WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW 10/7/19 Full Show Results, Review, and Highlights (Strowman/Fury brawl)

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greetings to everyone out there in the no DQ galaxy welcome to the no DQ live recap of Monday Night Raw for October 7th 2019 the post Hell in a Cell edition of Raw we kicked off the show with a video package recapping the return of Bobby Lashley and the return of Lana complete with the double cross Lana joining up with Bob dilash of course then we had the opening video package by skillet followed by instead of pyro we had Randy Oren and Baron Corbin attacking rusev I believe it was Randy Orton versus rusev that was announced by WWE for Raw we had Orton and Corbin beating down rusev he managed to fight both of them off then all of a sudden we had Bob dilash appear on the big screen he said that Rousseau or rusev I always do that I always say Russo instead of rusev I’m thinking of Russo because Russo being involved in WWE would make the show better than what this show was I’ll just say that spoiler alert on what I thought about Raw this week we had Lashley talk about how rusev there I got it right this time doesn’t look as comfortable as him Lashley was there wearing Rousseff’s robe he was in Russa Rousseff’s house and most importantly he was in rusev ‘s bed well maybe that’s not the most important thing the most important thing was what is not in the bed and that’s when Lana came in Lana had a bathrobe she or some kind of outfit that she took off she said that everything that her and rusev owned belong to her now it’s all hers Lashley said that rusev should have been spending money on Lana and not his family in Bulgaria then we had Lashley and Lana in bed together they were about to get it on and that’s when Lashley turned off the lights Baron Corbin and Randy Orton were laughing at rusev Corbin was like are you crying and then rusev just completely snapped beat up both guys yelled at them are you laughing at me and that was the segment virtue in the chat room says looks like money smells like money you know I do mention Russo I mean that this was very much not necessarily a Vince Russo segment but something out of the Attitude Era it was you know it was what it was I know it’s not everybody’s cup of tea but I guess it was something some kind of storyline with these guys psycho jet black with the $2 super chat says is virtue more over than Bray Wyatt anybody who’s affiliated with no DQ is well more over than ec3 at least Bray Wyatt give it six months if we keep going down the path we’re going that answer could be yes but right now Bray Wyatt’s more over well last week I would have said he’s more over than anybody in no DQ but now I still think he is but man again got to give it six months we got to see how this plays out maybe WWE can rebound with Bray Wyatt that I don’t know and there was there was something with Bray Wyatt later on the show so stay tuned for that we had Lacey Evans versus Natalya in a last woman standing match Lacey cut a promo before the match said it’s time to take out the trash she had a trash can with Natalia’s name on it Natalya came out for the match and basically it was a one side of the fair for pretty much the entire match Lacey kept a attacking Natalia with everything she did a big swing to Natalia into the barricade she pulled out a table but then changed her mind she threw Natalya into one of the ringside chairs she used a kendo stick she hit her with a trash can she suplexed her on the stage suplexed on the table did all this stuff Natalya kept getting up at 9:00 and then finally Natalya made a comeback powerbombed lacy off the stage through a table that just happened to be right there off of the stage and that was the match Natalya defeated lacy Evans it reminded me very much of one of those John Cena I quit matches where Cena got beat up the entire match came back hit the attitude adjustment and won maybe it was John Cena versus the Miz if I’m not mistaken that might have been the match I’m thinking of so yeah Mike beware the $5 super chat says Lana’s accent disappeared for that segment I wonder if Lana smells like money now and he puts on the the pondering emoji well congratulations to Mike B and will say we’ll say via the bobby lashley Dominator might be is the new no DQ super chat champion of the world so I toast to you Mike be since I do not have the super chat championship anytime you send in a $5 super chat I will give you a little toast to congratulate your victory but this coming Wednesday IEW I’m not sure what time I will be doing the aew review next week there may be a time delay with that but I do plan on doing an aew review at some point it might end up being Thursday morning I’m not sure at this time but whenever I do do that the super chat championship will be back so yeah regarding Lacey Evans in Natalya I mean was I would have preferred a back and forth match but I mean it whatever it was okay for a raw TV match I’m not going to complain yeah it was decent we had an Alistar black promo he talked about the draft and that he desperately wants a battle with somebody and again he asked somebody to knock on his door and pick a fight with him then we had the street profits backstage for their usual segment they talked about the draft they talked about Apollo Cruz buddy Murphy and then they talked about Drake maverick one of the street prophets made a joke