WWE Smack Down 8 October 2019 Full Show This Week ; WWE SmackDown 8 October 2019

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hell [Applause] hichy loosing the Challenger from Boston Massachusetts [Applause] she is the raw we go guys anyway he went pinfall submission nowhere to escape and the Helenus cell now is being lowered the cell designed to torture as we heard designed to contain nowhere for banks to run Lynch versus banks man versus boss champion versus blueprint what a well such a face right off the bat right in the champion then look at bench go down don’t get caught underneath that cell that can be bold Erin thanks get in right on top of the champion right a minute thanks to the outside understand what she’s thinking here I’ll tell you what she’s thinking King she’s trying to bypass the cell we know that’s not gonna work that’s not gonna happen and now the cell the cell is completely glory now the cell is completely being lowered and Becky and talk about a blueprint Jeremy Sasha banks is coming with a game plan there’s the door here the gender the universe strike [Applause] put the boss taking it right to Lynch you see the official there was it [Applause] lock that door if they can get [Applause] we saw what this is all about you saw Sasha banks take Becky and rivers headfirst into this you have an alert you steel cage which King look at Becky Lynch pulling herself up that’s the mentality you have to have if you’re stepping into a cage lock getting locked into a set let’s turn things around in a hurry Kate joy to the face right now both women inside the cage both women heyno Sal talk about the cell being a weapon she deployed the door as a weapon right there [Applause] Becky Lynch has been waiting all week she said on Monday there’d be nowhere for Sasha banks to run once the hell and a cell door is shut and locked and it’s gone it’s getting that way right now and finally we’re getting officially underway here in Sacramento y’all watch out now yes that’s part of this Helena cell everything is legal and now Becky Lynch Sasha banks you go [Applause] the crescent ribs Becky Lynch Oh an uppercut taking it right to Sasha banks we thought this would play into the appendages Sasha banks King but right now the man certainly has cranked up the aggression yeah I don’t know if the referee you should even try to get that chain away from everyone but again because the chain the door is not been securely locked to the south it’s like a cheese grater that that fence that mess [Applause] Becky Lynch has never met a fight she didn’t want she told a locker to bring their a-game now it’s been said before when it’s switched against steel steel wins every time and look at Becky Lynch the man the raw Women’s Champion she’s gonna lock the cell door herself and she’s gonna do it on her turns she’s getting overtime pay for this Lynch said Sasha banks made it personal well she said tonight she’s gonna painful what a kick by Sasha steel goes Winx we’re talking about get out banks repeated rights we’re all Women’s Championship means so much to both these women is spine-first ghosts Sasha banks as as you can see there’s no way to prepare yourself for this type of match what oh don’t tell me as if the hell in the cell is not weapon enough tables hey we said anything goes inside Hell in a Cell I know Becky’s been waiting to have banks trapped and now just what’s going through the mind of the man whoa [Applause] sascha finding an old friend in that steel chair that chair shot or ringing through the golden one Center and you can just see some of the welts starting to form on in both the bodies of banks and Lynch through the first moments of this Hell in a Cell match up now what’s on the mind of the blueprint and there’s no challenging stuff but I’m sure it’s not gonna be good turn your back in this match for a minute they all equalizer for Becky Lynch you almost have to have some kind of sick creativity when you step into these walls yeah I’m sure they’ve sat for hours thinking about what can I do how can I make this how can I make this unique how can I make this special how can I do the most damage to my watch it guys listen to the impact boom how hard was that chair shot right here in front of us on the kick-out by Becky Lynch and one more time shoulders down again another near fall Sasha banks looking for a quick one is another time leather the charm little for weight another kick-out by the raw Women’s Champion is now showing side back side shoulders down Oh Nikki able to kick-out but banks holding on holding on to the arm you just have right arm we have to be ready for anything in a match like this I mean not only oh and one minute is that cell going to be used as a weapon against you then now now metal chairs tables and then you can get beat with a simple roll off if you’re not carrying away a classic champions that disarmer instead Sasha banks turning things around quickly mouth into the cover Women’s Championship and again let’s able to kick-out at two guys remember Oh Sasha banks who had that disqualification victory over Becky Lynch at clash of Champions it was really Becky who accepted the rematch and then wanted to defend it inside Hell in a Cell she’s getting her wish right now here comes that chair again look out oh and now wait a minute [Applause] I think she was able to dump Sasha banks on that chair but she missed her watch out here bouncing off that Helena cell walls through the in Sasha banks [Applause] this time sasha banks would face [Applause] Becky Lynch now just take a look oh my Sasha bakes me in these two women have quite the rivalry as banks winner site we’ve seen Sasha banks use that meteora before but look at that one did you see the eyes of Becky Lynch King for a moment and no Aikido and again everything legal I’m just I’m in shock now after seen as I’m watch this again this is I mean the base of her neck rain watch [Applause] and even look at he it could have heard Sasha banks to medley Sasha banks driving at her left and right knees but now banks looking for the raw Women’s Championship and again Lynch able to kick-out at two we got to remember King Sasha banks has been in this environment she has the experience of competing inside Hell in a Cell in the past and then as that is invaluable I mean any not just some Hell in a Cell but anything if you’ve done it once you’re more prepared to do it again and for Becky Lynch as you can see some of this stuff is coming as being slammed inside of that cell door that doesn’t dislocate a shoulder or an elbow and again everything Sasha banks is disposal is legal in this matchup I had a chance just briefly to speak with Sasha banks earlier today thanks to another cover and another kick-out you know the man you’re not gonna believe what she told me I asked her do you regret these actions anything that you’ve done to Becky Lynch before she you know she told me she’s an my only regret King is that I can’t sit in the audience and watch myself okay to my left half and another cover this time like backs off their kick-out by Becky links but you know can you think about the damage to the left arm in the hand let’s go making heart there Becky Lynch to lock in that disarm oh oh you’re right about that and I’m sure that’s what Sasha banks had in mind and when that opportunity presented itself Sasha banks took it in Vic Sasha banks wisely leveraging the arms on those pins how much harder to kick out patients ripping down the raw Women’s Champion and Sasha banks in control and now king really whatever runs through that mind of the boss Shannon do you can say that evil that evil mind she is to go of anything that she can do to do more damage to Becky Lynch where Becky’s just out of it go down now wait a minute look at this and let’s shoot her best to fight back with relentless is Sasha banks goes now Pink’s my kid shoulders over that’s it a title and lynching goody eagerly kick-out how how was she able to kick out of that see the eyes of the champion let’s take a look one more time the impact of it right into opinion I don’t know how its able to kick out at this point is gonna be pure instinct against Sasha banks I’m going for yet another big deal chair and let this shoot thinking paint you mentioned an evil mind oh well she’s got a laid she’s had to lay awake at night thinking of these tricks how many chairs are under there [Music] [Applause] thanks ed and now a minute go from behind flinch shoulders down kick-out by the boss who didn’t let go to the church for one to one it kicked by Lynch yeah then chair driven right into the chest and sternum there of Sasha banks look at Oh Lynch one step ahead of the Challenger now the challengers fights back and now Lynch it just driving Sasha banks into that unforgiving steel guys I don’t know are they gonna be able to survive much more of this watch this take a look so much the kick King it was the nasty landing take a look at it one more top the universe trying to rally as they’ve done all year long the man Becky Lynch pulling