WWE Raw 12 February 2018 Highlights Results HD – Monday Night Raw 2/12/18 Highlights.

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[Music] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] WrestleMania can make a superstars career have to survive the most unwinnable match in WWE history love making impossible absolutely possible I will go on to make history against Brock Lesnar WrestleMania [Applause] [Music] you’re gonna go on to main event WrestleMania this is 2018 the year of the Miss and beat Brock Lesnar you’re the founding father of suplex City The Miz vs. john cena loser of the match enters the Elimination Chamber first why would I take that chance [Applause] [Music] we’re gonna give them action alright I like John Cena’s challenge just that loses this match will enter the Elimination Chamber first but with Curtis you’re eliminated from ringside [Applause] miss any Cena back into the ring and Miz gonna a number of years ago and it miss [Applause] able to counter back into this match Cena try to leave w8mr the suplex by John it’s going to be a the host of the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award I may not have a road to Wrestlemania at all there’s a lot of truth then the superstar is still to be named inside the chamber history a lot easier said is today toe-touches overzealous they are now jostle mania again to face Brock Lesnar and step a mathematical disadvantage especially if you start number one thing and now reverses the pressure the eighth time Intercontinental Champion trying to survive any guys I started what he would have [Applause] [Applause] let’s see in a ticking County going to the top wall and this weekend gonna go for the peak before I’ve got all the rank these times looking to break a finger of Meza now great title by John and this again makes it there and forces a break get the blood flowing back into his legs here we go you said it coach I think Cena’s running on instinct alone right now all out of gap there to kill you Miz hits this Cena won’t make it to Wrestlemania seeing it desperately trying to block shoulders [Applause] [Music] [Applause] performance and say you know what hey Bailey and Sasha spent the weekend going back and forth on social media Bailey gets a chance to pinch the final birth inside the Elimination Chamber live lunar Demeter you’d be off the charts for [Music] that’s why largest top block not like being called nerds – Wilder came out here prepared for singles action last week it was fourth tonight you call somebody a nerd on the nerd ohmmeter for this you just Ferg take strong resume from NXT oh man water rights – Cory absolutely 6 min – the way they the revival does was a laser-focused gallo sends wilder over the top rope Dawson right to the bad knee that they injured Anthony barely stand he caught Dawson with a super kick kick but it looks like you got a nap here comes Carl Anderson one of those were tag team champions Anderson gallows the downside to concentrating blockbuster top rope Anderson cakes out down the play for the Sylvania even on the Dawson’s legal it did realize the Dawson was legal revival with a win yeah they said atonement for the big it has breaking news that he’ll reveal live on law in two weeks at the WB network pay-per-view Rhonda Rousey will be signing her Monday Night Raw contract where Jason had an MRI done to his neck he will miss WrestleMania then he should be ashamed yourself and he is my son put his son Jason Jordan up into the spaceship tag hurt warming up he was getting ready for the taxi Championship at dirt look I’m sorry about Jason man honestly honestly a few years ago I was a WWE Champion but won the title a few miles up the street at Levi’s Stadium I want to be Monday Night Raw I want Brock Lesnar the universal championship and I wanted at WrestleMania but I can’t just cancel tonight’s fatal 4-way match let’s turn it into a fatal five way Oh put me in a bad spot man that’s not that’s not what I’m trying to do but it’s up to them you are simple yes or no answer Jeff an opportunity to make it to the Elimination Chamber spot you have your opportunity to the face and he’s giving them exactly what they want here in San Jose but guys it’s rain versus planted but we mainly get the chance to prove in our hometown so meeting over the past week oh you know they say a picture’s worth a thousand words so is it sweet [Applause] [Music] coach I hope you die listen up a pizza event last year she lost the wrong women championship car through a crowd favorites come out they got smiles on their faces though they say and we don’t believe a word fascist and why interject yourself in a moment that has nothing to do with you this has everything to do with me and I just destroyed both of them in seconds there’s only one woman in WWE who can break Oscars Street and you’re looking at her [Applause] [Music] I believe it Wow swirlix the bliss will be forced to defend a free ball with a championship inside of battle the dangerous chamber like in the women’s Benjamin start forward he’ll join us in the WrestleMania Championship match Triple Threat star [Applause] that’s a 805 way match look I couldn’t let you have all the fun inside the chamber comes I’m gonna be the guy that eliminates you just like I did at Rumble because we your track record lately failed opportunities bonding over Seth speak such a lousy fact a partner what