WWE Raw 7 October 2019 Full Highlights – WWE Monday Night Raw Highlights

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it can’t carbon it’s just we’re just getting started tonight or you’re supposed to have a rusev versus Randy Orton right now by rusev that’s nothing it doesn’t look like you’re having a good time at all man to Euro bruce’s and even though you don’t look as good in this robe as a robe and I probably at your house it’s got to be your bed and this bed looks extremely comfortably going very nice you’re missing everything we own is now my name’s it looks like you’re not having fun these guys are laughing he said has to be devastated I could even imagine this going I mean after the guy I don’t know how he can go on just walk out of here but it looks like quickly jealousy jerks don’t come over here crazy man King Corbin just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time did you mention I think everybody can relate to what’s going through steps mine right now dad took watch Lacey Evans use the Sharpshooter and I’m getting some payback with this do woman’s right watch this and you know what happens at the end of the road don’t you nonsense Natalia pulled attacking me after our match last night last lady’s standing match nasty Natalia will be taken out like the trash fishing the only way to win is to ensure your opponent stands like I said it’s wrong morally point and it’s how you’re gonna writing till they sentiment answer back when Italian saying once if there’s no submissions you got to take your opponent heavens mouth you have to figure the Lacey evident that either a southern girl like Lacey Evans oh traffic I’m really looking forward to the draft saboom next Monday here tonight raw but now that I am locked it in the shops of Lacey oven she’s being bent in half and it doesn’t matter if she taps out it doesn’t tell you right now accidentally executing Talia knows that she can’t win the match for the submission don’t call her Nastya earmuff weighs the average her feet by the count of ten Lacey others would be the last will count when the count of nine I think she was taking as much time as you can oh I agree let’s just cop here oh man oh no and Lacey Evans now every down or out eight referee this last woman under that ring and there’s a table yep no way to ten she dies here what’s this ad look one more time the referee is up to eight they tell you oh smart on the part of Lacey Evans but all there potentially does they tell you have left right now I’d say every time she stands up she’s so smart to do that free up to six Natalia still stuck is the type Lacey Evans about those cloths coming off swinging for the fences got to her feet guy that would blow I don’t know a pleasure double your fun get away I’m looking at the face of lace get back to her feet at 9:00 and I want to stay down face King since the Queen hearts right back to the ground why she thinking here it’s how ya kiddin any word up early I take a look at this track and now it can go anywhere it wants its last woman standing the Tigers up the help of the table Oh No much to the pleasure of the sassy southern belle no guys d’Italia the stage Monday Night Raw a place of tradition calm and collected demeanor of know that that is not who I am a mess unforgiving Venice cold and permanent death I am forever restless we showcase and knock on my door me a raw was so hot it feels like so man smite down say goodbye to the USA Network oh yeah oh yeah we can friend for Elliott so how about we do the scouting report but before we get to the draft we got big business but smoke rodent Libra and tag team match Tyson Fury was on him with his family I think it was oh it’s the beard a joke because Dolph Ziggler would bounce off Yuri Tyson Fury come over the barricade Tyson Fury is here on Monday Night Raw boxing champion of the world – Fury Roman I’m not provoking braun strowman tried to make a fool of me by throwing dolphin to me and I’ve been invited here I want an apology right here today they’re looking to continue they they would love to be in a title match get down anyone in their path to Kings Point and Eric gonna start things off here it’s freaky I mean just uh put the fear of Thor in you oh you want the best on on Friday Night Smackdown the best on Monday night wrap the lease for Dolph Ziggler Dolph Ziggler I take a look at this that’s really gonna work out that’s 300 Robert Roode hoisted high above to kick down Ivar this is part we’ve seen a brontosaurus Oh wearing clean-cut gentlemen but the Viking right now Erica saga what I saw rage coming out just doesn’t seem like looking Raiders insurance its flipped over did it shout it down the way that Eric does well that’s a good question they don’t they don’t want to get beat by these get petition here this week just dominated this matchup and all the traffic Ziegler any Eric back into the ring the doubt okay these are two talented superstars to this ring but really a win for Dolph Ziggler with roosters owner reaching out between Eric and Aybar oh look any plans and now Robert Roode now just playing with us to look at rude he’s just putting all his weight leaning in