WWE SmackDown Live 10 September 2019 Live Stream

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here we go we started with the feet the undertaker respect right now my friends the other taker is right here peoples yes we have the Phenom right now yes do you undertake her right now not now my friends the Phenom the Undertaker with us right now Hospital life he suspect Allah aim to me yes we have the FINA Stice and Nakamura my opinion the Phenom the other take our rice rain are my friends the dead man is back let’s make their life deaf in new day roley’s strowman the Phenom The Undertaker is right here the warranty only are you a figure of the taker I yes I know people some agree with you Undertaker you have a figure of the tiger I I asserted a figure right now a few moments define him right now my friends the Undertaker writers right now my friends on the Smackdown live without the beard looks like the Undertaker of the debut in 1990 with our beard yes yes my rear with you was awesome imitating from my friend may it also might be my day also the Phenom the taker is also right now he’s ready right now on the Magnum lie Undertaker raters WWE Smackdown live September 10 2009 teen here we go the Phenom is right here guys Undertaker rain are my friends in Jurina everybody says Undertaker Undertaker for the Phenom yes Marshall and I search right now my figure for the ticket for you guys because they have an action figure we’re gonna take her my friends Marsha will go back I give you my figure we can Integra for this model here we go I found my figure of the Phenom The Undertaker for his epic moment take a look guys this is the FINA my female make my figure The Undertaker right now put in better position in the string for this moment other taker speaks right now on mega live and your support of the pizza camera I believe the low battery is the other taker speaks right now guys Dafina Undertaker speaks about Madison Square Garden legacy of this iconic arena we knows that is a special arena Madison Square Garden the Undertaker speaks right now in good shape in my opinion the Phenom my friends the Phenom The Undertaker speaks right now maybe it will be in another match on crown jewel I think the name of the event of Saudi Arabia is possible Arabia Sasha and Charlotte the Phenom speaks when are my friends the Undertaker speaks about April and memories yes but I think that that also Bane is not a good champions and the taker speaks about a new era of superstars reigns and Orton maybe maybe coffee by disqualification Sami Zayn interrupt again the taker Sami Zayn yes we too have one throw and as a winner because hes also roland Rawlings we were in my opinion i want bro so about my dishes for Rollins Sami Zayn intergroup to the Undertaker Sami Zayn interrupts afine and did a tiger Sami Zayn says new city respect the legends really Oh every will face the night shot gaben no one Sami Zayn speaks about the other taker but provoke the Phenom my opinion Sami Zayn alex and nica meeples have you seen the writer now confrontation signaling in the taker right now Sammy’s a speaks to the Undertaker still my problem continued for the battery of this camera I’m sorry but I know what it is listed to be stop it you have a problem with the battery but this camera typically Reggie welcome back welcome typical teenager the future is here say Sam is a to Dafina the future is Sami Zayn says anything to the Undertaker I don’t know there’s no official miserable summer rains tonight but we’re Dafina we have the Phenom will be Roma racer may be a payback with wrong Rowan but it’s not mentioned with not imagine everybody says cheering you sucks – Sami Zayn Sami Zayn and Athena face the face took it wasn’t Lucas Sami Zayn gonna take her turn around and leaves the ring right now say Sami Zayn together taken pass the torch to me sasa Mercedes is unbelievable Sami Zayn says pass the torch to me says that the Undertaker I give you my word saying Sami Zayn I think it would be be Jocelyn yes he has Pedro Prater aphasia welcome back Fraser I think it’s the microphone to semi say could be a big problem for semi say Undertaker big smiles a missing face Undertaker back into Inc Undertaker back in the ring my friends a chokeslam is chokeslam Stein we’re gonna take a which says a semi say yes later and fatik now by the other taker semi saying goes down my friends the Undertaker destroy Sami Zayn a few seconds in this big retro tonight Oh Smeg don’t lie my friends hey it’s some problem family problem because of the hurricane I believe because of Hurricane yes I read your message my friend um where you send a message right here on a social media I think is possible that this team could be supper because there were some low battery for this camera this camera is a lotta Undertaker goes down there’s a low battery for the camera whoever Undertaker destroy Sami Zayn tonight aspect alive Delphina chokeslam on the Sami Zayn novena stealing is a good shape with a shaved face Shane McMahon shockable and shitting me thanks for watching guys I know some writer for The Undertaker uh-oh Thank You people I think would be some bad news for for what with the Undertaker attacks say means Jane tonight and