WWE Raw 10-8-19 Full Show Review & Results|This Show is Boring

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okay so it’s literally six minutes to 11:00 p.m. and Raw is still going on and I turned off the TV because I am getting sick and tired of this mediocre bullshit that WB he keeps putting on every Monday night they kept promoting this whole braun strowman and tight whatever that guy’s name is i don’t even care what his name is I just forgot his name I’ll mention it and on my moocs right here when I get to that in just a little bit but almost I gotta say his name this this show was a complete disaster this show was a complete disappointment you see back in the day raw met something because we had a lot of stuff to look forward to back in the day nowadays we got nothing to look forward to anymore this show is so boring this company just wants their fans to stop watching and they just want their fans to go watch IEW which i cannot wait for this wednesday that’s gonna be it’s gonna be a great episode this one’s that I guarantee you on that because a e/w is gonna out beat Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown either way so yeah and they kept talking about braun strowman saying get these hands will guess what tonight i got the remote and i shut off this show because of this mediocre delusional and outlandish and dreadful BS that is produced weekly on this damn show and i turned off my TV with this remote because i couldn’t take it anymore i’d say i had enough to did so we’re starting this review while this show is still on right now and I’m pretty sure bran show means having as his little stupid segment right now with that uh that boxer or would fight or whatever that held up guys I don’t even here why about this that segment either white but whatever they’ll fall off from how on a cell takes place tonight from the the Robo Bank Arena and Bakersfield California California probably got Kevin Dunn probably downtown showing off his teeth in the end one of the stripper clubs probably up in California does probably buy the arena he probably invited Roman reigns to come up there with Tim probably I’m pretty sure I’m gonna be surprised and Vince is probably there too with them and they’re having a three-way together if you know what I mean by that W mean was still has some explaining to do following last night’s main event yeah last night’s main event that was a complete joke a huge disrespect to people like Shawn Michaels the Undertaker Mick Foley King etc etc that was one of the worst Hell in a Cell match that I’ve ever seen in my entire life as a wrestling fan since 2001 that was a worst Hell in a Cell match of all time and if anybody goes on media and defends that Hell in a Cell match from the main event last night you are completely the most stupid and delusional idiot living on this earth that watches wrestling I’m dead serious with you on that right now yeah I’m a fan of Seth Rollins but I was not a fan of how the way Seth Rollins was booked in this bout with Bray Wyatt and as is Seth Rollins fan myself I think that Bray Wyatt Bray Wyatt I know that Bray Wyatt should have won that match he should have won and I’m saying this as a Seth Rollins fan Bray Wyatt should have won last night because it was the perfect timing to put the belt on Bray Wyatt and that’s what they should have done but WB failed to do that like they always do I don’t care people come at me in the comments section or whatever if I’m saying oh be stand above your synth rawlings fanboy I don’t care what anyone has to say about that I don’t give a shit okay because I’d be watching this product since 2001 so I’m not that stupid and by the way I can be a fan of anybody I want okay but all’s I gotta say is they’ve made Seth Rollins like Roman reigns last night they honestly did that’s all I’m gonna say right there but as a Seth Rollins fan I’m admitting that he should have not walked out with that title yesterday it’s all I’m gonna say right there yeah bye no fur of fat people are gonna still come at me like like keyboard warriors in the comment section hope the Beast animal he’s such a Seth Rollins fanboy he likes Seth Rollins oh my god look out of here oh okay they showed very white doing the mandible claw also they announced a last women standing match tonight on Raw I don’t care I really don’t their match was just as bad as it was last night at Hell in a Cell on the kickoff show which nobody cares to tune into anyways cuz who the hell and this generation of w/e wrestling would even tune in to the kickoff show to be honest let’s be real here Oh Tyson Fury that was a boxing star his name I honestly don’t care will appear and will be given an open mic to address confirmation but braun strowman on smackdowns debut on fox well who non-title matches have been announced for tonight raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch and Smackdown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair will face and Smackdown Women’s