god it’s gonna be controversial to me personally one of the biggest is Cody versus Kenny Omega and I say that based on all the story that’s been built around it ah the thing is I don’t know if there are any like overwhelmingly like gigantic matches but there I’m interested in damn near every single match that I see listed on the slate over 3 2 or 3 nights I’m not Cody and Cody and Kenny myself just because the build has been the rest of anything on any major show and I would include all the WWE stuff yeah they they get weekly build on what I think is some of the best TV programming there is being elite by the way guys my NXT being the elite New Japan Ring of Honor show now on fight will select if you all want to preview some of that content some of that is on our YouTube a dark match commentary a QA my first retro review w at backlash 1999 the Styles Nakamura match I’m also into if I were to put a second one I would say Shane and Daniel Bryan against Owens and Zane just because it’s Daniel Bryan coming back and that I I wonder about and I as far as all encompassing with stakes included Charlotte nos cos up there because of the champion and a person they see is a star against an undefeated streak there’s just some good good wrestling on paper there’s a lot of potential on that mania card on paper that is weird I’m I’d put AJ in Styles a second for overall encompassing on the weekend because I think theirs is the one that if they steal the show is gonna be the water cooler talk yeah oh year I’m I am a little disappointed that Cedric and Mustafa Lee is on the pre-show I really know about that like I normally I would be and they’re gonna eat a commercial I know that that sucks but they’re they’re gonna be featured on the USA Network that they’re generally not featured on so that I can kind of understand because if you want to see them by and large you’re gonna have to be a WV Network subscriber so I’m kind of ok with that because it gives people on the USA Network maybe more of an opportunity to see that because they’re gonna be quite a few people that watch on the USA Network that don’t watch WrestleMania but we’re gonna we’re gonna make our WrestleMania and super card of honor pics later ok oh yeah oh yeah well we’ve got Smackdown to talk about tonight as you all saw I posted a rundown of that I had somebody say that’s very Bischoff of you and no I’m not giving away results it is a basic segment rundown if they’re confident in their show they really shouldn’t be upset that some of these listing segments Daniel Bryan welcome Shane McMahon to the ring says despite his hospitalization he is cleared to compete at WrestleMania 30 for this weekend brian says that Shane was right about letting him about letting his friendship with owens and zhang cloud his judgment over the last six months I thought that was horseshit I thought that was complete horseshit Shane has been as as our friend and I used to say attaint yes he’s been indefensible he’s yeah dell running out in the field and swatting down passes from Tom Brady in the middle of a game that does not fly yeah that this this segment someone dropped the line somewhere or someone forgot a beat or something they had to reset and go back to that hug hug thing yeah yeah I didn’t buy it either I’ll just leave it that it was lame Shane wants to shake Daniel Bryan’s hand but Brian and Nashville wanted them to hug it out finally they do they cut a rah rah promo and based on Shane McMahon’s history as a commissioner I expected him to pop Charlotte right in the mouth for interrupting his segment just cracked one entered genders come to the world surgery you’re missing this week two oh one of those you gotta get the cards and letters this week this is the way they’ve been doing it though it’s one segment bleeds into another so that they do it all the time we later see a video package highlighting Keo and Zane versus Brian and McMahon feud very good video segment for a few that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense but WB’s really really great at these videos oh yeah I wish they had done that instead of the sit-down with AJ and Nakamura to be honest with you yeah but especially given how the show ended which we will talk about mm-hmm Charlotte defeated Natalya any time these two wrestle I expect a good match out of these two you didn’t seem to agree with my notion that this was good match between these two I didn’t like it at all I really didn’t die I mean the first the match itself I found disjointed many times I found that they weren’t on the same page a lot so they’d have to go back to the headlock spot I didn’t understand in context when you’re building Charlotte for this super match against osku why we needed such a long heat segment with natty natty doesn’t matter in any of this to build her up for the battle royal seems snapless in my opinion I don’t I didn’t understand the logic of this match after the last week we said no it was a great idea that he didn’t have the return match and here we are again doing it it just it felt bad to me yeah that I would agree with there wasn’t a lot of sense to this match there wasn’t a lot of sense to Natalya getting heat in this match however