WWE RAW 07 October 2019 Full Show P2 – WWE Monday Night RAW 10/07/19 Full Show

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like a perfect place for two or five lives greatest tag-team to come back to Monday Night Raw which is why your favorite boys from but to give you an award-winning statement we are gonna prove to the world why we should be the tough draft picks on Raw and SmackDown so Alistair plus we want to pick a fight with you hey here’s a Bollywood song for you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I think when he goes to the door and open the door at Halloween give him candy [Music] you can’t discredit Samir in Seville they certainly bringing the confidence here tonight they’ve got a lot of movies over India that’s all it takes those quick strikes of Alistair black well camera action lights out there’s Alistair black just staring down in guys I don’t think the Singh brothers were ready for this now see where else can we cut oh there’s any cuts here can we do a retake oh the same trophy need from Alistair black we talked about the quickness the sudden impact of Alistair black there’s no black setting at all well this is the advantage they two on one matchup [Music] look there’s not a lot of advantage with the ring with Alistair black as he delivers black mass another quick chicken now Oh a stinging elbow look out now look [Music] said he was lucky you know what we may be looking at an actual trip right here could you imagine if alistair black gets it all look at that impact quick that was black man switch connected right on the foot of the Chandan that berry embed submission hold [Music] now mr. black said he was out to prove that he was a number one draft choice in the upcoming WWE draft which again begins this Friday on Friday Night Smackdown I’m boxing for King I gotta ask you I was pressed for you just now with Alistair black which is you would you make him the number one pick well without a doubt I mean he was very impressive the sink brothers told me before his it they were gonna make this a I wait bills we’re back home – for wolf all make us wait to the read [Music] team action here tonight [Music] those three members are the luaus party I don’t want to be the guys who are in the wing when they finally decide to strike speaking of being in the ring [Music] [Music] taking on the Viking raiders earlier and long strobing it well and even take a joke [Music] you may still be seeing stars [Music] [Music] as you mentioned earlier no strangers disappearance to know we’re no stranger to the lucha house party most exciting teams on JJ style starting things off with a former United States Champion FB and kalisto AJ Styles unser wants to prove quickly as no ill effects from a piece of right hand he’s suffered last night’s look at kalisto go kick after kicking Styles quickly head back into his own corner I mean a bunch like that is something you don’t just what a dropkick quickness by kalisto tag was made Karl Anderson taking down please don’t just so quick it’s up it’s amazing and too much fun to watch this with your house party all of these guys have no idea what to expect next out of these guys let’s say around it see your point King almost not chewing let’s get her out of liver in an arm drag of his own and you know deal watch a house party always so energetic whenever we see them on 205 lot soul energetics so much fun and so innovative is the lucha house innovative on kick right to the face that’s the one way to slow down one state around it the lucha house party uh might be a little concerned as well because those whoa those guys could all be drafted in different directions next week as well certainly should and oh it’s hat was made grin basilique is now the legal superstar take a look at this King are you kidding big splash into the cover hook of the leg and Karl Anderson ticking out at two and force the deli the new draft beginning this Friday on Friday Night Smackdown be on Fox 2 night event also caring over the next Monday on our necks on camera lets you and I try that move they just did okay I don’t do Carl Anderson now all fun and games now over guys is Carl Anderson Bush’s meddling back to the cornered in comes Luke Gallows talk about the lucha house party likes to have fun these OC or a group of guys that are not about fun ever what an uppercut by gallows I think the only fun that these two guys have is beating people up they consider that fine well there’s no doubt all three members of the OC militias side to them actually all three guys as Carl Anderson driving that elbow right into the face mentally into the cover mentally able to kick-out at one you know after last night King I want to ask you know how does the OC go about refocusing themselves you know anyway you’re right about that that’s that was a not a not a good night for him and especially not a good night for AJ Styles but I don’t know if they I don’t know if they have time to refocus this will they certainly didn’t have time to refocus tip for tonight but I think the draft is so much on these guys mind it’s hard to push a car and mentally go to the air take out styles and out mentally turn it up the speed shutter hurricanrana taking out Anderson and Al Luke Gallows trying to take down all three members your house party it is a fiesta here in Bakersfield where are they going King knows I don’t know amazing somebody that robbed Carl and instead of the OSI have grounded the lucha house party as lives in Toronto try to get back to a vertical base in the six-man tag team match [Music] spinebuster Anderson into the cover hooks the leg in Toronto has to fight free it to a the frustration building in Carl Anderson yeah that’s not a good thing you don’t want to be a magic is too frustrated Carl Anderson gonna he’s got ahold of that mask we all know how important the mask is in luchador culture Oh [Music] Karl Anderson has been a different type of intense air tonight from all three members of the O’s the sellout has something to prove here tonight it’s draft season they want to improve their draft stock you’ll see once told me after you rest of us you don’t brush your teeth you count them o forearm from Carl Anderson and Al Carl Anderson bad intentions of England say Toronto starting a fight free finally able to break through create a little separation Louis in Toronto is taking a lot of punishment in this matchup this created some separation now is his chance to get to this side of the Ring Carl Anderson reaching out makes the tagging comes the United States Champion there no no no let’s say Dorado so far away is now AJ Styles overdose Toronto Toronto rolls through kalisto oh baby kalisto quickly faced another look how fast kalisto is moving right now King yeah when you say in comes kalisto you know moving in but he’s coming in and he’s coming at you AJ sounds on Revelation Rana kalisto completely nutty state champion and Colonel Anderson breaks it up with that braun strowman punched into a thousand last night let’s move did galas take it out police are now trying to answer [Music] [Music] Oh certainly wasn’t an easy match but they had things going their way at the end that one won the match thing maybe I mean the frustration we talk about building in all three of these superstars but there’s certain ways you can do this guys come on barely get in trucks [Music] I think the message reminds I think he wants to add his two cents [Music] come on there’s no need for this the match is over you’ve won the match he didn’t want to add this two cents AJ Styles basic point to the evening style splash from the second roof [Music] find out thirty thousand tonight he’s looking for an apology after being disrespected on Fox it was [Music] you know what look at this guy when you think about it this man something is maybe the number one draft he’s got some charisma he’s got that the money-making face this man pictured number one dress [Music] this is always must be team Hogan’s first team flare was made at crown jewel where the Miss had both those hall-of-famers on as it started we talk show history welcome to is TV last week was premiere week and it was huge for WWE all the celebrities came out to see the A lister celebrities like the rock who electrified like he only knows how celebrities like Cain Velasquez who attacked the new WWE champion Brock Lesnar [Music] celebrities like I said jury who went after braun strowman and trust me i can’t wait to see what he has to say later on tonight but right now right now i want to welcome my first guest she is the raw Women’s Champion [Music] [Music] put themselves through but here we have this command that close the hill in the cell and watching [Music] the only thing on her in strollers or the damage local but we have one more guest to get you as well ladies and gentlemen please welcome the SmackDown Women’s Champion book we’d surely [Music] and helmets l was just as monumental for the Queen last night guys because she became Women’s Champion feeding Bailey in recapturing the green go by [Music] [Music] never completely [Music] monumental what we’re seeing right here this is history-making both women’s champion sitting in the ring both women two-thirds of the first ever wins by the both of you at Hell in a Cell last night Becky you defeated Sasha banks in a grueling match inside a Hell in a Cell to retain your raw Women’s Championship and what an incredible year it has been for you it feels like only yesterday we were on the set of the marine six close quarters but since then you have made evented WrestleMania you are on the cover of Muscle & Fitness and ESPN magazines you were on the cover of WWE’s videogame 2k 20 and if anyone is looking for an amazing cereal look at this face on the box golden crisp cereal evening [Music] yeah accomplishments are great make it history is great cereal is great but what the fact of the matter is that is that last night Sasha banks beat me all the way through hell and I probably never be more banged up than I am today boy but if she was right here right now in front of me I’d remind her that last night she got her ass kicked by Tom mouth someone else got theirs kids yes last night as well and her name was Bailey and she was kicked by Charlotte who became the new Smackdown Women’s Champion a milestone win that is you’re in WWE Women’s Championship it’s good to be the queen and here we are both of you champions both of you at the peak of your careers on the cusp of the WWE trap and I don’t need to remind you this but I will the traps can change careers it can change the direction of everything you can end up on either friend or you both could end up on the same brand the two most dominant women in all of WWE dominant women or you could just say dominant well we’re gonna see how dominant both of you are tonight because you two will be teaming together against the new WWE women’s tag team champions the kabuki Warriors match tonight everybody’s bringing their best everybody has something to prove even champions like Oscar and Kyrie say okay as beautiful as I am I’ve got something to prove to myself tonight but Oscar and I our paths don’t cross very often but the last time that they did she beat me and that is a wrong that I would like to correct tonight I mean I’m always the consummate professionals look at you over there all happy with yourself with the belt that I made famous and I made you famous and you might have been Becky to valve once but I’ve been done whooping ten times your raise may be plentiful but mine are meaningful [Music] [Music] cake exactly [Music] [Music] [Music] championship showcase they tag-team match don’t think you H trying to lock into the farm I carry same shows every state able to roll free finally we’re at free coming hides out some order being restored