Champion Acosta and Carrie Zane and the rope tag team champions Dolph Ziggler and the non glorious Robert Roode will take on the Viking raiders Wow that’s gonna be of that that’s gonna be something very grateful for tonight yeah Randy Orton versus rusev will open the taients episode was the final was raw before the start of the draft on this Friday yeah as a trap gonna be good Oh W wants us to look forward to the draft do you think I care about the draft I haven’t cared about the draft or one single bit before it was even announced so please w you don’t even don’t make me care about your utter garbage that you produce for us every week because majority of everything you produce to us we don’t give a shit and most of the stupid decisions you make we know you’re gonna do it before you guys even do it so don’t think we’re that stupid to not know that like or realize that w e because honestly you’re losing a lot of network subscriptions and people are not giving a shit man because I don’t anymore man I don’t care seriously I really don’t care man I honestly don’t and by the way um I want to make mention of this so before I get into the this review I just want to say to you all that um Hell in a Cell didn’t need to happen as a pay-per-view they had they could have used multiple weeks to actually have time to build up to crown jewel in Saudi Arabia or whatever the hell it is but guess what guys we are gonna get to this review right now let’s hit the intro right now on this channel okay everybody so Rob begin with the recap of rusev Lana and bobby lashley angle from last week not laugh which was not last night’s howl at Hell in a Cell after the video intro Randy Orton Barrack Obama putting the boots to Rousseff Rousseff fought them off then lashes big face appeared on the big screen wow she wore a robe and told Rousseff it was his robe blasts he said if it was Rousseff robe it must have been must be Rousseff’s house in bedroom lastly stepped in his bed that Lana appeared Oh looks like they’re probably filming a future pornhub video right is that what they’re doing probably I wouldn’t be surprised Lana got in bed as I wrote as romantic music started playing somehow Lana said everything that worked that was recessed now belongs to her and they have no longer have joint bank accounts velocity said reception have been stealing money back home to Bulgaria Lana under the covers took off her bra and then lashley turn off the lights yeah they’re probably filming a porn hub video that’s right that’s what they’re probably doing Orton and Corbin laugh that Rousseff who appeared somewhat upset Russa then got mad and when I have to Corbin in Orton he longs Corbin into the steps and Gabor and I fall away slam into the barricade he tossed them around some more before handing out super kicks to both men the Crouch anat for rusev the announcers ran down tonight’s card with one segment in the books they have yet to mention spring white wears a set Ronald aside from Rollins appearing in the video package you know it doesn’t be as soon as they showed that recap from last night of that main event of Hell in a Cell do you know what I did I took my remote and turned off the TV fifteen minutes before the show ended all right by the way the show has ended three minutes ago basically right so I wonder what happened with I wonder what happened with braun strowman and um and Tyson Fury and I honestly don’t even care what happened I really don’t care honestly but um blast women standing match Lacey Evans against uh Natalya the match went 17 minutes in ten seconds um Evans caught a primer before the match the the met before the match comparing Natalya to garbage she also had a trash can made up with Natalia’s name on it pink leather ring it’s good she thought enough to use pink hoop I don’t get what what’s with these freakin the announcer said this might be the last time you see these two women these two Russell with the draft coming up which is exactly what they said last week yeah obviously they keep promoting this whole drafting and majority of everybody that watches this product doesn’t even care like I said before and I’ll say it again I don’t care about the draft I literally don’t care WT so stop making me act like I care when I little II don’t seriously oh the tally was in control until Evans just kicked her in the gut and yanked her down with somehow caused Natalya to stay down for a nine count Evans drove her into the barricade they went for a table but charge changed her mind you know the fact that they that they had this last woman standing match and they weren’t using any black weapons tables ladders or kendo sticks you know if these women are gonna have this these type of matches and you’re not gonna use weapons they don’t do the match to begin with instead of making this say a last woman standing match why did he just make it a steel cage match where Lacey Evans can escape and get away from the Talia you know they could have made this a