herself up as is the challenge of the boss Sasha banks and oh where goes Lynch oh another chick look at the combination offense cuddles what shoulder first when Sasha banks another boss trying to get out the way but there’s nowhere into that solid steel of the hell in itself look at the pain the agony on the face of Sasha banks but the hits just keep on coming just think about everything these two women have been through so far in this match and they’re still going the Helena cell was designed to imprison both superstars Noah to running out both women slugging it out center of the Ring good man nice kick by the boss who’s gonna be the fiercest female inside the cell [Applause] thanks baby out winch – hey guys which isn’t disbelief I don’t blame her I’m in disbelief from what I’ve seen so far neither of these women have been acquitted them they’re just they’re refusing to lose it’s about being the best it’s about being the wrong women’s champion is right now Sasha banks those reversal what Lynch who was able to weather the storm early on in this match up to the top rope and all what a kick almost out of desperation by banks get down from there big guy oh stop the chair nice counter and Lynch the top rope [Music] which into the cover Sasha banks able to kick out just to Becky just to and look at Sasha banks all she’s thinking about is immediately going back on the offensive she’s looking under that ring for something else other kind of weapon could’ve been looking at maybe the call away or try to create some space to recover because Becky Lynch has been taken it to Sasha banks dropkick right into that steel chair and then another nearfall in this matchup [Applause] see Becky Lynch driving in it [Applause] Sasha banks now the champion with a kendo stick you know it’s crazy haulers female superstars here and especially Becky Lynch have a tremendous drive to succeed but it seems like Sasha banks has a tremendous Drive and a desire not to see any other female succeed what the heck is fine now Sasha banks who knows it’s like she’s in a toy box she’s just having fun at this point oh yeah she’s smiling I didn’t smile afterwards champion fighting back keep those sticks this is unbelievable the punishment that these two are inflicting on each other because this this structure has such an evil reputation but after tonight it’s going to be even worse Becky Lynch now China so too much time to do long tatcha banks able to paddle back and report forms and it’s the type of faker Becky Lynch loves this the type of place the man likes [Applause] will not be stopped we’ve seen some creative ways to admit punishment [Applause] nowhere to go every bit of impact from that dropkick landing on the chest of sasha banks that’s it’s part of Becky Lynch willing to destroy herself much to destroy it’s hard to wrap your mind around the kind of bouncing off the Helen itself [Applause] can we see that one more time this is a chair this is that runny dropkick rocking Sasha banks but paint somehow being able to regroup it and that he or you said it early almost instinctively kicking out that opera wait drop absolutely Becky Lynch knows what it takes to beat Sasha banks but this is a different Sasha banks than she’s faced before seven the crabs call the shots I want to see that table come into play coming into the universe on their feet here in the cold in one Center has the raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch [Applause] that backstabber it banks back to her feet and we’ve seen her go from that backstabber right into the bank statement but she clearly has something else in mind yeah pain punishment and to send a message to the man [Music] Thanks look at that home no doubt Ching what’s on the mind of the Challenger here tonight [Applause] breaking the grip on a moment that Becky Lynch now [Applause] [Applause] Sasha banks the table and Becky Lynch broken in half these fans cannot believe it can you’ve been a part of I mean the first ever Hell in a Cell and right now you’re almost speechless I’ll be right there [Applause] there’s only a few people this fight with so many hell in themselves and seemed the one that may wonder they didn’t remember Sheila Kohli thrown off the top of the cell right through our tables this close but what I’m seeing here between Sasha banks and Becky Lynch is [Applause] stick across the face crawl it over look at Becky trying to squirm trying to figure out a way navigate away frame she does hang on to this that kendo stick [Applause] that kendo stick guys how much more can these two female staff presents of mine a Sasha banks just think Nicola the blueprint the trap that she set so much at the beginning of the match whether it was by default or by design take a look at this king whatever [Applause] impact is unbelievable here this his there’s some more yet to come another chair at what point is it enough [Applause] Hell in a Cell the raw woman’s teeth do Kate you talked about having a plan you talked about the evil state [Applause] whenever Sasha Bates has drawn up mind the head of this matchup you’re right repeating from the pause wearing down impeding town the raw Women’s Champion and just [Applause] any worse than this that Sasha banks has ever put on anyone reveling in it she’s in all her glory right now then paints it a little too much time paint now Becky Lynch look what she’s made for herself Becky Lynch [Applause] [Applause] Donna and fazool Muhammad never expected it to turn into something like this between the reins and client and Rowan and Harper and remember in this matchup no tax all fewer men will be involved at the same time no disqualifications no count-outs yet there will be a pinfall or submission inside the squared circle dispatch them here in the early moments now it’s a two-on-one Harper and Rowan taking it to the big dog Roman reigns and now working as a cock crowing in the face now Luke Harper set outside the road and Erick Rowan delivers a clothesline the Roman reigns meanwhile Daniel Bryan champion gonna fly tip pop off the missile dropkick and Brian is fired off you know Daniel Bryan Corey joined us on commentary lookout Oh on this past Friday night on Fox he had a lot of things to say and meanwhile I think Harper may have hurt his knee Daniel Bryan made intense impact on Harper from the outside [Applause] the steps and again Luke Harper seriously favoring his knee and Daniel Bryan goes to work on it gotta expect Daniel Bryan to exploit any potential weakness in [Music] he’s wasting no time in doing just that the whole easier said than done when you’re dealing with a madman like Harper Harper continues now the assault on Daniel Bryan over by the barricade rain since eric rowan back into the rain and remember for Roman reigns an opportunity at retribution he got a bit of that this past Friday night when he delivered a spear to Eric by the big man over 300 pounds that is scary agility look at this height splash Roman reigns rolls out of harm’s way Erick Rowan declared earlier tonight cover on Erick Rowan kick-out at two Erick Rowan declared earlier that Friday night on Smackdown that was just a battle that Roman reigns won Erick Rowan fully intends on winning the war and think about what Erick Rowan has done though Corey to Roman reigns tried to end this man’s career his hunt for that manner on a couple of different occasions and reigns has not forgotten nor forgiven the interception cover now a half a second away and that’s the danger Corey when you don’t have to tag in and out of the matchup everybody’s legal cover by Erick Rowan again on Roman reigns and a kick-out at two and you can’t discount tag team chemistry Harper and Rowan have been a tag team for many many moons former tag team champions together this is a well-oiled machine in every sense of the work and there’s been a lot of ill will between Roman reigns and Daniel Bryan let’s not forget about that it was only a number of weeks ago where we actually thought Daniel Bryan may have been behind the attacks of reigns Roman reigns in jeopardy here Daniel Bryan entering the fight foot at his own peril yeah the bigger man the more powerful men able to stop Daniel Bryan in his tracks Ben Rowan just over 300 pounds standing on the sternum of Daniel Bryan Roman trying to fight back into this right hands and uppercuts to both Harper and Rowan but Eric Rowan now with the double team well history has taught us that there is nothing short of an iron will inside the big dog but tonight crowing looks to break it stomping on the neck the side of the face of the big dog his shoe is a size 15 as he plants the boot into the back of the neck of reigns Eric growing up outside right here in front of us is Bryan was ripped into the barricade his impressive speed nearly cut brains in half what a collision a running crossbody by Erick Rowan bulldozing through Roman Rowan and Harper and absolutely sanguinist mood here tonight Hell in a Cell looking to bring an end to the big dawn growing with those steel steps at hand [Applause] Luke Harper