WWE Smackdown 17 July 2019 FULL SHOW WWE Smackdown 7 16 19 FULL SHOW

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[Music] a while ago I watch the entire McMahon family come on this ring and say hey from now on we’re gonna listen to the fans and give the audience what they want but the only thing that’s happened since then is Shane McMahon has gotten more power more authority and more TV time than anyone and trust me when I say that nobody watching ever wanted that [Applause] you need to use it is mic off every time you call yourself the best in the world that is an insult to every single person in the back who breaks their back week in week out to be WWE Superstar but there’s a hundred people back there and you take up TV time from Apollo cruise money Murphy you know what get him out of here make sure he stays out all Sigler 101 with Roman reigns McIntyre pulling signal out of harm’s way [Applause] [Applause] call it now / all right thank you very much gentleman our guest has arrived mr. Owen should be walking through that door any second you guys know exactly what to do okay so things got it right are you doing you know all this I heard you aren’t you loud and clear you know all this Yammer and you’re doing and spouting your mouth off you know it kind of gave me this idea about having the first-ever Smackdown live Town Hall I know yeah you heard right yeah so it’s really fun in case other superstars had grievances or a suggestion or anything they want to get off their chest I thought we’d have an open forum tonight for them to do so and you’re gonna listen to them oh oh of course I’m gonna listen ask you know I like you but listen the one thing I’m not gonna tolerate is insubordination which is exactly what you’re doing so anyone that works for me that’s not gonna be happening here it’s you know my shame maybe yeah I do understand maybe you should take a look at some paperwork cuz my contract is with WWE not with you I don’t work for you oh you work for done to me which is owned and controlled by the McMahon family okay like it or not Kevin I’m your boss okay I’m your boss and I’m not gonna have you walk down there and speak more lies and untruths about me in a public forum it’s not gonna happen so tonight we’re sort of let you know I wanted to come here personally and say you have the night off that go enjoy to enjoy yourself relax to whatever you want to do okay but you are no longer have a good night Kevin or as you would say oh wow [Applause] like [Applause] we saw what happened earlier today we understand Kevin Owens has been barred from the building but that means the rest of the smackdown live while stairs assembled for this first-ever sat down live town-hall meeting look at this display this gathering of Superstars and talent this is incredible the work to save advantage hamster they are their grievances or suggestions you know I’m a little surprised Shane McMahon is feeling so good because this past Sunday Shane had an encounter with the Deadman and the big dog and stream of rules the Undertaker will team with Roman reigns to take on Shane McMahon and drew McIntyre the quickness from the dead man right out of the gate almost a reinvigorated Undertaker [Applause] plants put the Undertaker [Music] Undertaker sets up [Applause] for the Undertaker [Applause] the dead man and the fury [Applause] ladies and gentlemen introducing the best in the world [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Wow Hamilton how good is it this ishe McMahon after that ruling battle with a dead man in the big dogs obviously a little sore but the best of the world is still here that’s a cow well as you can see you know Kevin Owens has no arm [Applause] as you can see Kevin Owens has the night off and he has been not allowed to come into the building but Kevin Owens did give me an idea and that is to hold as you’re about to see the first-ever Smackdown live Town Hall and that’s for any other superstar as long as they are respectful I will be happy to listen to anything they have to say whether it’s an agile ation or grievance or anything that’s on your chest so therefore let’s get this show on the road who would like to go first [Applause] go ahead go ahead anybody [Applause] Shayne I don’t think you get it nobody in this room respects you and as far as diplomacy well you kiss my ass uh-huh okay Roman Roman well that’s not exactly respectful as I just discussed so therefore you will be fine and I’ll deal with you later [Applause] let’s see if anyone else who like to go [Applause] Charlotte Flair Charlotte you always have something to say can you believe that I mean that was so uncalled for I mean shame I just want to say from one family to another thank you well thank you so much I mean the McMahon family has been nothing but gracious of them since the day I was born and it makes me sick too much shut up it makes me sick to my stomach that Kevin Owens would take advantage of your kindness could you just for one moment of your life stop being such a phony [Applause] real about you [Applause] do you even work here oh and you’re right because we’re all born with blue tongues oh and you know what I don’t even know used to worked here until Kevin Owens belched it out of his mouth last week you know it’s because people like you that people like me don’t get it okay listen I appreciate it but let’s shut it down and move on to someone somebody else here let’s see who else did Kevin Owens talk about just the other day oh yeah buddy Murphy buddy Murphy WWE’s best-kept secret Kevin Owens has something to say about you didn’t he that’s Rob in fact maybe Kevin Owens you’re no longer gonna tease best-kept secret you and I will talk later that’s some really good stuff I would love to see that happen let’s see who else did Kevin Owens mention a Paolo Cruz a Paolo this is wide open here this is for everyone to talk about you don’t say and I do actually have something to say and I hope it falls under the category of a healthy dialogue but everybody including myself agrees with what Kevin Owens said last week I’ll tell you what andrade and I don’t appreciate is the fact that you’re trying to kiss up to