WWE Smackdown 11 October 2019 Highlights HD | WWE Smackdown 11/10/2019 Highlights HD

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[Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] is presented by progressive your first round choice for auto insurance [Applause] ladies and gentlemen it’s what is requests for pizza Cola flora Oh Friday Night Smackdown with a draft concludes after raw this come here captured her 10th Women’s Championship which seemingly calm former champion back bra the winner of this match will ensure that their brand will get the first time he trips the box and for the USA Network are going to be heavily involved in who their brand right after the new WWE Champion will defend his title against Basel a stress at the OSI in a six-man tag team match again this is what is at stake in this match tonight and what a mega matchup that quarry we respect for one another that know each other’s game plans inside now yeah both multi time when we had a draft here in WWE and you know the universal champion would love to add another feather me I know there’s a lot about being the face of WWE it’s not only about being in the real SI network both of these guys are on my short list for first round picks when you’re assembling a roster than Seth Rollins and Roman reigns their shoulders down and Rollins able to get out of that predicament reigns and Rollins have taken to heart that’s what helped them to the very top here in WWE that’s right now Rollins now upgrades who kicks out at two Seth trying to steal one speaks with familiarity here comes Rick the Droid by this time it’s Rollins side by side certainly the furthest thing from strangers begin to flare Seth of all people should know you don’t want to trade hands with the big dog who will get the number one pick of the 2019 track we’ll find out is it have to like what you’re seeing the beastslayer the universal champion in firm control the big dog at the multi the former world champion Seth Rollins deceptively powerful trying to muscle his former shield brought Big Dog forget this super heat look at Romans face that is how much this matchup means Roman reigns thought he had a Rollins beat now locked and loaded went for the Superman punch Rollins though he’s coming again again at this time driven into the announce table by Rollins Seth Rowan strikes the knee right on the orbital bone of Roman reigns down watch his breath after suffering the frog splash from Rollins section Roman reigns is in position for the stop able to sidestep Boman able to rally and deliver a Superman punch to put the universal champion box executives wondering which way the pendulum is going to swing which one of these two super rains went for the free driving Roman face-first into the back the Rollins is thinking but the question is can the big boot [Applause] [Music] [Applause] SIB rosters and now for the first pick of the first set we’re a shock here in WWE the man Becky Lynch has been as dominant at this count brute force not you want the big dog on your Ross whoever be on Monday whether it be on Fridays Ronnie buddy’s fan Monday story Julia we’re wreaking havoc Oh women selfishly I’m excited to have play while malvit keep the feet away from me issue with you anymore a true terminator in sports-entertainment drew McIntyre [Applause] welcome to our WWE draft panel joining me tonight we’ve got you the Fox exec the guys in the boardroom would make the decision and that guy would be also joining us here tonight WWE superstar Samoa Joe be covering the WWE Draft all night here on Fox [Applause] or to smackdown I just want to let you know what kind of King any of you anything as a matter of fact I’m gonna sit in my throne Oh hail King Corbin on Fox is live tonight in Las Vegas as we kick off the Troy this is obviously a big night for Fox and for Smackdown with this drought an opponent what was your finishing move in the ring probably my goat oh you like this job uncle W definitely despite being really good at your job nobody [Music] [Applause] [Music] now known as shorty gable which to take on Foreman here tonight the remand to this past Sunday but here shorty gable with the upset of the night stealing a victory King Gorman tonight he pays so a Corbin and shorty cable one on one here tonight ooh a bearish table here tied as cable is driba king is incensed did he promise the post much bigger take for now and continue to work on the left leg important much like healthier-looking get out with a deep arm drag take another look at this de borbón is nearly booting impressive list of accolades for king Corbin but how about the most recent he is the reigning left of shorty gable off the mat when the Kings finished with him there we go these told to me by King Corbin Morgan is in trouble yet again gable will suit Corbett trying to get out of harm’s way [Applause] the precision of the moonsault by shortie gable of shortie Gabe looks very German suplex he rolls through now you gonna go for another one table ended for a second trip Corbin a step ahead look for a chokeslam table over the roll through he’s got the shoulders down up down up kick-out by Corbin and Gable uh created at the end up getting Corbin continues to rule over the WWE landscape the question does the big date with a WWE draft board and talking when you look at this dream is there a any more colorful very more exciting he will fill a stadium and I don’t know one saying under the toilet right the Viper Randy Orton Sasha banks the boss its body [Applause] line continues on Monday nights like a rig up was like Fox network is gonna get these hands [Applause] you have to wonder where Lana’s going to end up if she going to be with them on rod to ever step inside of a WWE ring that’s cause for some celebration you know I think with the addition of ricochet you see a clear pattern showing up here hey tell my bronze frame so missed all my kidding them ahead let me tell you they like to New York man here’s the lineal heavyweight you

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