WWE Raw Highlights 9th September 2019 HD WWE Raw Highlight 09 09 19 HD

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[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] that had been over 20 years to the gun I’ll never forget and I was singing hell man that’s Bret the Hitman Hart fish come out here now just get a piece of his ass and I hit his ass with the first Stone Cold Stunner that Vincent man ever took and so I was doing business with the Undertaker bend down to give me a backdrop and I kicked his big ass right in the head I said where am i he goes Danny Boy you and the gun then we get trying to sign to a contract having a hard time getting this thing sad give it hell yeah I want to bring the challenge around here is broad strobing every title of the jumbee jumbee we will be defended that means who is somehow some way to coexist with Seth Rollins and retain the raw Tag Team Championship [Applause] [Music] and I bring out Seth Rollins win the universal championship knocking off less than I’d only at WrestleMania instead wrong certainly no stranger to being a marked man [Music] braun strowman Seth Rollins well let’s get to signing that contract but first of all Steve ah I don’t know if you know this but he thinks you might have it in form tonight since you’re here tonight I’m down with it I will oblige you but I gotta tell you one thing partner nobody’s stabbing anybody in the back and I’m still gonna be Universal Champion I grew up watching you you ain’t got nothing to worry about I ain’t turning my back on you and you’re gonna get these [Applause] oh just so you know the OSI doesn’t want on oh my god geez does anybody really care about that anymore though what what what shut up sit this play out or you might get hurt this is all your fault Steve you see [Applause] this is why no one likes coming to New York your role tag-team champions here didn’t even have the gall I know how good you hear this NJ but you got about 18,000 people calling you an asshole and your old age you turned into a real asshole log you old fart you got it know where I’m coming from right what are you doing energy but I damn sure know where you’re going [Applause] Rollins went for the stop and style [Applause] I don’t think AJ has any idea what hit him tonight I’m wrong AJ Styles still suffering the effects of these stunner he has a scheduled match Alexander obviously a rush to get down to the score to settle with age opportunity to advance that Rick says no dice this means this match tonight a victory over styles to believe that Alexander had a chance to knock off Baron Corbin last way SS I agree with you on that point as well Cory goes through and catches AJ Styles oft ISM from Center lemaitre’s name on 2:05 live as he former cruiserweight champion kintyre with Cedric Alexander editor each time Cedric steps inside the ring he learned something he’s champion former WWE Champion we’re not that asian you can’t pick up the pace Tim Milly ain’t it by Stone Cold Steve Austin but you’re right Renee Center a little bit of an awkward landing seem to be favoring his he’s ready to step into the ring with a phenomenal oh hey J now focusing is at 5:00 on Monday Night Raw from a sold-out Madison Square Garden in New York that was dominated during the commercial break it down let’s remember why that show is an opportunity if he can knock off Styles tonight driver on an arm the effects of Styles attack bit of pepper AJ in the advantage Alexander went for that back elbow and maybe didn’t achieve the desired effect [Applause] [Music] gender was taking control a matchup Galax and ER in a big way area weeks ago [Applause] Anderson with a Viking experience let me to stand beside senator Alexander Alexander in the fudgey Raider standing tall who will advance to the finals from the Monday Night Raw side as ricochet faces off with Samoa Joe and Baron Corbin to take on the snap down live Women’s Champion Bailey and her best friend Sasha as we’re back together and there ain’t no stronger connection than what we got right here retribution tonight for Becky and Charlotte as they deem up I’ll be hosting a brand new episode [Music] [Applause] so almost a year ago I made my announcement that my leukemia had returned and when I made my return it was all that love and strength my goals you see it was always about that ring that I wanted to use this platform to raise awareness so over the past few months I’ve had the incredible opportunity now don’t disappoint they were awesome why go to them when we can bring them to us and don’t worry they are from here in New York [Applause] [Music] [Applause] these little warriors have been through the biggest fights of their young life but our works not done we’re showing their victories there’s still that are beginning their fight and support tomorrow’s superstars today against pediatric cancer but we need your help each and every September we do this and again we ask for your help loyalty tonight is the name of the game who has it who doesn’t fly [Applause] [Music] absolutely no conceivable way that Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair coexist tonight with destroying everything about Charlotte Flair chief Charlotte Sasha and Bailey took a strange twist last week everybody has something to say about what went down last night I won’t be overshadowed by anybody she’s my best I’m doing everything that I can that title [Music] [Applause] [Applause] on Monday Night Raw [Music] [Applause] if that is the case there we go Becky’s just trying to get through this banks