what what for what the match was I enjoyed it I loved that Charlotte’s using the head scissor roles and the stumps but about halfway through they got back on page but that first half of the match I really did not like and it really kind of turned me off for the rest of it but to each their own well I like the head sister stumps but not to heavy duties production on it where they zoom in I hate that of course Charlotte gets posted outside the ring and Natalya poses I like her doing this here a whole lot more than I like it when she shoulder blocks somebody or body slams somebody and doesn’t right in the middle of the ring when somebody is either on their back or on their chest it makes a lot more sense to do it where you can’t pin somebody I had somebody that got mad over one of my tweets and went off yesterday criticizing my wrestling history because I said that Bayley should have pinned Sonja Davila last night when Sonja Deville was flat back and she had a cross body press and I’m like yeah no every single wrestling school every single seminar I’ve ever been a part of say if your shoulder if the opponent’s shoulders on the mat you go for a pin that’s why so often you’ll see somebody bump and they’ll roll of their chest or they’ll bump and they’ll immediately get a shoulder up it’s because the point of a pro wrestling match is you get your opponent’s shoulders on the mat it doesn’t matter if you hit the finger poke of doom or you hit a goddamn diamond off the top rope that’s just how you do it yeah you you act like it’s a shoot at all times although production just to bring that back caught natty looking at Charlotte saying pin me at one point oh man come on guys I would agree with that Charlotte applies a hellacious abdominal stretch as we come back from commercial Natalya answers with what I thought was a pretty equally awesome surfboard Charlotte rolls out and the Talia rear naked choke is countered by a backpack jawbreaker Charlotte eats boots on a moonsault attempt which she is pretty much always gonna do inside the ring because the way she lands yeah but now I never expect her to hit the moonsault ever again because she’s always gonna land on her feet and end up eating a boot from whoever’s on the ground that said who was maybe she can do like a moonsault elbow drop inside the ring she probably landed one of those a little bit easier you gotta find you know what Sarah Logan would take that Sarah Logan will take and some of the some of the women of how do I put this more size could take take the I just I just think the fan is taken yeah it’s a fantasy there but when she does it to the outside of the ring it looks really good Carmela comes in teases a cash-in Charlotte kicks the briefcase out of her hands Natalya almost beats Charlotte with a sneaky roll-up but falls victim to the figure eight Oscar comes out and says the Queen will bow down to the Empress but Charlotte takes the mic from her rips her a new one all I have to say is nobody better ever claim that Carmela hasn’t paid her dues she’s got to carry that goddamn briefcase around for a year in airports through which robby fox a barstool sports said that he was in an airport one time getting through TSA and saw somebody carrying one and he was like man that thing looks realistic and it was Carmela yeah I mean that’s that’s that’s the rib if you win it you got to take it with you at all times and you can’t check it because who knows if they get a lot if it gets lost I liked the Oscar damn merch table yeah give me a break got ahead steep that one by just don’t bring them to Indy shows that’s all I ask I don’t get the people who bring the belts I mean more power to you if you do but to me like it’d be a chore to carry that thing around make sure it doesn’t get scratched anything like that I like to ask us part of this but there need to be more of a confrontation oh let’s take them they can say hey won’t beat me that’s it and I just gotta win that okay I love I love this matter on paper but the build is has not been what what what I’ve come to expect I think in a big match go home show it’s almost and this is across the board tonight for me I don’t see the confusion that some have well what brands ask nobody doesn’t even know I think they know if she if she wins she’s on Smackdown exactly otherwise she’s unrolled we’re gonna give you some leeway let you appear on this because you got this match because why not Bobby Roode joins commentary and then Sunil sings horribly oh that’s a gay people select calm you get more of that my friends every dime worth every dime this is not a very good match early on but it’s Jinder Mahal mastered the top wristlock who worked in that top wristlock for what seemed like two hours rusev wins with the Moscow kick this match sucked match was bad rude wasn’t great on commentary the average man right along with AJ Styles though yes that was very good was inter-gender was great on ride-alongs they were they were speaking naturally that’s probably why they I mean I I think gender does have some natural personnel to all you people watching ride along not eating what I’m eating well I made in the three man band promos he had quite a bit of charisma