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what’s up you guys Sean Ross at managing editor fight full wrestling dot-com hottest wrestling site in the world these days my god it is October 11th we are here to talk WWE Friday night smackdown on Fox the second edition the WWE draft night 1 edition I am joined by mr. Warren Hayes you can see him every week on the Wednesday night war podcast you can catch him sometimes and fight ‘fl select on the retro review he’s got a patreon he’s all over the place you see his nice link tree there underneath his name on our display by golly we’ll get to him in a second leave a thumbs up on this video and subscribe to YouTube we’re getting real close to that 20k mark but if you want your question or statement read on the air donate a super chat any amount gets it done if you want to ask as many questions as you want subscribe to fight for select calm that’s our premium service that allows you all to directly support us I did a Q&A with over 100 questions yesterday check it out Warren how you doing doing fantastic I had a ball tonight but for all the wrong reasons III didn’t I’m sure WWE didn’t want me to enjoy it in the way I enjoyed it tonight it was completely unexpected but I had so much fun so I did I had a fun time watching the show tonight for better for worse whatever I had a good time had a good time covering it and I always look these drafts as a reset opportunity for WWE any excuses that they have they go right out the window you can start with continuity sense creativity just a little bit of continuation all that it goes a long way and they found like four things for me to go off one on this show still four things that they didn’t make sense of my god let’s go ahead and get into it mr. big bad bean says it in the super chat was W to be spoiling their own draft a top 5 blunder for WWE my god so if you all don’t know what we’re talking about wve listed and sent us and published a draft pool for Smackdown earlier this week five picks in fight foals Jeremy Lambert had put a tweet out there saying hey the draft picks have went exactly how this is going and then the next five did and then the next five weren’t that different even though I was sent word from someone saying hey they’re about to switch him up they’re meant to switch them up a little bit and then that person said by like one they’re switching I mean come on we knew Kevin Owens wasn’t gonna fall that far but damn man this will get to the draft picks themselves later but Warren like I said on Twitter at least this shows you they planted a couple days ahead yes and this is why I’m saying that I enjoyed this for all the wrong reasons there was a little you know there was a little side of me that that enjoyed the deliciousness of a WWE screw up on one of their biggest nights and you don’t want to speak for everyone I don’t speak for you something but I don’t want WWE to fail I don’t want any wrestling promotion to fail really you want to be reviewing good shows here yeah exactly but when something like this happens you you sort of slap your knee you go you encourage Abul scamp you always pull this off can you mess up a cup of cup of coffee I bet you can’t even I could mess up a cup of coffee so you never know Evangelina can to thank you for the superjet says SRS sorry but WTO and Fox is my new favorite Twitter they’re fantastic they’re real good I mean they are spot-on good like just the memorial that they did for the wild-card rule was I just I scoffed there was a bunch of other stuff that they tweeted throughout the day that just added me cracking up or left some savage tweets I don’t know who’s in charge but give that person a raise immediately young Bibby says there’s wrong get the first pick as well on Monday I don’t know they have clarified that yes they have clarified it yes Becky Lynch and Sasha banks are competing for a first shot so there you go are they getting rid of the 24/7 champion because our truth is not listed as the champ I don’t know what we’ll see what they do with that I don’t have any answers on that young baby says I hope Carmelo gets drafted to SmackDown a feud with Baily I do too I think that would make a lot of sense I like that DJ the kid says I love he’ll Bailey but she was getting babyface cheers do you think Tibby TB might pull the plug because of that not with that haircut we’ll get more to it later not with that haircut Roman reigns should have got that same haircut three years ago okay yeah exactly added some edge exactly Aaron J’s fan says great character change for Bailey this is gonna be a topic I don’t want you guys to think that we’re forgetting your super chest cuz we will tackle these specific points later especially since you all mentioned it and asked us about it Tim Traver says do we see match ratings for aew and NXT on Wednesday nights no I’m not doing those it’s very very hard for me to follow those and give fair match ratings at the same time I might in the future depending on the demand for such a thing but I’ve open to it I’m definitely open to it we’re gonna cover the draft picks themselves at the end of this show so let’s get into what happened on Smackdown Roman reigns versus Seth Rollins Rollins kind of taking up for Raw not kind of he was reigns for Smackdown I had a big problem with this from the jump bake Becky and Sasha I don’t because they are defined on brands okay they are but Rollins and reigns at the