promised there would be hell to pay most terrifying thing about Luke Harper the thousand-yard stare he perpetually wears and get eyes it is unsettling but what’s incredible about both of these men Corian we’ve talked about it on a number of occasions is the intelligence that both Eric Rowan and Luke Harper possess and now the double team again this time focused on Daniel Bryan this had to be Rowan Harper’s plan isolate the smaller the two competitors Daniel Bryan no shortage of heart but Dominion if in stature compared to these two open hand palm strikes to the forehead of Bryan fishs assault here by Luke Harper Ryan trying to desperately pull himself back to his feet and again the momentum is Harper is whipped into the corner and out with that spinning kick cover on Pyun is it enough kick-out at two as much punishment as Daniel Bryan and Roman reigns can take harper and rowan have no problem finding more innovative ways to hurt their opponents and enjoy every second of it but a picture-perfect gameplan Cory so far for Harper and Rowan shouldn’t be surprised you got a master strategist like erick rowan you’ve got Harper who’s on the same exact page oh my goodness things are about to go from bad to worse for Daniel Bryan playing defense here kick out at two a near fall Rowan just pulling nice just overwhelming Brian and Roman reigns as well unreal physical joke dad Birds me you trying to embarrass me and accurate or other Oh Daniel Bryan looking for the LeBell lock Ryan trying to try to get Rowan tapped in the center of the rain for a half trying to lock it in and out Daniel Bryan has it locked in center of the Ring Luke Harper though will quickly break things up with a kick for the spine can’t help but notice that oh the entire leg of Daniel Bryan was comparatively sized – Erick Rowan’s arm and there is that that that faraway stare quarry it spoke about stares right through you one has to wonder what is going through Luke Harper’s mind we’re only trying to repair some of the damage done in the few moments spending the LeBell lock only takes a few seconds to tear a shoulder out of the socket [Applause] now sending Brian to Eric Rowan yet another sacrifice there’s the cover hooks the leg on Daniel Bryan he kicks out at two stays in the match and notice the small things like Luke Harper standing guard on the back side of the Ring making sure Roman reigns wouldn’t be able to break up the pinfall attempt this is masterful teamwork it has been all Luke Harper and Eric Rowan so far tonight Roman reigns has not been the same since he had steel steps planted in his face Daniel Bryan is being dominated we saw something of a grin on the face of Erick Rowan it’s sickening the amount of pleasure derived by Harper and Rowan in the beatings they dish out and all the full else in Daniel Bryan trying to fight out Lance on his feet trying to build some sort of momentum and you suspect us here shoulder to the post now Daniel Bryan with a right hand teeing off on Luke Harper ripped into the corner Daniel Bryan up and over at his classic Daniel Bryan right there breaks it up at two Daniel Bryan trying to use his speed advantage to gain any sort of upper hand momentary as it was now Erick Rowan tracks Roman reigns outside the Ray and Roman reigns with a couple a right hand stops Harper in his tracks and Erick Rowan as well and here’s rage Down Goes Harper raise the big dog gettin fired up is powering Luke Harper in the corner this Champak crowd here tonight in Sacramento the WWE fans following on but erick rowan hangs him up and dumps him over the top rope to the floor as the impact Romans face pocket edge of the ring apron drop toehold bounced off the second turnbuckle goes Harper Daniel crying with a kick right to the arm soften him up for the LeBell lock perhaps and he’ll try to summon the energy for these explosive kicks in the corner targeting the sternum in the rib cage of the larger Harper trying to wear the larger man down blue carpet Oh Brian escapes all right to the day they need that was injured early out of the match up Daniel Bryan targeted it yet again had to be looking to stop these two big behemoths down to size and here come the yes kicks to the chest to the shoulder driving the wind out of the lungs of Harper’s softening up the shoulder for potential LaBella of a car now Erick Rowan gets involved again and he drags Daniel Bryan out of the ring drive here comes Harper the announce table face first goes Harper I want to do that the best of that exchange Roman reigns taking out Luke Harper’s forehead driven right into our announce table everybody’s down it looks like a battle field out here Harper Rowan reigns and Daniel Bryan all four men down in front of us here that ringside Harper and Rowan have been nothing short of merciless and look at Harper [Applause] sighs taking out Roman reigns but you said I’m not sure who got the worst of that heart for a Roman that’s sort of nerve damage that is a what kaya bumped the golden one Center here in Sacramento for the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view event streaming live on the WWE Network Daniel Bryan in Roman reigns against Erick Rowan and target Cole and bad intentions this is all perfectly legal no disqualifications no count-outs no tax you only win via pinfall submission inside the ring there is equipment being thrown everywhere and reigns and Bryan are still down I shudder to think what Harper and Rowan have dreamed up in this scenario but I assure you the result will be the same the end of Bryan and reigns face first off the apron goes Daniel Bryan’s and now Harper and Eric Rowan will turn their attention to the big dog and Luke Harper with his sick sadistic smile on his face as Erick Rowan dumps reigns and now is going to dump his own partner nearly 300 pounds crashing down across the chest of the big toe use the word terrified earlier tonight folks we are just a few feet away from these massive men Rowan and Harper and they are destroying everything in their path here and they’re enjoying it coal that’s the most disturbing part Harper and Rowan are having fun right now apart the barricade he’s tearing the walls he’s a player here at ringside things gotta be a couple hundred pounds my god Robin Robins got to do something what can Roman do he’s helpless here he’s being held prisoner my blue car / [Applause] WWE Universe the sick sadistic Harper and Rowan right there say no one in the WWE Universe will ever make Harper or row and feel disrespected again I agree with that the referees trying to get some semblance of control that’s downright impossible Justin that was Shambhala carrots Romans breaking the pencil and a half says Roman reigns here in our blue car throws up on our announce table Daniel Bryan is helpless what on roads and you guys get it what are you planning gonna have to wait long to find out Cole the plaintiffs demise of Daniel Bryan [Applause] Roman reigns at the spirit II immediately grabbed his right knee hard growing driven through the table I might have been a last ditch effort by Roman reigns that preserved the match but at what cost reigns and had taken himself out it is a disaster area at ringside take another look at this preserving his own well-being for the moment [Applause] launched himself into a spear another look here coy watch [Applause] meanwhile back inside the ring it’s Daniel Bryan and Luke Harper as Erick Rowan and Roman reigns try to recover at ringside Daniel Bryan’s trying to somehow deep down deep there’s Daniel Bryan with a running dropkick Harper’s stunned here comes but Harper’s still on his feet [Applause] Harper is still standing Harper undeniably stunned for the moment in Daniel Bryan continued to momentum this Bryan have enough left does he have any tricks in his arsenal to put Harper down Daniel Bryan you see massive welts growing on the back and side of Daniel Bryan Lucar though powerbomb cover by Brian checks out how was that not it Daniel Bryan and desperation mode Luke Harper just too strong this Deeping will match anxious impact on the sit-out powerbomb for the ropes Daniel Bryan still in this fight this is an incredible match between four high-caliber athletes here at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view that dragon suplex drops Daniel Bryan on his face and now Harper again Daniel Bryan taken down and out what an incredible match Cory Bryan landed on his feet [Applause] [Music] [Applause] would lead to Kofi’s magical run to Wrestlemania and the WWE Championship Opie’s magical run which Kings had a screeching halt this past Friday on Smackdown hot pot yeah we’ll show you the highlights a little bit later on tonight Holly realizes it only takes momentum Kofi Kingston began momentum that night and continued to ride the wave all the way to the very top of WWE to the WWE Championship Ali is well aware that if you can string together a few victories get the people buzzing the same could be in store for his fusion especially if a knock off a man like Randy Orton here tonight at Hell in