WWE RAW Premiere Had The Most W.T.F Ending EVER & Why It Was The Best Episode of 2019! Highlights

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it’s the season premiere of rule complete with a new announced team new set and a universal championship defense by Seth Rollins against WWE icon Rey Mysterio Jonas now’s wrestling Mia looks at the good the bad and the downright ugly from the 30th September 2019 edition of Raw and whilst this heard the most WTF ending of all time we’re gonna outline why this was the best Raw in a long time [Music] first let’s open with a recap and we put timestamps in the description so that you can clearly skip him if you want to boys coming to you from Phoenix Arizona with all your new announced team of Jerry the King Lawler Vic Joseph and do Madden ready to call the matches Rey Mysterio comes out as his son Dominick is seen watching from the crowd the master of the six one nine stalks up his title match tonight dedicating it to Dominick a Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar crashed the proceedings with Brock grabbing Ray’s mic and passing it to Heyman Rey grabs the mic bank perhaps his last act as a wrestler as Brock delivers two f5s and then Lesnar goes after Dominic grabbing him and throwing him into the ring post Lesnar delivers at German suplex followed by an f5 as Rey is helpless to stop the carnage the WWE officials arrived to restore order Paul Heyman talks to Brock only for the Beast to attack the WWE officials Mysterio and Dominic Dominic has been attacked so bad that he does the stretcher job and boy he bumped like a boss he obviously graduated from the school of bumps like mr. perfect did the first match of the night see sasha banks versus Alexa bliss as the boss proves her mettle tonight when she pulls a fast one on little miss bliss tricking her into thinking she’s summoned Bayley for help and catches bliss with a surprise pin and a handful of tides but you can feel it in the air it’s running time as Becky Lynch races to the ring attacking banks before the boss bails out into the crowd the man grabs the microphone and tells banks she won’t be able to run away at Hell in a Cell there’s a video recap of the Queen’s latest attack week braun strowman ate a mandible claw a set watched on in helpless terror Charlie Caruso interviews the universal champion Seth Rollins and the Beast layer is outraged with Brock’s attack on Rey and Dominic but he promises Rey he has a title shot as soon as he’s cleared to wrestle Rollins turns his attention to the fiend and says well there’s no way to ready himself for such an opponent he’s not gonna go quietly and will do everything he can to retain the title that Sunday Rollins issues an open challenge for anyone who wants a universal championship shot who will turn up next up it’s tag-team action as the raw tag team champions Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode take on heavy machinery Otis and Tucker put the champs over a Ziggler super kicks both men before Roode lands the glorious DDT on Tucker covering him for the win it’s now time for Miz TV with the a-listers special guest Hulk Hogan and Nature Boy Ric Flair the Miss sends out his best wishes for Rey and Dominic noting he doesn’t know what he’d do if someone put their hands on his kids flaring the Hulkster take some shots at each other but know their mutual respect however Slick Rick notes that no one could ever touch him in the ring the fans chant one more match please God no but Hogan reminds her fans they’re no spring chickens fortunately there are always possibilities in wrestling and The Miz announces that October 31st will feature a 10 man tag match with team Hogan battling team Flair Rollins and Orton exchanged bulbs as the Viper says each captain will pick their team’s members but that doesn’t rule out a captain’s match though next up Seth Rollins goes up against Randy Orton in a non-title match but the mansion never happens is parent Corbin interrupts distracting Rollins in allowing Orden to blindside him korban clobbers Rollins with the scepter and it’s a two-on-one beat down until rusev makes the save as the Bulgarian brute helps seth clean house and after that Charlie Cruiser asks rusev were la nariz but he dismisses her inquiries saying he’s not here to discuss his domestic problems but Seth Rollins his problems we were the champs friends tonight rusev takes Rollins up on his open challenge for the universal championship shot backstage the AOP are in Alistair blacks room talking about living and loving violence next up is tag-team action as the Viking raiders take on Carl Anderson and Luke Gallows the Raiders get a win after their previous loss to the OSI is Ivar hits a top rope splash on gallows cesaro shows open thinks Lesnar’s actions were all well and good ricochet disagrees and no terrain may be considerably smaller than Cesaro but he’s twice the man Cesaro is the two have a match and Cesaro does where he does best in the WWE unfortunately counting the lights here ricochet hits the west coast pop for the win funny how we used Rey Mysterio’s finisher for the win there’s another episode of the Firefly funhouse as Barry White’s friends are trembling in fear of what the fiend is greater due to Seth Rollins Wyatt tells them what a bad place Hell in a Cell is reminds the fiend we’ll protect them and their house why it tells his friends he’ll try to talk their fiend into leaving Rollins alone but reveals he’s just joking next up a United States Championship match as champion AJ Styles takes on Cedric Alexander once again Cedric plays the little engine that couldn’t fall into a star’s clash again it’s women’s action up next as Natalya takes on lacy Evans and the sassy southern belle proves an eye rake in a rollup where the tights is still a time-tested way of winning matches defeating Italo with some basic heel tactics highlights air from John Cena’s appearance on ellen and backstage charlie Caruso interviews Maria about the baby Kanellis seems confused in us while Caruso is bringing up rusev as he’s not