time had no goddamn clue what route what brand they were gonna be on and I’m sitting here thinking why does it matter why would they care that much well as it turns out reigns didn’t care that much because when the fiend showed up he hit the bricks where to go are we gonna find out next week I hope well I mean the last the last time you saw the fiend he was forcing blood out of Seth Rollins his mouth you’d hit the bricks to Shawn if you saw him pop up out of nowhere darling no it’s not worth it well I will talk more about Bray later but like 14 minutes into this show all the counters stop because this match was truly nothing for the first ten minutes it was a bunch of stare at each other like I know you know I know you uh-huh we’re familiar we’ve tagged before type of stuff like you know what it is and that’s what they that’s what they do is the friendly competition thing but I wasn’t given a real reason of motivation for these guys Corey Grace has done a real good job of explaining the winners purse and all that and I appreciate that that was the saving grace but he didn’t do that tonight and not that he has to he really only has to say it once for it to be in Canon but like why why would rains care he didn’t know what what brand he was gonna be on I mean it’s it’s always about stakes right if it had just been okay you two are in this position and it bear with me it’s not going to work in the case of Seth here but let’s say you would put another guy in the plate in lieu of Seth that wasn’t a champion and you say look you guys are fighting for the number one spot and if you win for the brand we’re gonna give you the first title shot on the first show post brand and then you already have motivation for these guys to actually go out and fight each other instead of this where it’s just like hey whoever wins first gets the first shot and you’re like okay well basically you’re being you’re being corporate Stooges dudes yeah you know ultimately not a good look this match I thought really heated up like about 15 16 minutes into them into the show reigns hit that one arm power powerbomb I will say this and I tweeted it when I see Rollins doing a suicide dive a couple days after Darby Allen I don’t want to be that guy that compares everything to something else but man you see a Darby Allen suicide dive and he really gets all of it he only need to be doing one of those at a time that’s it but but they’re patented Shawn you know that much just like it just Rollins patented it didn’t he son yes and we did learn tonight that the stump is also patented as well but god I know I would I would let that patent go after this Sunday I tell you that much I would let that one lapse maybe maybe mlw will buy that one and make something evident and everybody can buy it later like they did with wargames and now and now Cody wants to buy yeah now Cody wants it if mlw would have waited a few months to sell wargames they could’ve had a bidding war yeah exactly well I thought it was savvy of them to sell it and then do the war chamber I will talk about that on another day but anyway Darby Allen has the best suicide dive in wrestling mm-hmm these replays on Fox also looked very weird and very 90s and very slow but reigns as a Superman punch which was real real good like false finish I loved Rollins countering the spear with the short pedigree like he didn’t try to hook the arms he just kind of planted it I thought that was really cool but then Rollins just it goes dark it goes dark and all of a sudden the fiend shows up now this is much less special than it would have been before a week ago morning yeah absolutely now and um Rollins is dragged down into the hole and mandible claw is put on him we see the fiend up on the ramp sorry it started to cut you off there I had to just flatten off but roof would you think of this I didn’t hate it but I’m like damn man you’ll give us one of the dumbest ass finishes ever Sunday this is a pretty dumb finish too yeah yeah and and you if you consider that this is this is technically the follow-up to Sunday so we’re basically at the exact same spot but I’m more concerned with the Fein character and about itself you know what made the fiends special Sean right it’s it’s the fact that we never saw him on television or when he did pop up it was it was unexpected he’d slaughter you know he got into his routine of slaughtering legends but then again it didn’t go overboard like he took out two or three yeah and and that was it and then so you know we should he got into that groove then we moved into the seth feud where he pop up at the main event because Seth was always in the main event and would always kind of end the same way I thought that that when they when he attacked Bray excuse me brawn and had difficulty putting brawn down I thought that was an interesting twist but he eventually did get it get brawn down here well I don’t know was it the gimmick of coming out of the coming out of the the ring that made it special because it wasn’t it wasn’t all that special you know we saw it in 1996 when Undertaker popped out under the ring to drag Bret Hart in under the ring we saw him you know back in the 90s as well when Ultimate Warrior would show up in WCW yeah and it’s the smoke I I agree sometimes when you emerge from a hole it’s not as special as it once was you lose that excitement you lose that spark sometimes quite frankly when you go in and out of that hole it