there it’s nothing doesn’t have charisma it’s it’s the way that they script him to use his charisma but but like the the rude Orton stare at the belt stare at the sign okay it was fine I thought Aiden English was pretty good on his his singing part here is this his song rap for rusev I man rusev day that those chants in the Superdome are gonna be something can’t wait till we get that to that one on the prediction RKO out of nowhere but Aiden English beats up Orton then he eats one two when Bobby Roode pushes him into Orton rusev daechan still take over I do want to see rapid-fire RKOs on Sunday I want to see everybody eating one back to back to back that is the way to make Randy Orton exciting I want to know what you think about this backstage commercial for the WWE Network new day they’re pulling a bunch of devices out of their wieners tablets and phones laptops coming out of their genitalia area they are joined by the Usos who say yeah oh s— people come watch us beat new day for free on the WWE Network and the Bloods and brothers show up and they hit the camera with a hammer like it’s they’ve got slammed into stairs yes I in there unless they believe me that some of these guys got brain aneurysms I would have believed it the way that Xavier hit the ground at one point mmm it might the only idiot paying for WWE Network at this point it seems everybody else is getting it for free but I should probably just cancel it get these uh I look III understand the new day gimmick I I like the new day a lot I’m tired of them pulling stuff out of their pants I really am that’s just me in some ways I Felix all of us all of a sudden their pants are Felix the cat’s magic bag they can just do anything out of there there was a real there was a real absence of the dong on last night’s raw there’s plenty of it on Smackdown tonight and and yeah and then the Blood Brothers coming to put the coda on the on the same it just it justified say oh let’s back up so they can do their bit you know as opposed to oh we’re in a feud although I’m a little surprised that we did that get the rumored TLC announcement for them yeah I guess since the they’re doing the running the NXT ladder match the night before they decided against it I don’t know I’m happy evacuating I think I like having only one ladder match the whole weekend so that bears a little bit more special aren’t any gimmick matches on this this wrestlemania show like there’s triple threats and battle royals and stuff but yeah there’s nothing nothing else speaking of nothing else Baron Corbin Dolph Ziggler mojo Raleigh and primo I saw that on the graphic I go oh why the clothes bangin it oh my god he’s hidden the match holy crap so I gotta be honest when I got that that script that rundown I saw that and I said who somebody’s trying to figure me out like somebody someone oh they’re like somebody leaked the fake one to my mole it’s like there’s no way he’s gonna be on this show whatever his first match on TV since money in the bank 2017 kickoff show he lost to hype bros this was his first win since last April when he and Priya and Epico showed up and beat American alpha which worked out fantastically for all involved obviously mm-hmm writer and mojo start this out but Byron says that Oh Joe thought management held him back after the wind last year okay Dillinger and Ziggler battle during the commercial Fandango and Premo get the hot tags of all people okay whatever this match was all commercial unfortunately I if they’re gonna put them on there at least let me watch the damn match bunch of finishes hit and Corbin heaves Tyler breeze over the top rope it’s the under day’s on Fandango that got a great reaction his finished dead at least so good for that I find it hard to believe where we’ll talk about the predictions later on but Corbin’s getting the win here they want to establish him and really all they gotta say is he’s won this before yeah and it’s funny that brought us X brought up that fandango’s been in every Andre the Giant memorial battle royal and may speak it’s like wow after that Jericho match it all went downhill for you too huh you talk about Shelton Benjamin oh he’s been in so many great money in the bank yeah he’s never win one one ever exactly participation trophies abound exactly Kevin Owens Sami Zayn hopped the guardrail I can tell you all this segment was produced by billy kidman it’s funny on the Smackdown script they don’t list who produces the matches but this was the only thing that had a producer listed next to it and that was a billy kidman they say that even though they’re fired this is still their show they’ve been doing this on the live event loop around around really around my area Huntington Lexington places like that they apologized to Shayna Daniels children for what they’ll do to their fathers got a pretty good reaction but they’re not buying the like fest between man and Daniel Bryan they have their mics cut out and Shane and Bryan cut a promo at this point my direct tv went out we’re getting big storms I understand they sang the na na na song yes they they have to pay residuals to steam for non I hey hey kiss him goodbye I loved the Owens Zane part of this they actually this is