WWE Royal Rumble 2019 30 Man Royal Rumble Full Match

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infinite tonight you want to sing with Elias you want to do a duet with a lion what’s next Sonny and Cher the formation of the video shoot for us to kick off the Royal Rumble do it Georgia Willie special one time only do it yes you want to go with me but it’s just Lea under way and there your first two contestants in the and so we’ll have to go from number one to win this Royal Rumble man he’s offended by it Garrett’s it better to be Hall of Famer he does watch the Springsteen of McCartney go after No the winner of last year’s Oh tomorrow winning this event last year enemies under three this year and hoping to eliminate him early on face Nakamura has got it by Elias cut Nakamura that is he having lost the step King the top rope now [Applause] of course this Shinsegae is sent across the ring by Elias [Applause] [Music] [Applause] more an angle and WrestleMania once again talk about an incredible comeback story best pure athletes obviously the gold medalist I’ve ever been in the ring with and began the night at number one is already eliminated Jeff Jarrett today it’s the gear is a compilation of eleena belly you can imagine other the shin stands biggie to be a world champion and look at that kid out a ringside you see one of those pivots and a new day rocks and tech going throughout Chase Field here and how should she still on the apron however as this chance just ago you better get rid of the number six in this match here tonight champion Johnny garganta who not don’t wait to say between Johnny and ricochet last night I was happy to enjoy every minute of it us faking it to Elias and cordially gana was one of those super Don Johnny’s world traveled multiple times Oh dark ghetto slingshot through the second rope taking out Elias in the last Royal Rumble last year Elias in 2018 Devin the former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal a company goes right after johnny Gargano general and look at a the Singh brothers holding Elias down and Johnny Gosch now you thought wrong and the Singh brothers might want to head back to the locker room oh this is disgusting since gate limitless supply number eight on the one man that is built for a competition of destruction quarry so mojo slow down lie sto and the weeks my completely know a lot of precedent for a person to winning their first world while Aunt Peggy mojo and Samoa Joe maybe the the first short period of time launching biggie but good Hawkins who is currently on a two hundred Curt Hawkins who appear see you then no I’m gonna be today on the road to Wrestlemania but somebody else is driving I’m not sure Samoa Joe would be the guy look at that face on Samoa Jill he’s like mightyjoyoung brother mighty Hornswoggle you found that out earlier Laura Selena Vega yeah he had an interesting Rumble match last year when he was two years calendar-wise of anybody in directions until I don’t know the 30th engine maybe so you’re right Rollins wearing liasons lasted a 15 minutes so far since starting the Royal Rumble match and to do it he had to do right bunny insurer growing Gargano in trouble except I delivered a blow the night the champion that’s how this notice Titus’s up Hawkins is underneath the ring it’s like an instant replay in slow motion there now Carcano and Seth Rollins looking to work together to truck number 12 centering a Royal Rumble match for the 12th time in his career his iconic moments trophy Jason may be at the top of the list yeah I mean while shin scans set battling one another Kofi Kingston caught up top ropes king of strong style knee in the midsection of Kingston and look at Rollins and Shinsegae Nakamura going at it and for the first time in his career Mojo’s on multiple occasions like Jones and music and Ali taking it to Joe Samoans Odin staying alive in this matchup dansgame Nakamura whoa and shits go [Applause] our label [Music] Dean Ambrose already Ambrose and Rollins former and it may feel good for Ambrose may feel good for Seth Rollins but generally have the 14th pleased it did his feedback thinking here so referee trials Robinson is right there that is absolutely incredible boom and this time he got caught by Ambrose who plants him of the DDT a great representation of our Gargano congratulations on your first 15 no way Jose and the entire Rollins and Kofi Kingston working together to try to eliminate Dean Ambrose Joe this match or even knew what hit him just wondering no way to das who’s just eliminated from the Royal Rumble I don’t think he is I’m just happy no way Jose is gonna swim through back entire the reason Josh through hell interest as he delivers the Glasgow kiss earlier on the kickoff show Imbros it we stop in your face style Holly runs into a German suplex by johan we’ve done joint