WWE Smackdown Highlights 20th August 2019 HD – WWE Smackdown Highlights 08/20/19 HD

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[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Randy Orton with food of Teletubbies hitman open cases smash so much because their side of the breast and how’s this for a first round magic just King of the Ring tournament Xavier would come out to try and defend this new day brothers school Cokely like a one-man wrecking paste in archaea fall at the hands little arrival unlike Kofi Kingston I am NOT a liar week I gave him I gave Kofi the opportunity to prove himself he was holding Kofi’s helpless body right about here in making him watch most destructive Leonard [Applause] Oh [Applause] you know what this is for [Music] [Music] Jordan to the copito place he’s never gone before a barbaric Kofi Kingston can’t beat when it comes to the black book Smackdown live they have turned the world of Roman reigns upside down I don’t know who was attacking me there’s another to try to hit me with a car I got questions I’m gonna make sure I get some answers [Music] [Applause] I just want you to know that we’ve been conducting our own investigation and we found him and Daniel Bryan and Eric Rowan has vowed to bring forward the person introducing the USA Network and an XT we didn’t care we trip tomorrow a network congratulations the NXT and then sort of make sure that again we don’t rip up the office and look I I’m not here for that I’m not here to make things worse you called me last week you find me $100,000 pissed me off and I didn’t react you and I don’t come from the same background hundred grand might be nothing to you you’re a father you’re a good father to father the father I wish you’d reconsider I’ll take it under consideration Co excuse me we are set for the King of the Ring tournament on trotty we won’t crown fifth King of the Ring right now we’re going to show you the updated be Kevin Owens the one-on-one with Elias but what is it that a foul have to do here in this matchup to take out on product this guy has all he’s got and we talked about the familiarity that Apollo Cruz and atrani we saw him try to respond in kind with equal intensity that’s why I’m drawn to smart decision again you could buy on charter using that rope as advantage packing the punch rod a going to the top turn lock to get up and dropkick somebody up in the air he’s about your size I’m trying to the out caught up by close we are back here on Smackdown live first-round action [Music] [Applause] saxman will determine who will be the 2019 king the power the speed the agility this guy’s got it all falls no Mysterio’s got the crown going to be Hall of Famer Booker T said last night the King of the Ring tournament but I mean do you know how bad you have to be Apollo Cruz hath left Cruz Adam I thought please draw a people isn’t like number to be his version of a Marvel Comics superhero this tournament kid propeller clearly new heights up front so I need to take advantage [Music] this guy is writing the biggest wiki unbridled potential on Friday while he started making him pay that’s all it took the 42 takers sad capable taking on Shelton Benjamin and of course later on know what you did [Music] do you mind I’ve been suspended for the entirety of the nights exceptions sincerely Jane Trish summer slant and she had to admit what everyone else already know that I am the queen of all eras the face of the Smackdown women’s division is the Bailey but here the fact Bailey might be the champion but I am the brand that’s why they send me to red carpet I think Charlotte but to me it just sounds like a bunch of excuses and the champion and that just eats you up inside but you can go back and see what everyone was talking about a SummerSlam it was me and I can’t wait to do all of these people a favor finally shut your mouth for enough what a challenge laid out for clash of Champions we can have a conversation I’m pretty sure that I saw Eric relman game pretty sure now your barging in here everyone sticking their nose in my business and I was only trying to help you but at the same time there’s some person [Music] [Music] a while back here on Smackdown live Daniel Bryan white binder [Music] Roman reigns over the last few months can’t figure out just confuses anyone as far as where the grief aw buddy Murphy has a high-profile matchup against Roman reigns last week you think you saw Erick Rowan and you are the worst kind of liar we’ll reveal to everybody who is the culprit and buddy you cowardly liar a stupid just how far Daniel Bryan went whoa this time font Bryan went to find this guy I can’t wait sit here with my friend caught up to the top turnbuckle Bryan wisely escaped nicely cute we don’t know what the truth is and could you blame buddy Murphy what about what we saw earlier tonight with Roman reigns buddy Murphy’s kick right to the chest and reigns told him if you come on I had a focused on Daniel Bryan absolutely has to the five-time he added an incredible performance against Roman was here [Applause] damage done to the right arm of the Australian experienced of the two here [Music] [Applause] flying on a night where he wants to prove every kick taking just a little bit more go be White’s output more productive right to the face a now a second time top off the top billing aback Christ on a threesome Murphy combo free escape voice Brian up with both his arms it’s just unreal finally good Murphy behind the kick out the name right to the face I threw fee they pull it on on the ropes growing was the man behind the attacks on Roman reign trying to capitalize I broke it up [Applause] and review that tape over and over Viacom paid Kingston in a steel chair they are an action fax joining me now is the man who just a feeded Daniel Bryan [Applause] up here you people cheered that just like all of you people there coward Xavier just stop all your one and then stop all your crying okay we are officially challenging you and biggie [Music] Oh is available now how about the challenge made by the revival of focus for what’s to happen three weeks from Sunday and basically it with a steel chair or some bad much they need to be more fuel but maybe after you have the titles around your with stomping ground back here on Smackdown live the revival rise being able to slow down the pace being able to pace of the lyre enjoy decimating the noodle a partnership between the revival and even more [Applause] verge of securing that victory offers legal auditor that’s why they are one of the top teams here at WWE you know fortunately for me though that’s been the case my whole life hey find another sport kid it’s like my life’s work need to be my reality let’s open some eyes funny I’ll tell you what another funny about this this well Brian promises to reveal [Applause] senex he joins the line of the number one cable entertainment network USA is CEO Oh Triple H who will spirit hit the cost now here at downline were set from is TV welcome to please get up out of your seats for Emmy Zane Ezard aleksander last night on Raw in first-round action without enough is enough and it’s time to pack things all the way you’d expect to make it back to literally reason fire if you don’t go in the favor of mr. Zane Miz let me just be honest with you I don’t really care about you oh wow you don’t care about that but you know you’ve been doing a lot of losing lately and I have been losing match after match for months and I’ve gotten caught up in the trap it is the WWE trap of greed and I realized I finally realized for Sami Zayn is through altruism many people on Smackdown that need my help one of them is ready to come out right now somehow instruction sort of deal with the Intercontinental Champion there’s a long history between these Turner’s for the greatest factors I’ve ever seen her WWE burger arolea why would you ever need to associate yourself with Sami Zayn MS what what language do you expect him to answer you in do you understand the pain that is experienced by a poet I’m an artist and I am a poet that schinsky Nakamura set foot in WWE this man does not need to experience that pain okay Shin really yeah you don’t you don’t really get it do you huh communication if Sami Zayn was talking about without Sami said he was going to give him a creative outlet [Applause] [Music] [Applause] for the Intercontinental Championships Tanaka born Sami Zayn Oh in Romans coming he’s gonna fight now as you know you cannot put your hands I don’t them to be officially oh yeah I should know better than to put my hands yes I’m reconsidering I’m also considering lifting the fine if you ever put your hands on another WB official be immediately fired not quite there yet chemical measure of levity for Kevin Owens as he walks into this King of the Ring against is gonna have to go through Elias they know it pays to know Shane McMahon because Elias Samantha my vision into shape lifter will be reinstated next week hey Byron a real sec town [Applause] focus on the king of the were surprised that J McMahon is considering lifting that hundred thousand dollar you know I think when you go back and you see the pale that when it comes to Shane McMahon we reconsidered and he hadn’t even apologized for all of special guest enforcer was trying to bait Kaminoans be we saw pay dividends for a liason and Shane McMahon at that considering lifting that fine some of the younger talent your us might now live is all about it moving on o to potentially become is my beginning table to kick-out at one Eliza’s relationship with Shane McMahon down live Dave how is it any right to the midsection now all Elias Smackdown live on a kick well now always going to this tub Alliance put away Cavanaugh where bad things can happen shocking probate it’s here this is opportunity my lawyer said over the top [Applause] let’s pick you know wanted to believe she was being on donor nearly ran into some time and the King of the Ring tournament do what happened Dave to find who is guilty myself to exonerate aerodrome [Music] [Music] [Music]

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