WWE RAW 7 october 2019 full highlights

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[Music] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] 1400 live episodes I’m Vic Joseph alarm Jerry the King Lawler oh thank you baby thank you I feel a little bit of deja vu because I’ve been here for most of those 1400 episodes hey it sounds like we’re gonna suck this show up [Music] and RAM is jail for the takedown Ziggler and move or will the champs a superstar who is second tonight in the air stereo out of retirement we thought mysterion was gonna hate when I launched as Phoenix later tonight I’m gonna face Seth Rollins for the universal championship Dominick it’s because of you that I’m here right now I love you son tonight I’m gonna bring that Universal Championship Lesnar and of course his advocate yeah what a moment this forget it’s rock Lesnar a real face about the life game [Applause] [Music] beast in one more time lesson Kofi Kingston he said King maybe it would have been better for in the stairway to me guys [Applause] [Music] you know look at the straight line being crossed say something up on the shoulders [Applause] or anyone can stop me Ricky yeah finally you say stop all he cares about is just [Applause] what does he check it out at all please he had sent the Kofi Kingston [Applause] our door let’s say to be sorry about this Brock Lesnar C championship at this Friday I leave Sunday it’ll be Becky Lynch defending her raw women shelf paper move in streaming live on the WWE Network Oh Tag Team Champions Alexa bliss you ever notice how their faces like she smells [Music] [Applause] this is deer you talk about that look on Lynch it’s not like the new engines I like that so good to have yet of course it is a job fell in a Cell this Sunday came back now what’s the blistering oh she should be me or she should be able to kick on it too but Becky Lynch is here the wrong woman’s to be back in the back that you would conduct yourself that tape on champion she’s the man doing she wanna keep being Becky Lynch staring at us right now in the back as well he should trying to turn things around in a night scissor here to the WWE boom plus you know also her Bobby has a smile of who the boss election yep just you better watch that you say King the champs getting to go it’s good hey [Applause] tonight as she stares here we go and the man right on top of the glitch was patient choose almost taken its and look at Frank’s rates hutchman step aside Duchess wait y’all we’re just getting started you’re not leaving that towel until I’m done with you you made it personal I’m gonna make it painful boss this hell retribution is coming along comes to name side hell in itself there’s gonna be featuring absolut legends in home focus of a universal championship match but our seeds getting ready to meet the theme Bray Wyatt [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] even Lord glory and what a team they have been consisting it’s heavy machinery on the line he was coming home the rock will be live hey welcome on back to the season premiere of Monday Night Raw let’s take a look at what happened last week on Raw [Music] [Music] [Applause] and now please welcome the universal champion the beasts lair Seth Rollins what Brock Lesnar just did sir a and Dominic that’s what he does disappointed and I’m disgusted because that’s a line you just don’t cross tonight is the season premiere of Monday Night Raw week my brain Mysterio he is in no condition to compete tonight but this is an opportunity for somebody to step up I’m gonna burn it down to the raw Tag Team Championship [Music] Oh King they choked quite quickly yeah maybe earlier today and yeah one trend worldwide rocket and I took out Rey Mysterio also Ramos some massive opportunity for heavy machinery to be the wrestling advantage Kahn from Penn State but all right now told you watch out for the Vic I talked to heavy machinery and they said it’s here tonight they’re gonna start drilling all over wait a minute double suplex play tag team to call now traffic gets home it’s on the line here on the season premiere Deanery in control brood say that King yes root set down nice net brick where’s Otis from this town Tucker and this is SATA machinery they blew for this they lived Sunday streaming live on the WWE Network blossoms happy this route clusters back in comes Ziggler in oh fuck and they’re just mocking Oh waving it Tucker [Applause] Smackdown team and the raw egg a raw team is when the Smackdown championships [Applause] on display nature oh wait a minute oh say it’s absolutely a new raw taxi chip their ever oh wait a minute she’s rocked [Applause] it was the glorious one and the pretty United States Champion Logan this is 7fe premier week and it all begins with Ronda Rousey next down comes to fox studies going to be there Friday Night Smackdown the premiere this Sunday shipping live on the WWE Network pool helymus sell matches including what we’ve already seen inside Hell in a Cell [Applause] [Music] you almost must