|| Wwe raw live 07oct2019 || Aliester black vs The Singh brothers Two on one handicap match

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now a WWE’s showcase seemed like a perfect place for two or five lives greatest tag team to come back to Monday Night Raw which is why your favorite boys from an award-winning statement we are gonna prove to the world why we should be the top draft base on Raw Smackdown Alistair blunt we want to pick a fight with you hey here’s a Bollywood song for you that song [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Music] I think when he goes to the door and opens the door Halloween to pimp Andy you can’t discredit Samarin Samil they certainly bring the confidence here tonight they’ve been at a lot of armies over that’s all it takes those quick strikes of Alistair black for camera action lights out as Alistair black just staring down and [Applause] guys I don’t think the Singh brothers were ready for this melody where else can we cut 200 only there’s any cuts here can we do a retake Oh jumping from Alistair black we talked about the quickness this sudden impact of Alistair black ESDA black setting of it all well this is the advantage in a two-on-one matchup oh there’s not a lot of advantage without with Alistair black as he delivers black mass another quick chicken now all is stinging elbow look out now look [Music] I said he was sucking you know we may be looking at an actual face right here could you imagine if Alistair black gets trapped into oh look at that impact quit that was black man switch connected right on the foot of the Charmin and very innovative submission Wow mr. black said he was out to prove because that he was a number one draft choice in the upcoming WWE trap which again begins this Friday on Friday banks backed out on boxing bull King I gotta ask you how impressed were you just now that Alistair black would have you would you make him the number one pick well without a doubt I mean he was very impressive

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