WWE RAW 9 September 2019 Highlights HD

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[Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] yeah stone cold has been to the gun I was going up against on one and only Bret the Hitman Hart Bret the Hitman Hart freeze come out here not just get a piece of his ass I hit his ass with the first Stone Cold Stunner that Vincent man ever took with the Undertaker he bent down to give me a backdrop and I kicked his big ass right in the head I said where am I hey Go Daddy boy you and the gun and more good times to come I’m happy to be here I want to bring the challenge around here at this moment in time braun strowman [Applause] [Music] that blog scrolling will defend his tag team huddle to the post night this classic champions for braun strowman strowman do we get a glass champion to one freshmen box destroy things note that table David [Applause] and now I bring out fricken don’t blow Steve Austin has had a lot of great things to say about to send their tag team titles on the nice [Applause] braun strowman seth rollins you guys to sign this damn contract we are New York City [Applause] I might have it informing our tag title match this Sunday Julie I hate it but since you’re here tonight but he’s got a berry hangover just a damn second as to why they brought me here the best wrestler on the planet I am the universal champion I’m still gonna be the best wrestler on the planet I grew up watching you a rattlesnake still a rattlesnake but I’m gonna love being Universal champion I’m about to open a can of whoop-ass you’re gonna get these [Applause] oh boy look at me I’m in the ring wanna move it Jeeva does anybody really care about that anymore though sit this play out or you might get hurt do you guys want me to talk or not shut up for a second let me talk this is one of no one likes coming to New York why don’t you put a little bass in your voice and why don’t you shut up Steve 18,000 people calling you an asshole and your old age you turned into a real asshole get the universal title match how does that happen you’ve been in this business for so long you old fart you got to know where I’m coming from right what are you doing but I damn sure know where you’re going launching gallows [Applause] it’s throwing that done Rollins went for the stop and style [Applause] AJ Styles [Applause] [Music] Steve Weiser he’s gonna need Charlotte prayer against the SmackDown champion Balian Sasha banks from Stone Cold Steve Austin moments ago the Dow yes a score to settle with AJ in the OCU and toss an opportunity to advance match tonight a victory over Stiles could earth in many believe that Alexander had a chance to knock off barons AJ Styles off guard a voracious athleticism from cedric competitor each time Cedric steps inside the ring he learned something the United States Champion former WWE Champion Austin humiliated by Stone Cold Steve Austin at the fight through the pain let the adrenaline kick in AJ style focusing as a tackle on an already injured shoulder of Center Gator trying to fight back after Styles dominated during the commercial break [Applause] you speak great balance by Alexander this time he caught him at the point of the they didn’t achieve a desired effect can’t be surprised anywhere Stiles goes the OC Pollux and ER [Applause] the standard size Cedric Alexander will decide through advances to the final as ricochet to take on the SmackDown Women’s Champion I heard Charlotte and Becky were walking around all mad because of what we did to them last week we’re back together and there ain’t no stronger connection to the ring and you can take it back to the bank base tonight these two women on your left the van that you had on your right the patent assess today why raw and this is a friendship that’ll never ever end man new episode of the Firefly funhouse [Music] what it starts the Monday Night Raw here tonight ladies and gentlemen September please in the fight support the superstars of tomorrow [Applause] almost a year ago I made my announcement that my leukemia had returned y’all gave me the strength to heal that gave me the strength to change my perspective I wanted to use this platform to raise awareness Beit that momentum for others like you did for me and not too long ago I visited one right here in New York when we can bring them to us they are from here in New York and New Jersey [Applause] [Applause] really these little warriors have been through the biggest fights of their young live and it’s on us to help them it’s on us to support them and to have their thank you dressing up as WWE Superstars the superstars that they want these tonight is the name of the game who has it who doesn’t [Music] [Applause] [Music] pretty lot of abundance there’s no way there is absolutely no [Applause] Charlotte Flair Charlotte now focus this Sunday twist last week on both Raw and SmackDown [Music] all of sports entertainment after this Sunday not forgetting money back now against banks the woman she faces Sunday experience banks and Bailey at their absolute worst live on Raw khomeini here at Madison Square Garden were sold out tonight for Monday Night Raw back to be in the spotlight and crave it like nothing else tag made by Bailey she believes that Becky Lynch of the raw image title has been a Selenia alongside Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey’s that just got under the skin Stone Cold Steve Austin and Brock Lesnar is the only WWE flashy bags inside barely as well quarry today respect that the wall Women’s Championship is also looking on is a Becky heads to the corner tag made to this nice away from a tenth Championship reign for the calculate now on ESPN talks about these four women slowly take the WWE by stole for those woman who certainly argued that they are responsible for the change in the women’s division hopefully double team by Balian Sasha to Charlotte and efficient to the jealousy all these four women he said of that ESPN article that it was always competitive between the and hair the raw Women’s Champion he takes advantage it is what it is and it’s a threat to be dealt and Sasha WrestleMania suplex by banks to Becky Lynch looking at the first-ever WWE Tag Team Champions and Balian banks Becky Bailey Bailey Center feet Charlotte though able to counter-attack strikes yet the enemy of my enemy is my friend in this particular situation reversible pinning combination [Applause] breaking the figure eight before Sasha tap that was just happens then here comes back live on Monday Night Raw great tag-team action here between Sasha banks and Bayley eyewitness title against Charlotte Flair on Sunday she looks at