WWE SmackDown 13 October 2019 Friday Night Highlights – WWE Smack Down Friday Night 2019

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[Music] welcome to the premiere of Friday Night Smackdown [Applause] [Music] welcome to history and welcome to Friday Night SmackDown [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] 17500 88 WWE fans yeah [Applause] if you’re not excited right now you better check your pulse to be kicking off the very first episode of Friday Night Smackdown so so let’s say I repay you by kicking so my jaw oh yes yes the king is here who should be starting this show off you’re still the man take one more step and we’ll find out [Applause] ladies and gentlemen he is the most electrifying man the rock under the phrase to some jabroni the word smackdown has become a word it’s become a show The Rock the man and you looking like a broke-ass Burger King on track [Applause] oh I’m gonna stop you right there you’re no longer the great one you’re looking at the great one know your role and shut your mouth I just gotta ask you a question just because you won King of the Ring it doesn’t actually make you a king you gotta get in your head see Becky Lynch is the man the Brawn you think that you’re superior than the rock and the man is that what you think yes you’re a batterer right Lynch he’s a badass in three seconds these people are going to be chanting something yes yeah yeah I think that’s gonna stick with you for life you’re getting angry but you know what that’s what happens when you come out here and you insult the jabroni beating [Applause] I love you Smackdown is awesome man on Smackdown we invite you to stay tuned for tonight’s main event sponsored by Ghost Recon that will hang high above the ring you must climb the ladder Shane McMahon in a ladder match tonight live tonight on spat daily we kicked off this tag that’s why Friday night’s naptime ABC WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus a wildly raw Women’s Champion Becky let’s set for action they can go away sure British champion on a demos dominant superstars in all of WWE side-by-side kuna Becky a four-time Women’s Champion [Applause] [Music] Thanks [Applause] there is a tremendous role model [Music] Balian Sasha banks the inaugural WWE history certainly all the show it is not a frightful relationship family the only land on her feet this is the Smackdown witnessed at me that that Bailey needs but Doubleday spikes off as a reigning champion here daily few women ever to compete inside the Hell in a Cell match up for that [Applause] [Music] team at Becky Lynch in Charlotte Flair vs. Bailey and sigh a few extra seconds and here comes the man before this Sunday at Helena cellar it two nights away to beat all the Nature Boy Ric Flair used to say to be the man gene not to beat the man for her disarmer a submission maneuver and daily events with a leg drop to bali important matchup for Becky – a Becky looking to take control here launched on to champion but please gonna get a preview of this Sunday and Helena sound Sasha Becky go ahead and now Charlotte gets involved and chaos now it’s Queen all four of these women Charlotte but a suplex Negi heading up to the top rope drop kicks making the long Clark classic shower she paced never afraid to sacrifice her own body to take down a foe Bailey with nowhere to go Charlotte very Charlotte just got the SmackDown Women’s Champion Bailey to tap out Becky Lynch now gets ready for Sunday which she’s locked inside the first Friday Night Smackdown on Fox a feasting you are challenging Brock Lesnar and if you’ve seen any of my matches I’m always the underdog being the underdog is what I do so tonight we gonna climb Mountain she bringing him along especially to Brock Lesnar himself that he deserved [Applause] before being locked inside Hell in a Cell with the fiend Bray Wyatt and the premiere of Friday Night Smackdown at boxes and steering here to get eyes on the situation this is often where all the superstars were out let’s take a look at some of the Toby’s WB superstar and triangle on your right both WWE Hall of Famers [Applause] we have not seen anything before quite like the fear you to introduce everyone to my home now keep it I need I didn’t know you were such a big fan of my friend are you okay we’ve all heard so long [Music] ridiculous rabbit [Music] [Applause] the immortal Hulk Hogan and there you see the Nature Boy Ric Flair Cory is a five-match later on this one Macklemore of course the current Intercontinental Champion the sissy the most when his backs against the wall breaking out the champion again you right now Sami Zayn injecting himself into this situation the itas Diana rides ducked out of harm’s way into the swing blade chops screaming live this Sunday on WWE Network Rollins on pot broke gonna launch himself day I should have had my doubts but Rollins looks nothing shits that going throughout Staples Center Nakamura in a cot now no not now [Applause] Oh [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] and grab the briefcase of above the ring quite simply put the state first killer [Applause] if you imagine a WWE without Shane McMahon introducing time bringing the fight to Shane McMahon mchao and his competitor and the bell rings billion-dollar waffle combination lawsuit put them