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[Music] Lesnar and Goldberg will stand face to face in the middle of the Ring live tonight on Raw ladies and gentlemen please in Bailey fatal 4-way match now in elimination match mania this year I’m not at home with my friends this year I’m not in the crowd this year I am in Wrestlemania [Applause] here’s one of the reasons the odds are stacked against the champion [Applause] wake up and get your mind and dreams out of the clouds because the boss has made you her pond she was completely out of the title picture and has been dying to find a way back in if it wasn’t for Sasha I would still be the Women’s Champion and in six days I’ll be walking out of Wrestlemania the five-time Women’s Champion I’m gonna believe anything that you’re saying so you don’t believe me first me now you Bailey look in the mirror because Sasha is waiting to stab you in your back [Applause] [Music] you must be out of your damn mind to compare our past relationship to my friendship with Bailey and we understand that friendship is friendship and business is the business and at WrestleMania I will take care of business [Music] [Applause] [Music] on the situation I inject its grade the raw Women’s Championship back and forth so pathetic when I eliminate each and every one of you but the only reason you’re in this match is because Sasha didn’t have to pretend to care about Bailey any more on Monday Night Raw six nights away from WrestleMania II with her friend Sasha banks against Charlotte and nya Jack’s some semblance of order has been restored it was the rivalry for the better part of a couple of years now and Sasha driving Charlotte elimination match kori at WrestleMania he’s in order to emerge victorious as the raw Women’s Champion and regs all four women will be on the right the same time on Sunday and Alice Sasha trying to to yank nyah jacks off the apron that didn’t work out – LS she flash Charlotte AG is made here comes the game changer and the procced Ryung to battle back but again the dominant nya Jack’s double dropkick Jack’s so powerful with one manoeuvre she can change the complexion of the match hailey trying to fight back with charlatan or bailius naive over the fact that Sasha’s a starlet to try to get into the head of Bailey Byron you also think fairy tales are real it could the plaintiff suit looks like a twisted obviously Sasha wants to be a wall women’s champion that doesn’t take anything away from the genuine friendship that exists Medal of Bailey a lot has been said about how her emotional state and alcohol retain the water wall in his title Chloe how about the fact though she realizes what the competition lying ahead of her at WrestleMania I have worked together to isolate the champion Sasha and Sasha banks who look to recapture the raw Women’s Championship revenge for the boss how sweet would it be for Charlotte to capture her fifth Women’s Champion and match these two had back in December Sasha cross body lateral faceting Vania we are not we haven’t seen that much of niya to know what she’s capable of blasting Sasha on us they never bet against the Queen Charlotte could solve if she compete on the biggest stage oh and now a jack set up in an interview last week drops an elbow right to the heart of Sasha banks and another one rare combination of power ability and ability some way Bailey can retain that role in this channel I think there’s a newfound respect for Bailey as champion just don’t get Penn or submit early on Protege to the courage so so let’s gotta prove now achievement so I Sasha drag back to the middle of the Ring barely taking fish Charlotte let’s succeeding we’re trying to prove that she’s not fine me that drops her to her knees Charlotte misses wildly Bailey though Charlotte who delivers her oh look at Bailey’s knee we can her up for the figure-four into the figure-eight Bailey Bailey fighting Sasha’s saving the man gentleman for herself tonight it’s tag team action Sasha coming off the apron by Yaya Jack’s tripping face first up Sasha from the game daily blocking it for the raw women’s title on the line Jack’s drop right across the spine of Sasha [Applause] Queen aya said she would be the one to give the raw women’s title a permanent home could be a true statement in six days Sami a man you considered a mentor Mick Foley was removed last week from his position as general manager of Monday Night Raw how are you feeling that and now that he’s gone it’s my job to continue to stand up all right and I’m going to be a part of the Andre the Giant battle royal and since I know he’s gonna be watching it at home I am dedicating it to Mick Foley he’s Sammy you’re going to have to win you are No Disqualification match against Kevin Owens and if you