steel cage match to be honest you know that’s right that’s how I would have booked it make him put him in a steel cage match tonight mate it would have made sense to do that honestly Natalia barely got to our feet for a third time less than five minutes into the match then Evans toss her into the steps and they went to break commercial break obviously yeah that’s funny how WB lie so much about the limited commercial breaks right this company is full of shit of everything they freakin do it’s sickening Evans tossed Natalya into a leather chair and before she can get up evidence actor with a kendo stick Natalya got up at 9:00 again then Evans shoved her into the post for another nine count Evan strapped Natalya in a chair and booted her then continued to attack with the kendo stick and it’s how you fought back for him home before Evans Butera in the barricade that’s how he barely got to her feet again at nine but Evans gave her a neckbreaker on outside the ring Evans hit her with the trashcan that hit a moonsault off the barricade which looks so terrible by the way that is the worst mood saw I’ve ever seen a woman’s wrestler do my entire life man seriously even trish stratus in her forties can still be in a better mood salt than freakin Lacey Evans help even lead up in her forties can still do a better moonsault they Lacey Evans seriously let’s be real here man honestly man that mood saw that Lacey Evans did look like shit man she should be embarrassed after trying after doing something like that man and they’re saying oh they they caught her she caught in Italia a little bit I didn’t I don’t even think lacy haven’t even caught Natalya with that with that fucking mood so honestly man work these like I don’t get how Lacey Edmonds can’t even land a proper moonsault correctly I just don’t get it Trish rhizomes is almost 44 years old and she wrestled her last match which was one of the best matches I’ve ever seen this year that Trish Stratus was involved it just shows me that you’re can out wrestle every woman on the roster still no matter how old she is and it just shows you that age is just a number and that’s why trish stratus is my number one favorite women’s wrestler because she can still go out there and show these women how to do it in the ring safety right Lena – and Lori Wilson honestly man heck even Tory will stinking – can do a better moonsault and Lacey out of it honestly man this company man is ridiculous everything that Evans gave her a neckbreaker on the outside Emmett’s hit her with the trash can bunch of trash came out of the trash can all the garbage that states and claims of how terrible Monday Night Raw is basically Natalia wouldn’t say down so Evans gave her a suplex on the ramp and launched her into the big video board and then she slipped she slid it up and then slid down like you’re at the skate park and you fall off the skate board and you slide down the ramp it was like that if you know what I mean like she split she slid Natalya slid up there went up the ramp slid down like how Tony Hawk would slide down the ramp if he fell off the skateboard honestly Natalya got up and again then gave em into her vertical suplex on the announce table which didn’t break that’s how I got up at 9 again then blocked the suplex and handed out a suplex of her own Italia then powerbomb Evans off the stage to the table eyes Jerry Lawler’s screamed and her not to do it Evans couldn’t get up to at tense and Italia got the win Italia who appeared near deaf like ten times during the match hopped on the announce table to smile and posed for the crowd Lawler did get a good job selling the finish you know I need a I need a drink right now Gatorade because this show is making my voice lose it but anyways we move on to what was going on next in the show just in a little bit let me just take a drink of this real quick I apologize man lost fucking Gatorade get her it’s fucking great teach me teach me pumped up teach me energetic when it comes to working out and when it comes to training that professional wrestling school okay let’s see we got here then it show it reeked they showed short recaps from Evans beating the crap out of Italia about 14 straight minutes before Natalya caught her at the end with the powerbomb I just don’t get why you have a last woman standing match like that where the heels getting 14 minutes of offense and then at the end that’s when the face gets the off gets a little offense in it wins the match you know that’s just bullshit right there I honestly don’t like seeing that in these type of matches you know I don’t know what it is but Lacey Evans but I honestly just not invested in that and her whatsoever I’m really really don’t like her that much I really don’t I honestly don’t really care for Lacey Evans to be honest I do have respect for Natalya because of her uncle Brett and her father Jimmy Neihart that’s for sure I do have a lot of respect for Natalya I’ve have met an Italian multiple times and she’s very