can be somewhat of a horror story as we’ve seen but if you want to turn it maybe maybe into a nice romantic comedy or if you want to eliminate the comedy all together and make it really dramatic blue shoe calm coat fight full can help blue chicken breeze the first chewable with the same fda-approved active ingredients as Viagra and Cialis see and know they work they’ve 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look I’ll definitely look into it we’ll make it we’ll make it we’ll make a thing out of it yeah we’ll fill out the form together yes yes okay well well my god Hannah Moore says Carmela would go to smack down because of graves I think it’s a good point very good point do I have your attention now to do says my god did you see those cringy scripted promos for crown jewel this afternoon those were so bad so bad and it kind of shows you why came Velasquez speaking Spanish on this program because he sure as hell can’t cut a kind of promo in his first language it was shit he Tyson Fury however can cut a promo in English he does it very well however sometimes you do want to script the guy because he’s batshit crazy and quite frankly a giant asshole Brock Lesnar in this setting can cut an outstanding promo that’s Brock Lesnar was known as one of the best promo guys in the UFC which is crazy to think because he’s got Paul Heyman with him now but you go back and you see some of his stuff from back then he was one of the most charismatic guys in the UFC unbelievable Braun can cut a good promo those were the absolute shits thank god Heyman was there someone says why did it seem like the war rooms were surprised after the picks were made well they didn’t seem that surprised they had I liked the idea of the war rooms Warren the war in rooms but God they had some shitty actors there they oh you mean they weren’t really executives I don’t believe honestly I was a little disappointed because when they were caught when they were saying that there was that there was going to be execs I thought they were actually going to come out and they were going to be like vice-president of branding or vice-president of graphics or whatever however I was really really entertained at first to realize that Robocop was part of the Fox war room to be later explained this is not in Robocop but the Fox Sports robot mascot who by the way is named Cletus yeah did you know that Shawn I did know that actually that’s amazing he was designed by a seven-year-old Shawn I learned something he thinks today about this Scot and he had anyway whoever was doing him had some fantastic pantomime but I like I like the idea of the war room you know they they all shot these in the afternoon you know I can see I can see the director the producer being ok guys never going to do a shot where you one you wanna you want a draft pick hmm okay now we’re gonna do one where you just missed out on a big one and you start flipping tables that must have been a lot of fun to do though Josey actually follows up on that and says give me the Fox NFL robot and the Royal Rumble you cowards I would love it III could I wouldn’t care I don’t mind them using Royal Rumble spots like that I don’t mind it at all someone says W means quality assurance team badly for live TV thoughts on the Samoa Joe right or in a young line more of a rib eye bleed Moxley and Joe are friends what what am I missing here what did I miss do you know when when Rene introduced Joe Joe said something to that if I know to the effect nice to see you Rene glad to see you’re keeping the lights on in your home that’s what he says hilarious that’s fantastic it is a perfect perfect rib I thought it was great and I’m sure she gave him a good slap on the shoulder when the cameras were well hopefully she didn’t give him too hard of a slap on the shoulder did you see him Tyson Fury and brawn today they slapped each other on the shoulder no hey Oh like that that’s what kick that’s what about set shit off I don’t remember what I saw but someone on Twitter compared it to stepbrothers you know the movie yes someone says is it me or is the WB music just so generic they kept showing each network brand room it was so cringy I didn’t think the idea was cringy I thought the performances by the people in there were cringy I thought the idea of doing it was phenomenal I thought it made a lot of sense I loved the idea of USA versus Fox instead of the pass a general manager horseshit you had this and you were able to get Fox and USA on board with this it makes sense because it’s what a lot of people are talking about Warren I thought that was a brilliant idea and hopefully this is something that they can that they can reinforce you know down the line you you like what I’m drawing a bit of a blank but I think it was ECW when they were I can’t remember what it was either ECW TNA Shawn helped me out and they were in they had problems with the network I think it was Jenny under Russo right what are you talking about Heyman going on and shooting on TNN well it wasn’t exactly ot nn that’s why they they portrayed the network with Cyrus yeah Don Callas yeah exactly I mean you maybe don’t have to go into actually creating a character but you know having you know all we’ve received word from the network kind of thing you know we need to do this and I did that much more than a character authority figure and quite frankly if they want to keep pushing it this way I I really I really like