the taker choke slam Sami Zayn the other take a red rose tonight on Raw Hospital I’m sorry I have some problem with my tomato camera Webber I could write or Undertaker arrives speaks with a bit of the universe speaks about about the legacy also of the legacy of of medicine school garden arena legendary medicine school garden arena and the trigger speaks about that in this writer but under his regular rice rice sany sany provoke the Phenom this isn’t a feature of this the guys probably feeling a little bit it was a no good choice for by the same easy to provoke the Phenom because let me say invited us able to pass the charge to him but is not a good idea Undertaker is back on strength alive a few moments ago I think is the Undertaker a period a few moments ago on Smackdown I’d our good appearance equations about it Dafina and during these moments Undertaker celebrate the history of the many so school garden arena the legendary medicine school garden and speaks with a bit of the universe spittoon in this moments anything made a bad big mistake provoked a phenom during this speech is a bad bad idea my opinion and the taker shocks them chokeslam the stupid guys called semi say my friends looks like a comedian missing sometimes but is made a big mistake to provoke a provocative take is not a good idea my opinion not a good idea for a semi saying tonight not a good idea probably the Phenom challenged the fina like that by Sigma saying I didn’t take good shop slim semi same pixel watching guys forget to like the video subscribe the channel this is watching guys thank you so much now I need to resolve the problem for my 4-piece camera because they are the low battery of this camera there is a commercial right now I’m here guys there is a commercial down the way I’m here but I needs to change the battery of this camera because I have some battery problem right now guys is possible because if we thought the battery the kinda thing go off and fine to a good battery to this camera that you can see right the same time start a major the next contest is is Andrade the next contest is Andrade versus Demi’s my opinion and dirty will win the Miss lost mini mansion I have some problem with this camera I’m sorry guys I think it’s problem of the battery of this camera because I think if I don’t change the battery this camera go off and go off also the string is the problem my friends but they try to to made a solution for this because I mean we made up the string the same time but this is the stream for the future I have some problem with this camera that is proud battery problem right now is no good in my opinion I try to find another battery for this camera where will be other stream the same time tonight for other moments for this episode and is a bad moment to make these but now there is a major between the mise en and and and rather maybe the first time ever that we saw these two guys together the myths and rather in the same major the battery is still down I think it is impossible to because at some point during the screen they will be going down because of the battery low battery I can’t make nothing for this battery I’ll run back if the thing will be off we may we’ve had a stream in the same time because right now this battery is very now I don’t know I think it’s injured yes people say use my fast for this stream it needs to change my phone I don’t know whatever we probably actually because his is out of action maybe injury but there’s no official news about population to know what happened if this thing will be out we like is difficult in this will be this looks like a job or Denise right now the visa commercial right now lastly muscle s that also it looks like a dream match about his is not easy to see this coalition because we now because you know Lashley looks like a ghost allegedly is a some problem if maybe because the if a visa is the outer fraction for many times she’s camera right here guys a little bit confusion tonight I’m sorry bother he have some technical problem with my fall no not yet I opted to take a closer look very soul every year the every dish is better than the previous on 2 K 2 and 2 k wb2k ticket with you think would be better or worse again I prefer collect action figure Weber the 2 K is awesome no question about it it’s impossible to save the battery of this phone maybe history could change my phone but I will rather sleep with a with my laptop during the show we’ll invite my friends few moments guys we are ready for more action few moments my friends are we all ready for more action there’s a commercial after commercials typical yes I know it said news for brain knobs is a knee infection I know that here is also some money problem to to find a solution for this problem yes people she said the Mesa and Android right now goes down right to the floor both men down the miss entrada yes it’s so sad for for American author was Joe missing the name forget the name right now he’s I forget right now is Jason Jordan Justin Jordan the name of the guys that was a the same team the Lena became is beautiful as ever tonight he’s a dream but this is all your dream I mean by the means right to the face of untrodden another one of keek a third