WWE Smackdown 10/4/2019: IT’S GOTTA BE CAIN!

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so after months and months of buildup and hype in anticipation the moment finally came Friday October 4 2019 smack now makes its debut on Fox Network television for a guy like Vince McMahon who for so many decades of his life as desperately sometimes almost pathetically sought out mainstream acceptance here here is your validation of all of those decades of effort and pandering you’ve got one of your weekly television shows two hours primetime Friday night on Fox there you go so you got Franklin I was Vince I might’ve when I came out with my daughter it’s been five or ten years kind of basking in the glory and gloating about the fact that just me nonetheless after all this build-up and anticipation you had the feeling that WWE was gonna pull out at least a lot of the stops here if not all the stops to try and make big things happen did you only have one chance to make a first impression and here was a clear-cut chance because you’re on a new network to really kind of reset everything and in some ways I feel like the WWE definitely delivered with that and in other ways it’s like you look at the opening segment and here comes Becky Lynch and then after a couple of minutes here comes Baron courtly and when Becky Lynch came out I’m thinking to myself the whole time you you can’t be this stupid you’re gonna go into your brand-new show the first thing first depress you’re gonna give his Becky Lynch and then Baron Corbin no The Rock’s got him coming out The Rock’s gotta be coming out you’ve been pumping this up and promoting this hyping this up he’s gotta be coming out and thank God he did and when he came out it was just a reminder of what professional wrestling should be it was a reminder of what a megastar looks like and it was also unfortunately a reminder of just how lacking the current wrestle is even the top wrestlers in WWE are by comparison Becky Lynch I will at least say while still a little awkward kind of being there with the lack of all people not nearly as grin Geophysical Seth Rollins in that spot let’s be honest but the opening promo segment it goes 15 20 minutes but it involves the rock so you can get away with that and people feel like they got their money’s worth and they feel like man that was awesome that was just damn fun and that’s what professional wrestling is supposed to be is fun and that was a lot of it so now this opening segment you’ve got the crowding energize they are engaged or eating out the palm of your hands they’re living it up I’m living it up and then you smack us in the face with the reality follow it up with women’s tag match and it’s just a reminder of what wrestling was and should be versus what wrestling is today the whole point of this was so Charlotte can tap out Bayley to build up to their match somebody I want to sell I’m good with that we didn’t really need that here because let’s be honest as of now they’ve announced four matches for Hell in a Cell why should anybody care if you don’t care it’s a fair question but it’s just again it was striking you know back in Rox time in the peak of his career you had sexy women and they were doing provocative things and ironically enough way moreover as drawers and his talents than the ladies of today where it’s primarily geared around their even ring abilities again a perfect example of it’s more important to be a personality more important be a character more important to tell stories that it is to be able to do some damn things in the ring nonetheless I digress then it goes into Seth Rollins and shits gay Nakamura and the whole time I’m just sitting there waiting for the feed I said just give me the feet that will make this worth it and when what’s weird about it to me is when it finally happened where shit stays in the ring as the lights go down and the music hits and doing what you would think he should be doing here’s Seth Rollins cowering and playing chickens shit up the ramp you know one trait that people like is courage even if it’s full heart but especially Americans one trait that Americans really like is courage one trait they really really hate is cowardice you’re trying to position this guy Seth Rollins as your top dude forcing him down our freakin throats no matter how uncool and unco unworthy he is of that spot and that has been growing instead of having him stand in the rain and face down Lavine did not be afraid be like you know what he’s a badass he’s not scared even though he knew he was probably going to get his ass would you have on Cour way up the ramp like a damn coward and then you wonder why nobody gets interested nobody gets engaged in the character why Seth Rollins isn’t really that over even as the top guy who continued a pounding force down everybody’s throats well it’s bullshit like this at least you can say out of it you get the theme and the theme is one of the most unique things you have on your product today and we could definitely use a little bit of unique in today’s wrestling that’s for damn sure now then you want to get to the mid show when our main event it was the ladder match with Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens and this thing was intense it was heavy hitting excuse me it was hard hitting you felt like this was a big deal you felt like frankly this was a match that deserved a little more in terms of buildup in terms of talking about it terms of promoting it and instead you just kind of fell in the middle of the show and if it was going to do that at least put it after the opening segment cuz I felt like that would have been a much better way to really keep and maintain the energy of the crowd and trying to send that message and reset things and say hey you know you tuned in this might be the type of match that you’re going to be able to see sometimes as a match to sell in terms of pure entertainment that was really really good of course Shane McMahon is gonna go out there and kill himself Kevin Owens is gonna go out there and kill himself you think I’m coming down with a cold and if you’re not really gonna build up to it throughout the night then at least put it down there in the second segment cuz man then that first 30 to 40 minutes of the show is going to be absolutely outstanding instead it felt like it was kind of just put there in the middle of the show it just kind of happened and it didn’t have nearly the drama effect or consequences that it potentially should have and when you look at this that was kind of disappointing um really really good match but in some ways it just felt like these guys are trying to rush and get everything in and says slowing down a little bit being able to tell a true story that was the only complaint I had about it otherwise other than that it was really really good you know it was something that you’re going into new network you’re trying to establish these who types of things you could potentially see it makes sense then you get to the braun strowman’s stuff and excuse me new network different night same old resolve least you got job down with one of those squash mash finishes from the 90s those freakin glorious but all this stuff with braun strowman and Tyson Fury you know what I’m cool with it you’re trying to get some mainstream exposure you’re trying to get some mainstream viability some mainstream credibility here you go heavyweight boxing champion versus one of your biggest and baddest ass dudes I thought it really really worked I wish they would