WWE NXT 9th October 2019 Highlight HD – WWE NXT 10/09/2019 Highlight HD

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the velvetine dream experience [Applause] screw through Bella right now the focused on making sure thrilling title matches and the shocking return of [Applause] [Music] [Music] became a renowned service performer after surviving the horrors opening back and defeating the cruiserweight championship cruiserweight champion [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] but there’s the strength on display of Oh knife inch shot here by Russ but beautifully transitioned into the submission attempt for means are available and Leo rush resorting to those right hands to the breadbasket buddy championship NXT cruiserweight championship guitar through air Lyles exchange neutralized leo Russia strongest awesome notice the Philadelphia stretcher that not sure what I competitor has in mind right now [Applause] face that Leo rush is still in this black in stretcher like resiliency rush rose up bitch I come crashing to the fireman’s carry now it’s rush now unloading on the cruiserweight champion to the mat [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] the way [Applause] first ability general manager William Regal preparation to cheetah tonight [Music] but this music hits this [Music] [Applause] [Music] became a part of NXT so much better every day I said I ring lien as much as I could I knew our book and told it I want to make a statement I’m coming but everyone [Music] [Music] let’s not forget it was Briony jokes really like birds of a feather fee that may be the case in her sights the ultra aggressive and terrifyingly strong Wow now Ripley was inspired by none other than the youngest WWE Hall of Famer nasty kick and now the strength by Ripley but alia sent for the ride [Applause] color me impressed the road there is no doubt that Shayna Baszler is the most dominant sailor I’m coming for you [Applause] [Music] Friday [Music] [Applause] [Music] oh wait a second Oh things have gone seriously why’d you make an impact yeah these changes until they go down to Brees Ango who seem to have their number and remember when Title II two prints pretty old Telegraph’s of back bodydrop her visa he prepared for dinner Steve Cutler for the US Marine Corps some foods of duty traveling the road ticket of course here in an exchange [Music] colored a member of the US Marine Corps for food subdued traveling the road together body drop ground go to the action Oh the too many memories sit caitli there’s a battle of this [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] the street fight but he is the Beast of Belfast Jillian’s a makes you see the middle and the end of him for me reason why I laid out he done [Applause] it’s just the bullseye and I saw my mark took my shot we live forever [Music] [Applause] [Music] our favorite select [Music] that he employs in his matches trying to keep down any competitors before they get any opportunities and Isaiah Scotland was gone from the north his defensive prowess isn’t easy champ Joseph’s suave echoing out had a braggart style about Oh would have been happy with that quote Scott again that defense Nigel on display perhaps looking for the out corner beautiful shot to the liver [Applause] Roger expiry no Lord’s house reverberating throughout the NXT arena both looking for the being us both when it comes to Roderick Strong fourteen years old so many veterans would take a bite Scott into the corner reversal on the Irish whoops when the driver sees lunch I’d state proving to be as tough as working under the Florida Sun will mean to say he’s gone again oh and again the cover hooks the leg on knee on belly and just firing off those right hands I say Ascot running over the North American champ second gruff table to join the NXT Blanco Tournament looking to the undisputed king and Roger to the understand talking about wanting to leave an indelible [Applause] [Music] [Applause] to the give it up for Isaiah swerve Scot everybody he’s just nowhere near the level yeah that’s what I love about NXT the best of the best they come here it’s because they want to try to fulfill this unrealistic dream excuse me [Applause] [Music] now the reality is undisputed era allow the dream to show you what’s your reality and an NXT North American Championship match why you just don’t measure [Applause] [Music] another commercial camper [Applause] [Music] the Japanese the veg well in rehab from those injuries a huge matchup in the NXT Women’s Division veteran on the NXT roster showing off but like us but taking to UM go Takei looking for an escape able to do so breaks the grip in the world of ee ee the cover and guy looking for a prospects in the NXT Women’s Division we know the injury caused by Belarus she runs the media to welcome back dakota cop the EST of gotta keep her eye on the ball Dakota guys not Belarus done messing around oh that’s to say Bianca bulette was in control of this match the collected in fall NH t on using match up each competition second consecutive win against here Bianca bel-air in trouble I comes back with a right hand takes out the fuckable air celeritas Barre amped up the aggression of her side press up so late I would and comes kind of looking for a finish her black eye and Bowl era Kent arena and a victory over Klinger Oh her mom was extreme and all cylinders over that kick was caught by [Applause] [Music] everything she has on her feet it’s [Applause] between p3 and Sonic dodge it cause it’s cheaper itself to destiny and I doubt the best engine and studying Keith I know what it takes to take chief leader is love it kid may I thought now finn bálor is end it’s exactly what I did [Applause] 600 of infamy the how’s it gonna shoot a bow and arrow [Music] [Music] Thunder liger [Music] maybe the Kushida willing to challenge himself he doesn’t care notice it’s football in Fallujah and citronella and Kishida show of strength by Walter cutter taunting Kishida Fujita comes in title match to UK takeover 685 day rain as crucita to utilize action unfortunate turn of events for Kishida those ring ropes in the middle of the ring with a massive Austrians toss as a diamond I think that Walter did a good job of taking it listen to this and Kushina embarrassed it brought us to this moment here tonight I’ll turn now [Applause] let’s not hope if your cachet the stunning brown wrestling with high flying all the way to the top charcoal what a takedown by Cucina cartwheel banging cushy top all Kushina catches that right arm [Music] conclusion of this incredible confrontation incredible match Walter in trouble chopping the tree down Kishida just made it back into the rain [Applause] [Music] Walter [Applause] [Music] [Applause] and who shade of looking to finish Walter but with bragging rights hero Tanaka the elbow lends to the job by the WWE UK chapter just booted Kishida Belson pumphandle will temporarily go slits are aureus as it is for both but continuing to fight in the oxygen-rich educated feet on Walter in looking for the hoverboard lock again this time Walter throws him off [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] the general manager mr. William Regal regarding two huge mount angel Garza and Intuit signed the NXT North American Championship will be defended behind we are NXT on USA

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