very nice and I do have a lot of respect for her in real life when I just wish that w would just utilize her better that’s all I gotta say um alistair black cutter crema on the back and then he comes out four he says he wants to pick a fight someone to pick a fight with them again and all that you know Alistair Black is like one of the best stars I have on that show right now and they honestly don’t give this guy enough TV time like seriously could alistair black out there in some big mansions I’m pretty sure you can make this guy into a star easily but W do that probably not because they suck or should I say they swallow is what I should say about W E so fucking stupid the show the street prophets talked about the trap and said each brand would have separate rosters they did short scouting reports on Apollo Cruz buddy Murphy Drive maverick which led then talked about Drake Mavericks personal life they spoke about testing fury and brunch something which led to a raw eight replay of what happened on smack smack down doo-doo-doo-doo room honestly it gives us chips I honestly don’t care Smackdown was last week stop talking about Smackdown from last week and focus on what you have to do on this show tonight WTA seriously you guys go off task every goddamn week freaking idiots you got working in this company I don’t know if I mentioned this yesterday I’m in my Hell in a Cell review but whoever came up with that ending last night should be fired from their jobs that’s all I gotta say right there whoever came up came up with that ending backstage should be fired from their jobs honestly that’s all I got to say right now anyways moving on Charlie Caruso interviewed fury backstage he was recent he was mostly boot yeah who cares about fury I don’t give a shit about him fury said he wasn’t trying to provoke braun strowman in a minute that maybe he shouldn’t have jumped the barricade which led to him getting escorted from the building however he wasn’t going anywhere tonight and wanted an apology from Shulman or else he would get these hands for more like there in that segment which I did not see because I got the remote and turned off the TV before the segment even happened because that’s because that means I don’t give a shit and everyone knows that I don’t give a shit I’m mature and I know majority of my subscribers my viewers everybody that watches this video tonight is gonna know that I don’t give a shit and they don’t give a shit either like I do so yeah there you go by the way JD I hope one day you come out with a shirt on barber shop window that says get the remote please because I want to I want to get one of those types of shirts because I can’t stand brunch them and honestly the guy is so overrated still I’ll mention the Viking raiders that defeated dolls Agora and robbery or non-title mess just shows you how they make the champions look weak as they always do right great job W E great freaking job give yourselves a great pat on the back you made the you have made the Viking raiders but actually have made the wrought acting champions dogs liver and robber Ruda joke they’d been a joke for years they’ve been a joke for years so they honestly did anyways if you guys are wondering why I am sitting down right now it’s because my phone’s on 20% battery so I’m charging my phone at the same time as I am recording this review for you guys so just bear bear with me on that basically so yeah but anyways we’re going to get through this we’re going to talk about this um this Viking raiders a match right now against Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode basically okay so a few minutes into the match Eric caught her with the knee to the chin which seemed to knock knock him out instead of going for a cover Eric just yelled in roots face Ziggler pull brood out of the brain to regroup but instead of making a tag Roode kept wrestling and everich sent him to the outside again and they went to break what a strange sequence but this is like the second hour of Monday Night Raw basically a slight distraction from Ziggler allowed his team to take control of Eric Eric dodged a stinger splash tempted by Ziggler and made the hot tag to Aybar who ran wild on both opponents Ziggler caught him with a famouser for two then I of our game Ziggler a spinning heel kick through broke up a cover and then Ziggler caught Eric and a small package for two Ziggler and Roode had a combo zigzag slash spinebuster combo which would it would be a nice finisher but ever kick out the the Raiders follow soon after with the Viking experience for the win this match went about this bout when about 16 minutes and 34 seconds the Viking raiders defeated the tag team champions of Raw Dolph Ziggler and Robert rue you know it to be a great job of making your tag team champions look like shit right you know you spoke when the champions are going against their opponents and non tag team title championship matches you’re supposed to make the champions look great and