one here we got the mies against and brother right now big boots by the meze on and trodden under this in trouble right now all right ambien trodden another one broken ankle yes I know Elias I ever lie yes right here but is out because his ankle is broken good body like a salsa from my ring I need by the miss untried it goes down right the floor I don’t know maybe some old school fan maybe because it’s a bad problem for CF I’m so sorry for brain mobs I remember former tacky Jenkins nasty boys they want the title on Breslow mania 7 1981 managed by the mouth of the South Jimmy Hart he had also a big weight loss Brian knobs there means destroys and rather the missing control guys I am surprised for death the miss provoke loss to Nakamura says comma body theorem is dementia we end my opinion disqualification for alternative freeze on the camera or near for for andrade knee for foreign trade me now needful for untrod right now guys need for foreign draw the guys right now here we go Skull Crushing finale by the Miss cover one two one two three and the means one the nature guys miss the winner but right now she’s T Nakamura attacks the I Lister Denise Nakamura attach the knees right now Nakamura and amis my friends Nakamura attacks the means of the victory by the means rickroll last week destroys Roman reigns Erick Rowan 315 powders 658 is a big man precious about met re awesome I don’t know Heather now people’s I don’t know yes yes Shane McMahon against gay police official for the semi-finals shame America’s game of the flashy McMahon will win and maybe the Shane McMahon will be the King of the Ring Mandy rose the beautiful far and desire Mandy Rose is beautiful tonight as ever yes buddy thing is possible Rina Nicky Cruz versus Mandy Rose single competition Nikki Cross versus mehndi rose the next match of my friends after commercial break Nicky Cruz versus Mindy Rose next week name XT will debut on USA Network tomorrow night is the last episode of our of NXT I helped me to me two peoples me – oh by the I don’t know if we’ll be we saw also met our teen in a segment it looks like part of the background no major no sequel new situation for Matt Hardy [Music] wonderful are you remember this laughs crazy laughs of Matt Harvey please another commercial right now before the match between Mandy rose after a second with the batter everything is difficult they will be still impossible the batteries everybody no no I I watch the impact only many years ago when the roster where Kurt Angle and guys like some mojo giving Nash sting remember Jeff Jarrett many years ago I watched a little bit TNA we have another commercial ah interesting the broken Ardis bro Mitali want to want to be once again want to drive in broke him a tardy character try to drive the walker metal the broken me tardy character to the BTB but I don’t know if you would be possible because now we have another craft weekly personality like the fiend for exact occult there will be another guy’s looks like the fiend with true personality mr. dog like dr. Jekyll and mr. I another collage of my friends okay thank you people as I take a look very soon I will especially look of medical school guard in New York the semi-final Schoeneck now best shot gable the music reserve dancing music okay beautiful many rows also made is not a gimmick is beautiful also real life women starting title on the line and clash of Champions here we go guys Mandy Rose is ready Mandy rose materials Macross she’s ugly says many roads to make him public across Mandy rose Madras is not very good in the problem Alexa bliss arise looks like Alyssa bliss and it goes like a baby face because Mandy and Sonya are healed knit across here comes Nikki Nikki corrosive tacky minty rose right now here comes cross my friends yes we snobs nice maybe no beautiful not beautiful like man devices not ugly and icky gross attacks many rows Nikki versus Mandy 101 nature maybe roses beautiful is not good on the micro-fine my opinion man the attack sneaky cross in the corner Nikki cross in trouble Nikki cross in trouble against Mandy rose submission maneuver by Mandy Mandy rose in control against Nikki cross right now the blonde bad girl because Nikki cross looks like a baby face also Nicky and Alex a blistering are my friends nah no this is like a real life you can find an interview right here in the playlist Tolkien brass knee you can find my every might review including trigger with something it’s very a very nice person in your life very kind he become Nicky cross versus crossing control against mentirosa Nick across subtext mentiroso the Carnegie cross is on fire Nicky cross is on fire right now closed fist by Nikki right to the face of Mandy Nicky cross in control versus Mandy Nikki Christine control against Mandy rose so in the build district many by Alex of Lisa taxing the bill outside help Nicky cross Nicky cross jumper the top rope nothing big boots by Mandy Rose cover one two three Nicky cross is the winner Nikki cross is the winner of the match of my friends Nicky cross is the winner guys [Music] Nick across vs. mentiras the winner is the crazy mother is a special look of a special look on clash of Champions and update your situation