one of those times where they’re clever type of production things worked out for them because they shot I don’t know if this if you saw this before they came out but they shot Daniel Bryan and Shane watching this live from the TV while they’re still doing the promo and they’re saying you have think I think we’ve heard enough let’s go give them something to you know sing about or something of that effect and was really kind of a clever staging of how they did and they came out but yeah they they basically said get all your cameras on there everybody with your camera phones get a look at them and because this will be the last time you ever see them in a smackdown arena and then they start saying that I hate goodbyes with of course the natural McMahon being off key is a they do a backstage promo with AJ Styles where they are really hammering home the Vince McMahon dream of AJ Styles pitbull mentality like they they ref they really worked on that one Nakamura cunts as usual need a face promo and we get a selfie promo from training day as they’re called by me at least where they say they plan on causing AJ and Nakamura to limp into mania early in the match Nakamura passes up tagging in styles and instead Pat’s him on the head training day attack we go to a commercial back from the commercial belt of Benjamin and Nakamura trade kick Styles things up tagging back in hitting a new sheet oroshi on gable a lot of side-eyeing going on between aj Nakamura the do you trust me I don’t trust you Trust is key phenomenal for Arman gable pin what do you think of the match first off I haven’t the match itself was fine the the the clever stuff I didn’t care for all that much because again you’re professionals go be professional for a while and then and then you can have your falling out after the match that’s always been kind of my mentality and on a go home show you know I don’t know if this match necessarily belonged because look there there’s a ton of guys you can beat in the lead-up just have everybody come out there who’s in the main event and beat somebody that’s all you need to do for this but match itself was great I mean I’d love them works you know match with stakes between these two teams in my fantasy camp brain that will never happen in the WWE Gable deserves so much better than what he’s getting right now the promos like I said earlier in the show they did I thought they did more to damage the thought that this was a dream match because everybody’s kind of playing up the entertainment this is a dream match everybody’s been waiting for it kind of thing it’s like uh just just just let it sit there man just just give me a video package for this one heck if you’re if Tom Phillips is on commentary saying from the Tokyo Dome to the Superdome go buy some footage from the Tokyo Dome yeah and show it in the lead up and tell me why this is a dream match that’s what I want to know that that’s what you know that’s what if you if you don’t know better what does the Tokyo Dome reference mean to you I mean it’s it’s for people it’s for that it’s for that 10% in the know the hard course that that they’re kind of catering to and that’s fine but you got to let everybody else in on it I I would agree I would agree although I do like the simple build that they’ve had for this match just knocking more always getting one over Stiles T’s is a forum to Nakamura but stop short trolls and Pat’s him on the head this was kind of I loved it he finally got one over on Nakamura and Nakamura was seething mm-hmm Nakamura couldn’t take it as well as he could dish it out because he’s been doing it to Stiles for two months and Stiles does it one time and Nakamura is mad yeah I like that I like that aspect of it but you give them a little bit of a zone medicine and can’t take it I think that’s a nice little move although it does kind of position shin scans the heel in this feud I would agree I would also agree that Smackdown tonight sucked you could whereas sucked I would say it was there it existed and it didn’t it didn’t do the job of a go home show he didn’t do a job at all I you could have completely skipped show and missed out on nothing yeah not I mean not anything hot dog WrestleMania 34 you’re gonna run down our predictions here we go Andre the Giant memorial battle royal myself and Alex have a returning big cast coming back winning this one doesn’t look like it’ll be Baron Corbin based on the way that they book things you do have a former Andre the Giant memorial powder oil winner and mojo Raleigh in there what do you think takes it big casas in there he wins it but I think I’m gonna go with Samoa Joe at the fair once ooh a nice way to reintroduce him the WrestleMania women’s battle royal I personally picked Becky Lynch at the expense of Sasha and Bayley kind of undoing themselves causing themselves and then the the other horse woman comes over maybe dumps them both out how do you think it goes I was thinking it was gonna be a third person at the expense of Bailey and Sasha – I was thinking was gonna be Mandi rose at first and I said that on here I think last week I don’t anymore I think this is going to start a build – Sasha Bailey at SummerSlam possibly I think