it I think it’s a great idea B execution was just a little strange but that’s fine yeah I dug the idea I thought it made a lot of sense I thought that splitting up the draft pools made a lot of sense we’ll get to that later I’m getting a little too too ahead of myself right yeah up next we had King Corbin defeated our defeating shorty gable why did we need this again Morin why not so soon I mean you know at Hell in a Cell was clear that their feud wasn’t over because because Corbin went after him but we definitely didn’t need it this quickly I like the match it’s fine 41 the fourth one but you know it goes back to you know look let’s consider this I’m gay I’m ready to give him a pass a buy on this stuff because we are in the middle of the draft the official reset the the true beginning of the next season of WWE is going to start next Friday once the draft is done on Raw on Monday if we start seeing Corbin vs. gable again in next Friday or next Monday I think then we have a reason to start flipping tables because the idea here is to get fresh matchups it’s they see new things so tonight we’re still reset mode I’m okay with them giving this giving this the the giving this match tonight because it was a work it was a fine match gable counter deep six of the bulldog hit immunes moonsault and a a an ankle lock will walked right into the end of days but I didn’t need to see this and we’re reminded for the second match in a row we may never see this again hopefully not but Chad gable did not get picked tonight we will elaborate on that what what who Chad gable shorty gable oh sorry okay yes that’s his name now his name is shorty and let me tell you as someone who is typecast by their incredible height as I am I am super tall I am the tallest I can tell you that I sympathize with the man so I understand what they’re doing because now everybody comes up to me and they go SRS the fucking legend you’re so tall and I’m like me I don’t listen I’m pretty tall but I’m not that tall and I appreciate I would never call myself the fucking legend ward but people do people come up to me and say that as you know like people will say that and I just okay thank you because I don’t want to be rude I don’t want to be rude about it you know it is plausible you know at some point I’m really looking forward to see how tall you all you are you know you come to Toronto on occasion right Toronto is in my country it’s a bit of a drive but I could make it it would be interesting you know it says just see for me to live the experience I’m looking forward to it well I mean an you would never have to go to like a Ripley’s Believe It or Not again and pose next to that dumbass short person’s statue they have whatever huh Brock and Kane Paul Heyman comes out I dug this promo it’s a little bit of different source material this time Cain Velasquez’s beaten Brock Lesnar beat him in a shoot fight Heyman says that Brock has never made excuses but he is going to sort of exorcise his demons battle his ghosts so to speak well let me tell you it’s interesting that he called Cain Velasquez a ghost cuz this goddamn promo is gonna haunt me for the rest of my life Cain Velasquez who speaks fluent English it’s actually his first language he doesn’t speak I’m not sure how well he speaks Spanish but he cuts his promo in Spanish and then ray says Kane says he’s going to give you a matching scar on the other side of your face which I thought was an OK line but like why didn’t ain’t just say that yeah I I couldn’t tell you I don’t know but I I do what I liked about this promo was was in the details it was it was Paul Heyman cutting his promo like you said bringing out bringing out some some new stuff some new material felt fresh meanwhile a Brock Lesnar standing there not exactly as confident or let’s say cocky as he usually looks when Paul is cutting his promos you can tell that the story that they’re telling that they want to tell here is that Velasquez is living rent-free in Brock Lesnar’s head the minute that he saw him it all came rushing back and Lesnar’s having issues dealing with these very conflicting emotions like I think that if you just took a minute to talk about it maybe send him to therapy like they did with Bailey and Sasha last year I think he could get over it but instead we’re probably just gonna move on to this fight I like that they showed the still frames of the Velasquez fight in UFC where we where the casual WWE audience who doesn’t necessarily follow MMA was we never got to see a battered bloody disfigured Brock Lesnar that’s that’s an image like that’s something that as far as this WWE persona does not exist they mentioned the scar I’m gonna give you another scar I liked how this was set it was it was an it was an entertaining it was an entertaining promo I thought there was good stuff that came out of this new day do a breast cancer presentation it is that time of the year I think they’re great to do this type of stuff they they’re just fantastic PR and I mean it’s isn’t Xavier woods just one of the best guys to do this as well you know if he did you know connect with with this breast cancer survivor and you know they went in and have and to have nachos together and stuff and take selfies he is just the perfect guy to do that he’s one of the he looks like he’s one of the most affable dudes in in all of wrestling it just makes perfect perfect sense I thought that was a great segment we go to a