for Erick Rowan and Roman reigns later tonight my friends Erick Rowan tonight oh my favorite the ad machinery artist in Tucker maybe machining in action next taught only talk early naturally and wonder what nature may be talking in action later after commercial I would give you machinery as an Uzbek delightedly chickens but what happened with the AOP the oldest obtain the also so pay are worried I believe the error on aspect of life but it looks like a meat collar or your job there right now Beck situation for the AOP text watching gets to forget to like and subscribe thank you so much there is a commercial break right now another commercial but we we survived this commercial here we go guys few moments and we back live speak the life few moments and we beg like my friends Marshall welcome back my friends are you doing goodnight Marshall is 2 a.m. and 48 minutes right now my country is in early morning in my country yes Marshall is too AM 49 minutes we have other 71 minutes of Spector live tonight and Norina is no Sun is dark because it’s a 2 a.m. and 49 minutes dark where I live right now yes Marshall is the 2 a.m. yes it’s late by then I prefer the night in general because he sleep in the morning corner moment 4 a.m. we have this difference of 1 hour between mic after your corner a little bit I remember corner then we believe within your Bryan corner is the youngsters passes away for the traffic conscience so said story study for corn and the other thing was also the attacker is a Roman Emperor moon and Bailey and exceed tomorrow yes NXT UK and NXT both NXT tomorrow when I’m ready because they love both brand and xqk tennis team yes Marshall okay Thank You Marcia good night see you tomorrow for NX e UK honesty take you so much Marsha goodbye have a good night master thank you so much thank you daily and amber moon confrontation right now face to face right the women division mentioned and IM perma versus bailey heavy machinery arising dureena TAC team 650 pounds that total combined weight of the heavy machinery or only office is 330 the largest ER team to beat today not nice story because these are we have many biggest that team than the machinery I’m talking about of a bitch of static he combined he talked about the Twin Towers Bosman Hakeem or for example the natural disaster this thing were bigger than they were machinery here we go Tucker against the chopper it was impossible is impossible Tucker in control against a chopper Tucker is very agility 320 powder is very agile six foot for every machine anything is this team will be down very soon because I see right now the battery is in deep trouble the battery heavy machinery in control office is ready man except the air comes out this average in the corner by office Tucker Tucker show is bigger Longer buddy his caterpillar time caterpillar my tiger Tucker Otis 330 pounds here comes Tucker trailer 20 an imaginary destroyed mr. Jabez obviously is a easy person easy prediction all decent talk heavy machinery are ready Shane McMahon put himself in the summer finals Shane McMahon Kevin Owens is back Karin always will be their referee can we know is put the king of the ring Chen che McMahon put Kevin Owens a referee in the summer fundamental thing ebony against gable smart man Shane McMahon put Caminos as a referee in the in the match against her gable and if Kevin Owens made a good job the penalty will be done the smart cash McMahon next room erasing Eric Pro and my friends segment is next in the next segment Roman reigns with Erick Rowan guy is an update about what happened last week on on Smackdown I’d leave a comment remember after commercial we bake live my friends few moments guys and we bake in a right-wing arena we to Roman reigns and Rowan few moments guys who is the promo of a show with John Cena a comedy show I believe a comedy talk show the battery is almost over I think it in the next hour will be another story in the show we have another 62 minutes less of the show this weekend prefer SmackDown the Aurora was a little bit boring yesterday night smackdown is better this week we ready for more action my friends in few moments we are ready guys for more action these are the commercial too much commercial we know is that this typical every week when you watch every watcher a similar live every week the same problem too much commercial and a little bit server both and exceed because he will not see we start on on us in April will be with many commercial also next day here we go guys big live as with the line once again the same problem I friends the same Brahma once again a special look last week a same same problem once again my friends once again the same problem last week Aaron Rowand destroys the big dog on the steel post Rowen last week destroys Roman reigns we remember death and attacks also Daniel Bryan Erick Rowan a new monster eel big new push for Robin I am happy I hope the row we win against run a race my thing is difficult here we go Erick Rowan I rise right now new team song for Rowan Eric Rowan Eric wrong with my friends Roman is ready for Roman reigns right now guys I believe is being is difficult to see their message because they have some low battery while I try to read