WWE NXT: GRADED (9th October) | Lio Rush Wins NXT Cruiserweight Championship!

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pay aew it’s a marathon not a sprint said WWE after they’ve bolted out of the blocks in their first round of the Wednesday night war simply gave themselves the stitch have we found a good running pace now for NXT on USA let’s find out together this is NXT graded [Music] [Applause] we kick off with the NXT cruiserweight championship first time I think we’ve had it officially called that in a match God love you 2:05 live it’s Leo rush challenging drew Gulick for the belt and this starts hot and heavy the screw like flies out of the corner with a dropkick rush misses it and link within the 60 seconds of the match started we see two massive dives from Leo rush the story of this match tells itself it is high-flying innovativeness nurse taking on grounding submission based innovativeness nurse nurse rush is getting a loads of momentum in the early stages of the match of Gulick immediately cuts him off when rush goes to the top rope google that drop kicks him out of the ring and he crashes into a load of WWE runners on the outside of the ring which is quite a nice way to cut to a commercial break clever that this match twists and turns we see Leo rush go for the come up which is that bottom rope springboard stunner he does I love that as he does it Goulet grabs him into the GU lock we think okay that’s it as that was a good opening match no no no no no rush spins it around into a dragon sleeper Gulick spins that round again hits it with the cyclone crash Jesus this is this is a phenomenal opening match the crowd are really into it as well massive love for Leo rush from Full Sail University some big load for Gulick as well gulick goes for a superb legs but rush manages to fight him off and pushes Gerlach to the ground hits a splash off the top rope finally nails the come up and it gets back up top for the final our frog splash on what would have been Eddie Guerrero’s birthday nice 1 2 3 and Leo rush is your brand new NXT cruiserweight champion what a heck of an opening match that was William Regal comes out to put the belt around Leo Russia’s waists it’s now an NXT belt that is now part of Regal zaid bin as he comes out to put the belt on drew Goulet gets back into the ring it looks like he’s gonna mix it up with regal or Leo rush and he ends up just handing the belts to rush a passing of the torch as it were and leaves the ring very respectful way to end the match and a really nice way to kick off a new era for the cruiserweight championship now it’s under the umbrella of NXT this gets an a from me this was a crackin way to open the show Leo rush and drew Gulick just meshed so well together and I love the idea of Leo rush being the guy that is going to lead this new dawning for the cruiserweight championship as part of NXT we got a high package for Finn Balor we actually get two of these throughout the night showing us all the great stuff he did as part of NXT show stuff about his call-up to raw as well his successes as a main card guy and his return now to NXT really making it feel like this is the guy that was a superstar here he went away became a megastar somewhere else and now he is back home excited to see Finn Balor in an NXT ring again within within weeks surely really versus alia is next and this this don’t last too long to be perfectly honest really makes very short work of alia the big move of this match is really locking in a figure-four on Ali’s legs but with her hands so she picks her up and he’s got a real figure for position and it’s just swinging around drops are on her face and Aleeah taps out to this standing hooked fisherman’s for great move that just showed not just the strength but the the sheer the ship viciousness of really once the match is done she gets on the microphone and throws down the threat to Shayna Baszler she is coming for the NXT Women’s Championship giving this one a B it was short but it was impressively brutal if only for just that move that figure-four arm move thing swinging Ali around like like a rag doll that was cool more of that we hear the sound of drills we see caution cones on the screen we see two ladies in high vis and hardhat so genuinely think at this point we’re getting a heavy machinery cross-play but no no they are bringing out Bri Xango who now apparently men at work I like this this is good fun I don’t know whether there’s a thing now where they’re just gonna chop and change gimmicks you’ll have to excuse me if I’ve missed a meeting somewhere Beth Phoenix spends the entire of their entrance making double entendre ‘he’s about having her pipes cleaned by BRE Xango oh dear and just gonna be livid the fun stops when Jackson Riker makes his way out and he’s dragging Matt Martel and chase Parker the opponents of Brees anger tonight out towards the ring and he’s got one of them over a shoulder he’s dragging water around by the arm and this brings out the other members of the forgotten son so I guess it’s now Bree Xango versus the Forgotten sons that’s how it works this was cool though just a nice change on the whole they got beaten up backstage stick by having Jackson Riker just dragging these limp prone bodies out to the ring made him look brutal some good tandem moves by Cutler and Blake but this is a fairly standard tag-team affair you know it’s slow and steady and pretty pretty bait I think this feels a bit like a crowd cooler this one with the greatest respect to everybody involved some good tag-team offense we’ve forgotten Suns breeze anger take a bit of a beating in this match and it ends with a with a double foot stomp reverse DDT combo move by forgotten Suns for the one two three this one gets a c+ from me it was fine I liked the way the match started I like the way the vogue onsens got into the match the match itself was okay wasn’t terrible it was there we get hype for Keithley vs. Dominic died to cope its next low-key one of the best feuds in NXT right now Keithley says that next week Dominic died of kovetz will bask in his glory you know what I could just listen to Keith Lee talk forever like that man has an amazing like low caramely voice look why is he not got a podcast seriously every wrestler on the planet now has a podcast