manipulation is the name of this match for over 17 minutes now it’s done continues to beat done becomes a world champion sorry ripley from the NXT UK brandon Andrade absolutely right he did nearly beat him again this past week Andrade is on a home towner numerous occasions that Andrade is the bestest like to say and drive it fuck Francisco and I raw and dry down smack down alive it’s not off and you see these two superstars locked [Applause] superstars in the fresh start battle royal late last year Apollo hey John welcome to the party be number 30 yep we do a of course one they mix match challenge with his partner Carmela to earn that opportunity at the cultural epicenter and looking back at our back at our entire field right now back to tyre trying to hang on try to hang on everything and hear the reaction from the WWE Universe here his career what a main event quarry he had last night against Camacho Champa at NXT table hands and feet you will ever see and outfit now true McIntyre as black site meanwhile a trying to eliminate on that side of the Ring I’m Virata lead him to Wrestlemania and look at Dean Ian will be number 22 Joe Benjamin was a former world that’s recently a big showing tonight could do great things look at that oh yeah my best athletes wbz’s ever developing quite the rivalry with somehow a Joey now likes the kokino clutch huge Benjamin stalking and I got a feeling from well former acting general manager of Monday Night Raw Baron Corbin stellar job Ethan is acting general went under the bottle not over the top step deep six thanks for coming Apollo Cruz eliminated as a Shelton Benjamin al dila t4 to enter the Royal Rumble matchup Jeff party match that all changes tonight and turn by creating some iconic moments some of the greatest in liver division twist of fate connects [Applause] he then just enjoys that doesn’t he but do you believe that this guy [Applause] [Music] Oh Playmore kicked by McIntyre and Mack in total of top superstars in the ring all at once when he went from entry number 2 Broke going right after Corbin caught my buried quarter though he’s aged but here you go Andrade hasn’t forgotten good even planted who’s had quite the rivalry with Rey Mysterio and number 26 Rose is in trouble right now deep deep trouble comes down the entranceway led of course by us hey guys you know that an Intercontinental Champion has never won binding me on the pre-show that he won his first championship from me well hey while Ashley is attacking Rollins Rollins has not been eliminated from this amendment announce table the almighty Bobby long vomits out of here lastly so upset number 27 is broad strobing now Marty down the forfeit of course the braun strowman o cost brunch stroll in the outback and abroad strong with a kick to the midsection of shuttle regular for the most eliminations in the Elimination Chamber Survivor Series and the Andrade Seth Rollins still lifeless down here at our feet watch out right to the back to the neck they controlling be happy to pad that statistic Triple H and Chris Jericho look at strowman we mentioned it on Tuesday night only one and Randy Orton to previous wins 2009 in Randy Orton’s career he is and strowman with a clothesline following up on meanwhile the top part of your string on one side a number 30 now our truth we know our truth this is what we saw in the windows world Rumble match with Becky Lynch his long official the answer it is daya Jax becomes I believe that with wholly reeks of wood at the get in on the face and million dollar now a Jackson [Applause] Randi’s in the wrong part of town I think my attacks looking to eliminate Rey Mysterio do that these people share this love it really or is done some things it is awful Megan but all my attacks remember attacked r-truth she put herself in this [Applause] Mysterio no a long rivalry bunny in the Royal Rumble match if a bit all the right here in the Royal Rumble match honors momentarily show up what a return this would be for Dolph Ziggler meanwhile we forbade his Royal Rumble last year look on strowman strowman just soul man running almost ins with closing speed like that hair strowman said let me make sure he stays down hot eight Rollins strowman one of these men will head to Wrestlemania to chow down take out the monster there’s eliminated a near-record time in this Rumble [Applause] oh no no no boats hanging on 61 but thoughts go but is still hanging on this strowman is unreal the 2019 Royal Rumble eliminates Seth Rollins and get the match up in the champ oh my god both banner on the in front of the Rings a Reuben still stayed alive Rollins going a WrestleMania celebration what a year for Seth Rollins he’s had this past 12 Monson now he is stopped by Rollins driving strowman off the apron jet the wallets [Music] but

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