a Cell we have talked a lot about Randy Orton recently a I’ve followed his career since the beginning quarry I don’t think he’s ever looked better than he has this year he is ain’t gonna have another World Championship brand there’s no doubt and no question in my mind his veteran instincts to back alley Holly can offer no quarter of veteran like Orton will exploit every single opportunity to take an advantage even if it involves a short cut on that shot by Orton was just as badali in his place and show him who’s boss here in this matchup big uppercut by Randy Orton to the high-flying alley and if you’re Randy York you want a ground alley not allow him to get any momentum going in this matchup that’s when Ali’s at his most dangerous when he has the ability to pick up the pace to soar through the skies that’s where Ally truly is comfortable couple chops of his own and Holly not afraid to try to back Orton down his ranch cooking again just drops Ali to his knees this has been a little lenient Randy learn with a well-placed greco-roman thumb to the eye Holly whipped across the ring boot right to the face stuns Randy a bit down to one knee and Al Ahly gonna climb up to the top rope this is where he’s most comfortable and Randy Orton and ducks ollie to the floor who hit hard and you are not gonna get any style points for that defense there was nothing fancy about it that was great ring awareness that can only be achieved from years in the WWE as Ali sent crashing belly-first boo flamed out never been any absent of absence of malice in the color of Randy Orton the reason this man was called a legend killer for so many years and now right here this is vintage Randy Orton no placement there Cole that was malice right there Randy Orton’s enjoying every second of this and again this time back suplex right on top of the announce table again or it rolls into the ring to break the count and make no mistake about it quarry this is a veteran just telling me it’s telling an ally to stay at his place here tonight to stay in his Lane to realize who still runs things here in WWE the apex predator reestablishing dominance you know we’re only less than a week away from the WWE Draft things are gonna look very very different Ali’s stock would go through the roof with a win over Randy Orton whereas Orton you’ve got to imagine it’s gonna be a very very high pick yeah the draft begins this coming Friday night live from Las Vegas on Friday Night Smackdown the two-day event will continue a week from Monday in Denver for Monday Night Raw and Randy Orton what up stop it away on his focus his attack on the midsection on the core of Olly which gonna make it very very difficult for Ally to pick two to push the pace like he wants make it hard to breathe you got to wonder if a Randy Orton will end up on Friday Night Smackdown on the Fox Network or will he be on Monday Night Raw on USA is he done Sally again outside the ring and now Randy Orton big smile on his face it looks like he’s actually enjoying himself here tonight I think Martin’s not finished long as I’ll he’s still moving and look at Randy Orton out I leave home without a seat and Ally with a dropkick and he drops Randy Holly bought himself a few valuable seconds can he do anything with them because Orton still perpetually moving forward in a body’s first off the post I don’t know Holly’s gonna continue after that look at this Randy Orton using all of his might launching Holly sternum first into the ring post the Sinister Orton Holly could have a broken rib cover now by rant is he slithers into the cover and a kick-out at two by ollie no wasted motion from Randy Orton wrapping his long powerful legs across the midsection applying a rear chinlock Orton just grinding ollie down Holly ripped first into the pot look at the wealth look at the nasty bruise boring on the midsection of ollie that Randy went for the quick cover two for Sally – to kick-out using his midsection and then now wrapping his legs around the the rib cage of ollie continuing to punish agonizing situation probably difficult to breathe every time he exhales Orton’s grip with his legs gonna get a little bit tighter his arm around Ollie’s chin getting a little bit deeper Holley targeting the knee of Randy Orton some hour we’re got some sort of escape back to his feet and driven back down to his knees again is Randy Orton creases the torque there’s a chin lock here Holly Holley trying his best to Oh get anything going here right to the injured ribs that was an insult to injury from the Viper afar Randy Orton’s craning his back flying maximum pressure to this rear chinlock only able to get his feet underneath them how to create some sort of separation oh and a blow right to the spine drop Sally to his the again Oh kick the Randy Orton got overconfident for the moment Ali made him pay Maile created a little bit of separation elbow to the side of the face and here comes a leaf mighty back bakeshop to Randy right to the injured ribs yet again a perfectly placed knee stops the rally of Olli section Ali got enough of it righted knock the wind out of the Viper Randy rolling out of harm’s way not usually the same incredible height we’ve seen in the past from Ali obviously feeling the effects of his rib injuries and I’ll are you gonna fly suicide time and Randy driven right over our announce table Ali we began his career here in WWE as part of the cruiserweight division on 205 line and looking down the cut Somali college is unleashing all the aggression table Holly we began his career here in WWE as part of the cruiserweight division on 205 line showing why the guts of Ali College is unleashing all the aggression rapidfire right but is it enough keep working down for any sustained time well I think about only taking the fight to get Randy of the ribs is one short punch to the midsection changes the situation for the Viper Oh got a gutsy performance here by Olly Randy Orton kicked right in the face with guts in the heart of Olly is what’s captivated the WWE Universe every time all these steps in the ring Randy Orton not impressed to this point tonight Bob’s table Holly we began his career here in WWE as part of the cruiserweight division on 205 line showing why the guts of Olli college is unleashing all the aggression let’s table Hollywood began his career here in WWE as part of the cruiserweight division on 205 line showing live and look at now the guts of Olli college is unleashing all the aggression you let’s table Ilia we began his career here in WWE as part of the cruiserweight division on 205 line showing why the guts of Olli college is unleashing all the aggression you it’s table Hollywood began his career here in WWE as part of the cruiserweight division on 205 live showing live and look it down the guts of Ali College is unleashing all the aggressive you game no matter who you are are you getting left behind and Kyrie say it will start things off against Nicky cross Kyrie saying a former NXT Women’s Champion from Yamaguchi Japan Kyrie looking to start this sub match off with a show of sportsmanship and maybe not whoa-ohh at the black hole and Kyrie saved unloading out got Nikki ball this could could be what we’ve been missing from the Kabuki warriors recently this unparalleled aggression when Oscar gets going when Kyrie gets going you’ve got two of the most lethal women on the planet er and this is Oscar now in the RAM escape had a 510 day reign as the NXT Women’s Champion come sliding me connects here’s the covers enough to win the women’s tag team titles who’s this hottie now unlucky ring positioning I think cross was rocked Oscar a woman who once said ain’t 914 winning streak in WWE a former Smackdown Women’s Champion she won the inaugural women’s Royal Rumble match elbow from Nikki cross who’s very impressive in her own right race hack and here comes Alexa bless Alexa of course a five-time Women’s Champion knees right to the midsection into the moat salt by bless driving to wind out of the lungs of Oscar OLX up clean either she and Nikki here’s the cover again Oscar is it enough kick-out at two Alexa st. Gianna give revolutionized the women’s tag-team division said their friendship is stronger than any other here in WWE isn’t it funny that for months and months everybody was speculating on Alexa bliss was using Nicki Brava it’s a mutually beneficial friendship back [Applause] to retain the tag-team titles and a kick-out at two Nikki cross so unorthodox from Belle to Belle is very difficult for a supercar to really plan or prepare when you’ve got striking ability like osku you can totally keep yourself in just about any fucking jawbreaker Oscar’s rock for the moment but Nikki sent outside the ring and asked a car fine if he cross using the immature advantage of the flush with the double-team and then the teamwork of bliss and cross been so impressive over the past few months he’s saying look at him join the fight a tour right head [Applause] bless driven into the barricade and there is the lean streak from the Empress of