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[Music] [Music] [Applause] office pompous man joining us to have you here Sam thank you I’m happy to be here just putting in your place early OD for name-calling superstars cuz she says she’s inspirational doesn’t actually make her inspirational I’ve heard some criticism have motivated her so I hope it helped her coming out more confident than ever we saw her last fury on tonight against the ovens a couple weeks ago here on main event that Lacey Evans scored a victory over to Lisa that’s apparently Sam hasn’t been too happy about that well I wouldn’t be at inter match with Dana Brooke Brooke well scouting the efforts there of Lacey Evans I’ve talked to Lacey Evans early oh she is so mad she’s got to be out here for this match he doesn’t want to sweat she’s want Dana to touch her clearly well she’s a lady she’s got to maintain grace and poise that one expects of her all right now Dana Brooke one step ahead of Lacey Evans Wow Dana brought all those showboating AB you little early for that Lacey and this is what goes to DD pompous and boastful description that often times Lacey ever deserves here you know it’s pompous asking Oh a rematch even though you were defeated handling every opportunity that what a hard push up so lacy ever tell us time baby’s been upstaged in a push-up contest Thursday in a burka bloomer fitness competitor in her own right but look at the power on Lacey Evans Lacey’s definitely got the height over J and I’ll give her that Oh golly see everybody utilized the hair for a slight advantage here to drag Dana broke down the number of us now it’s racy Evans in control a Brooke you got to say that this man streak ablaze the Evans could be the thing that I would say give her a little bit of an edge here tonight a little bit of an edge think about everything Lacey Evans has gone since coming to money this is time the hair of Payne has worked over the top rope I love Lacey Evans did her hair up ready to complete underhanded Sam work Dana puts in to have her hair look like that’s expensive oh five days of Bob should learn how to win matches instead of getting her hair done she’s fresh off of your victory Sam victory the straight of children by Evans days of X pot do not question the athletic hold on here called it by Lacey Evans cannot question the athletic ability that Lacey Evans brings to the equation every bit of progress that Dana Brooke makes her entitlement grows exponentially every opportunity she’s gotten it’s because she’s wined she’s big she’s pleated squeaky wheel gets the grease sometimes I mean Dana Brooke is in this to whittany she has encouraged so much she puts her to work we can we tell people begin to notice I don’t think you can culture for that maybe Dana Brooks should let performance dictate for once in her life let performance dictate that the Lacey Evans is done and it wasn’t too long ago that she took the raw Women’s Champion to her limit Lucy Evans just going down databook hook of the leg Brooke who kicks out on to look at the disdain on Lacey Evans face if she wants absolutely nothing to do it that she wants championship matches or nothing about this ever since Lacey Evans join the roster of Monday Night Raw the start of the year may she’s quickly earned herself an opportunity to be in that championship picture my profile matches a much more fast track route compared the data fit again it’s a little bit of what have you done honey lately oh Lisa can’t get anything done lately because Dana Burt keeps complaining to people and getting more matches with her yes I don’t think it’s complaining goodness I don’t think it’s complaining by Dana Boyd that’s mostly look to see I wanted to get better every opportunity she hasn’t Laci Evans my goodness look at the aggression we’re seeing from the sassy southern belle but look at Lacey Evans can you believe she’s able to pull off this level of aggression and still be a lady Renee you know hey listen I am a classy professional woman but where’s the evidence I mean this nastiness this mean streak I’ve not seen anybody like that in a long time here in DC I’ve never seen her in a good mood so much of that mean streak displayed and least you haven’t battles against you it [Applause] all fired up ain’t a Brooke building momentum in this match up here into the Coliseum it’s who Oh barely just barely kicks out if Brooke can’t believe that Dana’s got to keep her foot on the gas pedal here she is so close to closing this one out on Lacey not close enough Lacey Evans knows where she is Lacey Evans barely able to hold herself up was going for that and its prey all bow but got caught by Lacey Evans playin possum no amount of complaining will give you that level of skill Wow bye Lacey Evans on display yeah just a big freak like that the lander right back in that top contest scheduled for one fall yeah and Rollins goes right after Brock [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] the beastslayer skies is still buzzing not only about SummerSlam but the incredible performance of Seth Rollins who one question but better I was there everything that we lose that’s all that’s coming in up again Seth Rollins laid the bees this past Monday night on Raw separates had plenty to celebrate but he all you see ever and so tonight I want to challenge you ooh that I am much much much of a better champion than you you know AJ I’ve always had a ton of respect for you man lissa – oh I hear him I used to