commercial pretty early The OC it distracted the rap so a stayer spot could work out and then Kofi pins AJ Styles with a trouble in paradise now you know I wondered a lot of things upon Kofi smash last week this ain’t a bad follow up for him pinning one of the most I don’t want to say one of the most protected but one of the most decorated wrestlers not just in WV in the world after this guy is held championships in Ring of Honor New Japan impact TNA he’s held the NWA championship he’s been all WWE like AJ Styles is a favorite of Vince McMahon I mean it’s not a secret Kofi Kingston wins with his finish clean in the middle of the Ring also we’re told will this be the last time but your thoughts on this match and Kofi in particular I I really I thought this was a good match Kofi had Kofi’s sequence started with a really strong hot tag we didn’t get to see the Big E hot tag which is one of my favorite hot tags in the business but that’s okay Kofi did a great job I loved how to get to the trouble in paradise Kofi was sneaking out of AJ’s finisher offense he slid out of it of a Styles Clash he rolled out of a calf crusher Kofi was just too wily you know AJ couldn’t couldn’t couldn’t get him he avoided the use she Goro she and then hit the treble in paradise I thought it was a fantastic finish I will say it is a little strange and because as fan as a fan and I’m sure a lot of fans out there feel the same way we don’t have a sense of closure regarding Kofi and his universal title run we don’t have a sense of closure he won he lost the title in six seconds last weekend he there wasn’t that was we talked about this last week there wasn’t even a shot of him clutching his head he just he was just gone comes back this week he’s got the pancakes he’s all smiles sure the power of positivity can do great things such as lead you to a victory over AJ Styles but at the same time it would be just a small form of vindication for us as fans just to get a proper wrap-up if you were just to say I am coming back for my title I don’t know when but I will be back for it at least that because right now we’re still hanging and they’re still it’s still open it was kind of strange that it wasn’t even addressed had someone say oh well he went straight to the mid car where where else is he going ain’t fighting to the mid car yeah AJ Styles great does it just go straight to the mid card but he gets a win over AJ Styles my god I mean I get it he’s Kofi Kingston and he lost in six seconds and if there’s one thing I hate its motherfuckers pardon my language I’ve got to cut out the the f-bombs on this show I apologize but some of the things that I’ve been reading frustrate me so much they throws the pancakes I can’t take them seriously well whose problem is that whose problem is that that you think that every single champion has to be Ivan Drago like that ain’t not every champion has to be Ivan Drago they don’t have to be they can add personality they can they can do what they want Daniel Cormier gets half-naked and dances in front of a green screen with chicken and ice cream floating around one of the greatest fighters in combat history history damn damn so dumb so dumb so it is set for crown jewel or as we call it sands of time T Velasquez Brock Lesnar WB championship Tyson Fury braun strowman what do you think of those yeah I like the approach I like the approach of getting relevant or somewhat relevant current combat stars because let’s be honest as much as I would love to see Shawn Michaels wrestle again Michaels Undertaker Kane and Goldberg did not work out for them no it didn’t and you know since they can’t resurrect the Ultimate Warrior what else are they gonna go for and I mean if they want to do this if they want to go to me the guy who’s gonna benefit the most out of this is braun strowman he is getting so much attention right now he looks good next to Tyson Fury I think it’s a I think it’s a smart match they’re both tall guys very physical and he’s getting the mainstream press I mean he he’s going to be the big winner out of that’s going he’s gonna be the big winner out of all of this but you know kind of like I said last week you know this whatever they’re setting up for crown jewel is not for wrestling fans it’s to attract that sweet sweet mainstream media attention but for people who are interesting and we like wrestling there’s there’s not much going on there Hannah more sends a bunch of pancake emojis that I didn’t know existed and really here we are already at the main event because the other this was the draft which we’re about to get to Smackdown Women’s Championship Bayley becomes the new Smackdown Women’s Champion now there will be a lot of angry people while they’re just doing it to rack up Charlotte reigns well obviously but I don’t care I’m okay with that I don’t good I hope I hope she gets seventeen Dido reigns so badly I don’t mind either and and let’s not forget like the title ring that she had before this lasted what three minutes yeah I’m okay with it I don’t like it I like watching Charlotte Flair I’m I hope she breaks the record good so the big stories of this were all daily Bayley comes out has some new gear looks like IEW colors to be quite honest with you throws off her hood has a new haircut no more side pony Warren I dug it I like it you look you know something you know something’s up with the women in WWE when they start screwing with their hair you know something’s