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Roman reigns this once so brave you think I’m a soda Moines Iowa tonight and we kick things off with a qualifying last decade Bray Wyatt and the big dog cook who will qualify in the winner of the Chamber match remember punches a ticket to Wrestlemania the face Brock Lesnar fitting all of his body weight to drive the big dog down couple right hands to the gut of Wyatt Wyatt big dog starting to rock and play why doing them and he’s not frustrated the look on his face was one of I’m enjoying every single second of this WWE fans and joining that gray slowly to his feet is he going to the chamber it will be a kick out by rolling it and I echo the sentiments to the WWE Night Raw tonight how about a look at his face right there he said you got me you got me find it look for wait a minute guys hey Matt Hardy’s appeared the ring Bray Wyatt anything our club fifth power [Music] – sweet stop a neckbreaker – Wilder seems like October better talk with the web no I can beat you and the gold medalists and there ever been a family one of the Great’s of all time [Applause] policy aim exact privilege hurt a woman Riaan ship and the first ever women’s Elimination Chamber match [Applause] you see that match [Applause] great show respect of the anthem undisputed Universal champion [Applause] don’t you guys go a little bit food basket a scintilla tag-team titles on the line the bar Sheamus and Cesaro defended ago Minh raised a last-minute replacement up in position for a time range visa tag in a bad way this place is hard that [Applause] Jason’s not involve a lotta guys the kingslayer’s got that devil in his eye right now kick it out [Applause] every structure the pillar in the backstory and you can see the twice’s now exactly what he’s done disqualification and still to the damaged strummin could cause inside the tape can you believe who opponent you have to concern yourself with with a lot of energy John had the resort to how smart was it for allies to attack Cena patois is live tonight in Des Moines Iowa this is a triple threat match between the two men of the rain seat power it took to get strowman up on his shoulders and then to deliver the AAA but Elias a massive win by that’s the last thing on his mind strong enough it’s almost like this crowd is just egging him as he get wheeled in last one more time you know I’m watching this I’m thinking to myself

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