about Drake being like Steve Carell from the 40 year old virgin nobody laughed at this joke whatsoever which leads me to believe one of two things either the joke was really bad or and maybe both of these are true that this particular crowd was probably too young to even get what the joke was could be a combination of both probably was this this episode of Raw was in Bakersfield California so I tend to believe it was more of a casual younger crowd psycho jet black where the $2 Super chat says you look good for a late 30s white dude well thank you other than the lack of hair on top I feel I’m doing okay thank you for that moving on here we had Tyson Fury interviewed backstage he said that he just wanted to go to raw to have a good time but then bran did what he did he dun goofed and Tyson Fury said he was demanding an apology or outs bran is gonna get his hands next up we had the Viking raiders versus Rudolph there was barely an entrance for Rudolph so you know what this means Viking raiders had a hot start we had the heels make the comeback Rudin Ziggler got a couple of near falls but in the end the Viking experience put away Rudolph and then later on the show the Vikings did a promo and revealed that next week they will beginning a shot at the raw tag team titles by the way I’m not sure if I missed it or not actually I did not miss it Alistair black so the follow-up to this we had another Alistair video saying he was heading down to the ring to see if somebody wanted to pick a fight with him we had the sing brothers come out they cut a promo I guess with 205 up in the air we’re gonna see more 205 live guys on Raw and Smackdown last I’ve heard is that we are going to have 205 live as part of NXT and we’re gonna have the cruiserweight title be renamed with the NXT cruiserweight title which I think is the right way to go quite frankly I know I know people like Noah foster love 205 live to death but it’s just too much TV it’s too much the product is very much oversaturated in my opinion so we have the sing brothers cut this promo they talked about how they’re from Bollywood and they were about to give their award-winning statement to explain why why they should be the top draft picks and that’s when alistair black came out he beat the crap out of both guys won a quick match and that was that Alistair black tapped out the Singh brothers and yeah Chris May says 205 live matters but it did not at least in this particular match Ken terminated by Google with a $5 super chat so congratulations to Ken Ken via let’s see which move can I give you as your victory move how about the Rob Van Dam five-star frog splash via the five-star frog splash easy for me to say i toast you you’re the new no DQ super chat champion he says I am a 21 time super chat champion which means it’s time for a blackjack blackjack tribute gives the last champion a mandible claw by the way happy birthday Michael Lane Michael Wayne happy birthday thank you for tuning in I appreciate it and psycho jet black with the $2 super chat says Noah Foster is on 205 live life support unfortunately I feel like that that is a very accurate statement there psycho jet black yeah guys in case you’re wondering my voice is a little shot here it’s been a long it’s been a long weekend between Smackdown Hell in a Cell and just a lot of other things going on this weekend I barely have any voice left so at least I’ll have a two day break until iew and then it’s it’s back to the grind again Gary where the $2 super Chet says wake me up at 8 a.m. on Wednesday or not 8 a.m. 8 p.m. Jesus I’m on West Coast time right now and I’m and I’m still not getting it right 8 p.m. on Wednesday and he says hashtag I’m with aew Adam says did anyone mention the brazzers tweet to WWE I’m sure I’m sure double double you saw the tweet and I know a lot of people on Twitter are thinking that the the segment with Lana and Lashley was some kind of response to the brazzers tweet The Rock’s jockstrap with a $2 super chat says Niners are 4 and 0 Ross sucked no support no surprise hashtag 49ers Wow I can really not read comments here tonight I apologize guys thank you for that super chat I do appreciate it 10 terminated by Google with a $5 super chat so once again my man ken is the new reigning and defending no DQ super chat champion actually he already was so he beat himself can beat himself to win the champ ship he says sorry to correct you again mr. rift I used the Mulligan claw r.i.p blackjack Mulligan well thank you for that Ken but then right away Muhammad Hassan comes in with a seven dollar super chat to dethrone Ken via the camel clutch he says Vince needs to ride off into the sunset with Cena and rains o Muhammad Hassan I know you and your your absolute love for the champ John Cena and the big dog Roman reigns Muhammad Hassan is back in the house but thank you very much for that super Chad I appreciate it Mohammad Ahsan with a $2.00 and 79 cent super Chad says I vacate the title to Osama bin Laden Wow well there you have it ladies and gentlemen the deceased Osama bin Laden is the new no DQ super Chad champion toast alright moving on here we had a recap video of smackdown which took up several minutes of Monday Night Raw time and then we had a braun strowman interview he talked about how he was just messing around with Tyson Fury and says that Tyson may throw a mean punch but so does he and says Tyson better be nice if he wants an apology then we had another