WWE Monday Night Raw 7th October 2019 Highlights – WWE Raw Highlights 7 October 2019

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subscribe to channel and click on bell icon for new video [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] this rivalry too far it’s just we’re just getting started in a part of this well two members of team Flair oh oh oh no you don’t look even nearly as comfortable as I do let me look at me you do notice one thing that if I’m wearing your robe and this bed looks extremely comfortable you know let’s see how comfortable this bed actually is so if this is your bedroo Civ what exactly are we missing here a lot [Music] [Applause] everything we own is now my name it’s all mine it looks like you’re not having fun oh we are [Music] [Laughter] these guys are laughing korben his plan look at this clock King Corbin and Orton hands now straighten out Rousseff’s corn oh listen an absolute is our own come over here think anyone is [Applause] I feel sorry Felicia I like I said I wanted to go down there and help the guy he’s here guys he’s gonna confront braun strowman and Charlotte Flair the newly crowned ten time Women’s Champion bootie warrior that is going to be an awesome match Becky Lynch his next 20 flowers go Hell in a Cell kickoff show let’s use the shot shooter and on last night it was the Italian getting some fake watch this and you know what happens at the end of the road don’t you unladylike nonsense Natalya pulled attacking me after our match last night we’re a legitimate lady such as myself will be left standing will be taken out like the trash [Music] to the referees count of ten because they’ve had enough of each other like I said it’s wrong warming point and it’s how you’re gonna write it back when the tally is staying one step ahead I mean this to take your opponent she cannot get to her some strong words before this match started in fact two to two you have to figure the lacey evidence rival hopped in defeat this may be the last time these two women can get a hand ninety-four the drafts avoid surprises a bit over next monday here tonight raw but not italian what happened it doesn’t matter if she taps out it doesn’t matter i mean it tight as have to listen to the rope break either there’s no disqualification she enters earmuffs blaze the image turning the tape free is at seven what tell you that must breaks the count when the count of nine I think she was in this state oh but then were see Evans now is she’s so creative another he’s at five always willing to use the referee Oh this last woman standing matches happy to disappoint the WWE Universe women standing Maisie Evans is waiting if Natalia can break the count Matteo potentially does that the count starts over again place the Evans taking a break and as she watches the referee kicks up see down up to seven and how smart they see a she stands up she’s so smart to do that oh look at this looking smart three to five and at nine Lacey Evans oh man fun but to look in the dual wield here [Applause] at the face of leash he is about to get really angry in the count Natalia gets taken talking about pulling out all the stops Lacey Evans certainly for the count of ten suddenly we’re going over here for the table oh no and now Natalia [Applause] [Applause] the world lifetime join our fight save live Monday Night Raw a place soon tradition battle that I so desperately require Yuma and I well we both know that that is not who I am and all of this will tell you that I am forever restless with me Aurora was so hot it feels like summer is brand news network has his own specific roster starting line guys a blue chipper don’t sleep on Hill haha next WB’s best-kept secret oh yeah but he’s sort of like WWE’s Steve Carell you know 40 year old version the gypsy king types of theories in the build a family that egg team at Tyson Fury was on him with his family I think it was the automobile with jumpin Dolph Ziggler would bounce off the Tyson Fury come over the barricade King Willie for this placement that’s the gypsy king right there he is the undefeated lineal heavyweight boxing champion of the world Tyson why are you provoking braun strowman things don’t help out to hunt I maybe should have jumped over the barrier I want an apology and if he doesn’t give me an apology he’s gonna get some of these hums the Viking raiders making their way to the ring WWE Tables Ladders and Chairs match up we have right here today this certainly is an interesting one can help us out you’re right when you say on a regular route but a win here tonight right here with Dolph Ziggler infers the Viking raiders if if you’re trying to estate opinion oh and rude have really come together and she’s gonna happen in the diving class begins for Dolph Ziggler [Applause] I’m on USA uh twelve Ziggler now robbery trying to take there you go Andrew now continuing the brontosaurus jumping me these guys guys are now Eric and talk about Eric beam at silent under control and Robert Roode in the venture where athough a Robert Roode oh he’s gonna make a tag its flipped over there’s no timeouts on Monday Night Raw competition here this week for the rider robbery trying to turn things around it’s matchup at oh he certainly is blowing up in just cover hooks the leg kick busy that went to great superstars come together quickly and Ivar went back into this ring but really dropping that neckbreaker it’s a good move right there boom no Robert Roode now just plenty with a suplex what a pro I mean this okay keep pouring it on these guys and right back look at this little double teaming for the WWE draft waiting