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[Music] picking this rivalry too far in fend off right now by rusev there’s nothing it doesn’t look like you having a good time at all man you do notice one thing that if I’m wearing your robe very nice so this is your bedroo Civ you’re missing a lot [Applause] [Music] you should isn’t spending your money in walnut it looks like you’re not having fun but I am no we are [Applause] he’s taken out all his stretchy Turks dangle [Applause] look at the eyes I don’t think anyone is having [Applause] and it’s fine it look at look out I mean jaybo makes two super-tough now Lacey Evans trying to answer back when Italian Sambo you’re right about that not to take your pony you have to figure release the end of that Josh tackle a southern girl like Lacey Evans used to be a little longer on the USA Network ride a night smackdown on Fox er this may be the last time these two women grab some food Monday here tomorrow night raw but now at tire lock it in the Sharpshooter Pat’s out it doesn’t matter if she gives up she has to stay down for a count of ten eyes talking out accidentally executing her plan she I think she oh I agree oh there’s suplex she’s caught here Oh me oh no and Lacey Evans now now the police is she’s so creative in threes at five there’s no telling what you’re gonna find under that ring is enough recounting again but she’s more just happy to disappoint the W universe oh yeah potentially does that the count starts over again yeah get those six do where on the body sometimes continue to count Natalia referee is that six the tie having a wiggle right free now [Applause] stepping up to the plate oh man again the personal bitter rivalry between these two superstars got to her feet guy that was I don’t know if she double your pleasure double your fun right away I’m looking at the face of lace Stacy Evans soaking it all in here tonight all day collecting the dirtiest take it out watch it I’m surprised it [Applause] get out of there cake referee at a table Oh No Natalia just bouncing off our announce table if she doesn’t get to the first feet by the count of 10 just sliding no no guys Natalia [Applause] is gonna be able to the 10-count victory at Hell in a Cell that’s it you’re right when you say on a Rolls eating sibling root but a win here tonight might put them in line for that take it down anyone in their path to Kings Point and silent aggression King opponent crying out for for mercy they both have to admit that first Viking raiders at champions it’s certainly a step in the right direction and with the draft coming up next week everybody comes in the limelight to be a top pick in the draft yeah but you know what you know what I was thinking on Monday Night Raw and you’re right King bhindi gonna be game for right now to draft the lead story for Dolph Ziggler just licking the lips they’re hungry they want the best I’m on USA I want the fight looks a little shot Oh what’s made Robert Roode those legs high bar he reaches out makes the tag then in comes Eric these guys are you know nice suit now Eric you talk about Eric people yeah every time I’ve ever been around Eric I saw rage coming out in the venture marathon for Robert Roode he’s gonna make a tag instead it’s flipped over the top Dolph Ziggler trying to call okay there’s no timeouts on Monday Night Raw that’s a good question I think of course the Viking raiders as we said they wouldn’t stink but tag team competition here this week up then the Viking raiders keep it up against the taxi champion from perhaps getting an opportunity at those raw tag team championship looking to plant air Oh No but he certainly does five greatest tag-team to come back to Monday Night Raw we are gonna prove to the world why we should be the top draft picks on wrong here’s a bollywood song for you oh this scene bro there’s no black setting of it all whoa there’s not a lot of advantage we’re not oh look out and now looking to the rear quickly has no ill effects from Oh master I mean a punch like that is something you don’t just oh what it drop kitties guys boy arise let’s head around it see your point King almost not queuing energetic whatever we see them I’ll check down here on Fox to night event also King up Karl Anderson now all flight likes to have fun these OCR proofread members of the OSI when they push aside to them at the OSI go about refocusing themselves I don’t know if they I don’t know if they have time to refocus this world kinda it’s hard to forge a grand met solos trying to take down all three member you don’t want to be in a match against of frustrated Carl Anderson here tonight Oh solve all three members of the O’s but they saw a mower fly him ready to go starting to fight free finally able to break through the auto coming it’s created some separation now’s his chance to get to his side of the Ring far away is now AJ Styles up [Applause] [Music] first a little bit of garlic Flair Becky winter arguing over how they can take you with me beggin seat again Charlotte two championship one man well display last night at Hell in a Cell but a game King that good also said Lynch getting caught my Oscar a different attitude for Kyrie strangle each speed this edit WWE history well you’re right about that and I’ll tell you the detour out of the trash don’t forget the WWE draft be a night yeah I just have to know that the executives at USA Network I write down it is this some of pages ended earlier I tried oh what a for roll through at the moment Oh Women’s Champion basket tags in love lost between this all champion soon as the Creed tag didn’t know you had a bitch he is Oh Charlotte Flair standing tall me they talked about who is the most dominant player to the top rope the figure-eight instead just just look at everything Charlotte forgot come back on Monday night Romney WV women’s tag-team champions have taken control tired lives becoming tag team champions just catching forward toss is the wealth of its Charlotte for Becky Lynch taking it right to Becky Lynch charges right back catching osku Oh talk about showing out and perched I was familiar with I think you’re right aiming away at each other she’s experienced from this man behind Becky Lynch Perry singing [Music] but that’s what got them a victory we got to get some help for her eyes hey got both remembers the Teddy W e-tag kabuki warriors now taking control Nikki crop that’s how the kabuki warriors became tag team champions but right now it is a Debbie to be draft showcase matchup look he’s gonna show that yes exactly that is nothing personal kid he’s just going to show guys really well right I sure do the table one night on the draft and my broadcast partner got drafted to the other brand each other so very well as ricochet this time there’s ricochet Cruz in at the talent thinking about the draft I mean it does exactly what’s happening King on me ain’t you tone has the power now blood gotta be rushed into his head here condemning oh man again you know King both these superstars of all the tools to succeed here in the wabe absolute and ricochet looking to fly got all that close we will roll through and Oh Paolo Cruz he draft showcases Cruz hoists up ricochet dipsy-doodle there here we go [Music] Seth Rollins learn to speak his mind he’s had live in theory never one to hold back punches for his thoughts doesn’t bite his tongue first of all welcome to Monday Night Raw and welcome to Bakersfield on exactly what happened between you and braun strowman last week i wound up getting choked out so tonight i’m here to demand an apology you feel [Music] I was messing around trying to have a little fun with you last Friday on Smackdown because I promise you the last thing you want is to get in my ring cuz I the got in this ring and I would knock you out from slow-ass ten count what the last time you fought Wilder how many tourney quickly getting into the ring [Applause] good-looking tasted fury he stuck it out and he fell fighting back fifteen to try to separate these two [Applause] with Tyson Fury again [Applause] they’re pretty w/e locker room gonna get these damn hands thoughts over done last after that coming into my house disrespecting me my business with Debbie Debbie [Applause]

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