there they’re gonna just keep pouring it on these guys and right pull on Robert Roode head Josh good grief Ruth is sleeping and everything that moves it high bar showcasing the strength Ziggler now going up and do it Ziggler go Super Kick earlier now thinking in the rude what do we have to do or go away from perhaps getting an opportunity at those rocks acting champions wait a minute what’s out but he certainly does this is going to be great as well look at this Isis fury six foot nine gypsy king ya know that second thought I’m gonna head down to the ring to pick a fight like a perfect place for two or five lives your favorite boys from winning statement so Alistair blood we want to pick a fight with you quick these about wanting to pick a fight do you want to be the guys that step in that ring well they wanted this match ready for that can’t discredit Samir and Samil they certainly bringing the confidence in the center another third one for this medal where else can we cut oh oh the same brush to on one matchup oh there’s not a lot of advantage we’re not but now look to the balusters black gets trapped at all.they night on the fun of the Charmin that very innovative submission because that he was a number one draft choice well without a doubt I mean he was very impressive to syncro the king says know your role you don’t see Becky Lynch walking around here holding a pair of testicles do you what happens when you come out and you insult you’re getting ready to get your monkey ass whooped by the rock and the man on Friday but because of the confrontation that we just saw demanding an apology boy here from braun strowman Monday Night Raw he’s here to confront you and also to demand an apology Tyson sitting ringside a Friday Night Smackdown in March but I do too might get these heads courtesy of the conquer same way it works out tonight ladies and gentlemen please welcome my guest Rey Mysterio yep point of support for my former WWE superstars my son Dominic was brutalized by Brock Lesnar this is weird but in a way he took a beating like a man longer he’s now home resting and up for the task Paul Heyman would put it you were victimized by the Beast become parents we vowed to love and protect them Dean bully Brock Lesnar and there wasn’t a damn thing I can do about it I felt like I let my son down but I felt like I left my family down so buddy know it’s godfather me familia the man who took that same title from Brock Lesnar can brag accurately that Brock Lesnar único que le puede part is toda Sumeria Brock Lesnar it’s Cain Velasquez Hell in a Cell a house party this six-man tag-team match ups the original was for hours the color right at Helena self-check walk braun strowman last night they at the big house party at the appeal most exciting teams on jul 5 live that one perfectly symmetric the United States Champion AJ specs from massive right hand he’s suffered last night you don’t just walk oh yeah he may be feeling Carl Anderson taking down a house party all of these guys boy it’s not up to your point King almost doc Ewing might be a little concerned as well because those go superstar take a look at this king are you kidding me good night event also carrying over the next Monday here on our next on camera yeah lows talk about how the lucha house party likes to have fun these lows all three members of USC with a vicious side to them OC go about refocusing themselves craft is so much on these guys mind it’s hard to follow Jake Ranma close trying to take down all three member back on Monday night Rob this mentos just so much they different type of intense here tonight Oh Sean all howl Anderson bad intentions a little separation Gerry Auto coming baby Callisto quickly now King yeah when you say in comes kalisto you know AJ Styles on rubber legs feet at Carl Anderson breaks it up let’s moved in Dallas take it out up and over couldn’t land nice here comes certainly wasn’t an easy match but they had things going there with in all three of these superstars but there’s 15 dad his two cents oh no come on there’s no need for this hey Stiles looking at the nation Lauria they hide the impacto styled whoo but a j-style showcasing again why is some is maybe the number one trait where the miss had both those hall-of-famers on as his special custodian fury talk show in history welcome to MS TB doctor celebrities like the rock club buddies like Cain Velasquez Mike Tyson jury can’t wait to see what he has to say later on tonight and at the boss put themselves through but here we have it thank you still get to as well ladies and gentlemen please walk off-book Queen Charlotte was monumental for the Queen last night guys can you guys feel like we should be standing up as the Queen goes by but see your point to your Charlotte Flair back on point you gained a little both women’s champions sitting in the ring voted Sasha banks in a grueling match inside a Hell in a Cell two reporters but since then you have main evented WrestleMania you were on the cover of WWE’s videogame 2k 20 this face on the box of golden crisp cereal accomplishments are great making history is great all the way through hell and I’ve probably never