the WWE Universe right now and if you really want to have a healthy conversation and you think that you’re worthy enough for an opportunity why don’t you prove this in the ring tonight amigo garrison world pero esta noche you rejected and I said to the ring [Applause] [Music] hello I am NOT Kevin Owens I am Elias and as the greatest acquisition and Smackdown live Elias my good man you indeed are the greatest jackass and Smackdown history let’s keep it clean keep it clean keep it clean look I’m not gonna get out here and say that I like Kevin Owens cuz I don’t you know we don’t the North remembers you know but the man is making some good points because let’s think about it how long did it take for me to get a shot to compete for this WWE Championship too long and as a matter of fact everybody here on this stage has the potential to do great things here on this roster but you’re not giving anybody opportunities so what’s up with that Shane that’s hey I’m sorry this is a time to be a champion you know technical we’re gonna have to work on that Champa oh I’m so sorry your mic cut out you know but listen I thought this went famously well okay it was a good first start and thank you all for coming out here and addressing it so thank you very much the first hole is now concluded thank you very much the world hold on hold on come on Shane I got something to say to ya Wow what brings you out here yo you’re on Raw you’re not even on Smackdown live no I’m not I’m Smackdown live but that’s a wild card I’m here to challenge someone who is so alistair black I challenge you to pick a fight with me and you want that tonight tonight all Cesaro you got your wish thank you tonight you versus Alistair black perfect how’s that for diplomacy I hope this demonstrates a couple of things number one I do not have to rule with an iron fist we need better security saying that man Kevin Owens Portland just got worse shame that’s failed to kick off Smackdown online to the town hall that Shane expected Shane should have had to expect this technology was barred from the building earlier today there is no excuse for always to be here at Smackdown live Kevin Owens will rue this day I agree before you gotta expect serious repercussions headed to heaven oh it’s way from Shane McMahon Taco Bell’s nacho fries are already gold now turn up the heat Shane McMahon’s right Ted mythos action is furious for weeks and his opponent from Lucerne Switzerland from Extreme Rules as a stoic Cesaro prepares for battle let’s not act like this was a one-sided victory for Alistair black this past I mean this is a highly contested battle between two world-class athletes I expect much more of the same right now and Cesaro did a great job bouncing back last night amidst the battle royal is attempting to gain a number one contender’s opportunity for the universal title at a great showing in that match oh man what an uppercut this matches anything like we saw in Extreme Rules we know it’s gonna be hard hitting it’s gonna be physical and it’s going to be ultra competitive oh I’m curious to see the barians energy from both of these superstars both competitors learn each time they step in the ring about their opponents Alistair [Applause] continues hey let’s say I want to sell my carbon I’m Canada consultant a great job slowing down black hair in this match obviously Cesaro approach this matchup with a much different strategy than this past Sunday Gennaro realizes he needs to stay in close quarters hitting Alistair black avoid blacks incredible striking ability because black can turn the lights out with one clean shot Oh black we saw that black mass spinning heel kick on Sunday put the lights out versus oral sweeps the light now Oh sliding knee right on the air thus Whisman and black beginning to roll the suit Chris so afflicted for the striking ability from the metal for the mon-sol finds its mark to the leg kick-out by Cesaro says all came out here tonight eh Shane McMahon for the same action through part of the smackdown live town-hall meeting and now he’s got his hands full with Alistair black almost unfamiliar display of emotion from Alistair black God may heat of battle Oh wonderous uppercut from the Swiss cyborg this match is just a testament to how much Cesaro was competition Oh thank to be said for Alistair transition across space applied this centre of the ring Alistair black and a great deal of trouble right now incredible pressure on the shoulder a neck of Alistair black applied by the Swiss cyborg and this resources in the offense of Arsenal’s is all and what a widow if he misses all given enough time so to a pen and a check out very resourceful way out of the submission attempt by Cesaro oh right on the jaw Cesaro the cyborg is rocked this could be the chance the window Alistair searching for are we seen this before you measuring Cesaro [Applause] Wow Wow all the quick dangerous ones Alastor flat chopping up another impressive victory here for the blue branch one them from Alastair Blackwell still to come here the Brewers now out of nowhere I get it happen she put it in the past we make tonight about us we do it tonight someone needs to teach him a lesson it needs to be tonight and it should be me Samantha I would love for that to happen excuse me but Kevin’s very long gone by now I don’t care he says he wants to get the matches to the people that they want to see they don’t want to see Kevin Owens compete tonight I bet I can get him back here and tell him it’s a main event in the entire show make a few calls I’ll make it happen I always make these happen you think so yeah you can make that happen that matches off got it sorry I’ll have a few grievances one of myself Sam got it [Applause] their exchange townhall live Morgan had some incendiary remarks and wants to test her luck well tonight live for the first time in over a year has an opportunity to go one-on-one with the Queen Charlotte Claire tonight and Ghana hime a turkey dishes championship was Daniel Bryan with the entire groomers Daniel Bryan as an announcement that could completely alter the course of his career this is a clip from WM a broadcast colleague survivor caught