WWE RAW match highlights today – WWE SmackDown 11 October 2019 Highlights full match

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a leader Daniel Bryan again Oh you Smackdown live Eric Rowan boat evaded than we’ve ever seen before what you just saw right there that was a work of art just don’t call me an artist call me a creator respect this is what I’m talking about you see you people like to belittle me of an old saying and that is might makes right my old friend Dan he knows I’m right the entire Spectre locker room knows I’m right been tripping through our table on multiple it tastes you think you’re right if you want some respect fight me right now just crossed it and we’re gone right for Rio need a big three on a powder now it appears who’s gonna dictate how things go all of Daniel Bryan heard a couple weeks ago and Daniel Daniel Bryan understand Daniel Bryan’s feelings are hurt the right way as far as calling Erick Rowan has intellectual fear and target child then a kick by Rowan Kenny’s creating the sort of brutality of Daniel Bryan here tonight you admire them absolutely but know that I agree this isn’t the smartest move for gate count of nine and general Pryor piece right now Rowan firing off on the no office Daniel Bryan a chop block throwing white ice on the ground and now Daniel role of a sudden get to the leg and again Brennan is what it takes so big [Applause] [Music] [Applause] the leg at play out of Daniel Bryan is being handled like a child at this point [Applause] there’s no way Daniel Bryan is helpless at the learning cover most of Li this computed hardware just is starting this will end when Rowan and Harper decide to make sure [Applause] [Music] [Applause] wait a minute all right so your client in your pants turning it back inside the ring right out of the way [Applause] all I want is a one-word answer me and Roman [Applause] box we take an in-depth look more handsome in person I swear God people listen it’s for the surprising again ladies shrink oh man Dayna [Applause] ladies and gentlemen please welcome my guest to Kofi Kingston now hold on a second Michael you know we do things we put our hips in so we say champion baby enthused man well we tried that once he came down to the ring last week he challenged you to a WWE Championship man and I became WWE Champion I made a promise of the WWE Universe that I would be a fighting champion but I’ve beaten superstars like Samoa Joe Dolph Ziggler Daniel Bryan and I just feel like I’m at the top of my game right now so you know I feel pretty good and you’ll be defending the WWE Championship against Brock Lesnar for WWE to be involved with Fox it’s a huge deal and again for myself be the big attraction you know and walk out as WWE Champion of that Fox premiere on October 4th world heavy weight champion baby two pounds [Music] big I don’t know this it ever get old with you jazz beat last night brother Alaska but nonetheless last night cable got another opportunity and came for that wasn’t God king poor urban had to use his sector I hope you get act last week Corbin said I’ll always come up short but my run in the King of the Ring tournament that was no joke so what did he do he took the low road he got himself intentionally disqualified Jen I’m really sorry to come out here and cut you short that size does matter his love life I don’t think hey shorty I have been following your story and it inspired me Chad Gable the underdog imagine if you won the finals Chad women laughing I think we might have a hit on our hands [Applause] Carmela sneakiness well well then truth are you thinkin on anyone Carmela yeah and I especially don’t know anyone named Carmelo Carmelo I just wanted to congratulate you on winning the 24-7 championships I don’t understand Bailey and I have been friends for years this is not the Bailey I know [Applause] making Smackdown live home right here on USA but of course it’s the season premiere of Monday Night Raw something all week long here at WWE they say women’s division tag-team Charlotte Flair on USA Charlotte and Carmela Hayden backed up to Queen [Music] how did you I save Charlotte because it was something family she knows what’s an easy answer [Music] about what iron George dennell had in a Cell pay-per-view event Becky Lynch to federal law where it can’t be now she’s very familiar with the Queen which in the past so the line is right to the midsection by banks since day round the fact that she’s in great embrace that ruthlessness next to the face in our Carmela bar why do you believe what happened to Bailey what happened her man that’s intimate things but Bailey has for her stuff she just followed your model he’s conniving fire my memory seems to have failed okay yeah exactly that’s all that matters I saluted out of this matchup from Ella now Carmela I know make it to the corner you’ve had a full five six seven eight years for your best food