see WB talk-show history welcom to Miz TV or Terrain and Dominic Mysterio one of my daughters actually being born last week what I would do to someone if they ever put their hands on my child Rea Dominic I hope you’re okay let’s get this thing started shall we it is the season premiere of Miz TV my first guest is a sixteen time world champion [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] person that was a king [Applause] education I got that a chapel he is a 13-time world champion [Applause] [Applause] [Music] alright I’m drowning we’re soaking it up in I mean how many times you get to see three legends standing in a WWE right yeah I got I got equal time with that we’ve been to listen to the lose a lot longer by right Hulkster you’re a legend Jimmy you’re a legend it’s about the season premiere of Raw thank you I’ll take that Oh looking across the ring and seeing the Nature Boy it’s great to be here in Phoenix Arizona brother a friend of mine the Nature Boy well here’s the deal did you brought it up nobody touches me brother I ain’t got equal and that includes you tonight after 24 [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Rick brotherbrother brah we’re definitely not spring chickens anymore brother gone because I have a huge announcement that you both know about team Hogan verse team we just found out something I got a universal title match tonight proud to be the captain of team whole Ian [Applause] Piper TV they just turn out to be death I need your 100% undivided attention so if you don’t mind could you crawl out of I’m the captain of team flare flare can I get a wolf seeing as it’s the season premiere of Monday Night Raw I think we should have ourselves two captains matchable you down the team Claire Randy Orton so we’re all ready now this is gonna be so [Music] oh there comes separates the stator keith is Randy Orton [Applause] American pickups [Applause] block by king Corbett clap just got dethroned [Applause] [Music] [Applause] just and is Universal championship man rusev excuse me where’s Lana all right you know what let’s not worry about Locke now that you are back what do you hope to accomplish I’m not here to talk about my problems at home here to talk about Seth Rollins his problems at work to step up to the challenge to save him it was me Seth Rollins I challenged you tonight Wednesday’s you guys I know very well Adam Cole and the loser competes for the first time on Smackdown this Sunday questions will be answered but Raiders in the oh sweet tag team action Monday night ready for tag-team action just like the OSI has you talked about here’s five it looks like we’ve got a couple in Carl Anderson I must have done on LARPing in my day some Viking raiders well I’m watching a little a little bit for the Viking raiders and you know that really has you know oh boy speaking of sighs look at that strange this gallop Pony to gallows you’ll still see the United States Champion has that quite a little bit of fun a lot on that kick out though my eyeball oh you’re right about that and if he’d look at our booth now Carl Landers nice take a look at the combination offense about the ball for a moment and spills wrong rolls on sin and Luke Gallows have been beaten down it just been hammering each other son Dominic which altered the universal Miz TV with Hulk Hogan and then look at how far he is no big spoon Carl Anderson just hit like no determination look at the fire Oh Eric I don’t believe realizes it but they’re not to prove dominant with determination see gallows face Oh going going or trying to take up talk about a numbers advantage [Applause] well Rey Mysterio and his son Dominic were unfortunately rushed out of the arena the neither Rey nor Dominic will be returning this evening to Monday Night Raw Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman are still in the building that most people are calling criminal who cares but there was nothing criminal about both Brock Lesnar did only think criminal about Brock Lesnar’s actions today man you would watch Cesaro I don’t think you would do a damn thing how big you are how about we prove it out there in the ring [Music] [Applause] [Music] to create a video game oh absolutely Starla’s got a few himself [Music] catch a sneak peek of the new season tonight beeline right for the ring say bill I read for Santos fast as lightning oh for this matchup due to his hero Ramos so words from Cesaro fired up British on display do is ricochets that busted out a couple times bill already Shane tomorrow in the past some of those comments irking they’re stalking the ring he stays right on top of an opponent oh yeah that’s just like poetry in motion he’s so since gets hoisted and Cicero down but too strong duck in the grass of a real life and ricochet Oh [Music] [Applause] could caper ricochet might have to eat them new episode of the Firefly funhouse that is death [Music] here [Music] [Music] so much honesty there’s nothing like imagine a world without shop built to inflict pain and suffering huh our