up with Daniel Bryan after Extreme Rules this dream I had this dream that I was going to elevate the tag team division the entire tag team division look what happened at failed I followed the dream I followed I followed the dream and I tried to take all these jokers all these peoples are swivel in their hips I tried to take him to the main event trying to take him to the main event WrestleMania if I want to change the plan if I want to save the planet I have de Meyer sir Daniel Bryan is Daniel Bryan extraordinarily emotional what do you think he’s illegally place we’ll find out later tonight but one can only imagine where his Daniel Bryan never gone before he’s done everything there’s one person who has main evented WrestleMania contest is a women’s division match scheduled for one fall introducing first from the it’s been a while and for far too long Smackdown live has felt like a kingdom without a queen it is so good to see Charlotte Claire tonight Charlotte Flair certainly fit the bill for the Town Hall we saw earlier on tonight have many words of praise for Shane McMahon in the McMahon family and what was supposed to be an open forum not exactly turned out to be that were you expecting firing the open forum but only agreed with Kevin Owens this is WWE this is the WWE Universe there are a lot of people who agree with how Shane McMahon conducts business Charlotte Flair being one of them of a case in point liquid coke addiction and Mike mysteriously gets cut off when he says something big organs when you get a whole point out [Music] right let Morgan and said Tucson with Blair quote because of people like you it’s why people like me don’t get opportunities here on Smackdown live well put it down aside one thing I’m so excited for what comes away in September WWE returns home back-to-back nights at Madison Square Garden in New York City tickets are available this Friday this is an incredible opportunity for live organs it came to Smackdown lineup two superstars shake-up back in April that this is her first match on Smackdown live so blonde is uphill battle what if she does somehow find a way to defeat Charlotte Flair well Barney you’re right we’ve only scratched the surface with what live Morgan is capable of that said when you achieve an opportunity like this you have to put up or shut up this may be for all intents and purposes the biggest match of live Morgan’s career but look Morgan is one of the many who’s extremely all of people like Charlotte Flair whooping wait leaders keep saying people like Charlotte Flair what are you trying to imply Charlotte Claire is a symbol of excellence Charlotte Flair was born into greatness and achieved her destiny and look at little organ go up against the eight-time champion Tom’s point quarters Oh Charlotte Flair heard you and had seen on a weekly basis here on Smackdown live it superstar Morgan go like live Morgan has had to sit back and watch the whole time here put your best foot forward Byron tonic proven commodity you’re probably one of those guys that thinks everyone deserves a trophy too right guys hold on a second Charlotte flora came into this matchup underestimated Liv Morgan absolutely thinks she did present Charlotte Flair has been in the ring with the best of the best and maybe it’ll take the Queen a few second to gain her bearings case in point Charlotte Flair is a master strategist elbow right to the back of the lights all the Flair was very quick to praise our Shane McMahon throw some adulation on the entire McMahon family in the Town Hall has been so gracious to me since the day I was born what is wrong with gratitude Phillips oh it’s respect Charlotte and the entire Fleur family respect the McMahon family and their contributions to the sports entertainment industry there is nothing wrong with a little respect yeah but those that take the ruffball if they’re also knows that’s good with Carly being in the good graces of Management will just give you more opportunity I’ll tell you Morgan can’t get ahead in a big way tonight if she can knock off Charlotte or stop to the back of the net by Morgan Morgan could shop the Queen another counter punch of both legs and flair able to kick out little too close for comfort if you ask me look Morgan certainly making the most of the opportunity we’ve came prepared to fight there’s no doubt about it will it be enough to topple the Queen on out Morgan Morgan caught up left straight by the car they got just answered my own question absolutely not oh boy thanks for coming here’s your winner by submission sure listen you got a credit the experience and a championship pedigree of the Queen in this match there was an infamous catchphrase from one of the greatest ever stepped foot in a ring about knowing year old and as we saw live Morgan Bushnell heartbroken is the one opportunity she’s had in months and she couldn’t get the job done listen again I have a lot of respect to live Morgan Burt coming out here and making her own opportunities okay Charlie was right and when I come back I’m gonna be real [Applause] you got that number I know you do huh all right doll yeah you see right there okay good got it yeah don’t say anything you can to try and get Kevin Owens back here for the building now we’ll Kevin Owens be here and well for the war goddess will the war goddess be able to find a park or Mandy rose and Sonya the pill have challenged every mood to a tag-team match but who does she have we’ll find out next [Music] [Applause] [Music] indeed sentences life in challenges the priest at SummerSlam for the universal championship the team and so yeah [Music] well nonetheless we are ready for tag-team action the team known as fire and desire Mandy rose and Sonia to bill for weeks they’ve been touring with superstars like Carmela and especially ember moon who is certainly their opponent tonight and challenge them balloons to find a tag-team partner for this matchup here on Smackdown live this sauce goes back two rows interval give me like a balloon with a boulder will target because she’s a loner because she enjoys her solitude there now we’re gonna find out the member we actually got a Martin I’m betting on