look strong not make them look like shit okay there’s your reality check for you create a team and for good Kevin done okay still no mention of Rollins or Bray Wyatt we’ll get to we’ll get to that near the end of this review we’ll get to the Bray Wyatt and Seth Rollins thing that they showed on that end of the near the end of the show I’ll get to that in just a little while after I get to the rest of these results anyways you had the Singh Brothers deferred they were defeated by Alistair black at one minute and six seconds but immediately nailed sentence mr.singh but they kicked and caught Sanel with a nice try Kemp semhar tried to fight back so black killed him with the black mask kick black dead caught Sanel and a modified dragon sleeper and immediately tap this was Alistair block the service better out all’s I gotta say some inter-korea said they was just trying to have fun when he saw fury but fury how to get all serious time and knew that fury threw a good punch but so did he they aired a replay of him knocking out Asia Styles as he spoke Sherman said Theory might get an apology if he’s asked if he asked nicely but if he didn’t he might get these hands more like before that segment even happened I said it before in this video and I’ll say it again I got the remote before this segment even happened so I don’t even know what happened with branch diamond or Rob Robbie or with Tyson Fury so whatever the announcers briefly recap the past events showing articles discussing raw total demos known as total douche bags I would say that the show is over right it needs to be cancelled to be honest NXT and Smackdown but not Hell in a Cell they then aired a video recap of rock legend Rey Mysterio and Kane bout ko as angle the announcers briefly recap the past week’s events well I already mentioned that Mysterio spoke to Caruso and thank the fans for all the support for Dominick Masseria was prouder than Mysterio knew it was his job to protect his own but he something being so Bali there was nothing you can do my lesser attacked him when he sat at Dominic’s bedside they were visited by Dominic’s Godfather two-time UFC champ UFC heavyweight champion the man who defeated Brock Lesnar in UFC and the man who Lesnar fierce Kane valid quest he said if anyone would avenge their family it would be can’t kind there was a new AOP promo [Applause] thank God I only got two pages left in this and in these frickin with these freaking notes a six-man tag-team match AJ Styles Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson the Otzi taking on the lucha house party on the match went nine minutes in 27 seconds each member of lhp which a house party could flew off the same turnbuckle in different directions to take out all three OC members then they cut to break after the break Anderson had linseed of all the Devorah in a chin lock Anderson hit his spine Buster for two de barro count caught Anderson with a high cross then tagged in Callisto Callisto use a hurricanrana on Stiles he flew into the ropes which was a great looking bump then played to him with de another hurricane Rama Styles countered as Selena Del Sole into a Pele kick then filed with a phenomenal forearm for the for the pinfall victory the OC you had the OC defeating the lucha house party in this belt The OC beat up Lucia house party after the match which concluded with Stiles giving Dorado a Styles Clash off the middle row POC used her stable theme using a set of styles they recapped the Becky Lynch / sasha banks how in a Cell match which was the match of the damn night last night that is for sure Lawler said that they stole the shells still no mention of the other match do they keep app to keep saying this definitely like oh no mention of the oh the road from us but no butcher the older brother I don’t care the third hour of Monday Night Raw or should I say Monday night really awful wrestling miss TV with guest Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair Miz introduces women then put over everything Lynch has accomplished over the last year or so he didn’t ask her where the whereabouts and Rollins Lynch said the accomplishments was great but banks put her through hell last night of course if banks were there now Lynch would remind her that she got her ass kicked by the man miss put over Charlotte’s win and said she said it was a good to be a to be the queen Miz said they could end up on separate brands or even mention the same brand miss put them over as the two dominant women in the company that Charlotte said he didn’t have to include the word women in there Miz talked about their master it again Tosca and Carrie Zane Lynch admitted to being beaten up that but that didn’t matter because the last time she fought Oscar Oscar one and that was a wrong she wanted to write show it short it off brush this off then Lynch said show it was looking rather happy with herself holding the belt she made famous Charlotte said he made Lynch famous Charlotte said he meant he made