tomorrow I was about to mention a coal we haven’t seen it in full effect but we have seen glimpses something of a return to form for the Empress of tomorrow Oscar the ruthlessness that she once possessed was unmatched throughout WWE and Oscar now into the cover shoulders down on cliffs near fall and a kick-out in two and again we keep talking about the the WWE draft that’s looming quarry but this will bring out the best in superstars trying to prove themselves try to prove their worth for their brands we’ve seen in the past Pete let me to be trapped drastically changing the landscape of both Ryan on Friday Night Smackdown our tag teams can be split up friends senses opposing brands allies enemies anything can happen and again Fox wants their own set of challenge for Friday Night Smackdown USA watch their own set of talent for Monday Night Raw that’s what it’s all about brand supremacy being the number one brand we roll up now by placeholders down almost Hatter ooh big kick from Kyrie Sain stops Bliss’s quest for hurt Tanner tag is made Oscar now legal now the double team by the Kabuki warriors nothing too fancy just utilizing the referees count of five to inflict maximum damage listening hard and their Oh Oscar flying hip attack right to the chest of Alexa bliss the goddess just collapsed in the corner and did you see the smile on the face of Oscar Oscar now she has a five count here but a lot of damage can be inflicted by a count of five as she proves there which makes it your second if she popped something out of the socket remember in order to win the women’s tag team titles tonight Tyrese and Oscar would have to pin or submit another bus across this is what I’m talking about the killer instinct of Oscar now almost toying with Alexa bliss one time she was considered the most dangerous woman in all of WWE now one up you I think she might have built those people are here you ain’t go walk in the middle of the Ring Alexa bliss with nowhere to go could this be the opportunity for the Kabuki warriors please try to bang into the bottom rope trying to somehow survive here and got to the rope and now grapevine drags her back to the middle of the ring and bliss riding in pain submission move locked in by Oscar and right back again half crap now on de les seamless transition hasta so inept at submission as bliss is finding out firsthand right now continuing to torture the leg of Alexa bliss trying to find and now Alec’s into a side headlock just whatever she could do oh and slam to the mat by Alexa bliss tag here same tyrosine and Oscar in complete control right now of Alexa bliss fiery walking the plank by say drag her back to the that’s at least a three count there I don’t think Nikki crawls even realized it but she just served the Tag Team Championships her team cover again by Kyrie Sade and a kick-out by Bliss a kabuki warrior so close to winning the women’s tactic you the top hooks the leg Pyrus a keeps the hopes alive for her team Nikki Frost needs to keep the pressure on she could be looking for the swinging neckbreaker by are you able to reverse great power by Kyrie saying [Applause] [Applause] time Kyrie was looking for the insane elbow which almost surely would have put Nikki cross down for three and now Nikki cover to retain the Tag Team titles at pasta great timing by Oscar recover just in time to bliss booth dispatch a look at this height the insane elbows a thing of beauty but Nikki was able to get her boots up just in the nick of time what about the veteran instincts of Oscar dragging her partner to the quarter to allow Tyree to make the tag and now Oscars legal and Oscar just measuring Nikki Cross and Prince of tomorrow about to have herself a field day treat Nikki cross like a heavy bag in the gym sniff fixed to the body oh look at this just blatant disrespect for Moscow Oh Dicky Carter when it’s connected Vichy crosses lights would have been turned out for sure [Applause] [Music] Vicki trying to fire herself back up physical matchup here tonight the women’s tag team titles – Alexa’s recovered enough she’s found herself back up on the apron meanwhile Kyrie sang runnin ears interference on the outside and less off the apron [Applause] Nikki checking on her tag team partner [Applause] changed a little bit braun strowman appeared I mean what your face complexion change beer staring down the barrel and looking right at Bronson absolutely as Karl Anderson I was getting just lived and tossed by Aybar we’ve seen the Viking raiders take in the past a minute they are quit they are strong they certainly are very deceptive with what they can do inside the ring whoa yeah but the Viking raiders are all those things but solar dlc don’t be on the track when that trains coming through well do you know a lot about the Viking raiders I sure do back at the performance center these guys used to get in the center of the ring and they would have all of the trainees try and take them on it and it didn’t matter how many people you sent at them they would throw them all out one by one did you even knock them off their feet no too big too strong too fast just trying to wear down Karl Anderson in this match but look these two teams have been the OC and oh the Viking raiders they’ve tried to establish dominance King in the raw tag-team division right and that’s what they should do oh it Carl Anderson to the throat of Aybar and no matter your size chopped Blake that’ll slow anyone down and in comes big Luke Gallows uppercut by gallows the whooping cos and I like it to go gallows BT back ivar for the moment in ivar [Music] we’re taking out the enemy he comes Erik surprise the ring look at that strikes in there we have seen these two teams just pummel each other oh the last several weeks on Raw but here at Hell in a Cell high bar looking to make it in fact slam into this six-man tag team match that is a massive man that Eric just threw over his head like a child [Music] AJ Styles off offer distraction able to just knock Eric completely out of the ring what its gonna take because the OSI hasn’t been able to get their footing against the Viking raiders on their own AJ Styles might need to step in and do what he needs to do that’s why you know we’ve always looked at oh I’ve always a J is the the brains the other two guys are the Brawn but you know it just takes one little move like that by AJ and look the tables have turned Oh straight by gallows follow a slam don’t think don’t think that the O see you now aren’t out to prove that they’re just as strong and just as powerful as the Vikings that former rock tag-team champions are calles an Anderson and look at gallows beaten down Erica tag made into a chaise tousle to you how many time you see Erica beat down like this don’t see it very often which means that he really has to get to the other side of the ring and make a tag long way away is Eric from his tag team partners as now wait a minute they’re trying to turn things around out goes calles but there’s the United States Champion AJ Styles never turn your back on AJ Styles [Applause] this shiz kiss my gallows it styles now Oh kick in his own sweet into the cover to put Eric away shoulders are down fast to kick-out at two right now Eric looked over no one is standing at his corner oh you’re right finally I are making his way back to his feet but the OSI has really cut this ring in half talk about ring IQ nobody is more intelligent in between those ropes than AJ Styles that’s hard to argue you’re right he’s not the biggest dog in the fight but usually he’s the smartest tag made back in comes Karl Anderson and gotta wonder the raw tag team champions Dolph Ziggler Robert Roode sure watching this metric very closely nikita high on both gallows and Anderson along with the Viking raiders oh now Eric Sarna nobody there fire back in well there’s an IQ of each and styles spinebuster by Karl Anderson into the cover of dead Eric has to kick-out at two they got that shoulder up now once again AJ just by not even being where that man thought he was gonna be it changed the course of this match smile he’s proud so smug arrogance to the United States Champion but there’s no doubt and Karl Anderson Luke Ellis have said it when they reunited with AJ Styles several months ago King a tree lit a fire underneath them little separation of form this took Carl Anderson off his feet Eric now trying to get over his quarters so far away tag was made income style and Eric not able to make [Applause] [Applause] until nobody was home for a moment but knocking on the front door is the mushroom oh man [Applause] everything united states champion Anderson Kalos it’s rolling out for the first time tags into the matchup I know what he’s thinking what that’s a big man but he’s got to go fast [Applause] [Applause] braun strowman’s certainly has changed the entire complexion of this six-man tag-team matchup and he did it in a hurry his left shoulder into the post and now Stiles chopping down the monster King you can’t question the strategy and set up that possible cap crushing