know by Stan Bros and amber took offense to it I want to see you Amber’s partner is the novel partner and every friends are you sure about that [Applause] Smackdown when its champion Shaco say [Music] [Applause] [Music] back of a pic fire not only to ever find a partner probably the best partner possible sir Sunday the bill man heroes something it absolutely did not expect this amber moon found a partner in Bailey Mandy Rose have shown you two built our friends they’re a cohesive unit in every sense of the word like a Lamborghini with a world-class security system they are not to be messed with I want to talk about partnerships let’s go back to the past Sunday and extreme little table there was a two-on-one handicap match the daily had a defender Smackdown women’s title against Alexa bliss and Nikki cross a great partnership at this point Alexa pussy trying to close out the match with twisted bliss but Bailey got her knees up right to the midsection and it effectively took bliss out of the mat that Bailey just needed a moment of isolation she was able to isolate Nikki cross to take off from her own launching pad drop the elbow and to what many team the impossible topple Alexa bliss and Nikki cross to retain her Women’s Champion right at worth do is an incredible performance by Bailey overcoming the odds that said I just feel bad for Alexa bliss and the Bell is just wrong and this match was on the way and the officials got to get control quickly look at these stiff knees to the midsection by Deville Bailey clearly not prepared for the all-out assault from the former mixed martial artist and right off the bat you know it’s Sonja – the old man heroes who take ember moon off the apron so it’s another one a two-on-one situation for Bailey sliding knee connects this could be it for Bailey covered the bill trying to win it early and a kick-out moves Wade away back up to the apron the smart strategies will goes into builder ambush their opponents earlier and gain this early advantage and a friendship a team in every sense Mandi rose and Sonya – bill do everything together they travel together they train together there’s no surprise that they’re a very very effective tag team let’s not forget so they’re mainly Oh No nearly became WWE women’s Tag Team Champions daily peeking over there’s a tag here comes every mood really makes the tag is wakes of frustration pouring out of them both on right now and the bird has grown tired of the bullying tactics of Mandy Rosa starting to build she has all sorts a fired up how is getting advice from someone in a superior light position to you bullying sacks you tell me that Iceman eros walks around with her little Muscle & Fitness cover to rub it in the bucket never moon is covering the Emerson about the oils Bailey the belly [Applause] [Music] listen it’s obvious Mandy and Sonia weren’t adequately prepared the what go ahead no native to succeed or not excuses match to their logical reasons why for once Sonia and Mandy didn’t succeed you must really dislike success and successful people well I really like what happened here I don’t really take it out so dia – bill congratulations to you both on your victory now Bailey not only were you victorious tonight but you were also this past Sunday at Extreme Rules so who will your next challenger be at SummerSlam well let me be the first to say that I am so happy that my chapter with Alexa bliss has ended because now I can get back to what I wanted to do all along and that is elevate this smackdown women’s division so I mean I want to face somebody that’s worthy of a title opportunity someone who has charisma someone that I’ve never faced before someone that’s dedicated to the championship should I lose someone [Music] Emma what do you say hell yeah [Applause] Bailey just offered amber moon an opportunity at the SmackDown women’s title oh that’s great that’s huge it’s huge because Bailey’s taken at Target that she thinks she can beat that’s what this is all about us at all I know is that we’re gonna have an incredible matchup between Bailey and amber moon if it gets rain official we know this is official for later tonight the a college has been duckin defending the women’s taxon title for a while on the Kabuki warriors earn this opportunity in Japan weeks ago Ken Osmond Tyree sane finally put an end to the iconic title reign we’ll find out tonight on Smackdown live Shinsegae congratulations on winning the Intercontinental Championship I am a storm in the bottle now what a great I am a free to weigh down chaos unholy world I just wanted to say congratulations champ Nakamura looks to rain down chaos on the universe Daniel Bryan promises an announcement they will alter the course of not only his career but Smackdown live in the entire WWE Universe next the Teamsters people is new one no contacted and we understand Owens is on his way to the arena I can only imagine the mood Kevin Owens is gonna be and when he comes back [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] it’s a new day yes it is I wonder if I can get Piggy’s announcement as my ringtone or something fuck who would that be nobody calls you it wouldn’t matter well certainly a celebration in order for every last member of the new day Big E and Xavier woods winners Smackdown Tag Team Champions and Kofi Kingston knocked off Samoa Joe Sunday to retain his WWE Champion is just three nights in a row I’ve had to deal with ridiculous big in good what have I done in a past life to deserve it everything apparently you know we were supposed to gear forward to this Daniel Bryan fell apart Helene quarry just trying to be positive for once in your life but we got pancakes we got Championships we got the new day well no fire the 600 and girl go wrong with a full series of the in Gentilly we never won none of this is good for the environment or the planet good for my soul [Applause] [Music] yeah [Applause] now that we don’t have any more technical difficulties with the mic let’s go ahead and give it up for your boys the news ladies and gentlemen you may as well start calling Kofi Kingston Simon Phoenix because this past Sunday at Extreme Rules he dismantled the Samoan