the woman she faces Sunday experience banks and Bailey at their absolute worst at their most Bishop and Charlotte with a chair at hand [Applause] [Music] including the first resonator were sold out tonight for Monday Night Raw tag-team action it’s like to be in the spotlight and pray that she believes that Becky lit it in the outside media that it has WrestleMania alongside rocky Lynch will be in a 3 this is SportsCenter Joyce told Carl Stevens Sasha banks treated with the same respect and Sasha looking on is a Women’s Champion Charlotte flag update now on talks about these four women horsemen back in a legendary day and that she would eventually take the double by stolen ultimately here in WWE through some of the standard and a stack double team by belly and Sasha to competition to the jealousy and speaking of fighting Becky said of that ESPN article that Lee w/e career nobody home and Becky touring back each other so well yet they’ve all eight all multiple time win advantage you don’t have to Sasha since rewriting here’s the cover by bags hook of the leg and a kick-out at WrestleMania you play Lee have cut the ring and a half isolated Becky Lynch just what Sasha banks ready for waiting for her time to strike the fight left in the man yet Becky Lynch muster enough to make it to the queen in the corner [Applause] latches well let’s just kick Bailey into the front row that crater face it up be able to counter-attack striker hard enough to get these full women in the same room together it’s the enemy of my enemy is my friend and Liz like Charlotte run reverse to a penny combination but unlucky for Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch partner Charlotte Flair and they look to regroup here comes backs and we are back live on Monday Night Raw great tag team match Becky defends the role in his title against Sasha bass talking back and she looks at Lynch Charlotte in the corner tag baileywick’s Smackdown this past week talked about fights back there is something to be said to Sasha banks I think Bailey could choose better but it is what it it you should Square Garden Bailey into the corner top of the heap Becky Lynch [Applause] coming into the ring and delivers the best floater this baseball slide takes Sasha Bailey Nellie though boom hi Nene dude going for the baleen Italian eventually looking for the disarmer right now this is no time for friendship by the former through Becky Lynch believe Becky and Bale are to keep track of Becky there’s the legs now she gets dragged to the outside by Lynch [Applause] on the side of Bailey we’ve only been seen recently but it is back into the ring Bailey will be looking for the flying elbow thanks Charlotte so gonna capitalize on an injured Bailey oh the banks from behind Charlotte Madison Square Garden clearly a confidence booster championship or will they leave with nothing again Darla Thank You Victoria’s here tonight 16 men started single elimination we are down to the finals of the King of the Ring tournament as ricochet hall-of-famer Stone Cold Steve Austin who moderated the contracts and they’re messing with what the OSI is gonna pack their bags and go home the oak see runs this place yeah you know the guys that run the place you want to enlist the help of I don’t know two of the best ever get it where do you stand [Applause] [Music] Rey Mysterio takes on grandson Dominic in the form of gran met Holly ran meta Lake is presented by Sonic enjoy the car to both of these championships in one promotion Grenn mentally be the knight good lapels into the next low regard why are we hearing so much buzz about family time and Rey Mysterio I mean if you talk about the scar description for Grandma cuddly we network as well Oh flying Lucha Libre style some most exciting athleticism on the planet career at the wind skier time he’s just one place away from position here and down kick-out at two by Mysterio this union you try to return act that Rey Mysterio would retire that’s the trying to fight back [Applause] the superior was rock of metal leaks body as he perfect opportunity for mentally able to get the shoulder up Rey Mysterio with the biggest part grand mentally as Mysterio now stands battle leaked into the sector to the top rope Rey Mysterio they picking up the pace body the moment the race is the athlete’s name to the left right there obviously knowing the stakes written all leader crumble or floor shot here’s that innovative locket dare you not given ray a move to get it metal each drives him back a bit rey mysterio now time tonight brought the big fight to the greatest mass superstar of all time and a great jokes chef’s four-year history the King of the Ring tournament take of the ring whatever they’re discussing had anything to do with that conversation earlier [Music] while scrolling will be in action later tonight a monstrous ten man tacky midi crude in stickler they said it’s gonna need a bigger mark we got ricochet versus Samoa Joe versus Bancorp that worked look the Queen she wants to run that back so far but speaking of which hey Sasha you were right blue is you’ll come back same night that they had to defend the raw Tag Team Champions from their video package [Music] [Music] my god [Music] [Applause] now all roads lead to clash of Champions [Music] [Applause] [Music] Madison Square Garden in New York there is Baron Corbin competing tonight we’ll head to the final because what happened last week on Monday Night Raw Pass tomato kicked off Monday Night Raw tonight on Raw it was a quarterfinal matchup between ricochet in