WWE RAW WTF Moments (7 October) | Braun Strowman & Tyson Fury Fight, Lana & Bobby Lashley Snuggle

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[Music] so after the bollocks we saw on Sunday quite rightly WWE had a lot of groveling and a lot of apologizing to do to us because we’re the best we’re the fans and we deserve better than their bollocks you put on on Sunday WWE if you haven’t seen WTF moments for Hell in a Cell go and watch it now it’s on this illustrious youtube channel but right now we’re talking about the raw after the bollocks and to be honest with you it was a bit of a mixed bag we learned that Lana is an evil evil woman we saw Niecy Evans in Italia for an eighth of seventh or ninth I don’t know how many times but that much it went on way too long but then things got really better if I can read as much that was good Ali that the Alistair variety Alistair black he looks good for the first time in God knows how long the women’s Turk team match with all the champions that was fantastic I thought and then we got to the end and more on that later hit the intro please I’m Ross [Music] dunphy yeah a WPF so we kick things off with the bay and spirit animal rusev who needs to leave that evil Jezebel Lana and her evil cook in ways she should move to Grove Street and take up a job inside cooking Bell flipping them cooks and whatnot the massive cooker anyway while all this stuff was going on around the ringside area Jerry Lawler let us know that the match between rusev and Randy Orton started before the show went on the air and one question he had WWE why are you starting matches before the show goes on the air I mean it was fantastic to see something really really really different kicking off Raw and it was a godsend to not hear bang it down starting the show because poor old Seth Rollins who did not book Allen as well so should not be blamed for the bollocks we saw if he started that show last night two nights ago we’re still getting used to this new schedule he would have got the Roman reigns treatments the night after WrestleMania 33 but still why he starting matches before the show starts raw and then we got who it was so good since it was too much they blow he were right for her without that I don’t know but first of all we got Bobby Lashley speaking words in a really fluent and natural sounding manner and he was smiling and looking like he was having a good time all while also looking like he was a real human being it we’ve never seen this before from Bobby Lashley it was so weird and then right here he was doing his best Nature Boy Ric Flair impression but we need to rename Bobby Lashley the pump J by Bobby Lashley because this entire angle is so deflating but then Big Bob and Lana hop into bed and some sex he just starts playing as we transitioned from a EE Dooley arena into a sassy jazz Bob akhaten I believe in the arena I’ve caught remember walking in it was sassy jazz bar and then Lana it’s just like that in the words of Tommy Cooper what she just drops a bombshell boom rusev everything we honor it’s all in my name now how the power of magic real-life human beings in this your life situation really go to real life real caught for this Lana what you appear to have done Lana while my bin sparrowmon Rousseff has been out getting the groceries or something it’s just gone wrong the house with a label maker and gone buh-buh-buh everything with a label on is mine now and then Lana looking straight down the camera is all like Oh what they have it looks like you’re not having fun bonny large even though she will just be looking straight into a camera lens like I am right now and she won’t even a Scooby Doo what Rousseff was doing there was no aware that when Big Bob and Lana were in bed together they had drawn a TV in the background they never looked out the shop once it’s just not a possibility and then Lana turned into an actual horse as she looked around to Big Bob and went and then she took her pissing bra off and then the lights went off and then Big Bob and Lana had a thrilling game of Scrabble and all of this sexy saucy you who hit on her best stuff happened right as Raw came on the air so I was sat there thinking Jesus Christ Almighty this shows me on the air for like four minutes what’s gonna be happening in our three I thought we were going back to two thousand and three or four or five I can’t remember when that promo happened with all of the bestiality Kurt Angle’s words not Vince I don’t know I did that there but what all said and done I feel sorry for rusev so all of that worked and then one of the commentators said it’s a black day in rousseff history now I don’t know about rusev but it certainly wasn’t Lana’s she ain’t ever coming back direct quote from Jerry Lawler right now when he said I think everyone can relate to what is going through