submission machine Samoa Joe cofigured demolition man but more importantly you are the German double e world heavy wait wait wait wait wait wait hold up hold up now hold up let’s talk about y’all and your incredible victory at Extreme Rules dethroning Rowan and Daniel Bryan to become your new six down W world time [Applause] and look at us now like three african-american leprechauns at the end of the rainbow we got all the gold and these are actually white gold that’s why gold by now we all know what Daniel Bryan’s big announcement is but before we have to sit through a ten minute lecture about recycling fracking and that ice cream licking epidemic which honestly please stop doing that yeah Daniel Bryan we accept your tag title rematch right here right now in Worcester see it’s on new they are going to regret bitch very very soon he’ll be sorry they ever tough Daniel Bryan great announcement there’s no reason for announcement and we know what’s coming now but [Applause] right [Applause] new dates spoil the announcement [Applause] [Music] [Applause] there we go it’s on after all [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] one day [Applause] was a deal with Daniel Bryan for an unusual thing Daniel Bryan [Applause] okay here we go listen up this is going to be good [Applause] we pay them a little loud Daniel wanted full attention me [Applause] [Music] Kofi Kingston this past Sunday oho very nearly dethrone Kofi on a number of occasions what a battle Samoa Joe brought back Kofi gave him that shiner right there now it seems Daniel Bryan’s not the moon for championship opportunities but unfortunately for you gentlemen I do not suffer the same affliction and fad Kofi it seems like to me you’re two backup dancers are out here passing out championship opportunities like it’s Christmas in July so Kofi take your henchmans lead and how about you put your WWE Championship up against me on the line right here tonight well Kofi get it to him I dare you focus these about inside to be cozy [Music] don’t with all due respect you had your chance at Extreme Rules and it didn’t work out and if there is anyone that is primed and ready to take that WWE Championship from Kofi its Elias [Applause] second we’re gonna talk about Championships better take a long hard look at the 13-time world champion Randy Orton I’ll tell you what there is no way told you would accept these challenges I’m sorry boys but it’s been a while since I had that gold around my waist so Kofi I think I’m gonna take it and I’m gonna do so by using the three most destructive letters and sports entertainment K I listen listen hey we can’t all have championship matches tonight but what we can do us three can send a message to those three in the ring tonight are you suggesting a six-man tag team match play that sounds like a challenge play championship huddle y’all underbite it you’re not gonna Kofi will do absolutely anything not to defend his title tonight we accept play up same couldja hey how about the six-man tag team match what an all-star stage we’re all sexy man I’m good baby cuz the Viper knows what he wants but Wow you mean to tell me to do with the nickname the Viper you would think that the Viper would be up and ready to strike at any given time but it seems as though he’s gone a little limp first time right Randy doesn’t have nothing right [Applause] I should know better you don’t incite to fight when are we gonna see the six-man tag-team match next tomorrow night the first 10s fan tag-team matchup the champions the new day against the team of Elias Samoa Joe and Randy Orton this matchup is very indicative of all the challengers that literally are lining up it’s challenge cookie tasting for the WWE champ is matches indicative of prophy Kingston finally beginning to realize that his WWE title reign is in great jeopardy the target grows week after week eventually he’s gonna have to slow down their cover to cover on a lion central trying to slide in got out boot folks a little bit by Kofi Kingston before the break hope he’s got to either slow down smarten up time or realize he’s gonna lose his championship sooner than later it’s this man Samoa Joe who just passed Sunday nearly ripped the title from the clutches of Kingston an excellent match between Kofi and Samoa Joe at extreme hands but nonetheless fire and it’s Kofi Kingston who throughout his life as postalveolar Oh God I asked copius how do you always maintain a smile how do you always hold on to that positive attitude he said look out oh and drop Samoa Joe supple knees Oh cover here again thinking about a cover on Samoa Joe fights his way in without one hope you said it something I learned early for my parents it’s how they raised it’s the only way I know I don’t stress our chips I don’t stress challenges I take it all in stride across the ring from Kofi Kingston or three can’t be all too happy to rip the smile from his face but WWE Champion Kofi Kingston tags into J muir woods one half of the new smackdown coquí’s got tricks and once does as well the elbow drop from the top two Samoa Joe I believe biggie tagged himself in Big E on the move Oh a powerhouse of a new day the cover and a kick-out grace I know the performance Big E had last night battle royal on walk there’s no denying the athletic prowess of any member of the new day anybody any member of this matchup for that matter just have no time type swiveling antics I do I agree with Daniel Bryan on that one no no no no yeah we’re gonna see it here we go a great to the point a this mega we never did hear what Daniel Bryan’s quote earth-shattering announcement was well I should learn how to play this tune on his guitar be great and Now Big E Oh dropping Elias no I think I do Byron you should focus on storming area 51 we got this from here on out okay I’m good no thanks wait a minute off the wheelbarrow and from was in big waves we don’t cover kick-out by Alliance at one think about how rewarding this night is for the new day I mean this week they celebrated officially five years as a team here at WWE and to do so with not only the tag team titles and their possession but also the WWE Championship that boot right