Lynch famous or she made Lynch famous song that they faced off while holding their belts in the air when oskins Ain interrupted Oscars ain’t got a promo in Japanese where rather assume with themselves they didn’t seem to think of much of shot Lynch or Charlotte LEM says she’s been waiting for Alaska and told them to fight right now oz containe ran down and they brought for a moment until I remember you separated and Lynch and Charlotte took them out with baseball slides and then went to break and then it was Kerry Zane and ask Allah defeating Becky Lynch and smack the Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair in a non-title match at 11 minutes and 27 seconds Lynch was being worked over briefly until she tagged and Charlotte who had asked with a natural selection then took out Oscar and zing with a moonsault off the top on the outside of Charlotte try to dive to the outside later but Oscar caught her with the knee after a break Charlotte gave Cheyenne a suplex that made the tact of Becky Lynch who head sang with strikes in running for on Lynch gay Bosco and exploded then shot a double dropkick but she only called Oscar Zion avoided it and followed the back elbows and went to the top but Lynch yanked her down and hit a leg drop at Oscar broke up the cover Charlotte took out Oscar with a boot then Zhang chop block Charlotte pledged but Zane in the disarmer as referee check on Charlotte and Oscar blue green mist into Lynch’s eyes and Zayn both her up for the pinfall win she’ll attack the oskins eye after the match but they overwhelmed her alexa and nick across didn’t ran out to attack the tag champs Cross gave Zion a neckbreaker and bliss fouled with the DDT the announcers hype Tyson Fury do I give a shit now 224 minutes into the show they acknowledge well guess what I turned off raw when it was two hours and 45 minutes into the show which means I didn’t watch the full three hours of this show because I did not give a shit they’re her I interviewed Apollo Cruz he said he’s known for ricochet for a long time you knew represent for a long time and had nothing but her stuff heard about what the jab coming tonight was his showcase elsewhere the Viking raiders said nothing would keep them from their fate and they would become royal tag team champions next week what if they get drafted to SmackDown really WB what if they do get drafted to SmackDown what did they do can’t answer that question I would love to hear I would love to know that definitely we got che told shit Sarah Schreiber that of tonight was his last day on Raw there’s no need he’d rather share the ring than with Cruz who is one of his best friends he said the draft was an opportunity for a fresh start he can prove the superheroes are real boom ricochet spoke way faster than what normally here there was a Gears of v commercial with Batista in it I honestly think there were in a Batista come back and cut some type of promo or something or or they’re gonna put Batista in the Hall of Fame next year I think but they’re doing something with Batista in fact I can see them doing something with Batista nwe they gotta be and I think Batista can’t come back for another match like every wrestler has came out of retirement for another match Shawn Michaels did it if he can do it then so can Batista that’s all I gotta say ricochet versus Apollo crews match went three minutes a 59 second stain mirror mirror at each other’s moves a tenth and reversals every reverses early on until crews caught ricochet with a dropkick Cruz heads delayed vertical suplex British a came back with a spring board form and a standing shooter sorry pressed for two Cruz fell within in Securi and standing moonsault for to ricochet hit a codebreaker moments later for the pinfall win and then at the desk they did that whole um the whole braun strowman’s segment came up and i don’t even give a shit so all’s I got to say is thank you all for watching this out video that will do it for your Monday Night Raw review I got two of the loot crate video two of the loot crate unboxing videos already upload it to the channel so check out both of those videos and I will be back tomorrow I’ll be back for your aew review this Wednesday and also I’m gonna I got a lost Ring of Honor first and I gotta watch Impact Wrestling and once I do I will try my best to do a review on both the show so it will be a Ring of Honor slash Impact Wrestling review which means two reviews combined together on the same video and then you know this Friday I’ll be back for your Smackdown review and then you’ll have your NXT review coming up this week plus a lot more videos coming up on the channel so look forward to all of that beast warriors I’m the Beast animal and this is the beast animal show if you guys enjoyed this video hit the like button I would greatly appreciate it and subscribe to the channel I will also greatly appreciate that – – have a nice night and – sweet I’m out

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