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[Music] the following contest scheduled [Music] [Applause] now measuring the universal champion it you’ve got to be kidding me going on here come on [Music] [Music] they taking this rivalry too far in fend off right now by rusev there’s nothing it doesn’t look like you having a good time at all man you do notice one thing that if I’m wearing your robe very nice so this is your bedroo civ you’re missing a lot [Applause] [Music] you shit isn’t spending your money in vomit it looks like you’re not having fun of what I am we are enough for the guy I don’t know how he can go on take Corbin Orton may regret the day [Applause] look at the eyes plumbing anyone is having [Applause] let’s find it look out look out [Applause] I mean okay I mean it’s a man’s wife it’s a man’s life and after what we witnessed this past Friday on this Friday Night Smackdown season premiere on Fox that is gonna be an awesome match Becky Lynch and the Queen without only that I can’t wait for Wednesday Brent XT on the USA Network please – it appears we are at the end of the road you know what happens at the end of the road and that is a last lady standing match Natalia will be taken out like the trash the only way to win is to insure your opponent a toast and to the referee point I’m example makes – Super Cup now Lacey Evans trying to answer back when Italian Santo you’re right about that not to take your pony you have to figure the Lacey over Josh Tagle a southern girl like Lacey Evans Friday Night Smackdown on Fox this may be the last time these two immigrants are boom Monday rocket in the Sharpshooter Pat’s out it doesn’t matter if she gives up she has to stay down for a count of 10 I was talking out accidentally executing her plan but she can’t win the match for the submission earmuffs blazed the average turning the tables just gonna ride in between there’s a defensive rook free is that seven well he’s not moving you get count only count of nine uh I think she oh I agree oh there’s two flex just cop here oh man Auto and Lacey Evans now now the food with Lisa she’s so creative in threes at five there’s no telling what you’re gonna find free counting again that she’s more just happy to disappoint the W universe Lacey Evans has been taking it to Natalya submission oh and Lacey Evans is waiting if Natalya can break the count that tell you all the evidence but older potentially does that the count starts over again yeah get those sticks do where on the body sometimes continue to count Natalya referee is at six she’s down the tie has been able to beat the count every time between Natalya just starting to wiggle at the count of six on top of her every time she stands up she the tie having a wiggler way free now T Evan stepping up to the plate oh man again the personal little rivalry between these two superstars not to her feet died that was close I don’t know if she probably you pleasure double your fun alright get away I’m looking at the face of lace Stacy Evans soaking it all in here tonight all day collecting the dirties let’s take it out like she said he’s thinking about taking out the trash you know what you may say that but it’s just before the count of table garbage everywhere [Applause] I’m surprised what’s up get out of there King referee at a table Oh No Natalia just bouncing off our announce table if she doesn’t get to the fur feet by the count of ten just sliding no no guys Natalia [Applause] as Lacey is going to be able into the [Applause] cluster keidel Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair so-called a family man but hey sometimes he becomes unhinged to fight this terrible disease throughout the month to ring for more information on how you can help make the difference Monday Night Raw a place of tradition battle that I so desperately require no I AMS unforgiving that’s a fire and knock on my door Ellis crews looking for a fight Natalia the way she went that is so hard I could barely walk out across stage we can train with jazz uh-huh is Brandy’s Network has his own specific roster I got a blue chipper don’t sleep on the hill dougies best-kept secret oh yeah best believe he gonna be out consummated his marriage or you know what he hasn’t done that thing since he the Gypsy King types of fairies in the Builder fail Bo the street private sorry about his last body on well there was this interaction King was playful dog Ziggler would bounce off the barricade fury into a fury Stroman I mean guys this was a showdown Tyson why are you provoking braun strowman things doll he’ll be out to hunt I maybe should have jumped over the barrier and if he doesn’t give me an apology he’s gonna get some of these hands [Music] Guarnere hard neck look at these two [Music] I cannot wait for Tables Ladders and Chairs yeah victory at Hell in a Cell that’s it you’re right when you say on a rolling Sigler route but a win here tonight might put him in line for that take it down anyone in their path to Kings Point at silent aggression King opponent crying out for for mercy they both have to admit that first Viking raiders at champions it’s certainly a step in the right direction and with the draft coming up next week everybody ups in the limelight to be a top pick in the draft yeah but you know what you know what I was thinking on Monday Night Raw and you’re right King begin for right now to draft the lead story for Dolph Ziggler just licking the lips they’re hungry