to the face by woods there is no time to celebrate the whole honor all your accomplishments cover here by Warren trying to put away this tag team match kick up the pace of WWE now is such that there is no time to celebrate no time to revel in your accomplishments it’s always on to the next thing oh and Randy Orton from behind the official we’ll still with Elias it didn’t see it it’s a veteran maneuver by one of the best ever lace up a pair of boots Randy Orton absolutely 13-time world champion now it’s a live look at a off on its it rewards I don’t know how you can’t be impressing their lives recently it’s taking some time at Eli’s has finally put all the tools together and become a better real correct as a competitor elbow hook to the leg out of one I’m actually impressed with what we’re seeing from Elias here this mauling the style all over Xavier woods I was impressed with the gall of Elias we got involved in the matchup with the Undertaker in Roman reigns at Extreme Rules with a guitar this six-man tag team match rolls on what’s better to win a bunch of safety Awards team of Randy Orton Samoa Joe and Elias has been doin some serious work on Xavier woods of the new day and that union was formed because all three men share the same goal they all came out here tonight to challenge Boca Kingston for the WWE Championship and found themself in this six-man tag team matchup and right now Elias is dominating Xavier woods we talked about the the newfound aggression we’ve seen from Elijah for some superstars it takes time if you saw that throughout the business career that took time for people to take him seriously as a credible challenger I think the lice is now approaching that point that what’s trying to reach out touch really needs to make a tag either Big E or Kofi Kingston it chews away track down iron I actually agree with you when it comes to Oh No as concerned with his music with his performances Elias realizes what he’s capable of example of what Samoa Joe is capable of he’s down and out on the outside woods in a precarious position on the top rope what does it lie us have in mind for woods Elias did a great job earlier taking out both Big E for a moment and Kofi Kingston woods isolated going to the top turnbuckle and thinking about a superplex was has a grip on that that top turnbuckle Strutter did for a moment now trying to fight Elias town right between the eyes by Xavier woods from the 3/4 of the way that was incredible the height the distance of the impact at the end I know that WWE Champion Kofi Kingston just made it back up to the apron Elias trying to try Kofi takes out the Viper takes out Joe thinks that in order no strangers to one another hope he realizes the Viper on any given day a major threat to the WWE Championship but Kofi in control this is a proud champion standing all against any future potential challenger drop to Orton [Applause] what a statement it would make right here right now with Kofi Kingston to put Randy Orton away trying to close out their six-man tag-team matchup measuring the letter one for trouble of thought about the RKO our any Orton sidestepping body this to the leg Oh broken up by Elias great awareness by allies to say the match up first team it heats up billing a belly from Big E for his troubles Samoa Joe tracks down Brigade italic savior woods attacking Samoa Joe wood three enters the fray but at what cost fixate your woods this billion they said you would sacrifice in his body in the process milk cow beholder food to the temple and Elias Oh face first off the apron Samoa Joe so the Coquina clutches in woods doesn’t have long now good night Xavier alliances hook out pretty Ian woods have been isolated to the outside it lines with a golden opportunity [Applause] both in his ladle [Applause] and Kofi Kingston just received a painful reminder that just that quick in the blink of an eye Toby’s storybook WWE Championship plane could come to a screeching halt courtesy of an RKO Kofi Kingston role as champion to the [Applause] [Music] Sigler sanctioned by Shane McMahon that’s our main event tonight yeah what are you doing in there I don’t know how can you did this I don’t let up boom in there I haven’t much better idea for a hiding spot for you you can hide in plain sight the only thing is you have to work hostage okay I’m good with that it’s got to be a good spot because being a 48-7 European 7/11 24/7 95 to 77 child ain’t no joke I know it’s a really good idea you should go to comic-con oh no don’t call me Collin I did my time I paid my debt to society my community service let’s go I’m gonna show you nonetheless we are set for the WWE women’s tag-team championship matchup the icon expired finally I’m gonna defend their title how weird is that to hear that the icon is going to defend their tactic titles it’s about time it’s Kyrie Sain and Oscar the following contest scheduled for one fall is for the WWE women’s tag team championship introducing the challengers accompanied by Paige Tyree sane and Oscar become booty warriors and the reports they are the WWE women’s tag team champions Billy Kay and Peyton Royce the eye contacts I am extremely curious to see what Paige has been able to assemble with Kyrie sane and Oscar we know what oscar has accomplished here in WWE Tyrese ain’t made a name for herself around the world and then NXT before this page of course a very very accomplished female performer in her own right what’s this cohesive unit going to look old no respect for Kyra saying off the bat and I remember this all started solid paint issuing a challenge for the ikonics with my kabuki Warriors beat you during a lot of n tour of Japan their naked arm this title opportunity to Oscar we got a taste of that cohesiveness between these two because never earned this opportunity by defeating the ikonics in Japan old tandem offense would say that all together comes on again choice and a kick-out Oscar Kyrie st. very impressive out of the gate here Baton Rouge in the ropes oh oh Payton Royce able to catch Oscar now he comes Billy a boat right to the face Billy Cape trying to retain the title Staffing abbas gonna kick out don’t fire you same opportunity