bitched out that’s a cap pressure locked in is truman going to tap is the monster going to give up tap pressure is 60 by Anderson now even he comes up for at least a moment Oh big boot by gallows determination on the face of the United States Champion I think he’s feeling it I think AJ knows he’s got no sounds into the post voices up in the air and now quickly Talos now it’s like a pack of wolves going after braun strowman [Applause] all right friend no choice King qualification the Viking readers head wrong I mean they turn into like I said a pack of wolves and wayfinding Raiders and the numbers advantage no more oh hi barn Eric now I can do see in the Viking raiders they have been going at it for several weeks talk about a winery that is so personal the tag team division oh wait a minute we have in mind here can you know fake [Applause] Vikings spike in Raiders taken to the sky and now all come on there’s the United States Champion AJ Styles come on styles the match has been stopped at two K’s point the match is over AJ just wanted to put his finishing touches on braun strowman Oh Sherman having none of it Oh someone who knows best when I eat J styles Oh talk about making a statement saying aj sounds trying to make just that tonight we said someone was going to get these hands but it was the right hand that just laid out AJ Styles houses got those crispy green eyes then glazed over right now oh he’s not finished what a right fist by braun strowman book x was that a direct message to Tyson Fury I don’t think it matters if you’re Brian fury Nick Fury or Tyson Fury everybody knows seeing as how you’re never going to be tall enough to be taken seriously or man enough to beat someone like me King Corbin look from the bottom of my heart I hope your career is just like your legs short okay okay as your king I now dub thee shorty Gable that’s mature [Applause] so King Corbin and Chad Gable one-on-one tonight what do you mean by that’s for sure [Applause] and Baron Corbin Dallas sending a one-on-one with Chad gable here tonight big matchup for gable at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view event and King Corbin he’s headed up for the short jokes nice takedown waste like take out like Gable are these crossface this is brutality from Gabriel Hale riding Corbin now King Corbin has not been able to get out of the blocks there I say right now cables an oasis dude I’m gonna start chanting that to no cable kick right to the midsection trying to drag Corbin out of the corner and he does gamble relentless and as a soft the beginning to this matchup and Corbin able to kick out of it gable with a clothesline and now hit right away with the right hands Norman trying to create some sort of space but gable down into the sleeper hold and I gave a chance here Oh God shoulder first to the post collapsing to the floor that one maneuver the King regains control Corbin has a few moments to compose himself that was a great start by gable absolutely was very impressive on slide gable certainly very motivated well wouldn’t you be if uh we were poked fun at week after week by the so-called glue I happen to be posed face-first on the good side of the King Corbett of course at winning the King of the Ring tournament is a great run by Chad gable to make it to the finals that almost pulled off the major upset that night Golden Gloves boxer the body shots first cover here by the Kings the litigant tables got a kick-out at two well did you know that the city of Kansas City renamed their baseball team in order in honor of King Corbin they call him the Royals now are you talking about them in the row for 50 years and gable now bounced off the top rope in a big forearm by Corbin is another Corbin told me that’s why they call him that this is completely disrespectful I’m going to talk really loud really fast so the viewers at home aren’t subjected to the disrespect of the people here in Sacramento Oh gamble runs right into a right hand paddle launched himself over the top rope and Corbin Florida now mocking the WWE Universe the poor shorty gable might get counted out sad gable are you heard king Corbin he’s been rechristened got a five now for the official gable needs to make it back into the ring before a town of town gonna drag himself up to the apron quite know where he’s at afore the right hand by Corbin you can’t absorb it back on the attack the King now in complete control shorty Gables in a lot of trouble cuz he’s getting matter of time now Corbin is really taking this King thing to another level he’s redefining what it means to be the king of the ring okay Corbin is finally a king but the WWE Universe can be proud of not that other guy that was at the desk before we came out oh and here now is Corbin slides underneath the bottom rope great athleticism by King Kong clothesline turning cable inside off with his head come on by Corbin kick-out by cable Corbin thought that was it watch this impact and feel it oh you don’t have to like King Corbin but you have to respect the athletic ability possessed by the man there’s no doubt a former United States Champion former Money in the Bank ladder match winner was once the a constable of Monday Night Raw clubbing blow right to the back of the neck it would be argued by many that his time spent as Constable better prepared him for his role of King Louie [Applause] see woman appreciates the fights shorty Gables putting up he wants to applaud it chad gable trying to make it back to his feet the man who represented the United States to the 2012 Olympics being mocked now by Corbin I’m sure the great honour for shorty gable to represent the United States in the Olympics but what happened in the end he came up short but now you’re gonna get jump on the bandwagon oh great right hand and another one loves boxing skills to use right on the point of Gables jaw and if this lands there will be lights out for shorty Gable yeah but look at the guts and Chad gable fighting back Corbin was looking for a suplex if gable able to counter and gable with a head butt drops Corbin to the center of the ring and out chad gable from the top missile dropkick and down goes the king could be the opening that gable needs came out of the box quickly here tonight and then was slowed down by King Corbin and now gable looks to rally sidestepping Corbin cable from behind those two short couldn’t muscle Corbin over pop his hips like necessary lands on his feet Corbin again this time cable was ready for it second row across spinebuster by Corbin cover kick-out at two you got to admire the guts of Chad Gable I was truly very unexpected that gable was able to kick-out survived it hellacious spinebuster from the tank [Applause] King Corbin argue with the official now turns his attention yet again counter by gaiba I’ll face the dropkick and now cable back to his feet can this be the opening the Chad cable needs Oh cable now trash talking Corbin the first time in this match maybe his life that cables been taller than anybody [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] korban though caught gable gable with a counter kick-out no cool do you think that maybe Gables tired of being called short you think it’s the more this match goes on I’m getting concerned maybe is that enough pretty impressive Chad Campbell they’re moments ago with the German suplex and he has King Corbin stunned and gable realizes this could be his opportunity Corbin’s not quite sure where he’s at ken cable capitalize he’s shorted is the shorteez opportunity far left concerned the King decreed and Owen caught Corbin right on the bridge of the nose and gable again into the corner Corbin this time knock back again Chad cables rolling – what another impressive display of power by King Corbin just clearly driving shorty straight through the rabbit Chad gable will not go away I really wish you would stop disrespecting Gable and uses proper first given name and out King Corbin back on the attack looking to somehow put gable away look at him ha ha he’s got a 5 top before he has to break and he uses the elbows to full fine and now drags Corbin out of the ring and it’s punishment time for the king wrapping his leg around the ring post not once but twice through this shorty how these knows to rule with a broken leg that’s one way to cut Corbin down to size but Corbin though cable rolls through shoulders down stacks them up is it enough take out a to buy Corbin Oh deep sex and King Corbin hooks the leg on cable and cable stays in it again a near fall for Corbin but Gables alive the longer this match goes on believe it or not I think the more of a chance it gives shorty Gable I mean we know that Shorty’s an incredible cardiovascular condition Gorman back to his feet first can Chad Gables somehow counter again the Gabel chance here in Sacramento right hand by Corbin things appreciative of the fight that’s shorty brought tonight [Applause] dad trying to drag him stuck to his feet again a clubbing blow by the king the Kings offering advice you have to admit I mean