why is it Keith Lee he got a podcast with that velvety voice listen every day I’m gonna sleep listening to Keith Lee spot cast anyway Keith Lee dodge’ covert the bejesus out of each other next week boa versus Cameron Grimes is up next boa gets a lovely reaction from the crowd and he’s not out there long enough to really enjoy it Cameron Grimes comes out as the two men about to size off in the match Cameron Grimes go who look over there who’s that walking down the ramp blower turns around eats the cave in that double stomp from Grimes 1 2 3 but as the pin is going down we actually see there was somebody making their way down the ramp Cameron Grimes was correct and it was Killian Dane as soon as the three count happens Killian Dane rolls into the room Cameron Grimes gets out of there and Bowa just takes a beating from Killian Dane at this point big Vader bomb off the ropes gets the road onto the announce table around the side as well and Dane warns us that this is only the beginning nightmarish things ahead from Killian Dane giving this whole segment to see the match was really nothing was there wasn’t a match it was all about just getting killing Dane over as a monster so they they chief that that’s fine Bo got a lovely reaction I don’t want to go away from this without acknowledging the fact that Bowa got some love can we see bora bora thanks Davian priest promo he gets out of a posh car somebody’s doing all right on the old NXT gazonga he talks about how he wants to become the archer of infamy and he wants to set his sights on Pete Dunn he took his shot and now he wants to become famous in NXT we see shots of Damien priest on and on a really posh night out basic please he’s in a limo at one point he’s going into a club he’s drinking champagne he’s hanging out with nori ladies he’s gonna kabob at the end of the night that bit didn’t happen I made it up but we’re getting a little impression of what Damien priest the form of punishment Martinez is all about in NXT and it was cool Roderick’s strong in non-title action against isaiah swerves scott next and wow this shocked me was it expecting something like like as competitive as this swerve is grace where it was great in the breakout tournament but I wasn’t expecting these two to tear it the way they did swerve really got one over on Roderick Strong throughout a lot of this match some really innovative offense from swerve throughout this and you know what really really put over swerve in this match was when the undisputed era made their way out to the ring to cheer on Roderick Strong like they realized back there in storyline world they realized back there they’re all right it’s struggling here let’s go out and just make sure this goes the right way some great combos from swerve we see a big German suplex that immediately followed by a Flatliner by a double foot stomp to the outside where Roddy’s got a lay on the apron and he hits a double foot stop that goes all the way down to the ring swerve is ruling this match the rows rowdy back into the ring and as he’s getting back into the ring undisputed hero start to walk towards the ring swerve sees this it’s okay back off you guys that moment of distraction is all Roderick Strong needed to rally boom end of heartbreak backbreaker and warlocks in the stronghold the Lyon Tabor and gets the tap out on our Zaius swerve Scott an amazing showing by swerve the undisputed ear getting to the ring at this point their hot dog in their grandstanding and talking about how brilliant they are this brings out valve a Teen Dream we think he’s backstage he’s on the big screen lights go out like to come back on there he is on the balcony of the back of Full Sail bathed in purple his music playing behind him again still not sold on that aspect of it but he’s talking to Roderick Strong and he says that in two weeks time he’s gonna get his shots at the North American Championship and he wants to introduce Roddy to his reality it pulls up on the screen that picture that Roderick Strong shared on social media a little while ago of himself in the altogether naked as the day was born covered by the North American Championship Velveteen Dream says he wants to show you what it’s going to look like after they face each other snaps his fingers and then the next image is the same but the belt is photoshopped out and there is a teeny tidy about of pixels covering the modesty of Roderick Strong basically is got tiny a tiny stronghold that’s what this bit is telling us they’re shocked and appalled and angered as Roderick Strong is about to say no it’s much bigger than that you naughty boy out comes Tommaso Champa Champa gets into the ring he’s got his his trusty camouflage crutch and a steel chair the undisputed era they go this ain’t the night they leave the ring Champa stands in the center of the ring he puts the chair down sits into the chair stares straight down at the undisputed era and says hey Goldie daddy’s home oh that’s all you needed to say crowd chanting daddy’s home we’re getting Chomper and cold down the line this whole segment from the opening bell of the match to daddy’s home gets an A this is a brilliant way to establish some big momentum not just for swerve who isn’t an afterthought in this he was phenomenal but to give us matches that were building to this was the big issue with last week’s show where it was it felt like a very self-enclosed NXT takeover special this week we’ve really set that right and we are building blocks now towards bigger things and this did all of that I loved it this gets an a big old a big ol day during the break Tommaso Champa is approached by angel Garcia who talks a load of trash to him but didn’t talk a lot of trash because jumping knocked his lights out before you can continue we find that later on in the night the chompers first match back is going to be against Angel Gaza coming up very very soon so that’s a nice way to bring back jumper I just didn’t you know to get the wheels turning on the inner ring career of Tommaso again some are so and Gaza will be fun Dakota Kai is back the cats at a team kick takes on the EST of NXT Bianca Bella in our next match Bianca Bella is very much positioned as one to beat in the women’s division and she’s very much painted like that here Dakota Kai really takes the