WWE Smackdown 2003 – Los Guerreros At The Golf Course

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[Music] hey hose looks like you guys need some golfing partner Simona said I was watching your swing I think your four swing is causing a slice in your caucus it’s like okay guys the jokes over the kitchen’s back at the lodge we’ll see you there at the next turn yes I believe I’ll be having the pate fajitas this afternoon a 3-iron isn’t only good for hitting golf balls you know today we’re gonna be your partners whether you like it or not Finbarr you know guys I was just commenting to Warner here that a forsen is just what we need a foursome we’re here to put y’all why don’t you pervert just keep that to yourself okay yeah yeah what do you say to a little wager here winner takes all you guys got yourself a deal take your best shot listen I will not step back calls [Music] three cuatro Cinco seis it’s what I told you home sir come on now pay up but only more chapter yeah thank you come on keep it coming we said winner takes all similar set Mon that’s the watch yeah Viki come on all give me left what I let’s say we got ya thank you five minutes [Music]

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