that’s gonna be like WrestleMania for with Bret Hart and bad news Brown I think Bailey’s gonna win and I think Sasha’s gonna smash the trophy over her I just don’t know how you drag it out for four months unless they somehow end up on different brands and the Money in the Bank briefcase has involved some now and they say oh thank you so much for whatever but that could be – I I’m I’m not sold on that but but it was one of those things I was thinking about him going well they’ve been making such a deal of this it would be the time to smash a trophy over somebody’s head right yeah especially that one even a plastic one garbage that thing cruiserweight championship finals Cedric Alexander Mustafa Ali I see this going one of two ways either Cedric wins and to feel good moment or Cedric loses and snaps subsequently and we get some more juice out of this one yeah on this past weeks shake them ropes Chris November Ino hosted and he Key’s up the theory that this whole Cedric Alexander baby be face thing is is a little bit it’s not genuine in many ways he’s kind of playing baby face just for the cameras i i i think it would be the latter of those two options I think most awfully wins this though and I think this match is gonna be fantastic oh I do too I do too every Uwe United States Championship Orton Mahal rude rusev if they’re smart they go with rusev however there’s a lot of titles that I could see switching hands on this show and they could very well keep it on Orton just to not have all of them switch hands the Rousseff day chance are going to be loud you stole my thunder by saying the exact same thing I was going to if they were smart they put this belt on rusev they’re not going to Orton’s gonna win this smackdown Tag Team Championships the Usos bludgeon brothers new day I think if the blood room brothers don’t win this somebody else is getting pinned obviously I would like to see the Usos win because much was made about them never appearing on a WrestleMania main card which is why I’m not that upset about the Cedric Mustafa thing because guys the Usos deserve it as much as anybody on this show yeah and it’s also why I’m not upset about Sasha and Bailey not having a singles match there I think I think the you says win this for exactly the reason you state I hope so Alexa bliss nya Jax I have nya winning in a quick squash I’m hoping like Mysterio JBL level I think that’s a good culmination of this and you know a lot of people don’t like it I like them going the social issue route and reflecting reality with with this stuff and people I had people say that well Alexa bliss is acting like a high schooler and I was like man I can give you some hashtags to look up if you want to see actual adults acting like high schoolers all day on social media type of behavior exists how do you think this match goes I to have said squash I more compared it to King Kong Bundy versus SD Jones from WrestleMania one that was an ugly I watched it I watched it yesterday quick what six seconds is not 22 but yeah yeah I know but that’s how it should go in my opinion I don’t want Mickey interference I just want straight squash I think you have ascribed far too much depth than they’re thinking about on the social relevancy so of course of course I say I think you’ve booked that part to it not night well I don’t think yeah I agree but the fact that they are even approaching that you know yeah but but I think there should be a very very quick one if if they cuz Alexa doesn’t need Alexis really doesn’t need offense she’s a character she’s not really a quote wrestler and in that respect although she’s very good at that but now she can take she can take a quick loss and it would fit the character yeah that’s that’s a pretty great assessment I’m most excited to hear your prediction on this one the bar against braun strowman and TBA who’s this partner who wins alright i’ve gone through about four different partners for so far i think they’re gonna go straight i think they’re gonna go elias i think it was because they announced elias for the battle royal by now if he were doing that or as a host he has no role at wrestlemania is gonna be elias i think they beat elias and i think bran power ba or power slams him afterwards that’s my inkling but I could see them winning the titles too but I’m gonna go with go go with the bar retaining just for the heck of it if I had to guess just throw one out there I’d say Elias or a one-off James Ellsworth who loses and then braun strowman kills him but i i’ve hurt you know alex has mentioned this elias could be the guy in the spot who comes out plays a guitar and gets rock bottom door stone cold stunner’d or that could be a toe I mean that seems Elias does not need a match to do exactly what he does in fact I would argue that what he does is bigger than almost any match that he could do yeah my only my only is if if you get a situation with either Ellsworth or even elias this could happen with Elias and Braun we’re like bran gets fed up with Elias or lies tries to turn on bran and bran just kills the guy and then he just throws the limp carcass on top of the bodies of one of the bar and Wednesday yes why that that’s the way I could see