here on Monday Night Raw [Music] those chairs honoring someone no maybe not these other mine championship showcases next taxi match King George’s witness a little bit of well some semblance of order has been restored these two chairs are out of the ring but the action is under way again gee wait Charlotte flared that he’ll enter arguing over how they can take each other’s championship titles but if they have a win here tonight they can find themselves Charlotte Oscar right now paintbrush and Becky Lynch and look look at Becky Lynch the fire that burns inside the man on display last night at Hell in a Cell but again King Julien the effects of Hell in a Cell she’s literally last night thank you which also said they also said she’d join a long time to get her hands back on Oscar those hold a victory over the man in the past in Lynch getting caught by Oscar Oh what an idol is for all four of these women Oscar throwing her body on the line to take down Becky Lynch in the old guys really we have seen a new attitude from the Kabuki warriors over the last 24 hours both think it’s a different attitude for Kyrie strain but we’ve seen this attitude from Oscar this is dependent attitude and that is aggressiveness the kind of Mean Streets that allowed her to have one of the most dominant undefeated streaks in ee w in history well you’re right about that and I’ll tell you the deal that I think she’ll be drafted not just high but very high Monday night you brought up the trap don’t forget the WWE draft begins this Friday on Friday Night SmackDown teamwork right now well they tell me they’re viewing women’s tag-team champions and well good point was brought up we could see Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch on the same bridge yeah I just had to know that the executives at USA Network a really really high on Austin top of their list it’s on top of Becky level right down into the midsection of the raw Women’s Champion into the cover first of the matchup and rich able to kick-out at two look at Tyrese Satan you know you could probably have a decent conversation with him did you understand anything they said earlier I tried oh and what a fight probably understand a right foot to the face is now Kyrie same measuring which when she able to roll through at the moment champion now this is a moment for Lynch to make a tag to Charlotte Flair okay to get her in there she’s fresh she’s ready to go Mosca tags and here comes a ten-time Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair and there’s no love lost between phosphate flair Lightner up this all champion women’s showcase tag team matchup has now turned around as soon as the crew tagged in it the back of her head the strength of Charlotte Flair on display Charlotte Flair just show it out a little bit you got it yet admit she is oh all of these women competed in very physical matches last night at Hell in a Cell Oh an Oscar now realizing it and being able to roll out of the ring Charlotte Flair standing tall me they talked about who is the most dominant woman in the WWE Charlotte Flair certainly right now being down both members the kabuki warrior say King where’s Charlotte Flair to the top rope I have no idea what [Music] [Applause] the Queen was doing that there’s Charlotte Flair quickly back into the ring and osku should be looking for the figure-4 baby the transition to figure eight in spin Oh toss it Tyrese a flair has been dominant here tonight I’m kidding Charlotte Flair just just look at everything show horse Charlie floor got caught by Oscar this sakti match continues on Raw back on our own identity women’s tag team champions have taken control of the wrong Women’s Champion Becky Lynch and the SmackDown Women’s Champion that being Charlotte Flair guys I have known person for some time alone I have never seen her like this she is so aggressive even mean yeah I think it’s changed their entire lives becoming Tag Team Champion Oh Charlotte Flair just catching full-on seat I retain the strength of Charlotte for obviously Charlotte is trying to show up and show Becky Lynch that she is the wealth of number one champion all right now she’s looking for Becky Lynch to make a tag it’s Charlotte Flair taxing with its head Becky Lynch taking it right to Kyrie Seine oh wait Becky Lynch go double blow bud that that kick no wasted motion and peculation charges right back in get up now tenzig osku Hey Oh bitch floater lit shiny now let the chip that she is we talking about showing out and showcasing your stuff Becky Lynch doing just that right now whoa Women’s Champion perched high Perry’s new was able to get all the way for the moment I said what a back fist let’s stop pinkie lynched in her tracks certainly didn’t the booty Warriors are very very impressive here tonight what a fist that was boom from Kyrie Saint and this is that new aggression deal that you were talking about is Tyrese a now dragging Becky Lynch over to her corner we saw that elbow that could very well be a prelude to a elbow drop that we’re all very familiar with and I think you’re right looks like here comes say the top rope so too much time and Becky Lynch back to her feet what a slam by Becky Lynch is now so women’s champions looking to climb in what a kick by Oscar just saving things Charlotte [Music] [Music] new Institute and maybe a couple of new tricks velasca but that’s what got them a victory we gotta get some help for her eyes trying to take out both remembers they tell you w we Tag Team Champion but it’s two-on-one starting to work here and then numbers advantage too much for Charlotte Flair like a Buki warriors now taking control about 24 hours ago they felt that green mist now the former champions in the current champions slugging it out that’s how the kabuki warriors became Tag Team Champions pity that green mist into the faces of these two

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