WWE Smack Downs Full Highlights 21 August 2019 HD – WWE Smackdown live Highlight 8/20/2019 HD

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[Music] [Applause] the WWE Champion Topher Faison but it’s also that your client says he will reveal who was responsible for all those attacks Kevin always takes on Elias Cruz and Andrade more first try back since the eversince SummerSlam we want to take you back to the offensive unlike Kofi Kingston I am NOT a liar because Kofi Kingston is stupid last week I gave him I gave Kofi the opportunity and he failed yet again and the best in every time [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] running away from a fight like engage suppose a fella feet feastin can’t be when it comes to the biker for the regarding roman reigns over the last few week be a bully exactly is responsible for these attacks hit and i don’t i don’t know what’s going on don’t know who’s attacking me why they’re attacking me it’s another detective backstage has affected my life I’ve seen the footage I’ll make sure I get some answers exactly who did it don’t know [Applause] the rowan was involved in your incidents just turns into a melee and you get hurt but we’ve been conducting our own investigation and we found we’ll bring you the culprit [Music] the attacks hombre over to Daniel Bryan also came first and unchangeable come and rip up the office and you display that import behavior that you did $100,000 fine will seem like a slap on the wrist you called me into your office and you’re I am like spit it out what’s on your mind last week you find me $100,000 it pissed me off and I didn’t react very well to it at first I had a week to think about it I looked at my family and it dawned on me just how bad you and I don’t come from the same background you can relate to that can’t you you’re a father you’re a good father so that’s what’s on my mind all right I wish you’d reconsider I’ll take it under consideration Kevin excuse me rowdy white white Selena Vega ready to take right now it’s Apollo going toe-to-toe with Andrade I don’t know I think this is the opportunity awesome this guy has all the skills all the tool he’s got a elbow right on the corner instead it’s familiar than Apollo Cruz is trying to end this early to that you have to compete in four matches in this single in the left arm of Apollo Cruz going to the top I’m trying to the [Applause] at the same time let’s talk about Andrade though the mold rain falls no mystery last night [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] this guy is people to stop for one second draw it and move it on check out some of the other Smackdown matches you know what you did it’s light so in the mean time very sorry all right [Music] let it be known that the 24/7 chat widget rules for the entirety of the night so Elias in the first round of the King of the Ring the best in the world Shane McMahon [Applause] [Applause] heroin back downline welcome to a moment of bliss we are just so humbled by our title reign we don’t want you to think that changes anything but tonight tonight’s a little different Charlotte Summer Slam visit right now the race book I think this is the wrong chair over there is a little more my style okay sit down your win over WWE legend Trish Stratus says no Trish didn’t pass the torch and she had to admit what everyone else already know face of the Smackdown women’s division the face of the Smackdown women’s division is the SmackDown Women’s Champion I wouldn’t say that but some people would people say a lot of things Lexi Bailey might be the champion I am marketable she is not because I am Smackdown [Music] enough of the same old stuff over and over you could treat me like an afterthought all you want but to me it just sounds like a bunch of excuses I am The Champion I am better than you do you even know how people feel about you know you have devalued the title enough well that’s a challenge I accept and finally shut your mouth is very important [Applause] we do it like we did a couple of weeks ago I want to know if you lying to me or you lying to them I’m pretty sure that’s all Eric Roman good I need to know yes or no not pretty sure that we try to help you if I find out you’re lying again and come back here and whip your ass the same time there’s some person who’s being held back since the bottle [Music] we’re all in a set to go one-on-one with buddy for the attacks on Roman Way they believe that buddybook know about who this attacker is buddy Murphy has a hut let me get this straight you think you saw Erick Rowan you are a liar you are a cowardly liar who is the culprit to this tragedy we’re gonna reveal that you that you had something to do with it to get the scoop on just how far Daniel Bryan went whoa Dave you’re saying fed up scoop after this because of an a just hot term Buckhorn Bryan wisely escaped Adhemar Feeny Crestor just a moment that’s clear Daniel Bryan I made under duress with the forearm those are fair but what about what we saw the lady is oh you know what’s next that’s what they went through last week Bryan has to do he had an incredible performance yet we’ll get more free back-to-back weeks here Roman reigns question from the top it’s been done to the right arm of the Austral the power because of the attack from blue gear I’ll wait a minute Ryung to bring the portion they just went from bad to worse you go Brian trying to work his way now close back it may be just a moment of time