WWE SmackDown: GRADED (11 Oct) | WWE 2019 Draft Pt. 1, Charlotte Vs. Bayley

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[Music] hello i’m sam from college comm and this is graded for Friday Night Smackdown where I take a look in the show segment by segment I don’t want each little bit of grade from a plus to air it was draft week this week very very big deal they’ve been pushing it very hard it’s not just brand warfare anymore it’s channel vs. channel network vs. network USA against Fox it’s gonna be mental so without any further ado let’s crack on with it hates the intro [Applause] [Music] so the night starts off with Seth Rollins versus Roman reigns and it’s the draft decider so Roman reigns represents Smackdown Seth Rollins represents Raw and whoever wins well their side gets to pick first it’s also worth noting that for every two picks Smackdown does rule gets a third because Raw has an extra hour oh and there are two pools of talent to be chosen from which I guess is just a way of them splitting up all the big names between both shows but looking at the match both guys go the sportsmanship room you know they’re out there to do a job they’ve been told to do get out there represent the brand may the best man win and whoever wins obviously draft blah blah blah blah Roman blocks a dive attempt early on and there’s a fair for you flip your reversals to get things going and eventually the guys bring the big moves with Roman hitting like a one-armed sit-out powerbomb and Rollins hitting a pair of dives there’s a cool moment with Roman avoiding a stomp only to hit a Superman punch and then he tries to follow through with a spear only for Rollins to catch him and hit him with a pedigree but then as the match is really starting to heat up this is where things get a little bit mental the lights go out the sound effects start the fiend is here so the fiend crawls out of a hole in the ring he grabs hold of Rollins drags him into Nick’s pits and all this smoke starts to appear that sounds really cool right but then though Seth Rollins just climbed straight back out of the pit and then we have this weird moment where like the lights turn on and off a couple of times and the sound effects sort of happen when the lights are on and it’s just really strange and then the lights eventually go out the fiends Sprint’s all the way to the top of the ramp and then the lights come back up and he stood there posing menacingly so it’s a sort of non finish on a draft deciding match but Rollins is ruled the winner via DQ there were fantastic shades of a match here but that ending just attracted so much for me and that’s why it’s getting a d-plus I respect the balls on WWE to try and keep this thing going like me and Tom we sat on the stream going huh can you imagine if the fiend shows up then it happened but yeah that’s sort of weird disconnect of timing and Seth just crawling straight back out the hole it’s off ruined the other worldliness of the fiend for me and then after this match we go to the top of the rad west Stephanie McMahon walks out to a podium and announces the first draft picks so the first pick in the 2019 WWE draft overall is Becky Lynch and she’s off to roll Roman goes to Smackdown The OC go to raw Smackdown gets Bray Wyatt and raw gets through McIntyre and I’ve got a sneaky suspicion that somehow the fiend is gonna be drafted to raw so we’re gonna get a weird sort of disconnect between the two sides of the character and then we go back to the ring for King Corbin versus shorty gable yes shorty gable gable manages to keep Corbin sort of firmly under his thumb in the early goings in this one he’s able to throw them around a bit and he starts working over the legs Corbin does manage to drive things to the outside though and then when gable comes off an announce table like looking to I guess crossbody I’m or something called me just catches him in midair choke slams him straight into the announce table there’s an awesome moment here with a deep six that gable somehow reverses into a bulldog and gable hits a moonsault almost picking off the three P even though just to connect with that beautiful rolling suplex appears but it’s just not enough Corbin connects with the end of days and picks up the win this one gets to see it was a great little straightforward match you know I’m a huge fan of chad gable i can’t quite speak for shorty g yet and sue me i’m a bit of a fan of Baron Corbin it was an alright little match that said but it will be better if we hadn’t seen the match a hundred times already we then go back to the top of the ramp Stephanie is at the podium and she’s there to reveal the second-round draft picks of the 2019 WWE Draft so Randy Orton goes to Raw Sasha banks goes to SmackDown ricochet goes to Raw braun strowman goes to smackdown that one surprised me i thought he was definitely gonna end up on Raw and then finally we get bobby lashley going to raw somewhat strangely it was around this point that we all started to realize everybody in the world start to realize that WWE had somehow managed to spoil their own draft so they had listed on the WWE website the pool of people that were available for draft and they were all in order so by the time the second bunch came out it was like yeah and then it’s him next and then it’s her and then and we were able to all just sit and watch it happen eventually caught on to this toward the end of the show and mix things up a little bit but God what an oversight we then go back to the ring for a Paul Heyman Brock lesner promo so it’s all the usual stick here from Haman as Lesnar’s advocate he’s putting over big layers really hard as the champ he even touches on the fact that Brock has been waiting nine years to get his hands on Cain Velasquez the man who stole his UFC title from him Velasquez and Rey Mysterio then appear and we see some stills from their last meeting in the UFC and them’s some grisly stills you see how Brock got that scar if you’ve never seen it before there is just a giant giant open gaping wound on his face and the best part of this was when we cut back to Lesnar from that final shot of his face all torn up he sort of just gently rubbed the scar like he was acknowledging it Velasquez then promises at crown jewel he’s gonna give Brock a scar on the other side to match I’m gonna give this one an a I loved it I loved the use of the UFC stills it was a little weird having Rey out there but you know it sort of works in the confines of the story but yeah I love the use of the UFC stills I loved the whole you know like cutting from the torn open Sheik to in like touch in the scar and it’s gonna be a hell of a match I really hope they let them sort of get quite violent here the next match is the new date versus the OC so woods is immediately taken out here he’s driven to