on Shane McMahon and yet yup you not only use the ladders to climb a rivalry fueled by adrenaline to intent on destroying and banishing Shane McMahon from WWE Shane McMahon will be terminated from WWE the Silas and Kevin Owens WWE career you think can be said for Owens who’s fearless is to use the ladder place is saturon hands and Shane McMahon down in this seance o’clock you will do desperate desperate things and always yes Shane McMahon would love to end Kevin Owens career no count-outs don’t pinfalls no submissions and it’s only gonna get worse and again the cutover announce table Shane again he’s out here about to lose his job final night in WWE and that with Shane McMahon that’s in trouble in this latter of a shaming trying to make his way back into the ring and just slowly take his time up and grab the briefcase if she doesn’t move Owens worried desperate great strategy by Shane McMahon if you can’t use your legs put a tee off with a Chan oh it’s goin again shots to the ramp of deserving superstars Kevin Owens stood up to that when this match and grab the briefcase and cut back the final moments of the Kevin Owens era no way shame it man closing in [Applause] the left of Kevin Owens equipment he does you can’t believe it believe I finally tonight taking a look back at 20 years let’s back down premiere of Friday Night Smackdown the stars were out sights Friday Night Smackdown has already proven to be a historical nice welcome I guess Paul Heyman I don’t care what Kofi Kingston has to say in the WWE Universe and there you see Brock Lesnar with an f5 bow and assaulting Rey Mysterio son in front of everybody I want to make this so easy even someone as simple as Rey Mysterio’s now Kofi Kingston stands in Brock Lesnar’s way you do the math tonight you will hear these words winner this is an eight-man tag team matchup AJ Styles Randy Orton in the raw tag team champion you see the Miz looking small in comparison to other people in look both born and raised in the Cleveland area focus battle openings a lying with zigzag world champion went for the kick Miz was able to block it in the a-list unemployed guards got his own reality series for the greatest Royal Rumble in WWE history last year’s be bloated up to rude look out the apex machinery and AJ Styles thing the situation Oh No look out and that’s Tyson Gary the world champion [Applause] similar to dental contact Stroman I’ve exhibited slower the ferals is sitting in the front hall great collection sickness permanent cottony pretty impressive victory for strowman a company where we going this isn’t your world curie/nasa security we know we don’t taste it there’s a reputation for being a bit of a pothead incidental contact marshmallow for seven champion carmella and marshmallow becomes the 2014 17 and if you wanted to see what happened and here comes the big dog I’ve had a long history with Eric Rowan he was my best friend for the last year he has been on a path of destruction all over the place Daniel what went wrong between you in this band Eric relic and that’s what Eric Rowan did to me my equals right Rowan did to Roman reigns I mean to being behind these attacks oh yes if we post we just send it Roman back into the right lands on his feet we rains we’ll Center growing up into the ring and Eric Rowan is out fighting the Lumberjacks so cooler heads trying to prevail his kicks out as this match cannot sue per star zwip in charge of tossing me yeah Laurens been dominating during the break effectively using those massive fists squeezing the tempo Roman reigns middle of the Ring those body shots till you both use yourself and Roman reigns honestly believe you Roman reigns unloading on in the corner rains certainly no stranger to battling adversity but I don’t disagree with them at all and if I did I wouldn’t say anything that guy’s massive big poke to the face bolt man down gotta be this this is why I’m the per air acknowledged partner the barricade lumberjack matches to evolving in a hurry it is big dog slice this Sunday and Helena self streaming live when John said weapon as he has a weapon now he just used his hope and then some to keep this guy down with a big old smile on his face iron wall locked into range Superman punch the unlikeliest of allies the Sunday and Hell in a Cell the enemy of my enemy is my friend desperate times unlikely alliances Kofi Kingston defence the WWE title versus the feat their distinct physical advantage for the beast Brock Lesnar is stoic least um he sent me a mean tweet yesterday mad words and then when we’re done [Applause] late Lesnar is in a vile vile state of mind I would not want to do Kingston tonight they may have seemed unbelievable to some but Kofi Kingston has legitimize his reign as WWE champ introducing first [Applause] [Music] monstered by Ghost Recon that was unbelievable Rock blessed the man who Lester bowled Monday night I have never seen fear on the face of the last is the man Lester’s in shock he cannot believe it the last guest is a real deal approving commodity and nobody knows that fact better than Brock Lesnar see this right now but make no mistake Velasquez has arrived and WWE Champion what name Velasquez alongside Rey Mysterio good night from Los Angeles [Music] [Music] [Music]

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