Lynch Charlotte in the corner tag made here comes Baldelli went down this past week talked about wanting to be universe you want to get something done ask appease you chuck coming into the rang and delivers the next quarter he’s not done there just left for top with Sasha banks dick going for the baleen Italian next you looking for the de star right now [Music] Becky Lynch job 10 cows it’s hard to keep track of Becky there’s the leg drop [Applause] Santa Trinita the steam [Applause] now sir got her legs up its from behind Sasha a handful [Applause] in her phones is Sunday [Applause] [Music] junk business basis – I’m ever a triple threat match with a side who advances to the final [Music] [Applause] [Music] just wondering if you agree what what the oak see runs this place your COC COC you should be running the place you could be running the place we have some enemies in common and you know that and I know that tonight you tinker [Applause] [Music] rey mysterio takes up granite – likewise next and drinking match see if he still goddess so to speak to what a great challenge lines away the car hop classic for a knockout price of $2.99 perfect description for Grandma Natalie still gonna take brave Mysterio back to his roots a little bit he’s just one leg away from that superstardom nation here and Menelik ducks underneath back we’ll through beautiful perfect opportunity for Menelik touch bo-beautiful sent touch up there many say a gray Mysterio with the biggest heart in mentally as Mysterio now stands battle leaked into the second ghost mentally they picking up the pace lost body free look at this this is the aptly-named take the ropes right that night there’s that innovative just got the shoulder up [Applause] and back a bit rey mysterio now we’ll send that a leak in a position to drop a dime and a great job or ricochet Samoa Joe Baron Corbin triple threat rule on strowman and Cedric Alexander you gotta wonder then man tag team match has been made official on one side burden but now all roads lead to clash of Champions [Applause] [Music] we’re in trouble ricochet class joke too this triple-threat man semifinal act back down bracket can you feel it the Courtney b-boss to the 91 often was for sweet was a quote minor inconvenience they’re all pretenders in fall or submission will win in advance ooh finals there are no count-out and Alice Ricochet get a sense of mojo fly oh very common with us yes do it John that’s what is verdict I reckon you’re gonna send Kevin like one of those tiny Angela in our business we began again remember there are no to squatter [Applause] tucked underneath it Corbin town yeah time and ricochet though naki joke at the roll through it without their future job the house that Bruno Sammartino sold out 100 center of the rain gen ricochet pull off what many would consider ricochet us through this you want to be in his favor [Applause] [Music] here in the gun fighting is laser-focused is true morbid does just that to go on to his advantage there’s the [Applause] he’s faced will it be Elias or the has taken his throne 10 of the top superstars in WWE it’s rolling [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Natalia be quiet especially for prey doing the daily that Kremes is a really looking forward to this match tonight once again lacy evan has no desire to be associated with anybody in her lop smuggling Tattaglia period point-blank this is ridiculous about time you know what everybody just picks whoo look at that Talia but nowhere to go trying to use their long arms and just barely gets to them fictitious clothesline takes down lay smart move by lacy falling the bottom rope lazy scrambling suckered Italian and launched the attack is dimness into motion [Applause] do you know how difficult it is to maintain [Applause] busan [Applause] dominate good hygiene Rene values the winner [Music] [Applause] [Music] ladies you’ve stolen these New York Knicks and during this interview he’d be interrupted by moments before Monday Night Raw but on the air that this guy and then this cancer did they pin our truth was there here in New York the Boston self-defense olives in the past but thankfully ostrich and his cancer is free to go back to Boston where no one likes him there either be anywhere near is the universal title which is up for grabs why the classic championships and not Gamora with Sami Zayn in his corner bring us back down fire in desire Mandy rose and Sonya Deven fairy tale Championship reign continue or if it will come crashing this is a friendship battle never ever end some for you stranger danger stranger danger mean Stone Cold Steve Austin Abbi wait let me fix your clock see Abby now your clock is right as rain Steve he’s just an old battle snake that’s the Brawn have a trail of new friends friends won’t help where you’re going but the fiend never forgets [Music] main event 10 superstars booty puffle takes over to cover the latest edition of Muscle & Fitness available this Friday Universal while Seth Rollins the Beast Slayer the universal cacophony of the ring is partners Delaney Rangers Cedric Alexander and braun strowman effectively earlier on and United team [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Oh hi Jase built man tag team with the Chuck [Music] Claire we’ll just throwing the Viking raiders on one side each and now the match is officially underway and it Pullman meets the universal championship come Sunday you know cygwin tag-team champions but I’m also gonna lumpy in the universal champion as wheelie is focused on the universal slam we are back live on Monday Night Raw 10-man tag-team matchup continues with to regain control [Applause] a cast to be a slave the OSI rootin Ziggler a bad corner McKenna’s brood can anyway to dominate raps the bad arm of Alexander Robert Roode is a better than firing on all cylinders together that’s the square echo chamber gallows back into the mix I bar though with some robot man is now legal [Applause] champion Ronnie sliced Roman College pushed into his partner [Applause] again with clash of Champions will be this Sunday mostly been the flurry before the commercial break switch Stone Cold Steve Austin who had braun strowman he stole that and what about the matchup between best friends but the United States Champion AJ Styles just battering Styles with shoulder tackles and a monstrous brutality competition ivar an agent in a legal matter this man [Applause] Alexander told him [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Raiders [Music] great to see how in the Big Apple [Music] subscribe to channel and click on bell icon for new videos

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