that one going for for comedic effect I could see them going comedy on this one I mean they’re they’re more than willing to go to comedy with bran obviously brain strowman oh boy as I mentioned in the script last night it read specifically in parentheses not Dudley Boyz glasses and I was like first those 10 seconds it I go oh look it’s bran Dudley all of a sudden I was like my god you all had one thing to do one note to follow on this script they didn’t do it let me let me bring up the board choice that people been bringing up with late Bray Wyatt as his partner yeah actually you know it means a little bit of sense well he posted that Instagram thing – I didn’t see that one posted a picture with Bray and said like the boys are back in town or some shit like that mm-hmm the Miz Seth Rollins a finn bálor Intercontinental Championship based on the matches that Rollins and Balor have been having lately I expect this one to be just complete flames but I can see Miz retaining and losing the championship on Raw yeah I think I think he gets the the celebration I think the record-breaking celebration is a is a segment on Raw and that again they’re gonna play up I think Seth and Finn being so into the match that they’re not paying attention to Miz and miss sneaks a pin somewhere in here Charlotte osku Smackdown Women’s Championship Charlotte’s title versus Oscars streak you got I got Oscar I got Oscar going over to SmackDown after win the SmackDown Women’s Championship I also have Carmela cashing in and getting kicked in the head by Oscar and and not in that succeeding bold prediction I like it Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan versus Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn there are a lot of ass thanks to this one but a returning Daniel Bryan has to win and have yes yes yes right I would think so and I would think this would be early on in the show so that we’ve forgotten it by the time Roman and Brock come on you okay now when you say that do you think rock and/or Brock and Roman are going on last yes oh my god it’s gonna get yes chance it’s gonna get reset I know I know I said this last week and I said this two weeks ago and Rob called me a moron but it’s going on last and they may even try and buffer it in a way to make the lock hip make Rome in a locker room here Oh crying they’re trying I think he I think it has to go on last I I just don’t see I mean my optimum choice is to put AJ and Nakamura on last I think that would be the one to do but I just don’t see I don’t see that happening I see them going Chauk in their mind and I see them going with Brock and and Roman so they put on this tag match early I Wow III think Daniel Bryan has to win here I just don’t know how they figure out how to get Kevin and Sammy back in the continuity because everything screams that they should win this match yeah yeah avid that’s very true as well Triple H Stephanie McMahon Kurt Angle Ronda Rousey Ronda Rousey’s winning this celebrities don’t lose yes I think and I think there’s a visual tap by Triple H to Ronda at some point even though it won’t count yes I am toying with Ronda Rousey he’ll turn though yeah I mean it would fit it fits her it fits their kind of logic where you know when they put me through that table it all became clear that yes they control my career and I’d really need that’s it that’s the exact Shawn thing that the McMahon family would right into yeah yeah that’s what I’m I’m I’m I’m playing without it notion in my head because she is not a NAT she’s not a natural babyface and there’s all that talk about well we’ll polish her up once once we beat her or whatever and Kurt’s been shown as kind of a weak link of this team I could see them I could see them winning and then or at least I could see Rhonda throwing the match for the for money but I think in that funny you mentioned that quick plug fight will select calm I did a retro review on back last 1999 mm-hmm that’s right before the higher power was revealed that they had this big coup Vincente man Shane McMahon all in on it Vince is cracking Shane McMahon over the head with a championship belt on this show weeks before and they were like haha we got you so this I could totally buy buying to them doing this on this match Brock Lesnar Roman reigns WWE Universal Championship Brock Lesnar does have six months on a you sada suspension to serve he is still under WT contract technically till August they froze his deal a couple years ago to let him go to the UFC Heyman saying it’s going to be his last match what do you think happens I think Roman kicks out of three F fives that they cuz making look great for several months yeah I think I think because the Undertaker lost on the third f5 I’d and they’ve been playing that up to I think Roman kicks out of the third one it’s a Superman punch and gets the pin III think Roman wins again I think this is a pseudo coronation again I heard a great idea that would just be right up Vince’s alley where the locker room comes out to celebrate and now it’s them on the shoulders like an old Dusty Rhodes title win but I just think that’d be a bit too cheesy at some point so but I’m just gonna go with the straight Roman wins AJ Styles schinsky Nakamura I have AJ Styles retaining in this match how do you think he goes it depends if they want AJ Styles on Raw that’s that’s the thing I could see Nakamura with a short-term tile rain I just don’t see them having the faith in him to have the have the promo so I I’m thinking they have the greatest Royal Rumble later this month yeah that’s true I think it’s gotta be one of those things where where schinsky gets elevated and probably put into a u.s. title match after after this in some in their minds that’s elevating him but I do think he loses a close one day Jay here that’s WrestleMania 34 pre-show show hold on do we get Undertaker and John Cena you know it’s funny I didn’t even ask you for a prediction because it’s not on our match list thing and it kind of we went over my head I thought maybe it’s not a match because my thing was always like you can still have Undertaker on WrestleMania I mean for the love of God can beat Chavo Guerrero in like nine seconds if you don’t advertise the Undertaker you get a now I’m not saying that that’s what they’ll do here but even in future years if he doesn’t leave it in the ring here you don’t have to advertise Undertaker he can just show up chokeslam tombstone that’s a wrap but I think the audience has overwhelmingly spoken they want American Badass Undertaker to yeah I’m I’m cold on the idea of Undertaker coming out and teasing a match for next year because oh man you think that’s what they’ll do they’ll sell it for next year as a retirement match possibly I don’t I know but I’ve heard that being rumbled about I think that’s a bad idea because you don’t know what kind of physical shape Undertaker is gonna be in a year from now I like you’re right now he had hip surgery I like the squash magic come here tombstone that’s it goodbye and then and then if you want to do another match next year as a retirement match in New York City for the Undertaker sure you can do that then I I mean cuz they have not advertised this I would love love if Undertaker squashed John Cena and that just fucked John Cena’s world all up I thought that should have been the case after he lost to the rock years ago oh yeah I thought that she sent him into a psycho downward spiral where that finally gave John Cena the edge now the funny thing is he’s so widely like he’s he’s more accepted by the fans now than I think he’s ever been in this his babyface career since like oh five maybe but that gives him the edge where he you start to see him I don’t wanna say turn heel but he starts to do some things where he’s like who was the pitcher on major league that would put snot on the ball all that stuff but he’s like I put anything I can find on it one day you will too and then turns into he because I mean he’s I thought he made a great case for why he wasn’t doing the other stuff at WrestleMania but I would love what that sent him down a downward spiral that is compelling television to me I want him on axis at 8:00 a.m. on a Sunday that’s what this is really trying to find out not Cena versus Dianna Perazzo at beyond let’s book it be Ana’s went in that long live fight for stretching her Ring of Honor super card of honor we got this woman of honor tournament you have kelly kline against Eva Thani you have to kneel Dashwood against Sumi Sakai I think it comes down to Tennille and kelly kline i want to say if you all didn’t watch the kelly kline bonesaw brooks match that was probably one of my favorite matches the tournament that was good shit pal good shit pal you know what I didn’t much mind the brandy Rhodes to neo match I thought it’s Neil made brandy look as good as she’s ever looked in the ring however the booking of Mandy rows are not Mandy Rose Mandy Leona no they just need to put a friggin sign on her back that says I’m dating the Booker and let her get the heat off of it because everybody that watches that show pretty well knows the drill who do you think we must start up Manny Leo come on yeah who do you think wins this woman of honor championship I think if – Neal – would is signed burying of honor it’s gonna be her but I’m going with kelly kline cuz I don’t think – Neal’s signed will they they’ve liked kelly kline for a very long time I’m gonna go with – Neal I’m gonna go with it you know brisco’s against Tana Hoshi and Jay Lethal they have stacked this show this is a very very very good show yes and the Briscoes are incredible the Briscoes got a win on Ring of Honor TV this week over Dalton castle and Kenny king so and and ko cabana made it feel special on commentary I like that but the Briscoes they’re winning this match I would imagine I do I don’t think Tana ha she’s gonna be doing that much in it does he I mean this is this is kind of him on autopilot in some ways he’s come up it done Taku – Briscoes have a lot of heat lately so that could might factor into it but I would go with the Briscoes SoCal uncensored against the young bucks and Flip Gordon these titles don’t really mean anything and it’s WrestleMania weekend I would imagine young bucks and flipped Gordon win it’s going to make for great being the elite content like I mean great stuff it’s a ladder match I’m sure it’s gonna be amazing I’m