Samoa Joe here to lose consciousness for a moment but they have much the Baron Corbin chagrin and fall pretenders Triple Threat rules here tonight to fight at a ricochet right off the gates in the face as well and now us ricochet coffee will make a good ruler when you didn’t get the job done the first time like last week I bet you you went out the door yes sir with Charlie that’s what his verdict tripes gives you an answer doesn’t mean it’s the truth well I think maybe in a superhero the finals to the King of the Ring fight back into this match too large a time that’s a man looks ready to be called King business he began again body shots to Samoa Joe breaking it off kintyre before they had the continuing to chop away did in Kurt Angle and Bret Hart when Joe locked in the clocks would let the whare and out for does he have the power to great right from to be our future Joe in New York City’s Madison Square Garden who will endure who will move on it being upsets the fan base for it the both although he would have been a great Commissioner as well you want to be in his favor [Applause] draining the energy he’s going to do everything he can to knock off these bed and he does just that and capitalize you see the welts on the ribcage advantage [Applause] disregarding disappointment around the entire B representatives the semifinals tomorrow night live tonight it is monstrous its colossal Ziggler won a massive main event still to come tonight by collar straight Rene [Music] [Applause] Natalia meet whiteness so what is the most popular show on television a Monday Night Raw the longest-running at the second support by voting at PC AE congratulations buddy night Ron nominated for a People’s Choice or about her earlier the day would go read Appalachia heavens be blue in battle food adversity a competition right thing the classiest view our city’s been in New York City [Music] in retribution right now I know you did talk to the Italian words once again Lacey Evans group she’s a sassy southern belle listen I don’t know what with Evans lady her temper get the best of her this is ridiculous also beaten best suppose whistie Lacey is a place against Italians problem and fictitious clothesline takes down Lacey burn tonight I’m gonna step through for the Sharpshooter here we’re gonna take a breather sucker Tattaglia Lacey just laid in waiting [Applause] you know how difficult it is to maintain tally on a kick out yet again not Evans guts to tell the truth and be honest [Applause] give me your tire god we can’t say anything Jean Rene reverse the decision [Music] a patriot hole [Music] tomorrow night our truth would actually come down to the rain but on the air earlier tonight greatness the likes thankfully Oh Panther is free to go back to Boston where no one likes him very one championship we know and as Panther what it all takes place this Sunday for you what’s got your tail all tied in a knot yeah the feed her toes happy wait let me fix your clock see Abby now your clock is right as rain Steve he’s just an old battle snake I mean look at what stats and brawn did tonight have a trail of new friends friends forgive but Devine never forgets [Music] main event fly meanwhile Seth Rollins the Beast Slayer Cedric Alexander and braun strowman and we return that the semifinals to the King of the Ring tournament Table ten man tag team with the China state champion earlier Oh see what he’s got involved Viking raiders on one side he got mouth Folkston company on the other tryna think the initiative to start this thing off remember Rollins East Roman will defend against Ziegler’s and strowman meets the universal championship come Sunday on Monday Night Raw they headed the bones at the tag team division Ziggler back to my partner I love being tag-team champions but I’m also gonna lumpy in the get up braun strowman ultimately isms Ziggler could have on the universal championship we are back live on Monday Night Raw ensue break yo see rude Ziggler [Applause] Galla continues work on the injure the left the good corn are you applying with the O’s look at Robert brewed hoping to be caught body rude to him work AJ and his team credit already completed once tonight root is a veteran in Wolfson square echo chamber and look at rubric to overcoming to make it to his corner how they make attack Anderson now legal that’s going to use the top rope to his advantage here’s the neat and al-razi he hooks the leg and it’s Robert group Ian [Applause] Sandman tag-team action continues here at Monday Night Raw the universal rollins and strowman here’s the cover by anderson also been cutting the ring in half isolating a member of the other team for the commercial break raw we kicked things off of course with Stone Cold Steve Austin also here tonight on October Samoa Joe and ricochet to advance to the finals and one of that best friends but Oh turning point of this patch perhaps one of the famous and he will not allow Rollins to get there the corner at least momentarily shall be installed with this battering style look she’s self in great awareness by the Viking raiders man fight wherever you are primal scream in the face moments ago their high bar at age 18 illegal man in this matchup moves like a man half that size and we are at top rope [Applause] and now style Zingerman’s phenomenal for our buddy called him [Applause] [Music] brother is all about [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] cold beer bounds and Cory if you’re ready for Sunday’s classic [Music]

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