up I liked it I loved her new look you wanna kill him she killed the Bailey buddies I loved it like what what did she have did she have an axe or was like a prospector thing William she is four is she from oh she’s from San Jose right yes she’s from San Jose San Francisco the 49ers come on now prospecting I did I don’t know it but but no like it didn’t look I thought it was an axe it was definitely an axe handle but it had like two prongs yeah I don’t know it looked like something they finagled in catering they’ve got talented enough people to do that sure Charla gets her our mouth busted up pretty good booted Bailey off the apron I was excited to see the new heel Bailey she walks up the buckles on a backslide and as a Bailey to belly for a two-count she tried to cheat and can get the job done but then just rolled up Charlotte out of a figure eight and one now her not getting the pin off the Bailey dabeli makes me wonder if she’ll get a new finish well she used both of her closers let’s call them that because the top rope elbow was was a big one in NXT and the the and the Bailey dabeli this would not be the first time that a that a baby face that a baby face finisher would suddenly doesn’t become effective when you turn to the dark side you know just as much as the yes lock was an instant tap out when Daniel Bryan was a babyface when it became the LeBell lock mmm suddenly you could you could power out of it you know so yeah I’m definitely interested because to be honest the Bailey dabeli never did anything for me yeah like as a finisher it’s a transitional move it’s fine but as the finisher never did anything for me so if she gets something with that has a little more room and I’m good for that I like wrestlers evolving we always talked about Chris Jericho reinventing himself lionsault lion tamer walls of Jericho which was different than the lion tamer codebreaker – now the Judas effect well you know sometimes you don’t always go up I like a good back elbow yeah I like a good back use of a varying number of back elbows I’m sure you deliver a fantastic – back elbow shot name good back elbow you know I can’t necessarily say that there you go there you go I wish I could tap you on you on your back but you’re so I’m tall man so I see a lot of people saying this I didn’t like the Bailey you people promo I don’t consider this and all you people promo because you know what she didn’t say all you people she stopped it matters and when Bailey of all people goes hey bitches screw all of you and leaves that’s it and all you people promo is a lot more extended than this no hey all you people this is why I’m doing it no no no that’s not what Bailey said Bailey just said hey bitches screw all of you and left cool I’m ready for her to show up in the rafters face painted with crow and frowny and all that stuff just her new finish is gonna be a reverse DDT she’s gonna take a year and a half off she’s good she’s gonna show up at Starrcade 2020 without a pan I’m ready ready for it they’re gonna do push her it’s gonna be like that it’s just gonna be super kind of a yeah Nick Patrick is gonna come in and do a do another count um I I like I like bizarro Bailey I let you know and I think this is exactly what she needed and per is this could this possibly be the best orchestrated he’ll turn that we’ve seen in a long time because this is when you look at it for the past few months Bailey has been like no I’m still a baby face I no what’s wrong with you guys yeah I’m still the same what’s wrong what’s wrong with you guys she was delusional she didn’t realize that what she was doing was being being a little jerk but now she’s embracing the personality now it’s like she’s no longer the fresh-faced a little schoolgirl now she’s an emo teenager and she’s telling mom and dad to fuck off excuse me but that’s essentially that’s essentially what it is now she’s bizarro Bailey she’s moved on she slaughtered the Bailey buddies I think this is exactly what what what she needed and I also think that this however Telegraph’s the fact that Charlotte is going to is going to raw yeah we needed needed needed some edge for Bailey we need it for a lot of people and they got real lucky that sasha banks was in better shape apparently than what we what we heard because oh good as of I think it was I hear what I it was Wednesday when I published the report I had asked and they said she’s still undergoing tests and I was like damn come on they need those two women on each brand to help anchor those brands especially as we find out amber moon is sidelined with maybe an Achilles injury that’s rough yeah I’m good I liked what ended Smackdown I thought it was really good let’s talk about the draft now oh boy they they telegraphed it and they switch it up a little bit this is not telegraphing shaunthe they leaked themselves leaked it I had leaked themselves I told somebody so it’s funny I reached out to somebody in WWE who I talked to very frequently about this and they’re like I hate to drop the f-bomb again but I’m quoting are you fucking kidding me they spent the entire week caving us then they spoiled it them fucking selves that was I have been given strips with less accurate information know what that mean of youi put out WWE has threatened to sue fight ‘full for putting scripts out there that were less accurate than this damn bro so let’s run through this raw got the first pick Becky Lynch was the first pick Warren