in good grief Brutus play Bert wheel surprised legally athletic we’re now going up at all just great hover inside leg is Campitelli you doesn’t wait Ziegler cause Super Kick Louis County earlier what out makes things up Oh Eric these did it twice Lee holds up Eric into the cavern Oh [Music] zig zag let me do it then again perhaps getting an opportunity if those run looking to plant Eric with a glorious DDT [Applause] the doubt without a doubt place the victories over their opponents in side and at Hell in a Cell respect devil in the champion now I’ve seen on this place out see mister pick a fight like a perfect place for two or five lives smackdown go Alistair black here’s a bollywood song for you [Music] here’s the fight it’s hardly been back to WWE Hall of Famer that you guys met and certainly bringing the confidence here tonight they’ve been in a lot of movies about the third one Oh seeing brothers were ready for this medal where else can we cut oh oh oh this is the advantage in a two-on-one matchups and not a lot of advantage we’re not kicking now all is stinging elbow oh look out how impressed were you just now Allison to tip well speaking of a highlight film it was an absolute highlight [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you just saw the number one heavyweight boxer in the world Tyson furious the undefeated lineal heavyweight boxing champion of the world the gipsy.king Tyson Fury I was just trying to have a little fun when I saw Tyson sitting ringside at Friday Night Smackdown so Tyson fury wants an apology he might get these nights with the return of Finn Balor and everything WWE was [Applause] [Applause] ladies and gentlemen please welcome my guest Rey Mysterio before we talk about what happened on Friday Night SmackDown how’s Dominic doing as you know last week my son Dominic was brutalized by Brock Lesnar he took a beating like a man while like you said being brutalized by the Beast can really shake anyone to their core so we vowed to love and protect them more my son and there wasn’t a damn thing I can do about it then I’m sitting next to Dominic’s bedside at the hospital and who walks in the man who took that same title from Brock Lesnar Velasquez es el único que le puede party toda sumeria Brock Lesnar its Cain Velasquez [Applause] party this six-man tag-team matchup is next as her in the ring when they finally decide to stop and of course the goody legs for a long time party walked into that one perfectly symmetric the United States to prove quickly as no ill effects from massive right hands like that is something you don’t just walk oh yeah he may be feeling as much too much fun to watch this guy’s boy let’s say to rock point King almost on queuing what’s negative is the lucha house might be a little concerned as well because those whoa the first are take a look at this King are you kidding me okay three members of the OSI when they push his side to them Oh kissing themselves he didn’t have time to refocus took four tonight guys mind it’s hard to poach a crane mentally remember Lucia house party back to a vertical base in this six-man tag team match spinebuster traded Carl Anderson by Yosi once told me starting to fight free cross makes the tag righto to Rio rolls through makes it police to quickly pasted another AJ Styles on rubber legs Manderson breaks it up gallows take it out marry you and nice here comes [Applause] Vic Toews he was gonna regroup they certainly found tonight what but Oh Sunday’s you can do this guy’s oh come on AJ Styles looking at the installation point [Applause] but AJ Styles showcasing again why he is simply the cell would lower on these two rival Athens these two ladies put themselves through his the base I don’t pay of Steel charm it is on the fall in Becky Lynch and the SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair this past Monday on the Friday nights background for there look at this guy when you think about it this way last week team Hogan first-ever emotes my cwe talk show in history welcome to celebrities like the rock the new WWE champion Brock Lesnar like Tyson Fury right now I want to welcome my first guest she is Bucky [Applause] that the band and the boss put themselves through but here we have it the measure pajamas [Music] [Applause] logo but we have one more guest the queen charlotte for the queen laughs to be standing up were teammates just look when you can’t you know there’s never complicity making the hole wins by the both of you at Hell in a Cell last night and what an incredible year it has been for you it feels like only yesterday you were on the cover of WWE’s videogame 2k 20 accomplishments are great making history is great cereal is great but if she was right here right now in front of me I’d remind her that last night by Charlotte who became the new SmackDown Women’s Champion and here we are both of you champions or you both could end up on the same brand everybody has something to prove even champions like Oscar and Kyrie say and that is a wrong that I would like to correct tonight over they’re all happy with yourself with the belt that I made famous and I made you famous but I’ve been the woman [Applause] [Music] [Applause] that’s the gun that we do this right here right now Warners charging its Becky Lynch Charlotte Flair standing tall early on here King no referee and Becky Lynch trying to lock into this arm rock toward here on Monday Night Raw maybe not wait for credit wait Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch are arguing over wouldn’t be bad to see it again two belts Charlotte two champion whoa would ask him none of that