now I’m not sure buddy Murphy Murphy flying on a night where he wants to prove the other kick taking just a little bit to be lights out good luck to the top as well oh wait a bit of this orange is just unreal so you’re rowing shit [Applause] like a Murphy bed a lot behind the right here the rock Daniel Bryan’s in his research and now I line it up Murphy buddy Murphy’s on out denim his traction broke it up is for the takin [Applause] the question remains will Brian and Rowan both Elias and believes he’s the actual culprit and I found out interrogated everyone who was in that backfield Cobra takes it at a steel chair they already buddy Murph go get a trainer trainer up here you people cheer dad you like it well you know what I got some news for you just like all of you people they’re cowards biggie wasn’t brave enough to show his face here today up Xavier just stop all your line and then stop all your crying or we are officially challenging you and biggie and we are going to revive the division that you [Applause] they did with a steel chair earlier tonight this championship conversation not very long ago you know I like the guys I mean I kind of understand whether reviving too much they need to be more serious this is some of a stomping grounds paper this power there for Tucker no problem right now knows afterthought strength back here on Smackdown line the oil by Kingston took them to task earlier tonight with a stampede Kingston free aging is speech time they think of all over anywhere and still believes Kofi Kingston isn’t deserving of that you even more between us entire Beauty national treasure which if secured that victory with suckers legal filter : on Tucker clash of champions for the title but still an underdog and the King of the Ring tournament fortunately for me though that’s been the case my whole life my first wrestling coach he he called me stupid and then I wasn’t big enough to be a WWE Superstar next week against Shelton Benjamin first round sure let’s open some eyes felt may have been messing with his old tag Jax on Roman reigns that we’ve seen here on Smackdown [Music] TV is meant with quarters welcome to Miz TV my guest tonight ladies and gentlemen Sami Zayn this is well guys Sami Zayn lost a severed a lead and one of the best on earth and I’ve been reduced to this weight of anger towards the WWE Universe it seems like ladies and gentlemen Sami Zayn Miz let me just be honest with you right off the bat I I don’t really care about you and I don’t really care about this show I have been losing match after match and I finally realized that why people like you often end up like me yes success I’ve ever had in my life I have fought for causes I have fought for what is right for Sami Zayn is through altruism Smackdown that need my help one of them is ready to come out [Music] you tell me that hey what do you make of it that’s bless your mouth obviously had a great deal to deal with Sami Zayn I don’t get it then we please wait to chintz Kade you’re the Intercontinental Champion do you understand the pain that is experienced by oh because I am an artist and I am a poet we understand each other this man does not need to experience that pain okay you’re really going to let him speak for ya you don’t you don’t really get it do you huh dad okay both Shinsegae is not the more insane [Applause] the Intercontinental Championship skin acaba oh hi that’s okay spots get a lot better exactly what you do we’re good thank you I did I remember the main reason I called you in the first time is you haven’t apologized for doing that to put my hands on a Debbie to be official so I apologize yes I’m reconsidering okay what we talked about we’re totally clear not quite there yet so like maverick rather in a note [Music] and the King of the Ring tournament [Music] so aligns it next week hey Byron a real sec town go Gators [Applause] and say apologize for putting his hand on a fish here at WWE when it comes to saying it for the fine to be reconsidered and he hadn’t even apologized special guest enforcer was trying to bait Emma course all eyes has evolved into this past especially here gets you what a welcome change to Anita Elias I think would bother a lot of devices done with that according what we heard [Applause] a famous Sanders succeed here Kevin Owens analyze continues to blow away Kevin Owens and look who’s made his way outta line against Elias that’s critical to Kevin either it was less loose loose smackdown lavas it was about stopping Shane McMahon’s they just never know it’s all about it’s moving on to potentially be Connors over the years [Applause] –kavitha tonight so Oh Ally to take issue with favoritism here on Smackdown live did they write to the midsection now always Kevin Owens respond early 42 playas put away Kevin Owens in this first shots way to the midsection Kevin Owens try to play as jockey from finish here opportunity Elias an over-the-top operon and I just gotta get Alliance packed inside the ring come on guys in indicated said you put your hands on a TT not being honest he’s an official and I can’t Shane McMahon and Shane McMahon flexing his corporate power for the standard cover this pod and the King of the Ring tournament [Music] go from the minute that cowardly liar then Eric Rowan is an innocent man so I had to go to extreme life I found man [Music] you you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you [Music]

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