can’t get the job done Sammy because you’ll be fired well we are joined now by the cruiserweight champion Nevel welcome it’s king of the cruiser [Applause] [Music] Dhar versus Aries one-on-one hashtag 2:05 live to talk about the Austin Aries last week you beat Tony taeho rah drop kick to the face of guard Austin Aries is not gonna hold anything WrestleMania I was oh what an uppercut my door here’s the cover wraps the others in Bible of beers devil John Callahan exactly Jack got a goddess co-ops absolutely not Austin Aries couldn’t get my hair stuff Ali maybe a little bit of my respect a 2:05 live in Timur it doesn’t bother me in the slightest [Applause] listen I completely agree with you I try to exit hand against my boyfriend dar who looks to roll about parities it to almost got a discus five on right on the moon doesn’t look like he’s done yet look at this Cory the last century closeness whatever you can do the cruiserweight championship devil vs Aries earlier tonight we saw Cemetery could it be the Undertaker is digging a new yard for Roman reigns will he sign a hold harmless agreement to fight Triple H at WrestleMania we’ll find out next [Applause] [Music] SEPTA’s living by what his heart want to do and that is fight and destroy triple-eight well there’s two chairs out here so Triple H let’s get this done [Applause] the contract harmless agreement enhance triple Eight’s can do anything he wants the Centro inside the ring in Orlando before you sign this document if you attack me one I will defend myself and that won’t go well for you sit down in the chair and listen to me I’ve listened to you for long enough get in here with that contract you don’t want to sit down in the chair and listen to me fine the match is off you sign this contract you give up all your rights if it means that when I take that crutch well I’m not gonna stop there Seth I’m not gonna stop at all I’m gonna keep going until I destroy what I created and your career is over you give up all your rights so sign the contract and hand it over well I don’t understand this world today why is success a bad thing why because of their pathetic jealousy you take life and you grab it by the throat and you make it give you everything you want and screw everybody else go ahead Seth I’ll sign this you’ll walk into Wrestlemania but you could bet your ass you ain’t walking out that is the same line of bullcrap that I bought into three years ago I liked myself before I met you it’s not even about one match at WrestleMania this is about redemption because there will be nothing that can stop me from tearing you apart and getting back what matters most to me in my life and that’s who I was before I met you oh no the bad knee sake the bad knee again of Seth Rollins Triple H gonna take his time and just dissect set rocks Seth Rollins may not even look at the pedigree the game Triple Eight to get to the bad knee [Applause] Seth Rollins defending himself but at what cost say the architect better devise a master blueprint because the Cerebral Assassin is coming a big game we’ll go one-on-one with the architect freaking WrestleMania and here we go big show we’re gonna make quick work of jitter the whole butt jitter turns around akin to a big win at WrestleMania Big Show just like that big show Baron Corbin and Cesaro of also Andre the Giant memorial paddle this Sunday it’s scary the great day core massive elbow it’s bonus axle are to treat everybody trying to gang up on the Big Show now and Big Show may be eliminated by this burn of superstars it is 7 told me that the Big Show who’s back in the show just a sore loser at this point I’m gonna get chokeslam it’s best food it’s a family group realizing brought the roman if I wanted to I’d come down there and kick your ass right now and that’s why they’re all gonna have to wait to Wrestlemania the giant memorial battle royal with two giants going head to head braun strowman and the big show you’ll be facing off against your partners from last week in zone caps really stupid and you can’t teach that and after the Sylvania will still be the wrong tag team champions and you can’t teach that [Music] lately we’ve been seeing what appear to be ominous signs from the Undertaker what’s your reaction at this point in time what I believe in is the big fight I’m gonna tell the whole world what we’ll do to the Undertaker at WrestleMania we knew we’re gonna win cows are some they talk a big game as they head to the Triple Threat matchup at WrestleMania a champion to run through aw that could be Neville’s downfall question the mindset of the king of the cruise away the hook I have no reason not to believe Oh cruiserweight champ Mormon what kind of never we would see here in this matchup after the impressive performance