good friend Seth groans with him but I have a good feeling that he’ll have a very very bad feeling [Applause] [Music] J styles in the guys down scampi to em they just found all business basic on Japan over the course of AJ Styles well he knows the formula king [Applause] [Music] arrogant when you’re the champ is a fine line between confidence and standard can do happen Styles coming right out of the gate hi commander Alexander taking kicks out can’t plan for hell so hard to cook know what dropkick let’s set you the fire that burns down inside Alexander AJ’s flushed right in the jaw Ali this tiles charging track you not their flag gets caught by styles oh it styles now down styles uppity styles in control of Cedric Alexander intermetallics to beat sounds choices he gets here with me Alexander can sit himself second to none taking a look over it oh what a form by AJ Styles now Styles trying to look go for a ride for a moment glass this is AJ Styles oh no could be look at that phenomenal form they’re able to clean out her lookout up in to both superstars is now looking at King oh wait wait from Stiles Stiles is Alexander get belated famous and by this Styles again looking for the Styles to fight holding high above his head [Music] it’s a day on the season premiere of Monday Night Raw question to everyone that’s been asking on the street profits gonna be in action we who defeat Stan’s name three times why were you talking to an old janitor is trust me on this one dogs okay we have six away from the tire taking a torch we love the smoke oh yeah my boys have been asking for the smoke for weeks somebody give it to this Sunday at Hell in a Cell little robbery with Italian let’s not forget to right now Lacey Evans and Natalya have not been getting along oh you some damage to each other I know that’s gotta be the probably the most painful hold our shooter that he talked to in Italian you can’t forget that coming up is the WEF Smackdown 2011 Fox if the same network I mean don’t be drafts coming up boozy crease creasing that stock info King come on yeah no that’s that’s too much come on about the nastiness skip she’s got a hot dog and grandstand around into the noses Lacey Evans looks like she smells something bad all the time later yeah here comes something like Lacey Lacey Evans King certainly has a mean streak about it are you tells me it’s hard to keep them both separate is not a child this Oh what is sweep way Italia baby took too much and enough nobody there forever tonight we’re gonna put on the real Sharpshooter chatter better hope the team wants to be in the ring right now but it’s and now to the face of Natalya rolls through oh come on [Applause] [Music] way defending the rule [Music] [Applause] disgusting absolutely you don’t get to talk to Brock Lesnar I took from my clients actions tonight were wanton and reckless I apologize to Rey Mysterio and don’t blame us blame Vince McMahon Brock Lesnar is in fight mode Noah buckler’s is going to do this Friday on the Smackdown Premera Kofi Kingston can thank God every night for the past likely Mysterio like Dominic’s I thought they tasted you will hear these words raising defending undisputed ladies and gentlemen with a baby on the way Maria Kanellis I cannot believe you would ask me something like that and I think rusev has enough going on with Lana what’s wrong with you you call yourself a man well you’re not man enough for me I’m the blueprint I’m the standard when I make you cry when I make you tab so trust me when I tell you that no man [Applause] at this hour that’s gonna be on Friday nights Magda Becky Lynch Smackdown premiere on fox but that’s not all the way this feel gotta put everything week champion [Applause] [Music] we saw them earlier tonight emerging as part of a team Hogan tear each other apart either they will face the fiend Bray Wyatt as of right now for the universal championship [Music] [Applause] yelling the self-id still heavy again Randy Orton and King Corbin looking out start of the night thinking he was gonna be taking on the rim and Rollins no title rusev stepping into this matchup as rusev quickly picking up steam rusev chopped the back getting old too big to where the Universal title Rollins Universal champion trying to fight out a grip now rusev charge it in gets caught I got a feeling championship matches between Lana and the that went nowhere was pretty citizen he could win the universal championship after the universal tyldus trade routes to try to pick up the pace continues to go after taken to the air able to kick-out and it Bo Ryan a follow up by planting roars heavy machinery they seldom work out golden rusev sighs Rollins realized it went to wrong not right now [Applause] against the scene tonight what’s your town what tell roots outside loose aside Seth Rollins looking to take flight [Applause] bobby lashley [Music] wait a minute guys [Applause] [Music] look out [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] these

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