still not sold on flip Gordon yet I think he always kind of you can see it in his eyes where he’s watching for the next spot to happen but I you know what working with these five guys it’s not gonna hurt him right and I would agree I think flip is a is a guy on the ascent and I think they’re gonna want to help showcase that Kenny King Silas young a little bit surprised this one got made I thought they were gonna go the Austin Aries route here as did I I’m complaining about Silas young Silas young is great but you know what I haven’t cared about Kenny King in a few years yeah never and really that was a stretch because it was really all night expressed during that what I considered a legendary Ring of Honor tag-team scene at that point no I really liked him there I liked him in TNA when he was with Lashley and MVP I thought that wasn’t for everybody well me and they did they didn’t they didn’t straighten her shit out who do you think’s winning this one that’s a pick’em for me but I’ll go with Kenny King yeah I will to Tomohiro ECE versus punishment Martinez oh my god that’s an intriguing one I thought this weekend old Toma he really she is Jeff Cobb who does he have a Tremper oh I can’t remember right now but yeah somebody a rep bro and now he asked punishment Martinez sure somebody asked if we’re gonna do our NXT predictions that was on last night’s show decided to move do the Ring of Honor once on this show punishment Martinez and Marty’s girl was a great sprint did you see that yeah all of us so good so good hangman page vs. Kotobuki there’s a battle of the two guys that I thought were able to eat the pen this weekend and one of them did do you think Koda gets that win back so to speak even though hangman page didn’t pin him I’ll see it’s weird because the relationship between the Japanese promotions and Harley age has been so one-sided of late I could see them just going hey we’re getting wins this time screw you you’ve been playing in America getting but means is it bushi even really signed no he’s still freelancing so but I think it also plays into who possibly wins in the Cody and Kenny so but I’m gonna say I’m gonna say Kota wins this one I will to Dalton castle Marty girl I would have Marty’s girl win this I think that makes for good BTE on screen stuff – especially with Cody trying to weasel his way around and this was Cody’s championship I got already school winning this even though I wouldn’t be if they had castle win I don’t think they do just because of they may need Marty and New Japan to be the junior champion a bit they were so so I’m gonna say I’m gonna say that Dalton castle keeps this for now the big one Cody versus Kenny Omega this is just good stuff man the build has been it has been constant and it has been bubbling over since last summer and this this is the tight I don’t wanna say it’s the same exact type of a bill but this is the type of build that a Bailey and a sasha banks should have had over that that period of time and I won’t say that the bill between them has been bad necessarily because I want to see them wrestle but Kenny and Cody have just mastered this they they’ve had it take over multiple promotions and youtube I think Kenny Omega is winning this but goddamn I’m so interested in this one I’m interested to see if this becomes a clusterfuck with the young bucks getting involved and other things because if that happens I could see Cody sneaking a win here two brothers are scheduled for this week so yeah that’s true well I mean but Cody are but Omega should win I’ll put it that way he should win this I don’t know if he will but he should any parting words before you travel you might not be here next week looking like you’ll have the week off be traveling back from New Orleans where can people or where can our people hit you up at where can they see you where can they hear you we’re gonna be recording shake them ropes right after this doing our NXT and Wrestlemania preview because I’ll be flying on a plane tomorrow you can reach me at crap game 13 on Twitter DM s are open if you are in New Orleans for mania for manly handshakes adult beverages awkward conversations whatever you want I will do for you I’ll be at progress both shows I’ll be at Rev Pro I’ll be at Shimer I’ll be at NXT takeover at mania and I’ll be at raw what do you need DM is open you can’t just quote tweet Missy Hyatt and ask if she’ll be at mania no Dave for Dave for Dave they tore him a new one for that so there’s the jiff of Steph Curry shooting the hey couple of guys of course guys fight full select calm show us some support I’ve got tons of new shows that are gonna go up there the QA next week after wrestlemania dark match commentary is up brock lesnar vs foo naki oh boy oh boy have a preview of my Q&A show up there we posted the raw script on there there’s just a lot of good stuff over there the first Jimmy Van match features Bobby Roode but follow me at Shawn Roth’s app most importantly visit fight foal calm let people know about it retweet our stories especially our exclusives all that stuff helps subscribe like thumbs up I’ll see you guys Wednesday for the list an you boy

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