WWE NXT Highlights 9th October 2019 HD – WWE NXT Highlights 10/9/19 HD

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[Music] [Applause] Finn Balor right now [Applause] [Music] Ares linux a cruiser like [Applause] the NXT cruiserweight championship matches let’s how cool that loves to stop match play not a slow – rush man of the hour looking oh but there’s the strength on display of black could counter though and into the submission attempt is this girl acts we’re making do with whatever means are available rush is going to have to utilize that sticking of the leg making sure there’s no way that rush can get away with him if you’re Leo rush notice the Philadelphia stretcher that’s it’s got to be careful you are watching the NXT cruiserweight championship all over that kick was caught by the champion and gula while rush landing on his feet propels Kulak into the corner stretchered go like putting the stretch [Applause] looking for the cyclone crashes him in the fireman’s carry now rush looking to the counter [Music] [Applause] match in a row Sadie’s weeks a collective all play into this different angle have his moment [Music] [Applause] [Music] they ice if I ring learn as much as I could I knew I was working towards something really pria Ripley the for statics be Women’s Champion you get rip video like birds of a feather one who will not be objective is really was inspired by none other than the youngest WWE holliford their Volvo this nasty kick and now the strength by [Applause] to scoop it home there is no doubt not or snapped every single one of her competitors I’m coming for you [Music] [Music] [Applause] every single every single has a lot of hitting things have gotten serious here in a hurry Steve color Wesley plates forming the ring team until they go down to Brees Ango who seem to have their number okay prepared for different opponents and heavy breaker backgrounds came together traveling the road of course here in an extreme damage duel with the gaps wait for Wesley Blake full of energy [Applause] [Applause] [Music] the technical tagging the bell goes referee distracted by what still enjoyed the matches during a game here tonight berries boy in the corner but he is Vader bombs papillae and Jane oh my gosh time for this but your name to me is Greece [Applause] [Music] [Music] tunity a victory by Isaiah Scot would have to put him in the course to be trying to keep down any competitors before they have taken Scott a little lightly there well he say a Scot known for his counter-attack John said suave ain’t coming after the antics here happy with that photo better that’s vintage tomorrow defense Nigel on display perhaps looking for the out corner to make the NXT arena shot four more strikes like that swerves house is gonna be an us not sure if I can find someone absolutely incredible side stay proving to be as tough as working under the Florida Sun for me oh and again on USA but you’re witnessing another epic NXT battle this one oh wow and again to the summer the North American champion into my arms with what he was able to join the NXT breakout tournament looking up Rex to the undisputed narrow per kick NXT champion Adam Cole and exterior [Applause] Scot talking about wanting to leave an indelible impression on me to measure up to the undisputed era that’s white Tommaso Champa return wait a second did someone say drain undisputed era allow the dream to show you what the dream once again [Applause] [Music] [Applause] be daddy’s home [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] tomaso you no me importa sisters a regressive what what did he just say no idea injuries a huge matchup in the NXT Women’s stunned best athletes on the NXT roster showing them destroy out the backdoor attitude of Bianca bel-air quick waistlock being important continues with us but Dakota Kai’s determined to come back Dakota Kai say she’s so strong like a squadron there’s a cocky covering the ball Dakota Kai’s not to be taken up package by look each competition but back to the top of the NXT Women’s Division is long look at in victory looking for Bellaire Polaris despair axe kick is definitely amped up the mom was extremely emotional when she sighs caught by Bellaire [Music] [Applause] oh my bull air shoulders are down for to their bible air aggressive back and forth talking about see they wanna be the one me ladies it’s almost like know what it takes to take chief leaders limit from a schism imperative ten members [Music] first finn balor is end [Applause] [Music] [Music] Ashida idolized that revelant – angel watch your futures whatever you make it so make it a good one the Kushida willing to challenge of sea water six-foot Achtung Kishida Fujita comes in looking for the answer watch out ducks underneath this is exactly continues and it’s reaction here on us a protraction fortunate now we’d vote up I think that Walter did a good job of taking advantage he too embarrassed him rise to this moment here tonight during Walter now on his feet on the apron and catches walk down by Fujita cartwheel old Kushina catches that right arm [Applause] you live here on USA until the conclusion of this incredible chopping the tree down Kishida just made it back into the rain looking for that person to the Kabul certainly does girth is size uncle she to the shoulders down but that pitch didn’t work the WWE UK check to brandy ghostly to all as it is for both Kishida and Bach from the quarter [Applause] water pretty oxygen-rich environment of a vaulter that is momentarily rattled is the gift that keeps on giving see you next week [Music]

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