Smackdown recap which was of Brock Lesnar capturing the double WEA championship from Kofi Kingston at 8 seconds then we had Rey Mysterio interviewed backstage he thanked the superstars and the WWE Universe for supporting him after what happened to Dominic he said the Dominic took his beating like a man and he’ll be able to heal fairly quickly physically mentally though it’s gonna take a bit longer and Rey added that Dominic is at home he’s resting up he’s up for the task as far as getting back on that horse goes Rey talked about how he felt helpless with what Brock Lesnar did destroying his son he felt like he led us son and his family down but then he talked about Cain Velasquez appearing and said that Cain showed up to avenge what happened and there you have it at this point no mention of when we might see Brock versus Cain but word on the street is that it’s taken place at the upcoming crown jewel pay-per-view ooh crown jewel – you get to see you get to see Brock versus Cain you’re most likely gonna see strowman versus Tyson Fury gonna be an interesting night Hogan team Hogan vs team Flair you might get to see some people run into a Hulk Hogan Foote gonna be an epic showdown ladies and gentlemen crown jewel in the the glorious Kingdom of Saudi Arabia psycho jet black with a $5 super chat so once again psycho jet black the new no DQ super chat champion thank you for that he says I vacate the title to the first President of the United States George Washington how about that now we’re talking psycho jet black with a babyface move right there takin the title from the evil Osama bin Laden and giving it to our great American hero the first president of the United States of America the man who set the standard for what the present presidency is all about the great George Washington and he adds will Seth Rollins get booed Roman reigns style when he gets back well I’m guessing double W is hoping that doesn’t happen and that’s why they kept them off the show tonight I don’t know if it’s gonna work see I feel like WWE has really been dropping the ball with Rome with not Roman reigns well you couldn’t argue that too although the crowd crowd they did boo reigns a little bit on Smackdown but they’re still mostly cheering him but with Seth definitely the the ball has been dropped with Seth badly the WWE has managed to make his character very likeable and the interviews he’s done just everything about his character has just not made him a likable guy and the fans have been turning against him so yeah he very much is starting to turn into the new roman reigns as far as the heat goes maybe that’s by design maybe double w he wants the heat on Rollins instead of reigns who knows and the rocks jockstrap with a $2.00 super Chad says the company would the company be better after Vince McMahon is dead that’s the million dollar question everyone asks I do not want to see Vince die but it’s quite possible the company will be better when he’s not running the company I’d rather he would just step down and and let Triple H and Stephanie take over but then again you you mentioned that one line which was from CM Punk and the other line is does it really matter because it’s going to be the doofus son-in-law in the idiotic daughter running the company so a lot of question marks but yeah I think WWE will will survive without Vince and could very well be better like I cannot see it getting worse III really don’t let’s see here Mike B with a $5 super chat so congratulations Mike B with a concerto to regain his title he says please please save the double w e Paul Levesque please and he does the little prayer emoji thank you for that Mike B and I’m sure a lot of you will agree with that sentiment congratulations on being the new no DQ super chat champion of the no DQ galaxy we had an authors of pain video they talked about how no other tag team has the killer instinct like them that runs through their veins they said that they will take the food the money and the careers of their opposition and they will be the ones to do the violence good promo and you know maybe we’ll see them in tag team title contention fairly soon I’ll talk about that here in a few minutes we had the OSI the original Club against the lucha house party not a whole lot to say about it the lucha guys had a little bit of a little bit of momentum they did their triple moonsault to the outside of the ring which by the way I’m surprised that Deborah W he has people doing the same moves on the same show Charlotte is known for doing her moonsault to the outside so if you know Charlotte’s being booked for a match if you’re a double w/e agent or a producer why would you have another team that doesn’t moonsault to the outside on the same show that Charlotte’s doing one just doesn’t make sense to me it waters down Charlotte’s moonsault because hey you just saw three guys do the same move at the same time that looked more impressive than what Charlotte did just saying anyways pretty much a squash match other than that it was it was all a showcase from the OSI phenomenal forum to kalisto and OSI picks up the victory there was an additional beat down after the match AJ did the Styles Clash from the second rope and that was that Muhammad Assad with a $7 super chat once again no DQ super chat champion toast to Muhammad Hassan he says their reports out there saying the fiend will get the title at crown jewel but will drop it to John Cena at WrestleMania I have not