King Corbin can take this one put this on away at any time did he watch he can look at chat tag kam sent over the top rope lands on his feet on the apron shoulder now to the midsection gable slides through here comes Chad gable Gable made him pay crawling underneath the bottom rope to the apron and it’s gonna force a break chad gable though has the damage been done to the king now some time to recover [Music] wowowow corner with table outside choke slam right on the apron good night shorty [Music] [Applause] on the scepter remember he was just qualified the last time these two men on Monday Night Raw by using the sector and now Corbin [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] I think that is I think truth this one is 20th 24/7 championship 20 time champ all I know is hopefully I can finally get some sleep tonight the following contest scheduled for one fall is for the SmackDown introducing the Challenger from the Queen an opponent from San Jose California [Applause] balli defends the championship against Charlotte remember these two men last month of the clash of Champions pay-per-view event Bailey wood exposed turnbuckle and use it to her advantage to retain the title against Charlotte so a rematch here tonight I think we’re back to where in Sacramento is gonna play into Bailey’s favor she’s something of a hometown girl here from not too far away at the Bay Area they cheered for fairly well here in Sacramento so it’s a Charlotte and Bailey here tonight for the SmackDown women’s title each other and it’s actually Charlotte Flair that Bailey sir Oh Charlotte Flair is really receive the credit that Charlotte Flair did a smack down on his champ belly of course of money the Bank ladder match winner catch him neckbreaker there by Charlotte Oh from behind Charlotte taking control of the match pin Bailey’s mo since you won the championship Corre not only upset the lights of Charlotte but Becky Lynch over on the raw side Becky of course successfully earlier tonight inside Hell in a Cell against Sasha banks you’ve got to understand the frustration if you’re abandoned she works just as hard as any other woman on the roster maybe harder yet she’s not on the color Bailey’s not getting all the media attention she feels like she’s been playing second fiddle and she’s got a legitimate gripe now beat Charlotte here fair and square tonight is what the crossbody and Charlotte gonna try to put Bailey away early Boston Crab one of the angle so much pressure Bailey trying her best to escape the clutches of the Queen and barely trying to drag herself to the bottom rope and remember she has the champions advantage Charlotte’s got a tapper up in Bailey to win the championship here tonight sure Charlotte’s showing her dominance early that’s why Charlotte Flair has been such a success Oh Bailey the official never saw it Bailey took control and out blasts Charlotte from behind it was desperate but it was necessary Bailey learned in their last meeting that you have to get creative yeah maybe you have to take a shortcut but if you’re gonna beat a physically superior person like Charlotte Flair you need to be creative when it comes to shortcuts etna here we go Bailey cover hook of the leg and a kick-out short cuts don’t necessarily make a good Roma who’s in control right now call Bailey who would you rather support a winner or loser elbow right to the back of the neck well I’m a Jetson Mets fan so Matt Bailey again with a forearm nups in Charlotte slipped into the corner by Bailey course perhaps a psychological advantage tonight after taking out Bailey 48 hours ago in the premiere Friday night smackdown on Fox I completely agree with that and also may have provided Bailey with a sense of urgency that she needs to be successful and ran into Annie got a bit cocky there and Charlotte made her pay contradicted my bones of his out clothesline by Charlotte you can’t ever get overconfident when you’re dealing with Charlotte Flair chopped by Charlotte and again chops driving the breath out of Bailey’s lungs the Queen is a hungry Challenger behind great throw by Charlotte and the Kip up in Charlotte’s in control such a tremendous athlete and then he will say them most athletic woman we’ve ever seen here in WWE Charlotte of Bailey moved out of the way and look $2 she ran right into a wicked forearm queen uncorked that one Bailey though a great move by Bailey resilient champion now dragging Charlotte outside the ring and just toss it over the floor it wasn’t pretty this isn’t about style points nasty landing for Charlotte Flair and there’s one thing about belly getting a job done as a feels like to be the hunted ruthless attack by Bailey she has developed a mean streak there’s no doubt about that many a credit that to her friendship with Sasha banks also have to respect the fact that Bailey truly is a student of the game she studies tape she learns from her mistakes she oh she approaches every match for the game planning right now it appears she’s using Charlotte’s own strategy against her take out the legs weaken the knee in the ankle that’s what Bailey’s doing cover now odd Charlotte kick out and aside from the obvious if Charlotte Flair’s got a leg injury it’s gonna become much much more difficult to apply the figure 8 submission that Bailey’s to come to this past Friday again continues this assault on the left leg of Charlotte who’s trying to fight out of the corner here impressive was sought by Bailey I’m familiar territory for the Queen having some of her own offense so to speak used against her we’re now gonna look at the rap Charlotte’s leg around the ring posed a bold strategy by the Challen but it seems to be paying off in the short term and Bailey we’re gonna put Charlotte away and retain her championship and Charlotte again it one kicks out and this is unlike the Bayley that we’ve come to know here over the years that fun-loving a superstar you know what though Cole that’s what that’s Brad this has nothing to do with Bailey’s characteristics as a human being this is as a competitor Bailey’s pardon her edge she realized she wasn’t gonna kind of Charlotte roll through and look at Charlotte now shutters down on Bailey in a kick-out Bailey wasn’t gonna be able to retain a throne with her old ways so she stepped up her game she’s realized she has to be more aggressive look at this oh it’s showing off the second rope rose leg was hung across the middle cover here Bailey to retain and I agree with your coins Cori I mean Bailey being much more aggressive has been a good champion as Bailey treated you any different differently recently doesn’t talk to me okay well she never did but she’s been the same nice human being to me Oh Valley Lake summers perhaps going for the figure-four Charlotte able to tell her rolls him up shoulders down and see Joe could not plan on the bad leg she couldn’t plant on the bad leg that time and it allowed Bailey to easily kick out he for this matchup goes you can expect to see Charlotte’s Clair Oh Charlotte Flair’s offense more severely limited that by Charlotte a little bit of time as she delivered the right to Bailey and now it’s Charlotte and if there’s a though they can fight fire with fire we thought with Charlotte Flair and now she’s turning the tables on the champion giving barrel with all her own medicine [Applause] we saw Bailey tap the figure-eight Friday without a leg injury imagine what will happen with the leg hurt again picture at the knee the top lots in the front now giving Bailey a side as this match progresses they start regaining a little bit of her ability to plant to post off the left foot left ankle that has been attacked by the champion Bayley out of the way just in time backbreaker from the Queen and Charlotte natural selection to win her ten championship Bailey grabs the bottom rope [Applause] so close for Charlotte Flair but the champion barely survived you can see by the smile on the Queen’s face she realizes she is closing in on the record fine again terrain to the bad knee of Charlotte penny Valley into the corner and now it’s Charlotte turning my attention to Bailey’s left leg right across the back of Bailey’s knee we headed to the high-rent district how’s the leg gonna hold up Charlotte from the top Bob Bailey got the knees up great counter by the champion I’m not entirely sure Charlotte didn’t realize midair and try to ease her landing a little bit as to minimize the impact but the damage was still done to some extent right to the face and Charlotte using her power it’s really painful for the champion but the Queen needs to get the champion back in the ring to win the title yep champions advantage here tonight pinfall or submission only way that Charlotte can win count-outs disqualifications don’t help I wonder if Charlotte Flair so used to being champion that may be in the habit hey I’ve been taking it for granted again just doing what Bailey did to her earlier on tonight using the apron to winter Vantage referee’s concept 7 Charlotte Claire got three seconds to get herself back