happened to your mouth you ran it to the shield huh and you hey partner don’t hate partner me are we teaming up tonight against Sonia and Mandy what called me old what about it biscuit but not only that you’re a mother and you look amazing I know it if absolution works together in the Elimination Chamber we’re all screwed Oh are we every week it’s gonna be Mandy versus Sonya Sonya versus Mandy over and over and over again become Elimination Chamber I am coming after that role in his championship the basic solutions we get set for tag-team action here start to do things on their own that everybody is screwed they need to pan Nikki and LexA exist on the same wavelength we’ll find out let me guess Cori you think that Alexa was does what I see what I see these four ladies in the ring right now I see two absolute best friends Titan Alexa bliss was the first time she won the raw women’s championship with and it’s banned eros starting things off against the six-time champion Mickie James I have it I find it hard to believe Mandy Rhodes we even incredible opportunity is along with the other five women inside Elimination Chamber nice video moments but now I’m looking for my legacy credible go behind Bing your lives changed by what the Elimination Chamber can do to your career right now with the right hand Corey she has had a WrestleMania bonus yeah we have mentioned earlier that double standard books yes – OH neckbreaker by Nicky man heroes page heaven list ever saw hubby because page had her distract up goes Mickey [Applause] absolution main eros likes to say whoa look at this Alexa possible coming to the aid of her partner here tonight the goddess if you wouldn’t make it through elimination chain wearing a bathrobe are you ready to walk with Elias now because coming up next we understand that Elias is going to debut a new song hello I am Elias who wants to walk with the Lions WWE stands for if that’s how you’re going to be then I’m not going to sing [Applause] [Music] ladies and gentlemen braun strowman he’s gonna win but we all know that that ain’t true cuz I’m not finished with you you’re gonna get these hands before so there’s only one thing left I can do with it that’s pretty good they call my buddy Nick 13 see if they need a new bed and Elias then try to goes right after storm an asteroid enters the ring guitar [Applause] primal comments about to reupholster Elias drumming monster it’s irrelevant is my way to follow faster [Applause] the entranceway leave nearly shark tank for jump and don’t forget gentlemen I believe Elias is gonna be carted out of the building the live tonight in a second chance fatal five white [Music] [Applause] his bark is worse than the fake dogs fight Sheamus and reigns live here comes the big dog [Music] for the finals collar-and-elbow have to start things off expect this thing to be the most underrated superstars I believe in WWE because synonymous with Cesaro brings their spot could be a trap this is finding out right now exploding out of the corner with a clothesline back into the ring and Roman reigns now with a right hand he’s out here throwing following those physical superstar oh there’s the Irish curse back that if Sheamus can get this locked into just enough take the pressure off but he pies themselves with a Superman punch a discarded [Applause] [Applause] big dog is ready to make his way to Wrestlemania I think if there was w/e Hall of Fame who will make it inside the Elimination Chamber we’re gonna find out Rousey will join the roster of Monday Night Raw station has arrived in San Jose the eater of worlds with it he wants it tonight it’s a trip to the Elimination Chamber [Applause] and a reminder telling the tale universe the winner head to the Elimination Chamber next sinner will advance to the photo birth in the Elimination Chamber match first man to gain pinfall submission will win the match there are no disqualifications involved in this match what I kept tonight Apollo lands on the apron he runs into a fence takes down Seth Rollins and Rollins certainly knows the first Universal SummerSlam a coupling in Balor takes out fray imparted by Genghis Khan not entirely sure what him and look at this face oh and what a collision time for the soul this is about for Seth Rollins to see it in sets I when he delivered those and watched WrestleMania as a ruse to the century when Rollins cashed in his buddy the Bank contract to win the smart strategy by Bray everyone sort of tanked oh god man shoulder breaker to the throat is one of this what about how bad gray Wyatt what’s it to the right hand by Hardy director his opponents obsolete this is a fatal five way match the final elimination chamber phase inside the Elimination Chamber that Rollins suicide lightning anybody and everybody flex rollers that the Rollins with E is everywhere a knee right to the spine accrues w e network pay-per-view event let’s step up in surgeries good with that cover by Bray hooks the leg now and a kick-out power now sling played awhile there’s that dropkick driving Wyatt into the corner chip and Seth Rollins [Applause] Matt Hardy and Rollins now fighting back misses with a wild kick bruised down I’m into T revolution and now play Wyatt goes right after his archenemy good will they both think they want the officials trying to figure things out [Music] you [Music]

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