heard that rumor so I have I have no idea about that one and Plus John Cena already has not expressed any interest in in getting involved in these shows now I know he’d previously went to Saudi Arabia but now that his movie careers in high gear he’s got the same attitude as the rock you know he doesn’t want that negative publicity I don’t think we’re gonna see John Cena and Saudi Arabia again just my feeling you know III don’t think that there is any truth to that rumor moving on here we had the Miz come out for his Miz TV segment we had Becky Lynch and Charlotte interviewed by The Miz miss talked about their accomplishments talked about the draft and how directions can change both of them could end up on the same show where they could switch shows which is just weird considering Becky’s the raw champion so would she be drafted to SmackDown and stay raw Women’s Champion double w we did not really explain how that’s gonna work but I guess that is a possibility so whatever they started taking some jabs at each other Becky mentioned how Oscar beat her at the Royal Rumble and she wants to wrong that right we had the Kabuki warriors come out they cut a promo and Spanish or not Spanish Japanese again I I should really be doing better here it’s it’s 8:30 at night it’s not friggin 11:30 and I’m just completely off here Japanese and I’m sure somebody in the chats gonna say all the languages sound the same to him because he’s a white guy I’m sure I’ll get that comment no I just misspoke that’s all we had we had the tag-team match which was interesting interesting outcome here I was thinking when this match was announced you know we’re gonna have we’re gonna have the new tag team champions lose their first match because that’s how the women’s tag team titles roll in WWE the champions always seemed to lose but this time we actually had the the tag team champions look strong Becky got the the disarmed her on Kyrie Shane and that’s when Oscar came in and did the missed once again second night in a row she did the missed – Becky although she she missed at first and I managed to get Becky with a little bit of the missed then Kyrie rolled up Becky and scored the pinfall victory so yes the kabuki Warriors defeated Bette Lynch and Charlotte Flair the raw and smackdown women’s champions nice surprise yeah I was I was definitely pleasantly surprised with this outcome because I think the Kabuki warriors much more needed this victory than Becky and Charlotte Becky losing via the mist doesn’t hurt her at all so I I was I I thought that this was a good booking decision you you established the kabuki Warriors as a heel threat you take the title seriously thumbs up this was a good segment the game is on 100 with the $2 super chat says I like the green mist from osku to Becky Halle muta a lot of people like the mist I’m glad WWE brought it back for osku at least it gives her something to do now and you know yeah you’re you’re rebuilding osku and WWE so good good stuff here they they continue to attack Becky after the match and that’s when Nikki cross and Alexa bliss made the save and I’m guessing at some point we will get a rematch between those teams Power Packers 90 with a $5 super chat thank you for that power of Packers 90 toast to you will say that you win the the championship via the one winged angel since you are the the the resident aew superfan power Packers 90 he says aew babyface underdog japanese woman is the first Women’s Champion WWE he owes that don’t speak American hashtag I’m with aew there’s nothing wrong with with the kabuki Warriors being heals I mean it feels kind of weird for Kyrie to be a heel but I always thought Oscar did well as a heel I always thought she came off more intimidating so I’m fine with it and it’s giving them a renewed push I don’t have a problem with them being heals and doing the Miss gimmick I think it’s pretty cool personally so hashtag I’m with the kabuki warriors so there you go I would have preferred if the he’ll turn was actually done gradually instead of just throwing it out there but hey at least it’s something for them and I do agree with og crushes Kyrie seen as a natural baby face so it’s a little weird with her being a heel but maybe they’ll make it work I was critical of Sami Zayn going heel and he turned out to be great so there you go back stage we had an Apollo interview he talked about how it’s an honor to be in a match with ricochet he said he’s been waiting he’s been patient he’s been grinding but tonight he has something to prove it’s nothing personal against ricochet but this match is gonna be his showcase we had the match ricochet versus Apollo there’s a handshake they were buddy-buddy a pretty quick match here ricochet picked up the win and I don’t know if this means an eventual Apollo he’ll turn but maybe it was just a one-off I don’t know but I thought the whole thing of them being friendly was maybe gonna start building up to an eventual Apollo he’ll turn I don’t know I feel they need to do something with Apollo he just he’s been still for the longest time and he could definitely use some kind of character change or some kind of evolution with his character but knowing WWE they there might not be any follow-up to this we might not see Apollo cruise for another six months who knows we had we had the one and only reference or any kind of acknowledgment of the Hell in a Cell match between Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt which what’s his name Vic Joseph right Vic Joseph said was downright disturbing that’s how he described the match from Hell in a Cell that’s putting it mildly it was it was disturbing it sure was there Vic we had this recap video just showing the highlights from the match and when it was over you could you could hear the boos in the arena but w/e immediately away to this music with Tyson Fury walking down to the ring and there was no actual follow-up as far as like where was Seth Rollins why wasn’t he there why wasn’t Bray Wyatt there other than the video recap nothing from either guy Kent terminated by Google once again the no DQ super chat champion so toast goes out to you can will say you win the championship with the Chris Jericho lion-tamer I think the other night we did the Judas effect so you win it via the lion tamer he says since I am a 23 time champion I think I’ll use the okay he’s going into business for himself here so I got to read the comment first he says I’ll use the 1 2 3 kids spin kick by the way majority of the chat room thinks Hasan is a troll what do you think rift I mean probably would not surprise me I mean no DQ breeds trolls right just head over to no DQ forums calm and you’ll you’ll know what I’m talking about we had the main event segment which was the big Tyson Fury braun strowman confrontation by the way it’s possible double w/e just didn’t say anything about rollins for a number of reasons first one is when i mentioned earlier you don’t want rollins on the show because he’ll get booed and you want to see if people will just let it die down and let the heat die down number 2 Bray Wyatt was injured apparently and that’s why he wasn’t even able to do anything on the show so why bother so III think that WWE just decided you know not to follow up on and also to have the guys actually so that the beating of the match you know they pretty much murdered each other Rollins said Wyatt would the kitchen sink well not not literally but pretty much everything but the kitchen sink and braid had made Rollins bleed at the end of the show so yeah you got those guys sell the the beatings but there was no mention of that no mentioning that the guys were recuperating or nothing psycho jet black with a five-dollar super chat he says I win the title via twenty curb stomps and he vacates the championship to Homer Simpson Homer Simpson he says also what will happen to the women’s tag and 24/7 titles after the draft well women’s tag team titles you know I think should be on both brands I don’t know what dub w is gonna make it exclusive to one show but that’s a great question and double w e has not explained it 24/7 title as far as I’m concerned can go into that then that a Natalia trash can from earlier on raw I I think the 24/7 title is is pretty much done you got some entertainment out of it but I think Deborah W we ran out of ideas I really don’t think they can do anything else unique with it that hasn’t already been done now so we had Jerry Lawler introduce Tyson Fury for our main event segment Tyson said he was minding his own business but strowman tried to make a fool out of him strowman came out said he was just trying to have a little fun he says the last thing three wants to do is get in his way because he will literally eat him for lunch so I guess braun strowman is accountable fury responded by saying it’s a good thing security stopped them because he would have knocked out strowman and then strowman talked about the the fight that Tyson Fury had that I’ve never seen before and then fury responded by saying how many championships have you won strowman strowman then got shoved by fury and then strowman picked up fury and drove him into the corner and that’s when all the security immediately came in we had the the go to segment whenever WWE wants to sure the crowd is into a segment you got to do the classic pull apart bra crowd cheering 101 this is how you do it you have the security out there you have these two guys separated crowd chants let them fight it works every single time easiest way to get the crowd behind something and you know it worked because it always works it’s it’s literally the easiest thing to get the crowd cheering was it really a very good pull apart brawl though Tyson Fury started throwing punches and let’s just say I feel like while he’s a legitimate fighter he could throw a real good punch as far as throwing worked punches go he learned from the shane mcmahon school of throwing punches let’s just say that ken terminated by google with a $5 super chat so ken says he calls Ned Flanders and Ned uses Freddy Krueger’s razor-sharp claws to defeat Homer Simpson and he says by the way everyone loves Ned Flanders with a smiley face okely-dokely congratulations to Ken like your your creativity there with the super Chad Championship victory hats off to you for being the new champion once again Adam says new sin new episodes of Simpsons are better than W E I’m not sure I would go that far i I did watch the the first episode of the new episode last week and I’m struggling to remember what it was about it was something oh it was with the viral video homer and Bart were doing these YouTube videos where they fight and some guy from some company started being their agent or something it was stupid I I did not laugh once the entire episode so yeah I I would say I would say this Raw was better than that simple episode and this is somebody that loves The