have a ton of respect for you but not anymore [Applause] look it doesn’t matter how beaten up I am I don’t back down from a fight so later on the night I’ll gladly teach you a lesson in respect challenge accepted so we have champion vs. champion AJ and Rollins tonight I’m as excited as anybody been just really really wise for Seth Rollins to accept this challenge has beaten up as he is [Applause] [Music] AJ seems to claim it’ll be one-on-one tonight this goes down or maybe not [Applause] Laurie and I echo your point from earlier onset loss is not a hundred percent after the battle with Lester this is a got to be a wane on Seth my doubt Seth Rollins and scare but he better be cautious so later in the night Seth Rollins stepped into the ring with AJ Styles one-on-one champion versus champion with the OSI lurking at ringside did Rollins come out on top Anderson and gallows and the OSI again paying dividends it’s the reason in my mind Stiles is still the United States Champion the three-headed monster the hydro that is the OSI and finally a good call by an official here tonight hi boys the Anderson a gal is going to be sent back to the locker room and else Seth Rollins from behind look at a steal one off the distraction and a kick-out my Styles went to the Pele kick kick to the face violence may have styles where you watch Santa Anas Nogales completely disregarding the official into the ring and attacking Rawlinson a disqualification will happen and Rollins trying to fight back with Seth Rollins outnumbered right now this is a dangerous situation for Rollins it is a three on one we’ve seen what the OSI has done to the guys like ricochet when they have the numbers game in their advantage [Applause] fours with the OSI I’d say they’re still fresh food that ricochets experiencing when it comes to the OSI and there’s just an example of what ricochet Oh Oh big gallows has ricochet Oh take more than that to stop the OSI at full force and a ricochet doubt ducked hard out of the ring Seth Rollins is a again a a target for Styles and her sitting gallows that still fight with everything and anything he’s got left but doesn’t matter he’s in there over the US champ and the tag team champs [Applause] now Seth Rollins it meet a similar way j-style said that he was going to bear his set tonight that he was going to run through him and that’s what a Stiles is looking to do here through bites make the gallows look the minion the braun strowman is one of them Lord strowman with a statement [Applause] and I don’t think parts go little bit more it’s just was about to be obliterated by the OSI [Music] [Applause] [Music] the monster among men [Music] [Applause] right there is the Seth Rollins Universal Championship [Music] [Applause] Brock Strommen makes it in fact the monster of unmanned ricochet in central island standing tall on raw Natalia’s battle with becky wouldn’t still out the next night to address her home country supporters to come see the shocking turn of events next on main event that becky events in a submission match with the raw with its hunnit and even the robes wouldn’t break the whole Becky Lynch tied answered by using the man’s disarmed her it was a matchup with great technical skill but ultimately Becky would used the disarmer to tap out Natalya and retain her raw Women’s Championship the following night on Raw Natalya addressed the WWE Universe in her home country of Canada however it wasn’t long before the Queen of Hearts was interrupted this morning when I woke up I remembered in my dreams last night that my dad spoke to me and my dad said congratulations Maddie and so proud of you and it’s been one year today since my dad died [Applause] [Music] just when I thought sheep is fear [Applause] photos on Instagram [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Sasha banks I’ve been telling everybody all along [Applause] here same two colors Sasha banks is the worst I told you all along then you apologize now this is so unintelligent that the tie is injured arm the first time we’ve seen Natalia Sasha and punch and mugs and now this on an emotional night for Natalya elbow you guys are excited ten seconds ago to see Sasha banks right and expect this good [Applause] an emotional moment for Natalia Sasha banks is he already entered the Italian [Music] [Applause] No [Music] and I believe Sasha is throwing Sasha banks out here to make some sort of statement the lights are still on course Sasha banks is have done everything in the universe has to be about the boss Natalya couldn’t had a moment about our Father [Music] [Applause] here comes someone who knows sake let’s Becky Lynch and sauce it out up read earlier I’m coming out for anybody that’s done me wrong and Becky Becky said big prop big respected Natalia after the fight laughs Sasha banks is retirement of vengeance with an evil evil vengeance here tonight [Applause] crows talk and his nastiest she’s ever been the attire take it out and Natalie let’s turn to the spine [Applause] again and again and again and again Sasha attack gosh somebody’s gotta come out here and stop this the pride the entire women’s locker room is out here trying to stop the boss with disrespect she shows everybody and no idea what it’s got in the bags here hat but it’s got some sort of explanation it’s the new cool she’s been [Applause] but not at this level chillin with his significant human being everything is about Sasha [Applause] [Applause] the cart Natalia and Becky went out of here