they want the best I’m on USA I want the bike it looks a little shocking steps into the ring yes that’s really gonna work out that’s 300 pounds and I’ve are now again shook there you go what’s made Robert Roode look at those legs high bar he reaches out makes the tag then in comes Eric these guys are you know nice suit now Eric you talk about Eric Pete yeah every time I’ve ever been around Eric I saw rage coming out in the defense room where athough a Robert Roode he’s gonna make a tag instead it’s flipped over the top Dolph Ziggler trying to call time okay there’s no timeouts on Monday Night Raw that’s a good question I think of course the Viking raiders as we said they wouldn’t stink but tag team competition here this week up then the Viking raiders keeping up against the tag team champion from perhaps getting an opportunity at those rocks active championship looking to plant Oh No but he surely does this is the biggest victory in the career row still to come tonight TL Miz TV done win the champion Charlotte Flair and the lower miss Jeff the effect would be tag-team action is the champions will team up to take on leave from the mantra my man now I’ve seen how this plays out no I’m on staff if a fight with me we don’t very well be they certainly do 405-line greatest tag-team to come back to Monday Night Raw we are gonna prove to the world why we should be the top draft based on wrong here’s a Bollywood song for you [Music] quick these beers about wanting to pick a fight do you want to be the guys that step in that ring with him oh I said this guy’s creeping it’s Samir and Samil they certainly bring in the confidence to sit on another third one Oh pink oh this team bro there’s no black setting of it oh whoa there’s not a lot of advantage when I look out and now look grab it right here I guess that he was a number one draft choice they were gonna make this a highlight bill from back home but see he’s demanding an apology or hear from braun strowman next he’s here to confront you and also to demand an apology sometimes there’s a main punch but I do too so Tyson Fury wants an apology he might get these with the return of finn balor friday night how’s dominick doing Charlie first off I’d like to think he took a beating like a man I was beating so badly I had to watch Brock Lesnar more my son not only my son but I felt like I left my family down and the only man that can brag accurately that Brock there’s someone that’s gonna avenge what happened to our family it’s Kane Alaska’s King the message is clear for the match to the sixth $1.00 way to the ring a little bit worried they’re concerned about the draft is next [Music] speaking of being in the ring party Roman and well he got to class braun strowman [Music] perfectly symmetrical house I’m sure wants to prove quickly as no ill effects from oh I mean a punch like that is something you don’t just oh what it drop keys guys boy let’s head around it see your point King almost not cueing energetic whenever we see them on 205 lots they might be a little concerned as well because those is now the legal superstar take a look at this King are you kidding Friday Night Smackdown he on Fox 2 night event also carrying up Carl Anderson now all flight likes to have fun these go see our crew free members of the OSI when they push East Side to them at the OSI go about refocusing themselves I don’t know if they I don’t know if they have time to refocus this world kinda it’s hard to forge a grand metallo’s trying to take down all three members [Music] oh man back on Monday Night Raw Carl Anderson in the och see this magic oh shit so much you don’t want to be in a match against of frustrated Carl Anderson’s here tonight boom shove all three members of the Oh SPECT I saw a mower fly him to go starting to fight free finally able to break through the auto coming if this created some separation now’s his chance to get to his side of the Ring far away there’s now AJ Styles Oh kalisto quickening pace though you know how he’s coming in its champion and Carl Anderson breaks it up it sir Selena delsalle up and over looking for that for now here it comes [Music] was gonna recruit they certainly bounce back we won the match pin but maybe now they’re trying to make us take certain ways you can do this guy but styles then the OSI continuing no come on there’s no details looking at point we’ll find out soon a j-style showcasing again why is Sasha banks a guy what eat this was the opening man Helena selfies women going to new heights inside Helena Center the boss had no choice put the tap out to do with the wrong when the hole in Becky Lynch history episode of – fury [Applause] he’s got the charisma beats that sets the money-making face Kingdom is is always must-see just like must-see TV just go back to last week team hoagie welcome to Miz TV celebrities like Cain Velasquez like Tyson Fury right now I want to welcome my first guest lucky [Applause] [Music] put themselves through but here we have it the man being unearthed and women Solars of pajamas welcome but we have one more guest to get to as well Charlie so for the Queen last night guys to guess she became will they be able to coexist here on this TV smackdown premiere on Fox look this is monumental what we’re seeing right here this is history-making India main rival wins by the both of you at how in the cell last night you were on the cover of WWE’s video game 2k 20 making history is great cereal is great front