rusev smite now and I don’t know about you at home watching this video right now I’ve never had an almighty man have an affair with my missus and then this almighty man and my missus fill themselves in bed broadcast in this all around the world that’s never happened to me that in a hope it never does can’t release Jerry no but huskers the pig boy that’s some relatable content now Vic Joseph next up said angrily look at the anger on his face he claimed that Tyson Fury was six foot nine in an issue I was like what a hell not hold up in the woods of South men practical jokers but I watched his entrance from the last Wilder fight to verify what angry Vic said right there and it turns out he is then I looked at Wikipedia and wikipedia says he’s six foot seven in house what is the biggest WTF moment ever wikipedia tells lies even though we know beyond any shadow of any doubt it’s the best source of information available anywhere because anyone anywhere can edit it anytime you’re always getting the best information from Wikipedia unless it’s Tyson Fury’s height it turns out devastated me life’s been alive it’s all Wikipedia’s fault now I don’t know about you but I’m questioning the legitimacy of that picture there of the great Oscar that picture right there of the great Oscar was clearly taken right after she’d done sort of sweaty in-ring competition yeah she’s there with the women’s tag team titles and there’s no green mist in sight yet after that match on Sunday she was piss and covered and after the previous revelation about Wikipedia in that picture there I’m questioning whether this existence we call life if any of its actually real over the breakdown Vic Joseph now asking what makes two superstars like Lacey Evans and Natalia want to have her much like her last women standing match what why cuz Vince McMahon told them to I bet they even Lacy and nutty themselves will admit to you if you ask them what piss and sick of having singles matches against each other because that one enroll this week was the eighth they’ve had since Lizzie came to the main roster and even though I said it was the ninth on the Hell in a Cell WTF moments video I did more research and I realize I don’t messed up so I’m here to apologize know what to blame but myself that Roman reigns statement from when he got caught with the drugs Lawler then says it’s been quite the rivalry between Lacey Evers in Natalya it’s two and two right now two wins apiece II meant try for three a lacy King these are all televised matches as well that have happened on WWE TV and each one of them nobody’s cared about them ever not even once and then do Clint it was also Desmond Tutu between Lacey and naughty even though it wasn’t I’ve just said it’s not very often research and everything on the show can horror of WWE tried to make her nothing much ain’t nothing much like Lacey Evans versus Natalya actually something and just look at how happy Noddy was to be thrown body first if there’s some 2000 pounds WWE ring steps get kinky bug and natty who would have thought sloth from the Goonies was such a kinky bastard and no I’m not calling naughty luck as the way she looks sloth looks like Ian TOWIE not Natalya Neidhart I’m corner that because if I talk when she goes are you guys yeah I have to say that just in case somebody’s new somebody’s watching this for the first time but anyway nutty clearly getting a lot of pleasure out of a lot of pain we made it like one of the big shows before some round and super star was seen sliding down that brand-new raw halfpipe and I don’t know about you but I’m shocked we made it this far and I’m also shocked that so many times during that last woman standing much on this week’s raw Lacey Evans look so confident about beating Natalya even though Natalya is a cat with nine lives lazy man that match requires somebody to just about die for you to wayna yet Natalya you’d have to do that to her 10 times for you to be successful why did he take this much on we then saw Tyson Fury with all of his children and ah but I’m Vic Joseph clip the Tyson Fury is the number one announcer in smack known or not that the number one boxer in their world today even though he isn’t Andy Ruiz jr. he’s the number one boxer in all of the bodies the organization’s whatever you call them apart from the WBC we’re big Deonte while there is so there Vic I don’t know none of this really matters it’s all semantics but what I’m told the fact I like to fuck to actually be true like the fact that 50 percent of all Americans fall asleep on their sides that’s a fact Google told me not Wikipedia can’t trust Wikipedia ready ball he’s a blue chipper do not sleep on Apollo crew said Angelo Dawkins well Angelo since super showdown back in June Apollo Cruz has only had five televised matches in a WWE ring and he’s lost all of them book