the outside and thrown into the ring steps and after a break we come back and Kofi’s in action but it’s just sort of weird like I don’t know if it was just me but he just sort of seemed to have just gone boof like back to tag-team like there’s no even there’s nothing like a sniff of a rematch he’s just sort of seamlessly boom straight back into the old sea you know this time last week he was still the champ but now it’s just business as usual he does take it to AJ though and after a bit of back-and-forth hits the boom drop gallows tries to take him out though but woods gets the comeback and takes care of gallows and Anderson Styles then Ali hits the phenomenal forum but eventually Kofi hits the trouble in paradise to pick up the three I’m gonna give this one a C+ it was fast it was fun but as I say just it’s just weird like that guy was champ last week why is getting Brock’s face why isn’t he trying to insert himself into this Velasquez thing you know like you can’t just ignore the fact that he was champion cofee should be saying you know screw Cain Velasquez like he’ll get his chance but I want my rematch he did look aggressive though and that was good I don’t know you know if it was just sort of a necessity to have this match tonight but I really hope they do do something with him and the new day maybe I thought they were going to go for like a crisis of confidence style storyline but that’s obviously not the case after the win we then have the round three draft picks and they start with Alexa bliss to raw and Lacey Evans to SmackDown Kevin Owens goes to war the revival go to Smackdown and Natalya goes to raw after a break it straight into draft picks round four and they start with Viking raiders to raw lucha house-party to SmackDown then Nicky cross goes to roll which is really weird because Alexa bliss has already been picked and they sort of said that anybody who’s a tag team can be selected as one pick rather than two if you were going to keep them together does this mean that they’re not a tag team but then they uploaded a video with like Alexa saying she was happy she gets to stay with Nicky cross I think they just forgot their own rules as they sometimes do heavy machinery go to Smackdown and Street profits in the final pick of the night go to raw and then we go to the main event of the night which is Charlotte Flair against Bailey for the WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship so out comes Charlotte first all in red we all know what that’s supposed to mean if you’re a flair but I don’t think any of us were ready for what happened next Bailey’s music hits it’s all bright and happy she comes out with a hoodie on hood up and she’s spinning around and she gets in front of the Bailey buddies as they inflate and her music stops she pulls down a hood and she’s got shorter hair it’s dyed black she unzips to revealed gold and black ring gear and then she walks off to the side of the stage coming back with what looks like a baseball bat with like razor blades on it she then proceeds to just straight-up murder the Bailey buddies the wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing tube-man on no more Bailey is no longer the small childlike character she’s not full of wonder she’s just sort of full of anger and hatred it’s great she’s darker she’s more serious and she’s more driven and it’s even noticeable in her in-ring style the match starts and she’s straight on Charlotte she doesn’t let off at all she’s aggressive Charlotte manages to drag it to the outside though and throw her into the crowd she’s not gonna let this take her out though she gets back in the driver’s seat take Charlotte back into the ring and proceeds to try and just choke her out with the ropes Charlotte tries a crossbody sort of over the top rope to the outside and then back in the ring she tries to lock in the figure-four on the figure eight and Bailey won’t let her get it she gets straight to the ropes at this point it’s quite clear that Charlotte appears to be busted open from the mouth she sort of got blood all up the side of her face things spill to the outside again and Charlotte hits a really cool moonsault like giving her high it’s quite like dangerous but she it’s a really cool moonsault off the crowd barrier she fails to capitalize fast enough though and takes Bailey back into the ring attempts a moonsault but this time she’s got a scouted Bailey gets her legs up to try and reverse but Charlotte manages to land grabbing the legs and turns into a Boston Crab almost seamlessly Bailey does manage to get out though she hits the Bailey to belly and the elbow but Charlotte kicks out Bailey then gets really angry she starts arguing with the referee drops to her knees in anger and this is where Charlotte is able to hit the natural selection but this proves to ultimately be Charlotte undoing she goes for the figure eight and Bailey small packages a and picks up the win so new entrance music plays Bailey out here it’s sort of like heavier I don’t know it’s actually her music or they just used something darker just for this moment but yeah heavier guitar driven music she’s holding the belt up she calls us all bitches on the mic afterwards and just says sort of like screw all of you I think was the exact quote and this one gets an A it was by far the match of the night from the second that Bailey turned on her Bailey buddies to her hitting that small package and picking up the title I loved everything about this one and I think it’s safe to say that Charlotte’s gonna be moving over to the red brand but I can’t wait to see what this new Bailey character is gonna do like it looks like she’s sort of completely cast aside this childish side of herself she doesn’t have you know the ponytail anymore it’s no bright colors it’s just all business she just seems to be focused driven angry and an adult not a child but in terms of a No we’re all great for Smackdown this week I’m gonna give it a C+ a great main event a great Heyman promo a great half of the opening match until the weird end bit with Rollins crawling back out the hole and it didn’t really much make much sense to me and just seeing Kofi push back into his old spot made me sort of sad I hope they’re gonna do something there I guess time will tell but he’ll Bailey I am all about he or Bailey I never thought I would see the day and this has been graded for Friday Night Smackdown thanks for watching let us know what you think in the comments below you can follow Coulter holic on twitter at Kota holic you can check us out on facebook at forward slash Coulter holic if you like what we do here at colic you can check us out on patreon and forward slash Coulter Holika no matter what you do don’t ever forget to hit subscribe and join us

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