WWE Smackdown Live 10 September 2019 Highlight – WWE Smackdown Live 09/10/2019 Highlight

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[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] honing you can only imagine the fear I wanted to come out here and take a minute and absorb all this now I don’t know how many times I’m gonna get to come home anymore but there’s one thing that I want everyone to remember about this place the legends that were created right here in Madison Square Garden I took a little piece of it with me because the echoes that their memories will go through these hallways for all of eternity a new era of superstar [Music] ladies and gentlemen come on wenting because you have been selling out this arena not for ten years not for twenty years but for thirty years I want to say first and foremost I have nothing but the utmost respect for you sir it probably shouldn’t be you opening stock down live in Madison Square Garden but sir hey listen respect nothing but respect not just me all of these people but what I what I’m trying to tell you is that the future is here probably want nothing more than for Sami Zayn to take out the Undertaker to ask you to turn around and to leave this ring right now Madison Square Garden and the future of WWE is in good hands with Sami Zayn I give you my word [Applause] another soul taken [Music] [Applause] Shane what I’m sorry daughters didn’t step I know you wanted to see me I did I did listen man but listen in case you didn’t know Elias has broken his ankle and he can no longer compete in the King of the Ring tournament I know and I can tell a guy like you you don’t want to buy you know you don’t wanna you know what a freebie to get up there you want to earn your way okay so I know you’re up for the challenge all right as soon as I figure this out I’m gonna let you know sounds good to me it’ll be so thank you Shane WWE clash of Champions pay-per-view streaming live on WWE Network real separation here inside Madison Square Garden in New York City on the loose go oh I don’t know how long we’re gonna go along with this charade Sami Zayn has made it up himself with learning our language he’s the Intercontinental chick these are all very very interesting since they said shut up Saxton oh I’m sure you understand 3ms hasn’t really done anything to earn this intercontinental bitch right now the minutes wall and a kick-out face a mockery of a minute size on Tralee oh and Selena Vega something bit you know about the news by our guest on commentary should skate makam or taking it tonight’s match all here I think it’s the opposite iron sharpens iron I asked Byron to find a switch in skate thinks about they’re just filling us to capture the air content him go and look out a lot of second down Manresa when the man is turning nakamise serving he came out to do [Applause] [Music] then claimed responsibility for all the hey Missy check it okay about this huh listen have you found my opponent for tonight yeah I have them right out there tonight check a bow you get to take on the best in the world who Shane your fans gonna compete I can selectively listen Nicky cross six singles competition Geoffrey this is now official see McMahon perhaps their toughest last week I told my opponent tonight Nicky cross that she’ll never look like me and she is she’s ugly yikes that’s all I gotta say for that I’m in the front of the line she’s in the back of the line [Music] [Applause] and up to start this miniature power and eros with Italy especially over the last few weeks have said about the women’s tag-team titles not same thing did pick up a victory last week they have a little steam behind a little bit or an icky frog and the back elbow by cross just alright power from Nikki Nikki cross we sure [Applause] when they went to the me saucers a cop momentum shifts in favor of Nikki cross little man defend their titles bliss across our that’s what we also know is for Randy Orton but tonight books enough they’re beginning years oh yeah two weeks ago you and I talked about elevating the entire women’s divisions [Applause] in the fight against pediatric cancer and donate now I’m with them Ramon I’m still trying to wrap my head around some of babies recent they’re mine and let’s not forget the fact it is just tough funky oh here we go it’s a outst on Otis foot sucker like the guy from back here diets that his guys are dates and weights fucker pretty incredible you can’t argue with that they understand what it takes depends on he goes any trouble so I want you to come in here and look I’ve been thinking a lot about this you know being the benevolent leader than I am I’m willing to reconsider and get rid of this hard thousand dollar fine good job okay you know the King of the Ring tournament can you imagine this Kevin the best in the world first buried me last week Daniel Bryan wanted to stand face-to-face ball their occurrence of what I’ve done to you of Champions [Music] [Applause] last few weeks Raleigh’s welcome he’s got the physical gifts he’s got the intellect see all my life people controlled by somebody that’s that somebody tells me what to do all of you in the eyes because all of you are afraid to look me in the eyes and that’s that I’m a mastermind a manipulator a schemer just like I did to Roman reigns last week [Applause] let’s see a couple hands [Applause] you can’t blame Roman reigns for the rage it is all the leaks on the emotional turmoil Roman reigns has had to halt the anger all the fury bro it’s feeling [Applause] [Music] [Applause] everyone it was like bowling pins what finally being unleashed on the WWE Universe and Roman reigns in particular [Applause] good luck keep it any syrup [Applause] maybe highly intelligent but he’s [Applause] [Music] [Applause] live on the WWE Network the big dogs to accomplish the task good luck keeping any sort of orders off Dolph Ziggler and Robert Bruno barber champions will be no conflicts of interest with a raw Women’s Champion return badder than ever fought that the jalapao a little appreciation for the Queen Charlotte’s Lurgan against this woman yes [Applause] well there’s a famous going and this Sunday a clash of Champions you’re free it looks like this could be set up for your 10th championship so whoever said that when I was champion [Music]

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