big mistake Willie K is reeling on the outside Baton Rouge coming to check on her partner remember champions advantage titles can only change hate by pinfall or submission inside the ring our page that before and orders page needs to used to make pirate I’m sorry Kerry Moscow situation I’ve only day about to climb back into the ring [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you know that was Saxton that was I tonic over bad or satire insane and off subtract down the iconic sportsmanship by Oscar Tyree the match is over they earned their opportunity where the captain finally was stolen from them Cory by what that got us all of a sudden aside oh we’re not gonna compete anymore yeah I counted them thousand the Sheep it wasn’t cheap it was small what a kick by Oscar the icomics are ducking the kabocha warriors for weeks and now they’re gonna get some the insane elbow understanding Paige warriors Oscar Tyrese should be fine and never receive another opportunity they were outsmarted fair and square they should be ashamed of real to help crouch if they see a sale yeah Bobby is same to themself why is Martin actually defend your titles well there’s an offline deal they defended in one and retained their still iconic it still temps you really aren’t good at this logically oh listen it’s been a whirlwind night for Kevin Owens he got kicked out in the building he stunned shane mcmahon and now he’s got a matchup what I won with Dolph Ziggler here tonight Smackdown live [Music] and there we see Andrade controversy was stirred up by Apollo Cruz during the town hall earlier Coolidge versus Andrade with Zarina next next the following contest is scheduled for one fall it’s who she first accompanied by sand Lina Vega Brooke Gomez Palacio Durango Mexico waited in 250 pounds surely they’ve always set for a collision of two impeccable athletes two men who have not forgotten about their altercation of a few weeks ago here on Smackdown live [Music] Oh hiring a few minutes ago you mentioned Elias and how sometimes it takes a superstar a little bit of time to really find their footing here in WWE in my opinion Apollo is one of those superstars just on the cusp of potentially great things absolutely agree I’m here from day one that Apollo crew stepped in NXT knew he had all the potential of the world incredible athlete incredible power attitude Oh before the belly by the way we’ve seen this picture of him on Tralee with the power first and humble about that come on got it absolutely right behind Ronnie hammering away on Apollo clues and ever snaps is not officially started to me this aggression is what separates in Andrade from an Apollo Andrade not afraid to step up and take what he believes he deserves to make his own opportunities with a business associate like Selena Vega by Andrade side the sky is truly the limit for this superstar and the way we saw Charlotte slur against Lynn Morgan earlier another way Andrade is just hammered Apollo crucially the shadow wonder which the Town Hall my Shane McMahon earlier tonight was that really handing out opportunities wasn’t punishment stop with the conspiracy theories Phillips’s Saxton look at this Apollo was asked if he could continue he said yes now he’s paying for courtesy of a liitle or Apollo backed up everything Kevin Owens who said about Shane McMahon and what he gets for it is Oz Robbie who stepped up and said you deserve a night with till they come and prove it any way to look at a guy like Andrade and Apollo Cruz for that matter is to the young studs and Smackdown live – gosh you achieve greatness you know for years to come here on this brand Oh gobo goodnight Apollo back elbow from Andrade is so sudden I have a feeling Apollo is about to see some shadows here on smack Serleena bag is calling for boom double D’s in the corner on trolley to put this away [Applause] although food was seein shadows that look like Selena Vega saw coats that was shocking this is what you call seizing an opportunity few and far between but Apollo crews disappear out martyred himself a headline tonight cuts back down line but the power proves a measure of pretension after a loss to Andrade a number of weeks ago here on Smackdown line could be see crews standing up for himself and girls who say this was a shocking victory here tonight on Smackdown live I do want to turn our attention to something that was truly shocking and disturbing from last night on Monday Night Raw and grieves you got a front-row seat for it we’ve seen the Firefly funhouse for weeks and weeks wondering when and if Bray Wyatt would return to WWE last night we got our answer at Finn Balor was celebrating again that he was up for a battle with Samoa Joe and then this is what happened in the arena here on Monday Night Raw we thought that the power had gone out for a moment brings you there we were in the New York area and it’s been rolling blackout for the past week or so we thought perhaps this would have been much of the same Finn Balor just come up short in a bit against Samoa Joe the lights went out and the eyes of the WWE Universe were glued on the ring [Applause] and what a sight to behold but the key word in the return of Bray Wyatt is terrorized we wondered what his motivations have been last night it was made abundantly clear Bray Wyatt is looking to paralyze the entire WWE that was one of the most frightening visuals I’ve ever witnessed unit WWE spine-tingling yeah the fiend Bray Wyatt making his presence felt on Monday Night Raw but coming up here in a matter of moments it is a matchup that Dolph Ziggler had put in place with Shane McMahon to attempt to draw Dolph Ziggler around the dirt walk Kevin Owens back here to the arena Shane McMahon thought Kevin Owens was gone now Ziggler looking to do the dirty work for shame buddy and now if Kevin’s here he’s gonna pay for his sins this is next next and gone a-hunting flash should be invited for us sweep the largest room in WWE history this Monday on Raw in Tampa the following contest is scheduled for one fall a Tuesday first residing in Hollywood Florida what GOx Ziggler hasn’t had the best luck here recently in WWE but look how ready Ziggler