look at Becky Lynch the fire that Burke literally beat the hill last night neglige also said she’s going a long time to get her hands back on us on tonight alloys for all four of these women and helmets Allen Tosca that and I’ll tell you the begins this Friday on Friday Night Smackdown right now ladies right down and is this some of Paige’s influence coming out and make the book through at the moment Women’s Champion they know that basket tags in love lost between Flair and I say either this all champion with a cream tagged in and admit she is a woman in the WR Lafleur [Applause] Gasca oh wait I love fish could be look at these dead just just look at everything Charlotte Charlotte Charlotte flag hey guys I have known Kerry same machines their entire lives becoming tag team champions they’re just catching cold and tossing tyrosine Charlotte Flair tagging e comes the ban and Becky Lynch charges right back in Royal Women’s Champion perched I get all the way for the moment guys and what a back fist what a fist that was say the top rope took too much time at Becky Lynch Heather Thank You Lynn Turner well that had to be it one you gotta figure not only experience from this man Oh Charlotte Flair thought your same deal after that Helena so much champions shoulders are gauntlet kick out for Lynch into the server [Applause] it’s that new attitude and maybe a couple of new tricks from us get some help for her eyes Oh tag-team champion evidence to take heat control forgot about slugging it out that’s how the kabuki Warriors be all the articles I was just scared to be honest I’m just really nervous when you’re on that Island you can get a little lonely the very first video that I received was from little girl named Kelsey for her to be able to deal with everything that she’s dealt with and to still be able to think about me and it’s definitely something that no one should ever have to go through a loan [Music] all sweaty close-up view of everything since the beginning and let’s go back to the night when it started it looks like you’re not having fun no we are ladies and gentlemen please welcome my guest Apollo crew what are you hoping to prove tonight in your match against ricochet the WOD draft is it about admiration it’s about opportunity this is my show kids taking their room next week we’re a champion ricochet knowing that WWE Draft is this week on Friday and an earlier crew said that that this was nothing personal III agree 100% here in Monday Night Raw I’m always ready to prove that that superhero can be real heavy to be a draft showcase matchup between hollow crews and a ricochet look he’s going to show the do yes you know you know both of these guys really well right I sure do I remember sitting in this the right at my broadcast partner got drafted to the other brand crews thank you to the air these two superstars is ricochet Apollo crews in the counter for every counter this happening kami both networks they want fine-tooth comb has the power now dead here in Delhi whoa man we mean by that I want to have the best show nights do is now matter where they’re clicking the fly got all that clothes looking down in ice able to roll through and OH counter after another map showcases crews hoists up ricochet leather sexy doodle there here we go I still still can’t believe what we witness 24 hours earlier tonight opportunity at the raw Tag Team Championships lineal heavyweight boxing champion of the world Tyson Fury man who’s been known to speak his mind but you do that here at took Uwe sometimes somebody’s gonna step up by braun strowman well tyson first of all welcome to Monday Night Raw and welcome to Bakersfield big shout out Bakersfield wrong he tried to make me look like a soul I wound up getting choked out you felt [Music] when you put two combustible Helen [Applause] I was messing around trying to have a little fun with you last Friday on Smackdown that’s why I gave you a little present because I promise you the last thing you want is to get in my ring well it’s a good job that those security did jump on me last time you fought Wilder how many heavyweight titles of you warm [Applause] [Music] [Applause] the rocker the crossovers breaks free with Tyson Fury again coming straight at that monster among men [Applause] now is breaking loose man dat apology from you he didn’t quite get it of course not not after that coming into my house disrespecting me [Applause] [Music] but Stone Cold Steve Austin beyond the verge of becoming the latest retired wrestler to follow in Shawn Michaels Goldberg Batista and countless other footsteps by defying age and physical degradation by mounting a sensational return to WWE ring well it’s hard to say for sure but it sounds like the rattlesnake is at least confident of his ability to get through the bout stone cold commented on potentially wrestling again during a recent episode of his the Steve Austin show he claimed that he’s always being asked about it and noted that while it’s a tough thing to think about on a physical level he would most definitely be able to do it and that his body could make it to that match without being injured while Austin acknowledges his past injuries surgeries and the inherent risk involved with mounting a comeback he still claims to be in a good place his nerves are feeling a lot better than they used and that in theory he could have another match interesting timing given that crowns oval 2019 is now less than five weeks away could stone cold become the latest wrestler to come out of retirement for a big Saudi Arabian payday [Music]

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