one which was a shock win over Andrade which still confuses me to this day so he’s barely used on TV when he does he he wins and when he’s also used on TV I find myself quite literally falling asleep on Apollo Cruz because he’s got no charisma whatsoever fantastic wrestling couldn’t give a hoot about him hasn’t give me a reason to care flips Wow ooh so they’re on jello I will sleep on Apollo he’s not very good even though he is B know what I mean who is this little man and why’s he get along with braun strowman so well it’s like he’s braun strowman’s little brother a man among men they were having a right old hoot Brunnstrom was standing there giving it the big old Santa Claus ha ha ha laughs but I just find it absolutely fantastic that we then went to commercial break after Braun and his son I don’t know who he is while having a right old laugh and when we came back from that break Ron was stood there with a face like a slapped us as you can see here and then we heard the voice of Charlie Caruso and I’ve said this for a while now Charlie Caruso it’s biting you on the ass right now that you were rude and horrible and disrespectful to so many superstars just be nice to people let’s take a look at the beast return a roar just about said Vic Joseph before a package for last week’s Smackdown was that Dominick didn’t die slash get thrown it into the League of Shadows get excommunicated from the League of Shadows turn it the Cain Velasquez just for that WWE AJ Styles shafted right in the face by braun strowman clearly concussed on Sunday at Hell in a Cell but you know he was falling about and stuff he didn’t know where he was it was all hilarious ha ha concussions but despite seeing the birdies after braun strowman quite literally said twat right into his chin just like Alan Partridge AJ was booked to rest on this week’s Raw and one cannot help but think about chick magnet Punk at times like this he was right wasn’t he and by booking stuff like this that makes no sense doubly do we we are shaft and KP to one side they’re basically saying unless somebody really gets Comcast don’t believe they’re actually conkers because if someone really got concussed they would not have been wrestling on Monday which means that braun strowman’s fist is actually quite soft hawk theory it’s already started boys and girls they are already out the pyro remember the days when a superstar if they had the pyro every single time they made that entrance down to the ring in a WWE show they would get the pyro that accompanied their entrance one of that Stila thing boys and girls Charlotte Flair was robbed on this week’s roar she came out for her appearance on may Stevie justice for Charlotte RC doer she’s had a flair share of things doesn’t she shamsher she can live good porn and then we have the Miss running through all of Becky Lynch his accomplishments over the last little while before he gets to revealing that Becky Lynch is also on the box of golden crisp cereal and I googled this and this is what I saw initially and I was like what when did Becky become a bear but then I googled a bit harder and there she was she’s on a box congratulations to you there Becky but I guess the real WTF moment is Becky Lynch on a box of cereal and it isn’t the Lucky Charms canta holic the home of stereotyping and then Becky who appears to be a bit of a serial fetishist in that she has a fetish for the cereals not that she’s a fetishist of the fetishes a lot Jen says that cereal it’s great and I don’t know about you but I certainly know there’s only one cereal that’s great and that’s Frosty’s even though it’s not really correct I think it’s a quite met but still that’s the catchphrase and I guess what we learned from this is if you produce cereal Becky Lynch wants you and then we have Becky Lynch claim and well I’ve probably never been more banged up than I am right now authentic and this was after she walked to the ring for Miz TV like there was nothing the matter with you and Becky who might have been internally hurt more than she ever has been before clearly forgot about the time what she limped everywhere for about three months I know all of the news reports have been saying that Sasha bands got her back into tearing around the cell much but more attention clearly needs to be paid at Becky Lynch because she’s been banned on the he’s I forgot about stuff that’s happened in the past first styles now Lynch give them time off EE Toni we now were lucky that I speak fluent Japanese because I picked up the Chi recent old Charlotte Flair on Becky Lynch during her promo on this week’s raw I’m sure you’re tired but we are going to beat the shit out of you she said that now I don’t really speak Japanese there’s a massive shock for you I saw that on the internet I knew it not always tells the truth unless it’s Wikipedia it’s