your message guys Roman is right here is ready to send a message to Roman reigns Erick Rowan Erick Rowan speaks with the WWE Universe right now Roman speaks right now the new team of Romania school peoples the new team aroma yes or am i selling good team song for Roman papers very controlling Rowen speaks about dissipation Roman reigns and race right now guys the big dog arise right now the big dog arrives right now Roman reigns surprise right now guys we have Roman reigns Roman reigns the rice is ready to Rowan Superman punch by Roman reigns to Roman Roman goes wrong when Erik Roman goes outside Roman reigns the big dog against big boots by Rowan to Roman reigns right now big boots by Rowan to the big dog Roman reigns the rubber race I believe is in trouble right now against the 315 power six foot eight Rowan is a big guy the fight continues in the arena the fight continued signorina the fury of row and right now guys the fury of Rowan a Superman punch by Roman reigns the security tried to stop these two guys Superman pies where Roman reigns – row – Erick Rowan Romans lemma fair and ever-growing is under co-op work how to control Rowan Eric Roman is going crazy going crazy my friends yes it’s not the truly phylum agree with you people Suzanne looks like an actor is not a real fan rowan attacks Roman reigns Security’s tried to stop Erick Rowan all right hand by Roman reigns to Rowan Roman in control against Roman reigns right now referee tried to stop Rowan Erick Rowan Erick Rowan in control is not a match is a fight robbery skeptics row and we now you are near the king of read throne Rowen or use the camera roman to destroy Roman reigns rolling a touch Roman reigns right now Roman reigns is down then it’s possible to Romany with beretta from a race in deep trouble right now after this vicious attack crazy attack by rollin Roland destroys Roman reigns my friends right now on spectrum live from a race down was used to camera Roman reigns back on his feet right now but is in trouble 3p welcome back RJ are you doing welcome back 3p thank you so much Ireland Gabrielle welcome Gabrielle I’m sorry because it was the matching same time innocent I am missing some message Roman reigns back on his feet Roman reigns back repeatedly the camera shot her vicious attack by Eric Ramon a waiver against with Roman Roman reigns tonight in this segment of the show a vicious attack no question about it and I think that Roman reigns will win this Sunday but I hope there will be a big push for Rome and also it needs a big push Ravenna my opinion Rowen attacks from a race few moments ago guys dangerous big man okay first of all dead six-foot day 350 pounds 15 pounds not 50 and it’s crazy man 3 P will be 47 minutes less before the entropy RJ I by Eric row and my friends in this episode of SmackDown live bad situation on the fishes about it for Roman reigns because Roman is B is hungry but I think that I think that on flesh of champions I think they’re totally sure champion son Roman reigns will be the winner and clash of Champions is a non-title match not not championship on the line for this matchup maybe the only match without a championship these awesome awesome in Italy which part of Italy are J which part of Italy you will be a link about thanks for watching also get a stream few moments that we BEC like with more force with the line but Roman Erick Rowan made a big attack to Roman reigns tonight a few moments ago it’s dangerous top wishes about these Rowan use the camera the camera as a weapon against Roman reigns this is a big weapon also by a Roman to Roman reigns my friends tonight it’s a big weapon few moments guys with big live in action with more Roman reigns survived I put a resume position survive the vicious attack by a Roman once again we have a replay use the camera Rowland is in the backstage right now [Music] woman looks like a beast Erick Rowan Rowan Easton backstage right now Rowan is Erick Rowan ease his is crazy lost control Rowan Eric Robin there is a special look of this major oppressive champion this Sunday the big dog run a race against row Eric Robin especially look at the card of our place of Champions of every match of the cars right now a clash of Champions car right now there is a special loop Roman reigns receive a big and dangerous attack tonight that we dog by Erick Rowan officials about these but he survived Roman reigns survived the attack of a row of Erick Rowan my Robin wants Roman reigns now Erick Rowan wants the big dog simplicity dispute between these two guys not interesting field in my opinion officious about it my friends thanks for watching guys don’t forget to like the video and subscribe the channel if you’re right for the first time in your life on this channel the collision between Erick Rowan and Roman reigns here on a good City are trippin I was here on many times for my work as an artist start to Bailey versus versus in Bern alone right now takes what she subscribes to right here guys Bayley arrives right now women’s division matchup from San Jose California Smith a Women’s Champion Bayley erase me now bathing in the ring and now ember mole arrives amber lon

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