I thought this was a good idea I thought it had to be this way and the reason why I had to had to be this way as I explained on the list and you boy every Wednesday 6 p.m. Eastern myself and fight Philander Jimmy van breakdown the weekend news I think that for lapsed fans who might be tuning in or for anybody that might have any doubt it was a way for them to say hey maybe you haven’t watched this in a while but things have changed things are a little bit different now and this is how much we care about this division I thought she was the right number one pick Lauren I mean look as far as putting across a message was very clear let’s not forget last week on the first edition of SmackDown on Fox she was the first WWE Superstar to appear on camera she was the first person to come out to the ring so in a sense it makes sense I mean she is the face of the company I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of people who still would really really like it to be Roman reigns but you know I mean she is she is the face of the company she’s still getting the reactions this made this made perfect sense and if they if they do want to be serious about the women’s division these are the types of moves that they have to do and there’s a lot of people talking about a show B show there’s not an a show B show right now not Mary what I say networks paying them a billion dollars as well and WB has to provide them more content oh by the way USA is also paying for Wednesday nights too so pissing off USA Network a quite frankly a 35-year partner is not something that WWE is doing that’s not not something what what they’re that they’re looking to do deejay cast is so detached from the main roster product has anything changed Bailey is a heel now just show shows how bad WB is at making baby faces yeah they had a slam dunk with Bailey and they pissed it away Bailey will always be remembered in the top tier of the NXT talents that moved up to Maine and WW did not know what to do with them I would I am still a big Bailey fan I was won over with her in NXT she was the female John Cena and then they did they did Bailey this is your life with her oh my god that was so bad Brian Medina says Bailey as the new sting would work I don’t know if it would work but you’d be funny it’s just funny to think or at least you know if she’s in Juggalo paint that’d be funny Roman reigns the first Smackdown selection good makes a lot of sense now this this had a lot of people confused after this they’re like why didn’t this person get picked well what they did is they split up the eligible Draft pools there were like 30 31 talent available on Friday and then like 40 something Monday I like this because I wondered how are they gonna do this because naturally all the top picks would get picked on Friday this was a smart way to split it up Warren yeah absolutely I like the idea of I like the idea of the draft pools you know making sure that everyone was clearly on their side but you know they know be rooted up they screwed it up the the wild-card rule still still popped up for one more minute tonight Shawn just the ghost of the wild-card rule came to haunt us so just for a second well go ahead and talk about that heavy machine your scenery yeah went number eight to SmackDown I believe it was right I think yeah I think it’s number eight the word that were drafted in the fourth round yes in the fourth round but no smackdowns eight selection whatever they were they were they were in with Rob they were in the Monday pool yeah boy here’s who else raw got drew McIntyre very early ahead of Randy Orton ricochet Bobby Lashley Kevin Owens Natalya the Viking raiders all of those are honestly good picks there was nobody that I looked at him the raw side and said damn wouldn’t mind them well I like that they got a real strong roster Smackdown ended up with like Lacey Evans and lucha house-party and we’ll get to that but WWE I just begged for them to make a little sense with their number seven selection they picked Alexa bliss who was listed in the draft pool with Nikki cross so you’d think oh damn damn man why wouldn’t they just pick her with Nikki cross they may want to split them up no they picked Nikki Cross for spots later Warren correct correct someone was sleeping on the job at USA Network someone just didn’t quite understand the rules of the draft and the I I didn’t but this is look I we can only chop to chalk this up to them scrambling to mix things up when it became apparent that everyone on Twitter was we was tweeting out the fact that that the that the the the order of pics was essentially on that you could just go see the order and it was right there that’s when they started moving in moving things around but I mean it it just looks dumb it just looks dumb why would you have wasted a pink because they were considered a team they were listed as a team so you could have just picked both of them but then if look I’m convinced there’s a guy backstage who was there and was said well goddamn pile way we ended up having ended up with everything on the internet we’re split split Alexa and Nikki okay so is Nikki going to Smackdown oh no no we’re both on Raw but then why can’t he drive them to get thrown and ask too many questions pal just make it happen so over on Smackdown I thought that their first four picks were real good Roman reigns the fiend Bray Wyatt Sasha banks braun strowman that’s for real good ones