been more banged up than I am today she got her ass kicked by the mob Charlotte who became the new Smackdown Women’s Champion in WWE Women’s Championship both of you at the peak of your careers on the cusp ups can change careers it can change the direction of everything dominant women well we’re gonna psyche because you two will be teaming together against bad team champions the kabuki warrior as beat up as I am I’ve got something to prove to myself tonight they did she beat me I mean I’m always the consummate professional it’s yourself with the belt that I made Fame I made you famous you might have been Becky to veltz once 10 times 10 times new WWE women that’s the gun that we do this right here right now Bunji bootylicious Charlotte Flair standing tall breaking down early on there and both pick finally we’re free coming on down so someone note maybe not cases next well some semblance of order has been restored Lisa wouldn’t be bad to see it again maybe down the line they would be queen two belts Charlotte to champion Oh Becky Lynch could have none of that and look at herself she’s literally beat the note last night going a long time to get her hands back on osku who’s holding boys for all four of these women and Helena sellin re hi Monday night you brought up bath begins this Friday on Friday Night Smackdown he’s on the top of their list well now Kyrie sane I tried oh and wanna write for like an under roll through at the moment Oh Charlotte Flair and there’s no love lost between Claire call champion as soon as the crew tagged in it oh very physical matches members the Kabuki warriors a geek on or maybe transition to figure eight instead just look at everything shuttle or Charlotte flirt Lynch and the smackdown Women’s Champion that being Charlotte Fleck hey guys I have the keep champions leave it Oh Charlotte Flair just catching ball comes the man head Becky Lynch taking it roll it back kick Oh wasted motion and Becky Lynch charges brawl Women’s Champion perched I mobilize and want a back fit say the top rope took too much time and Becky was hammering away at each other I know what you’re saying deal after that Helena summer kick out for Lynch into the desorber the new Women’s Championship match Terry sated we gotta get some help for her eyes Oh smack top champion trying to take out both they haven’t forgot about 24 hours ago slugging it out that’s how the Kabuki warriors became the new Women’s Champion taxi Champy’s may need a little help foot 9 254 pounds with an 85 inch reach on his way to being undefeated for over a decade to be one of these best boxers of all time tonight we’re gonna find out who’s gonna get these hands wanna grab my Batmobile sometime and ricocheted set for action going up tomorrow night we’re separate trem showcase match for ricochet Cruz presentation of East total the season premiere next after raw here this was season premiere you know especially with Cruz and a ricochet look bottle crew said it he’s been hustling he’s been asked exactly that is nothing personal kid he’s just going to Bowl so both of them are capable of incredible feats right back to that which WWE Universe I mean this could be the last match on all off and my broadcast partner got drafted to the other brand Bruce thank you to the air these two superstars the counter for every counter fine-tooth comb has the power now on brush into his head here in Delhi whoa man we mean by that I want to have the best show w daily Oh che looking to fly dipsy-doodle there here we go really save it just how quick it Kate Seth Rollins of the theme great white battle in the helmets powder you’re right the undefeated top-ranked every week boxer in the world Roman man and that is Nick here he comes to the ring right please welcome to Monday Night Raw the 6 foot 9 the gypsy king Tyson Fury’s had wild off-the-cuff antics his entire career time somebody’s gonna step up to you and you might have to get these hands but you better hope that’s Roman well Tyson first of all welcome to Monday Night Raw and on exactly what happened between you and braun strowman ian minding my own business braun he tried to make me look like a soul I’m here to demand an apology qualities yourself but sure what is it Tyson theory are we gonna witness in the ring something’s something found together I saw the way you looked at me like you wanted a piece of this was dragging your ass out of that building I will say it let him go I have no idea what I’m capable of it’s a good job how those security did jump on me it’d be you letting on your back staring up at the light so what the last time you fought Wilder bite champion of the world how many heavyweight titles of you won’t do it attorney quickly getting into the rate you got to get free Oh fighting back here comes the locker room these two men they are dealing out insane combo the Texas fury again coming straight at the monster face up Tyson Fury leave it now that you’ve shared the ring with Tyson Fury how was your opinion chi-ming to Medina rod to demand an apology from you he did my business to job you got me I don’t play that crap Tyson Fury

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