fight to Bel Air throughout this one she’s the team kick captain so everything is kicks every kind of kick you could imagine you could probably buy from guys big kicking shop this is quite a brutal affair it just felt like the Bianca Bel Air kept managing to shut down Dakota Kai’s comebacks until near the end where Kai’s just goes crazy with kicks from every every part of the part of the ring and outside the ring as well she does a great scissor kick as bel-air is hanging off the apron gets back into the ring drops her with an axe kick a helluva kick the big facewash running kick that she does only gets a two-count from that one goes for one kick too many and bel-air manages to pick her up hoist her on her shoulders a nele with the kod for the one-two-three big win for bel-air she gets on the microphone afterwards and addresses really saying this really wants her shots at Shayna Baszler she has to go through the EST future match between Bianca bel-air Andrea Ripley down for that giving this a b-minus this was a bit of a sleeper match to me I didn’t think this would go the distance I didn’t think we would see much from this but these two really meshed very well together so Abby – nicely done welcome back to Kota Kai as well and Tegan Knox is on NXT next week as well so team kick are both up and running again and if you haven’t seen team kick do what they do you’re in for a treat I genuinely think team kick is an NXT tag team that you could put the Derby w/e women’s tag team belts on down the road we hear from Dominic die Djokovic about next week’s rubber match between him and Keithley Dominic knows his strengths he knows his weaknesses and this matches everything this match is important this matters I just want to hear Keithley talk again no disrespect to Dominic dire Kovac who sounds lovely but I just keep thinking about Keith Lee’s voice want to hear him talk all day but they’re having a rubber match next weekend they get a bass or each other promo package time again and it’s Pete Dunn in the performance center talking about being attacked last week by Damien priest he says he understands why because he once David Damien priest wants to make an impact and he’s doing it at the expense of Pete Dunn Pete Dunn says and I like this line a lot if Pete Dunn says Damien priest calls himself the archer of him for me well how is he gonna fire a bow and arrow we’ve broken fingers Pete Dunn and Damien priest confirmed for next week should be a cracker main event o’clock on NXT and it’s Volta the WWE United Kingdom champion taking on Kishida both men undefeated and to quote Maranello what Oh has gotta go Kishida start out wrestling Volta he starts out maneuvering Volta ends up sending voltar to the outside of the Ring by dropping the rope Volta keeps trying to get back in the ring and cushy that keeps nailing it with drop kicks in every single side and you just see Volta get more and more frustrated like this is what I love about Volta is he’s he’s such a menace in the ring but there’s an element of him that just feels very beatable and I think that’s kind of important not not completely beatable you don’t it’s not a pushover but there’s an element where you think every time he’s in the ring like oh god maybe this guy can do it Kishida at one point went for a springboard but lost his footing completely and volton nailed him with a big boot and this is Volta just taking control of this match from this point on Kishida tries to rally with a sunset flip powerbomb to outside of the ring but he can’t muscle Volta over and voltar ends up just stamping on Kushida space brutal they do have a beer this match on the apron actually going back and forth Volta looking for chops on the outside of the apron he manages to swing for Kishida but the Kushina ducks it the momentum carries Volta and he sends him crashing into the ring post as Volta is reeling we see a rolling DDT from Kushida to the outside of the ring that just brings the crowd back to their feet these two were having a cracker casino manages to get the hover board to lock in for Volta manages to push out of it locks in a sleeper hold that looks like he’s gonna wear out Kishida somehow Kishida managed to find a way out of that but shortly afterwards eats a German suplex and a pump handle suplex by Volta vaulter goes up to the top rope it looks like he’s gonna go for a splash but Kishida quickly meets him up there kicks him down and then flies off the top rope with Volta and locks in the hoverboard lock as he hits the ground so look he’s it’s like in midair he’s applying the hoverboard they’re like suspended in the air for what feels like ages this was incredible however voltar manages to just about make it to the ropes with his foot so the hold is broken voltar rallies and he manages this shop down Kishida drops him with a powerbomb but only gets a two and and and everybody is in all that because she just kicked out of Voltas powerbomb I rates Volta pulls up Kishida grabs him by the arm and hits him with a Rainmaker lariat for the one two three almost immediately after this felt eerily similar to the way that Volta and Tyler Bates ended when Volta just kind of went to this the final the final move in his war chest which is this big lariat think it’s it’s being treated as a move that Volta only pulls out when he absolutely has to and he did it with Kishida and it immediately got a three Volta remained undefeated in NXT giving this one a big old a Kishida and Volta just meshed so well together and the fact that falta had to go to his in case of emergency break glass move it make a cedar look like a star in defeat as well I’m giving our next ene again this week I thought the one thing that was missing from last week’s show was that feeling of full momentum and this week were very much at a pace that WWE can keep with NXT where we’re building stuff as we’re going forward and we still keep in that high level of quality matches in there as well big ole day for NXT this week thanks for watching I love you bye thanks for watching let us know what you think in the comments down below you can follow us on Twitter at cultivate forward slash cult-like if you enjoy what we do here at Kyle’s hold it you can pledge to us on patreon that’s

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