opposite of we know SEC consistently she slapped on women’s champion Ric Flair another boo hiccups Bailey now trying to score on that three that’s the page well this is the sort of fluid teamwork are not always looking for the figure-4 face for a change design goodness for truth having her back as bigoted affordable so Charlotte Flair back in second right now I can it’s two-on-one [Applause] I own a Celica bank it’s a couple strikes from the minute the Manco and it’s once the most bitter rival mr. banks is the boss branded the largest wrongful termination suit in the history the building their championship prophecies Candace Lorraine earning up to main event will be right here on USA USA all part of premier week [Applause] last week here on smack that line ladies and gentlemen the rock star the artist [Applause] and really thought Sammy a thing or two and of course Hawaii stopping off while the Intercontinental City Nakamura always ready to compete at the highest tax video it’s not the more and his way to have a mortal or to attack ollie from behind camera Zane’s justify it’s a fraught to get him this again you are failing to act is Shinsegae Gamora has been about all a look at going up to the top turnbuckle on the get this matchup oh wait a minute [Applause] hand which is competition soft ace on the top rope okay let me go home oh it’s there’s oh man I come over here in this matchup caught it with the left [Applause] to the leg or not come on in a kick-out champion Oh Nakamura right to the rim so too close for comfort [Music] to rightfully so good night darling season sandy dayes continues to be a factors because not the Mishler till was seen and Nakamura but this is Rob oceans pottery possible popular ovary like a joyful hyena [Applause] Romans didn’t do his bidding let’s take care of this yes even sir he would be awarded 25 million dollars I’ve tried to fight you last week I even tried to help you but I finally realized that the best way to do that is hit you my life’s work my family’s future I get to look at you dead in the eyes right have a settlement barley been reached between chains pretty live on the WWE Network Laurie Tom my positivity for swim there I think about it tag teams like the B team even than every WWE Superstar all future off my boss o team I mean we’ve seen it happen in the past the traffic ever raw tag team champions the beads and NXT superstars arrived on Raw and Smackdown we they lost the titles before now Xavier was backed into the corner of both teams get a morgue recipe team that will you succeed who day would do wonders for the draft stuff the B train [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] we have a match in your handing out magazine yeah can I get a selfie let’s go come on move it along thank you man you’ve got something else to brag about Lana kabuki warrior Carrie Saints on a hot tub booty the price on the Fox next week so it’s on the task at hand here tonight for me my autograph just let Curie put me in that category this is like that Women’s Champion on the first ever went individually hasta and tiring Saints have accomplished the Kabuki Warriors have success in the bogna now soggy the hilltop oh my god pop wanted a waste of time the scariest looking ride the staff to Oscar here nothing away from the in-ring ability of the Kabuki warriors can be separated over an average of Paige good for that tag not quite they’re trying to make it to the corner man DeRose big nice shot I’m trying to get to the corner tag the continued rise of fire and desire and it’s gave up a little short tonight out of the arena so let’s get going all right public smackdown on Fox it is rock reference lights of Hollywood for women who have to fuck the best in the world [Music] debbye Nolan says he wants to meet out here in front of all of you [Applause] [Music] get my mic Kevin Owens I’d like to introduce you to my legal team wrongful termination lawsuit at nausea my man I keep you in court for years that’s not good for you it’s also not good for your family what’s option two buddy no you drop this ridiculous lawsuit I just drop it dead the $100,000 fine that I put on you I’ll get back to you in my view with a clean slate you’re a real idiot you know that saying you don’t get it in fact the only thing that makes me sicker is the thought of you being in the same locker room as you and that no it’s about getting under your skin and that is to see your ass gets fired you get what you want I drop the lawsuit there’s no cash oh but the only thing is I don’t be spaz few weeks and and I want you to have the same opportunity when it comes to me right the documents up let’s put them in that briefcase and let’s have ourselves tonight he’s fought in a Hell in a Cell mask before so do you think this gives her the advantage what is she without a steel chair honey [Music]

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