Simpsons anyways yes Homer Simpson is more over than ec3 at least 90s Homer 2019 Homer well that’s debatable but anyways back to the pull apart brawl the double W II locker room came out and finally strowman walked to the back Stroman said that Fury is one tough son of a bitch but he’s gonna get these hands Stroman said that fury gets no apology and then strowman started to walk back to the ring and that’s when Robb just abruptly went off the air because you know 8 o’clock or yeah 11 o’clock 8 o’clock whatever the show goes off the air no override unless you’re NXT then you get the overrun and it doesn’t even matter you still get beat by aew and let’s see Ruth Munroe ‘ls when the $2 super chat says stupid sexy Flanders it’s like he’s wearing nothing at all nothing at all nothing at all alright so now we do the letter grade for Monday Night Raw it was a lame duck show I mean next week is the big show I mean Friday is the start of the draft and then Monday this was a throwaway wrong nothing to it I don’t think it was quite as bad as some people thought it was but I certainly wasn’t really all that excited by it so I I did like the the tag team match with the women I thought that that was the highlight of the show I give it it I give it a c-minus you know I I thought it was slightly below average but I I don’t think it was an absolute terrible show III thought it was it was okay but no not anything you need to go out of your ways to watch Cece Drake gives it a c-minus mr. Anderson with F Christmas with it the big f the game is on see media one software with an F J spin for a one with an F w glass ninety says see and that’s being generous 90s guys has a big giant see Harley with addy super named ik to one to one with a D – D Ross – with an F power Packers 90 resident aew fan with an F – Daniel with an F glove Bloodraven with an F so lots of EPS here now are you guys just saying this because you’re still mad about Hell in the cell or did you really think I mean try not to think of wide and Rollins put that aside and do you really think that this was an F raw psycho jet-black with a $5 super chat which means psycho jet black is the brand-new reigning and defending no DQ super chat champion he says Ned Flanders vacates the title to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ also no DQ is more entertaining than Monday Night Raw Thank You mr. rift no thank you psycho jet black for tuning in and supporting I very much appreciate it and there you go Jesus is the new no DQ super chat champion so who is going to take care of Jesus now who’s gonna be the heathen – to win the championship from Jesus we’ll find out here I guess in a minute who’s got the guts to do it who has the guts to test fate and beat Jesus for the the coveted no DQ super chat championship of the world which tonight is being represented by this Cup because I forgot to bring the championship to California but next time next video I will be back to discuss aew again it might not be Wednesday night it might be Thursday but there will be a video I will watch and review aew I will let you guys know at the least it might be delayed a little bit but it should be up sometime Wednesday night Thursday morning somewhere you guys will get the aew review video no DQ review with team no DQ should be going up back in action later this week sure we all have some interesting things to say as a group and then Friday Night SmackDown got to get this new schedule got to get in the groove with it get used to it what happened what will happen to Jeff Hardy I did talk about this with Jeff on Friday in my opinion he should be fired like I said on the on the Friday night video Jeff Hardy should be punished WWE should set an example but the reality is they don’t want him go into aew they don’t want Jimmy use so going to aew so they’re just gonna release these little press releases saying Jimmy USO is responsible for his own actions or Jeff Hardy is responsible for his own actions what is it gonna take to fire these guys do they actually have to hurt somebody in a car accident to get fired I mean it doesn’t matter whether whether they hit somebody or not the the bottom line is for these guys it’s not their first offense if it was their first offense you could say well we’ll suspend them they can get a second chance but yeah I mean to me it’s clear these guys cannot cannot take care of themselves if they’re driving while under the influence then they got some serious issues that need to be dealt with and honestly I think double w/e is enabling them by not firing them it’s showing that it’s okay that you know they’re they’re not going to be held accountable for their actions so that’s my take on it thank you guys so much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed the video and stay tuned to no DQ comm for the very latest lots of news going on coming off of Hell in a Cell we got a e W coming up lots more to talk about it’s been a very busy period in the world of wrestling make sure you guys check out the fantasy draft video that I did with Jeff and also the no DQ comm Hall of Fame is coming up and you guys can submit nominations and no DQ comm Jeff and I will have some videos up for those categories stay tuned for that looks like Jesus is gonna be happy tonight he’ll be able to rest in the heavens with a no DQ super chat championship thank you all for watching see you next time

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