of me I’d remind her that last night she got her ass kicked by the mod 10 WWE Women’s Championship the two most dominant women in all of WWE as you too will be teaming together against the kabuki warriors as beat up as I am I’ve got something to prove to myself tonight look at you over there all happy with yourself with the belt that I made famous but I’ve been the woman [Music] victorious last night at Hell himself [Applause] that’s that’s a gun we do this right here right now it’s charging it’s legit Charlotte flippy no referee we got chairs in the ring yes pretty finally we’re up free coming on down WB crown jewel pay-per-view Thursday October 31st Barlet flair Becky winter arguing over how they could take Utah would be bad to see it again Charlotte two championship blue man well display last night at Hell in a Cell but a game king that Gonzalez said getting caught by Oscar a different attitude for Kyrie strain but we’ve seen this edit WWE history well you’re right about that and I’ll tell you dear Dino out of the trash don’t forget the WWE Draft be nice yeah I just have to know that the executives at USA Network our ties right down into the minute it is this sum of pages ended earlier I tried oh and wanna roll through at the moment Oh Women’s Champion basket tags head what we lost between this all champions soon as the Kree tag didn’t admit she is Oh Charlotte Flair standing tall me they talked about who is the most dominant over the top rope the figure eight instead just just look at everything Charlotte forgot come back on Monday night Romney WV women’s tag team champions have taken control fired lives becoming tag team champions just catching holy toss is the wealth it’s Charlotte for Becky Lynch taking it right to Becky Lynch charges right back catching Oscar hey old talk about showing out and and perched I wait for the moment just was familiar with that did your right hip hammering away at each other I just rolled back in her hip sees that she’s experiencing this man oh go behind Becky Lynch Perry singing it’s a puppet [Music] but that’s what got them a victory we got to get some help for her eyes hey got both go remembers the teddy w/e tag kabuki warriors now taking control res Alexa blessed Nicki crop that’s how the Kabuki warriors became Tag Team Champions spit here on Monday Night Raw it’s speaking of chaos there’s t4 pounds with an 85 inch reach peak on his way to being undefeated for over a decade outspoken number one heavyweight boxer the apology from but also tonight we will go back to hell in itself and win the WWE just wrapped up pediatric cancer Roman reigns I was just scared to be honest and I’ve been living with leukemia for 11 years these little videos and the most powerful ones were from the kids bad for her to be able to deal with everything that she’s dealt with and we did a visit to the Pittsburgh George’s Hospital and it’s definitely something that no one should ever have to go through alone [Music] right now it is a Debbie to be Draft showcase matchup look he’s gonna show the do yes exactly that is nothing personal kid he’s just going to show guys really well right I sure do table one night on the draft and my broadcast partner got drafted to the other brand each other so very well as ricochet this time there’s ricochet Apollo Cruz in the counter for every counter that they are sitting around right now looking at the talent thinking about the draft I mean it that’s exactly what’s happening cami fine-tooth comb has the power now blood gotta be rushing to his head here giggling whoa man again you know King both these super centers of all the tools to succeed here in the W that we absolutely in ricochet looking to fly got all that close we’re gonna roll through and Paolo Cruz he draft showcases Cruz hoists up ricochet Ray’s dipsy-doodle there here we go [Music] Seth Rollins in the beam for a live battle in the hell is cell machen it was downright disturbing is there he comes to the ring right now a Tag Team Championships next week the six foot nine the gypsy king Tyson Fury who’s been known to speak his mind he’s had live in theory never one to hold back punches for his thoughts doesn’t fight his tongue first of all welcome to Monday Night Raw and welcome to Bakersfield on exactly what happened between you and braun strowman last week i wound up getting choked out so tonight i’m here to demand an apology you feel there is braun strowman five [Music] I was messing around trying to have a little fun with you last Friday on Smackdown because I promise you the last thing you want is to get in my ring because I the got in this ring and I would knock you out from slow-ass 10 count what the last time you fought Wilder how many heavyweight titles of you want [Applause] tourney quickly getting into the ring [Applause] look at Justin spirit he’s knocking out that he found fighting back [Applause] fifteen to try to separate these two across show me Greeks three [Applause] the Tyson Fury again [Applause] no fear in the face and look at Tyson Fury having to be restraint by the WWE locker room [Applause] now is breaking loose [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Brod now that you’ve heared the ring with Tyson Fury he’s gonna get these damn hands barks overdone last after that coming into my house disrespecting me my business the job you got me [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you

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