the father then rusev has too much going on at home after that Paul Heyman admits Brock Lesnar’s actions tonight were uncalled for but Heyman blames Vince McMahon for putting Lesnar on the season premiere of Raw when Lesnar is focused on crushing Kofi Kingston on Friday Night SmackDown Lesnar’s advocate predicts a new WWE Champion will be crowned this Friday Sasha banks is talking trash about Becky Lynch reminding her she competed in a Hell in a Cell match before the man ever did the boss promises destruction for the raw Women’s Champion we then cut to footage of a limousine pulling up to the arena it’s now time for the main event as Universal Champion Seth Rollins takes on rusev and it’s a good match in another example that rusev has the goods in the ring and during a commercial break we get a glimpse of the fiend be sure to check out our recent news video for the W subliminal advertising and the fiend but just when rusev has the momentum his wife Lana shows up followed by bobby lashley Lana and Lashley stop making out as rusev is stunned Seth Rollins is even more stunned when the fiend shows up and attacks him locking in the mandible claw as Rohr closes out but that was a quick recap what about the good the bad and the damn right ugly let’s start off with the good as number one a big open if the WWE wanted to start things off big they certainly did so with the Beast laying out Rey Mysterio and Dominick with a flurry of F fives it’s hard to imagine a better way to start the show or to swerve the fans who were expecting a ray versus Rollins match which quite frankly no one expected rate to win number two a good build-up tonight show exemplified how you build up the show fans are watching as well as important events on the horizon such as paper views or a special show such as crown jewel the flavor sees Hogan verbal volley not only set up their 10 man tag match for crown jewel but sit at rusev versus Rollins tonight show offered promise that the WWE can do things right when they set their minds to it number three thank goodness they didn’t do it now we know both Flair and Hogan are now fully retired from entering competition but tonight we had a slight feeling that WWE were actually going to make the long awaited rematch yes we know it happened at house shows but let it happen on a much cooler unquote grander stage just to please salary officials after all they have been calling most of the shots by placing bags and bags of money on the table and may have wanted to see Anam clash but thankfully we won’t see it still it’s a little odd that WWE wants to do a 5v5 match before you know one of the biggest pay-per-views of the year which it’s known for doing they could have saved that for the Survivor Series number 4 regulating roars rhythm while it might seem nice for every row to be nonstop action fans need an occasional breather although show becomes one badly booked bevy of hot shot angles tonight’s show kept a steady pace but also slowed things down with an occasional interview or filler match to give the fans time to breathe number five fun fillers while raw occasionally suffers from meaningless filler matches it pales to smack down which is notorious for throwing it matches with zero meaning while Cesaro versus ricochet may have seemed meaningless on paper it helped keep the attack on refresh in the minds of fans and put ricochet over as a babyface who isn’t gonna let someone mock a respected babyface even the OSI versus the Viking radius was useful even the score and the two teams baffled hopefully setting things up for a memorable rubber match number 6 satisfying swerves rule is anything but predictable rather than the fiend interfering in the main event that WWE threw some red herrings at the fans including Baron Corbin and Randy Orton watching the match suggesting they might interfere Lana’s return as well as bobby lashley return was an interesting surprise showing that there is a good way to misdirect the fans and bad ways as seen with most of Vince Russo’s post WWF career number 7 the biggest return pyro oh how we missed thee when you used to open up weekly shows with a bang finally WWE has pulled a trigger and brought it back it just gives this show a bit more oomph and hype as it opens up and it’s certainly better than just some lights going on followed by commentary number 8 bumping like a boss now even though Dominic didn’t do any wrestling his bumps in the ring showed good promise we all know that soon enough Dominic will be stepping in the ring as a performer and even though he’s just an untrained kid in the ring he still made Brock Lesnar look absolutely vicious but that was the good what about the bad if we’re really gonna nag on just one point it would be the WTF ending now else we always enjoy the appearance of the fiend the ending was just so random there’s we got a returning Lashley locking lips with a returning Alana which then transitions into the fiend smothering set with a mandible claw whilst rusev watches on and this will happened within about five minutes what the hell and we don’t get too many LSD endings like that but Heyman looked like he took some inspiration from an r-rated horror flick but that was just a slight negative nothing really too much as for the ugly absolutely nothing tonight raw was beautiful they just gave us hope that it can put on a tremendous show with all the points we mentioned and frankly they’ve pulled out all the stops tonight to give us a consistent tincho certainly something we don’t commend them on on a usual basis sadly however Russell Amir is skeptical whether the WW can deliver two good episodes in a row as much as Raw has improved it’s still acts inconsistently providing good or excellent shows on a weekly basis maybe we’re just asking too much what did you guys think of raw what did you guys think of the ending let us know in the comments down below subscribe if you haven’t already follow us on Instagram and Twitter I’ll see you next time with some more wrestling content

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