looks ready to do the bidding to kid even on behalf of Shane McMahon this could be a bad night if Kevin Owens shows up WWE SummerSlam is presented by Cricket Wireless all about coverage in and out of the race smile you’re on cricket and I say it because I know Kevin Owens’s grass I know he can be brave but this would be just downright silly to show it appears that Kevin Owens is here on believe areas [Music] you can see Kevin looking over phone shoulders because Thao realizes he is a walking target right now you do not disrespect Shane McMahon or the McMahon family the way Kevin Owens has and if it televised but here’s the thing I honestly believe and then just dunk it air glory Kevin doesn’t care what’s a McMahon has in store for Kevin Owens doesn’t care what kind of punishment but repercussions he’s got to face Kevin Owens – exactly or whatever he wants to be in firing you’re not wrong a woman a stunner and it could have been over in 17 seconds just like it wants an extreme rule that gratitude has taken Kevin Owens to the top in the pack but it’s gonna be chaos downfall I agree with you Kevin Owens might be on borrowed time right now Kevin Owens is trying to do this in short time going up to the top turnbuckle Oh on top got his knees up Kevin Owens incredibly emotional lately Oh famouser that might be a surplus camels under the cover and the kick-out by Owens what a way for Dahl to get his career back on track and to pick up a big victory tonight over Kevin Owens representing shane mcmahon and make everything right shot to the heart councilor cover pushing the shoulders to the canvas kick-out especially have to Dolph lost to Kevin Owens at Extreme Rules on what 17 seconds whole other shots of the heart cover kick-out all the more reason and motivation that Dolph Ziggler wants to pick up a victory and teach Kevin Owens a lesson tonight it’s not going to be easy Kevin Owens regardless of his insane actions lately Kevin Owens is a world-class athlete and a great competitor but Dolph Ziggler wants to make a name for himself remind the WWE Universe food gods ignorance I now say glow look at this for the great job has manipulated his way into this cross face here against Kevin Owens remember this match was Dolph Ziggler he fixed it – Shane McMahon is a way to get Kevin Owens back to the building tonight yeah I don’t know what’s more shocking the fact that Kevin Owens is in the match that Shane McMahon actually allowed it to happen neckbreaker now Ziggler full attention while Extreme Rules and a kick-out it should be no shock whatsoever that Shane allowed this to happen Shane obviously has confidence in Dolph Ziggler to inflict punishment of Kevin Owens for Kevin humiliating Shane early tonight delivering a spot and then something I mentioned earlier with the matchups with Andrade and Apollo for solid flair and live Morgan is this opportunity or is this punishment it’s he only looks like punishment and you guys need to listen to this you cannot under any circumstance let the inmates run the asylum Shane is simply trying to regain control of the superstars Roman reigns disrespected shame he’ll be dealt with it’s not the first time the big dogs help respected Shane Kevin Owens gonna suffer a similar fate you have to keep everything in line when you want to eat is really sad Corey and I get it but if you’re gonna present a a quote-unquote pair full of all the superstars to speak their grievances and not give them that fair blow issue with that little Morgan received a fair opportunity Apollo Cruz got when he wanted I’m trout a jump Cruz before the foul play and now Dolph Ziggler crashing down in the corner who’s won the match come and then go in the DDT by Ziggler trying to put away Kevin Owens cover and a kick-out you told me that Town Hall wasn’t a sham because shaming fail if the mic isn’t uh BW champion go make it a little brash and brave Kevin Owens has been lately what about you two clowns how about having a little respect for those that sign our paychecks okay but I have all the respect in the world for management for the McMahon family but clearly you don’t because you sit out here and you spew vitriol and venom towards Shane McMahon week after week like one of these talking heads these faceless names on Twitter Saxton’s about how much credibility you have with me super kick by Owens oh ho Dolph is down Kevin Owens go to the top Ziggler again perfect position for Kevin Owens going up to the top [Applause] second time – tourists started on a covert kanga by Ziggler still with the motor should have fight on Boston soap a little bit look at this look at the litany of superstars surrounding the ring the mass of humanity standing on the right side of history the McMahons side of history this is solidarity for management please show respect and you get opportunities that’s amazing this is what you call respect these superstars overspill the post of shane mcmahon [Applause] Oh Kevin Owens a slap across the face that’s a good dog there Kevin Owens to do something he did but sit there responding emphatically Sedlar pounding away on Owens this is exactly the situation that Shane McMahon was entertaining when Sittler came up with this idea [Applause] this is like watching justice for at the center the beating Kevin Owens is suffering right now is nothing compared to what Shane’s gonna do to him one of these days I’ll sit there all the confidence in the world now you got why wouldn’t you you got the cavalry surrounding man absolutely wait for the super Kevin Oliver [Applause] those terminals [Applause] smartest a tendency done all night and chased down by about a dozen ww4 stars oh why did they kidnap Todd excuse me Shane things obviously could not go as all as you like night thinks thought not once what’s Weis like Kevin Owens seriously he’s gonna pay Kevin Owens you’re gonna pay you are gonna be my friend you’re gonna pay back scuse me McMahon always collects his debts Kevin Owens you better find a good hiding spot pal because the best in the world is hot on your tails and the McMahons with nothing disrespect he’s going down he’s going and now

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