let them actually kind of go a bit a little bit but I’m okay with them keep it of a part for the time being now that I’m sitting there and thinking about I don’t like initially oh man this is cool maybe they’re building up to something at Survivor Series maybe they’ll have a moment at the Royal Rumble maybe this will be the build-up from Ron’s gimmick match at WrestleMania and then I realized gotta get that sounding money and as a result this shit’s probably going to be blown off it’s freaking crown jewel or whatever the hell show it’s going to be in Saudi Arabia and it’s going to be which again is kind of a common theme instead of building up to your pay-per-view which is two days away seemed like it did I or trying to plant the seed for your biggest show of the year gotta get back Sally buddy whoo that’s funky when that that’s basically what this whole shit was aggravating now in terms of the presentation of the show I really really liked it it did have a sport like type of feel I like how when a broster was walking down you know you’re emphasizing six foot four 380 pounds you give it a little background and bio like that’s the type of stuff you can see what the real sports oh that worked for me the camera work I’ve always relatively crisp by comparison to what you would usually see with a Kevin Dunn produced show again I like that very much it just had a big atmosphere to it not really really enjoyed that I hope that is something they’re able to maintain although understanding that they threw a lot at this damn show to try and get it off the ground and try and get it over which that brings us to the main event he spent weeks building up to this Brock lesner challenging Kofi Kingston for the WWE Championship what more can be said about this a lot of people are pissed off because they feel like Kofi deserved better and you shouldn’t have been jobbed out and bitched out like this and squashed and freaking what it was eight seconds and you know what I tend to agree there are a lot of different ways you could have went with this and I felt like the WWE went on the worst possible path and the biggest problem to me with this is that the WWE can no longer talk tell Laird multifaceted stories it’s like they unnecessarily have to close off one chapter in order to begin writing the next one tell me the much more effective thing to have done was Rey Mysterio bringing Cain Velasquez could make a ton of sense and we’ll talk about that in a second but if you really want the issue between Brock and Cain to take on some type of relevant wrestling feel then why not have Cain Velasquez cost Brock lesner his chance at the WWE Championship just as you get ready to get into the match or even let prof 5 rock hit that initial f5 I’m Kofi Kingston and get ready to pin and all of a sudden here’s Rey Mysterio’s music and up comes Brock lesner wonder what the hell’s going on and all of a sudden he sees freakin Cain Velasquez and then you have Kofi do some type of roll-up finish one two three get the fuck out of there or you don’t even have the damn finish because Brock is so consumed by what’s the way up maybe the beats the shit out of her a little bit [Applause] but you had this guy be a champion for six months and it’s time to rank was mediocre to be fair and Tamia was all about the moment at WrestleMania without that and that’s never gonna be taken away from us now I probably talked about it in another video because I don’t want to bog down this review I can understand and see why people are upset about this because it is honestly disappointing I’m more disappointed about it not with any racial component in this case what you might be surprised coming from me I’m not so disappointed about it because it’s Brock doing it in the debt that you know in the grand scheme of things doesn’t really matter it’s just faint fighting well what bothers me is that it could have gotten way more mileage out of it and instead of just pumping up UFC shit mixed martial arts shit and non WWE stuff you could have immediately put a real-life real wrestling relevant example into the story and they’ve dropped the ball and then they failed on that and I’m not surprised now as far as Kane coming up you know when you talk about the problem of Brock lesner not having legitimate legitimate credible opponents on apparently what’s her name is fucking Seth Rollins here’s a guy in Cain Velasquez beat the fuck out of them years ago in MMA so he instantly is believable even if it’s not truly in a wrestling sense and that’s something now you might sit there and say you’re here in WWE you’re building up to two MMA guys ultimately I kind of get that as well but shit you need something and if this was going to be what you did for survivors here you’re going to build up to this rumble or especially WrestleMania then I’m all down for personally I don’t think this feud needed the damn belt it should be more about a personal issue than a damn title but that’s what the hell we’re going to go with but then I remember that I got that fucking salary show coming up soon and surely they’re gonna throw this fucking crap back I get that Sally money the hell what the hell is that on Sunday the hell with your pay-per-view business in the next few months with a fucking blower load because we want to get the Saudis oil money it’s just aggravating from a fan’s perspective perhaps understandable from a business perspective but maybe not but Cain Velasquez all these people talk about well he didn’t look right he’s never had been a body guy anyways if you can’t understand that the guy that legitimately kicked Brock’s ass years back in MMA is a legit thrust and I don’t know what the hell it’s I thought it was relatively well done it came across big lead contrary to what people are saying it did get a reaction go back and watch and listen at least I will say if anything else with the show I like to feel the presentation of it I feel like the WWE cared where it’s so often they don’t and they gave us some memorable things with so many walls it’s backgrounds we have now we don’t get memorable things here we got multiple memorable things the rock the Owens ladder match it’s Shane McMahon getting fired the theme choking out Seth Rollins as cowardly bitch-ass braun strowman in Tyson Fury doing what I’m gonna get this every week but at least for one week damn it I’m gonna enjoy this I will rant and rave and bitch about the Kofi thing perhaps in a different video but for now I’m going to enjoy it because for so long I’ve been waiting for this company to actually act like they give a crap well he here they give a crap and you might be fussing about oh they’re putting over boxing and they’re putting over a UFC well no fucking shit Sherlock so they did yours back bringing in Ken Shamrock and is what they get yours back whirring again Mike Tyson in Floyd money Mayweather that’s what you do you bring in guys from other platforms and draw me live balls you bring another mainstream talents to try and get more eyeballs this is all fucking business and at least for one week Vince McMahon’s Smackdown did good business how old’s your pay-per-view on Sunday of course but it was something so feel free to let me know what you thought but the premiere of Smackdown on Fox for my money even though I had elements and moments where I was reminded of the crap that we get now there were no other surprising shocking and interesting things that that two hours on Friday night went like that

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