got to be true but Kairos in using profanity I didn’t think that would be a thing and someone so innocent so pure so adorable using profanity like she did on this week’s raw the world’s done it’s finished get off it the end is nigh and the end is nigh time to run away and the end is not back and now we have a stat 8 WTF centric stat that revolves around Kairos in pinning royalness champion Becky Lynch on this week’s raw by taking a pin for lost that was the first time since May of 2018 apparently that Becky Lynch had been pinned on an episode of WWE TV a streak not the streak just a streak it’s over WTF so next up we have Charlie Caruso who was all like well raw got off to a hot start and it hasn’t slowed down since please welcome my guest Apollo Cruz it can’t were grinding halt right there he jinxed it man Charlie that was it man the show came right to a standstill quite frankly yawn Apollo am I being too harsh I’ve said it’s a great wrestler he’s just bored isn’t he so next up we have Jerry Lawler talking about the draft and how on one fateful night he was sat on an episode of WWE TV while a draft was going on at his broadcast partner got drafted to the other brand who was this unnamed broadcast partner a lot of young kids and uninformed people would have been seen let’s go to the Google machine and Google they would have seen Jim Ross Jerry which would no doubt have infuriated Vince McMahon because basically you just know this is true don’t you Jim Ross says detonate that’s a joint da EE Larry I thought I put them out of business years ago that’s what Vince would say but then following that story about the nameless man do modern pipes up and says from next week with the Boehner draught and exclusive Coventry teams on rosters on each side I’m gonna be more territorial because I want to be a part of the best show very noble if you deal and then Vic Joseph pipes up and says do your on Mondays pal spoilers Vic you dickhead direct quote from Braun shrooming this time when that big meaty castle was speaking directly right into the face of boxing man Tyson Fury Braun said I was having fun with you on Smackdown and then I saw the way you looked at me like you wanted a piece of this but the way braun strowman said that – the hand gesture which i added in for a bit of garnish i finally realized why crown jewel is called crown jewel and crown jewel is called crown jewel because braun made it sound like Tyson wants to fondle with bronze crown jewels Tyson Fury watched the product son when you got all sassy during the closing stage of this week’s roll and he said to braun strowman well I’m the heavyweight chat with the world how many heavyweight titles have you worn braun strowman you didn’t realize that you were speaking to the greatest role Rumble champion that’s the best of all the champions the prick got fired on last week’s smackdown i was thinking i can see clearly now the shade has gone but he’s sweaty fingerprints are still all over the product we see on Monday nights why of all the people you could have picked to teach Tyson Fury how to throw a worth punch would you pick Shane McMahon killer look sweaty bollocks who was comfortably the worst worth punch thrower in the history of worth punch throwing you’ve got the best pure striker in the history of WWE Jeff Jarrett working backstage and you go to care among sweaty bollocks what is wrong with you person who makes that decision Vince shame on you but finally no way Jose has done something good something meaningful something will tell our grandkids about on the main roster perfect for a placement pal and we end with a bit of a pondering thought a pondering thought that there was no Seth Rollins there was no fiend in the flesh there was one video package I think there was one reference to it earlier in the show that’s all we got about the bollocks for Helen LaSalle as it was clear for all to see that WWE probably Vince McMahon in particular realized on Sunday I darn made an ass sweep it under the carpet mention it once just so we can’t say hey we mentioned it once it is a thing that happened while I pretended it didn’t happen which we do for a lot of stuff but still I’m happy that Seth wasn’t out there because he would have died I’m happy that the fiend wasn’t out there because Seth would have died but still they know they messed up and that’s it for all the WTF members from this week’s draw I’ve been Ross Fidel from Qatar Hakam still your reigning and defending cut the challah K for weight champion I’ll see ya thanks for watching let us know what you think in the comments below you can follow us on Twitter I’ve killed a hollow you can find us on Facebook at forward slash called holic and if you enjoy what we do here at cut the holiday you can play so our patreon page

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