then they go Laci Evans alright okay they obviously think a lot of her the revival fantastic pic and also your Smackdown champions the last two a little confusing lucha house party heavy machinery now heavy machinery kind of get there protected lucha house party have been so dead in the water they are not over nobody cares about them on the main roster they are unbelievable workers unbelievable workers but that one was a little bit confusing the free agent pool keep in mind has Cesaro ec3 chad gable dragula Heath Slater the B team Tamina Erik Jung Sin Cara Akira Tazawa humor toecutter yo were you surprised that lucha house-party or anybody went above the free agents you can tell that they’re trying to do something with lucha house-party they’re trying they god bless their heart they’re giving them they’re giving them a chance I think one of the things that didn’t work out for for for lucha house party is that they were positioned you will recall when they when they ended up on main they had the noisemakers right and they were they were in their feud with the revival where they would have lucha house rules you know and it’d be three on two or you know that they’d have all these wacky rules where you sort of felt bad for the revival we’re just coming out to have a tag-team match and they ended up with these goofballs here then they ended up with trying to put over large Sullivan who ended up being injured as well their first really good main roster match happened on Monday this week that’s the first time where they actually got a chance to shine it’s either gonna be one of two things with with lucha house-party it will either be we’re going to do something proper with you guys we’re gonna give you a shot or you’re going to be there to make the other teams look good it’s going to be they’re either going to be the the new B team or they’re going to try something out with them but it’d be a waste if they didn’t try something out grandma Tillich is too good Lin say Lin Tsai has fire and he can cut a promo we discovered this in the latter days of 2:05 live that and that guy has timing and he knows how to talk if they were to just give them a little let go a little wiggle room I think we’d all be surprised Kristen Ashley sends a super chat and says split Alexa and Nikki don’t ask Warren he’s wrong damn honeymoons over well the tickets non-refundable yes speaking of worn you will be in the States next weekend so you will not be here yes I mean I’ll be I’ll be traveling correct correct when do you travel are you gonna be on Wednesday show I will be on Wednesday show I’m literally on a plane during Smackdown lat next Friday literally literal it’s early well guys we literally appreciate all your support fight to select calm is the most direct way to do that we have seen like a 20 percent jump in subscribers this week it has been absolutely insane I want to thank all of you guys who have done that once we hit 500 subscribers I’ll be doing that Q&A show every single week but it has been a major success we hope that once we move that from the patreon platform to fight for calm you all will follow us over there but go over to fight will select calm add some news on Smackdown I’m gonna have some championship belt news pretty soon if I can get it confirmed I had a lot of stuff we were starting to post like some documents and things like that that we’ve had access to and have been posted we had early access to just a ton of stories over there but hey if you’re over here you’re on YouTube right now listening to us leave a thumbs up and subscribe but we’re on podcast platforms everywhere Warren where can the people find you well since you’re already on YouTube why don’t you just open up a new tab in your browser and flip on over to slash mr. Warren Hayes and give us subscribe there I have my own show every Thursday evening ice ice livestream it talked about wrapping up everything WWE and the rest as well I have a patreon as Sean mentioned as well not even looking to get as hot as fight full whatever kid whatever you guys can drop Warren Hays or on Twitter at mr. Warren Hayes impact wrestling fans we are going to be impact heavy next week I have major features and interviews with Ethan Paige and Jordan grace also Denise salcedo was in Los Angeles today getting interviews with numerous impact wrestling stars those will be up soon depending on how time sensitive they are based on the release but impact bound for glory next weekend you will be in an impact event I’m told Saturday we’re going to be at all glory next Saturday yes we’re probably going to get to see the last of shot see black hard one of the last Indy dates you’re gonna give me a tell all with Kylie Wray right yeah look a count on Kristen well I’m here’s the thing if it happens I’m gonna credit Kristen if it doesn’t happen I’m blaming you then fair enough fair enough do I have your attention now says this is random but Dustin Rhodes is staring at me I’m going to need all okay over Warren’s shoulder I was like are you at a Denny’s or something like like what happened are you is he getting like some hashbrowns like what’s going on here I don’t know Ryan dur guys we got all kinds of cool stuff at fight ‘fl calm UFC event this weekend kind of quiet on the wrestling end of things but we’ve got a ton of shows for you guys thank you all so much for your continued support we’re out

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