WWE Smack Down Live 08/10/19 FULL Highlights – WWE SD LIVE HIGHLIGHTS 8th October 2019

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they potentially go ahead and adapt if you adjust you got the planet champions are as good as they say they are fooled by shape again no-holds-barred blow the gleams of the Undertaker’s gonna try again bulldozing through a new day alright Oh on a quadriceps indeed behind the punches of biggie he wasn’t able to play off to do amazing things biggie right Google please welcome I guess all the truth let’s take a look back let’s go I remember when I will my honeymoon we started to going but we couldn’t go there I heard that and his wife was here moment of bliss don’t be great I know I know you think you’re socially awkward I love you socially awkward outside listen up about the really sweet confident this kind of cofee of existence we finally start to see it in state crews punch ronnie spector live very very angry clothes right now but let’s look at significant wins we have got to expect a lot this matches bitterly started to the tailoring you know when she golf’s individual Locker Oh – something outside they was able to recover Oh the opening Oh brutality from tomorrow it’s similar what’s this all about ultra power Oh No don’t want to stop probably growing overseas McIntyre and I try to get a fast one over us to talk about that thanks to his eyes line what we have it’s the target the island or the question on your shoulders build some sort of rally but don’t you know Oh

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