in the rain dance incheon will break the town before 10:00 now Charlotte Flair right to the back leg of Bailey center of the leg put it with a finger for Bailey small package between the first to her feet looking for the big boot Bailey saw coming yeah Bailey Everett take control Charlotte [Applause] [Music] the cell is affected so many lives so many career like I said war I was set right here in this seat years ago and watched the Undertaker throw Mick Foley off the top of this Hell in a Cell in crashed I thought he was dead everybody thought he was dead in this could happen if going right at Seth Rollins the feed for a white line games early on him oh look it’s a browser savvy national champion firing away dropped not you talk about preparing for Hell in a Cell how do you prepare for the feed in Hell in a Cell that’s a good question I think that this is one of those matches that you try to just put out of your mind until you get in there and do the best you can now to spur the moment all right now I got something I’m just trying to figure out a way and now Rollins we saw this I’m sorry there’s a lot a lot of stuff under that ring the team doesn’t stop again he wants it [Applause] [Applause] I don’t know what to tell you it’s having no effect on the beam and the feed Bray Wyatt just those kid no sticks I’ll come back in but now except problems one more time [Applause] you ever seen anything like that hombre why I’m glad I haven’t seen Bray Wyatt now stalking ok Universal champion you see the words on the hands of the fiend hurt in heal I wonder what twenties finding on doings in the Helen herself honey it’s pretty obvious if I work if I wear Seth Rollins you as we have prepared for this match oh I would try to stay inside the ring as much as possible because the way the feem looks tonight we don’t need any help from that that massive cell there’s nowhere for Seth Rollins to run as Rollins now Mike it’s a part of that Hell in a Cell structure when he saw Rollins just ricocheted off of the cell [Music] look out this slow and methodical pace has to benefit the beam [Applause] is just creepy red light just feel just such a weird energy here inside the bowl one gold one center Jeremy from the WWE Universe Seth Rollins into the steel steps [Applause] becoming a question of whether or not Seth Rollins can win this match it’s can he survive this exactly when we talk about the Firefly funhouse and looks like the fiebre why look at this in this house think of this but it looks like Seth just found a toy with steel steps now so champion and this was Seth Rollins has to do King deal this one–this Seth Rollins has to he’s got his stick he’s got to move he’s got a hit hard and he’s got to think fast he’s got the fiend down for the moment so now Seth Rollins realizing that he’s gonna have to go to some dark places tonight that he wants to remain Universal Champion it doesn’t have to go to dark places he’s already in a dark place Vic [Applause] maybe the feed Bray Wyatt give them time to recuperate now it’s charging it’s time it’s time to get us to the occasion his Universal champion can he do in a game tonight nobody’s gonna deny that Seth Rollins is a fighting champion he’s fought every step of the way week in and week out the question is at what point is his body going to give up and he’s not just fighting with his body here this seems like spiritual warfare Seth Rollins knows what it’s like to compete inside Hell in a Cell he’s done it three times but never against an opponent like the theme for a riot who rises from the ashes and Seth Rollins cites his scent on the Challenger Rollins looking to fly once again [Applause] – the key to the sign this thing is sick the minute the feed break light and pick it up the scratch they do to your point you think my Rollins has been through coming into this matchup tonight [Applause] how much to Seth Rollins to cake I don’t know I was gonna say earlier he’s like every time we’ve heard from Seth Rollins it’s like whistling that you’re walking through a graveyard he you know he tries to I think he’s trying to convince himself that he’s gonna have a chance in this match team Bray Wyatt listening to those gloves on his hands look at him put Seth Rollins that st. Universal champion for a ride for Rollins but series and I was able to break three that’s what he’s gonna do he’s gonna fight fight with everything that’s in him [Applause] come on Colin city get all of it but he got enough of it but so much has been taken out of Seth Rollins said did a lot of damage to Seth Rollins as well Rollins this could be his best opportunity Rollins scratching trying to claw but look at the film I guess what does it mean is like sadistic he enjoys the pain it looks like what you’re the face of Seth Rollins problems his shot their super kick to the midsection Rollins [Applause] Rollins it’s like there’s viewers playing there’s no way to stop me though your only hope to slow him down somehow Seth Rollins better not make the fiend angry certainly won’t like him any better when he’s angry [Applause] thinking here or is he thinking look at the body of Rollins convulsing [Applause] selling the question guys what does the theme Bray Wyatt even once here does he want the universal championship he picked his target in Seth Rollins picked the poster boy of the WWE Universe what does it mean to everyone if he’s able to do what he’s doing tonight I don’t think any of us can put our minds sort of hammer we’ve seen with that mallet has done so ramblin rabbit looking into to rambling Rollins the theme Bray Wyatt guys the weights of that ballot as it hit the stairs stalking Seth Rollins [Applause] he almost impaled him you gotta keep fighting somehow you gotta keep fighting you gotta keep moving ron’s has to keep moving he may not have the street left [Applause] can Rollins get the feed plate wide back into the ring hey Seth Rollins now like kennings almost absolutely shocked is the feed Bray Wyatt almost back to his feet Rob my goodness and the fetus to Lockton to fiend of his feet Rollins again lineup the Challenger spring has become indestructible survive [Applause] for the pedigree [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] Anthony with his feed Janice stop having no effect on him the ever so champion put the feed [Applause] let’s be thinking I don’t know he’s thinking what is it obviously or do I have one it’s gonna take over and over and over again what is Rollins gonna have to do okay you remember we talked about having to go to that place very few men can find very few men can go to Seth Rollins I think has come to grips with he’s got to go to somewhere he never even knew existed yeah well I’m just afraid that when he gets there the fiend is gonna already be there never thought he’d see something something that he never [Applause] I don’t I don’t ever remember seeing any kind of reaction ladies he is the fiend out he had enough [Applause] first time Oxana fireflies funhouse I thought the fiend needs a psychologist but now I think he needs an exorcist look at this thing no Seth Rollins realizing what he has to do now has that the ladder [Applause] politic yeah [Applause] metal chair into the face of the feet but then bladder being you talk about everything that you’ve seen in your career you talk about other Hell in a Cell matches have you ever seen I mean I don’t even know what to ask you yeah I don’t know how they didn’t just crush his in like a bug it’s just like you said King you know you’re not calling the feem a man he’s not just a man he’s something else guys I don’t know two minutes late great wife just maybe an his wits in he’s got to be having second thoughts he’s got to be doubting himself right now what what can I do Tommy sent phones used the chair a ladder I eaten he’s done just about everything he could think of to the theme Bray Wyatt here tonight inside Hell in a Cell [Applause] yeah Seth Rollins is an architect I think he’s gonna try to pile as much metal as he can upon Oh [Applause] said I think that’s enough houses become possessed know what to do [Applause] some sort of these fobs from the theme but I don’t think there’s been any I don’t think there’s been any movement whatsoever that’s Rollins with a sledgehammer [Applause] Seth Rollins now back into the ring I just said wait wait wait [Applause] where you’re about to go you do not want to do that to yourself by doing that to the Fein [Applause] [Applause] here’s a monster for him to be standing he’s not human look at this now [Applause] and the feed break light [Applause] [Applause] that’s completely waste [Applause] the free Bray Wyatt yes show with evil intention not through yet running through his mind [Applause] just lucky no and I don’t blame him I would not try to get one of it is feeding either [Applause] it overpowers I don’t know [Applause] the concrete floor the unexposed concrete floor to Seth Rollins [Music] look out [Applause] the mandible claw raising [Applause]

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