of Austin Aries or now her I don’t know if there’s anybody on the cruiserweight roster they can match what a release German by the cruiserweight champion Vania I have no reason to doubt the king of the cruise monetary earlier go ahead guys make another Mary Poppins reference the fact is at the end of this match chingkuo v live is all about Neville is what it’s all about that is what it’s all about superkick right on the money and gentlemen Jack might be out cold [Applause] what a transition right into the rings of Saturn submission barrier tied Austin Aries ladies and gentlemen we interrupt this post match celebration for this special news reports so who better to ask them I guess at this time your WrestleMania hosts the new day who do you thinks gonna walk out your dumb here with the mind games of the other taker in fact I’ve got a message for the dead man next [Applause] ladies and gentlemen please welcome Roman reigns [Applause] the 2015 I won the Royal Rumble match right here in Philly and this is gonna be the biggest moment of my career because I’m gonna do what no man has ever done before me and it’s funny you mention him I definitely don’t care what the Undertaker thinks because this is my time now because this is my yard you’ve made a grave mistake is going to be your yarn that’s what carved out a special corner of hell for you let Wrestlemania [Applause] the Roman Empire we’ll fall I would advise to live each day at WrestleMania you you will rest in peace [Applause] and again a week the prime-time exclusives the only way to experience it on the WWE Network my name is Enzo amore and this right here this is big cash but a bull really the wrong team champions [Applause] sheamus pretty WWE Network Kevin tonight you face Sami Zayn in a No Disqualification match with his job on the line at WrestleMania you faced another one of your former best friends made it clear that Chris Jericho was never my best friend I’ll admit it okay at one point I was a Chris Jericho fan sure Chris Jericho fans are morons ripped it to pieces just like tonight I’m going to rips a musing apart meet Kevin Owens I’m going to single-handedly take Sami Zayn’s career away from him to sleep Kevin Owens can’t wait for this he has the chance to not only beat Sami Zayn but n Sami Zayn’s career next maybe some sort of record destroying two former friends in a six days man his name was a proponent of general manager Mike Foley was fired last year and know that she didn’t change for anybody so guys remember no disqualifications matters earlier tonight he headed into the Andre the Giant memorial attachment between these two men what’s former best friends fall apart at NXT and now it’s lettuce tonight Oh seems almost holy Disqualification match up and Sami Zayn looking to take full advantage as Kevin Owens rolls out of the ring nothing on the table you are fighting for your job good save now stay driven into the barricade to be null and void here tonight Owens able to stop it driving right into our announce table the world I’m the one that ended the career of Sami Zayn in the WWE he say he’s fighting for survival his career on the line live on Reuter taking place the Wells Fargo Center here tonight fill it out DDT on the steps by Owens trying to stay in this matchup how much does he have left this is going to be the moment bottom take called exploder suez go to the quarter or salmon can pull this off with all the damage he’s taken by by Owens looking with a pop-up powerbomb to put Sanders and away sandy the leapfrog glance at his feet [Applause] no no no Samoa Joe the destroyer plays remember notification [Applause] what a huge wait jericho let’s you gotta feel so good for the United States Tapia you know what happens when you betray Chris Jericho [Applause] [Music] please the greatest folk back story of his career Goldberg Lesnar face to face next [Applause] [Music] and simple hashtag Wrestle Mania my name is Paul Heyman [Applause] Universal champion the title is everything around here my client Brock lesner what’s that title Goldberg you have that title and this beast is gonna chew you up and spit you out like nothing anyone has ever seen before at WrestleMania where Goldberg’s checking in but they don’t check out Brock lesner does not fear the spear you can’t survive the f [Applause] [Music] people did not come here to listen to us talk why not we bring a little Wrestlemania to Philly times don’t part party to the laser have to do a minute 26 in Survivor Series he lost to Goldberg weeks ago in tonight Goldberg beats Brock Lesnar face to face its peers of in the iowa suplex to the f5 the block or the spear and jackhammer from Goldberg they meet for the universal title you

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