that’s why the actions of Sasha banks have reverberating throughout the WWE Universe hopefully we’ll get some answers from Sasha next week on Raw but when we return to main event Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins step into the ring to face off against Cesaro and ec3 there are not many superstars tougher agreement with you guys Cesaro may be the most underutilized to pick for ec3 what’s crazy about bizarre was I feel like humans everybody knows how you can get any kind play in your own wheelhouse looking good Pizarro is not about of a ring and that he does very well how’d you like you to know that he still exists I mean still here is these are former of raw Tag Team Champions either two superstars who obviously has eyes for those in their careers but always seem to find success should be brighter and Hawkins do a lot of searching for on eBay yeah exactly I mean they had one albeit well time off during my oh look at the strength of Cesaro able slip through Jack delivered by Ryder Cesaro goes face first and here comes Hawkins but the thing about rider and Hawkins is one well-timed victory and launching a podcast about their toy co a combo by Hawkins look at the put Cesaro away not quite and people are calling it the best year of their careers what does a career mean if that’s the best year you’ve had I mean look at what Curt Hawkins is going through how long was his losing streak I mean it was it was ridiculous for a long time hundred and sixty-nine straight losses I mean look at him and Zack Ryder Gunn together they won that broad Tag Team Champion nothing is new back down slam by Hawkins who is currently rolling right now and she’s all babies especially given the depth of our tag division right now and you hold that gold for any moment during this last year I mean things are looking good Hawk is now all the way to the top maybe three kind of building off the confidence that we all compete feet off the ball you get that little bit of love from Cesaro to go such a long way perhaps one last-ditch effort from curt hawkins and he make it over to rider that guttural scream would indicate it was all hawkins Hanna Tague man who puts a Oct 3 sits are two riders ready to clean house right from the sick with a lot of picked up emotion in this matchup and BC 3 is in trouble [Applause] pick it up the place kyboot page of plans and a two-for-one special Bizzaro dc-3 outriders still in control rider planted that inside out but caught the knees very wise from ec3 to catch rider coming in and now ec3 counter to the neckbreaker hook to the leg body c3 and now it’s so sore oh really and fall brilliant bring awareness from Cesaro command Zack riders career has had more ups and downs than an elevator he’s trying to control it I’ll watch out from behind tag day I don’t think what an uppercut huh gotta be tougher cut [Applause] back to the toy store for Hawkins and Ryder [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] hey my name is awful lot like the whole boy I go do the lobster bodies out pops [Applause] I need everybody out nobody you go nowhere I saw you in that hallway so that makes me assume that you did it or you know exactly who did it don’t know who did what if I did I still wouldn’t tell you Oh this is typical media spin only when he had his head forced against the wall by Roman reigns did he say anything about if I pinned your head to the wall I guarantee you he would give me a name nobody Murphy I don’t care about brains [Applause] this wrong shut up your mouth has nothing to do with this Sam just wasn’t enough for Daniel Bryan and Boeing the next night [Music] you see you see that’s what’s wrong what’s wrong with society somebody tells a lie it gets spread on social media and then all of a sudden it becomes the truth it becomes the truth well I hate to disappoint you I hate to disappoint you but Rowan and I had nothing to do with these incidents and tonight we are going to prove it [Applause] now rolling another do this Murphy’s gonna do this why they both feel the plane Boxster cover good still alive unbelievable on a night that he was declared a liar buddy Murphy is showing that he’s the truth I’ll cut it with you there quarry over was town I thought he was out a series of precision knee strikes followed by a brain buster bye buddy Murphy now top of your screen buddy climbing up top buddy Murphy with the finish this man Roman reigns preventing any more offerings from buddy Murphy there’s an instinctual one a brutal fall Murphy crashing down into the barricade but still on one knee buddy not gonna quit tonight meantime Roman trying to will himself on look out look out Roman reigns on the moon gasps oh my god good grief Roman reigns simply ferocious Murphy [Applause] a tough loss for buddy Murphy at the hands of Roman reigns but it wasn’t long until we know that you lied and you said that you saw wrong that backstage accident and you know we know why you lied you get it we get it but we just need to admit to everybody we need you to admit to everybody that you lied so go ahead and tell everybody how you lied I said tell everybody how you lied I said tell everybody how you lied how do not see the damage that you have done to Rowan’s reputation to my reputation tell everybody that you lie [Applause] okay I really just hate liars Ryan finally got the truth out of Murphy but Roman is still looking for answers so the Big Dawg confronted Brian and Rowan it’s about time you got here we’ve been waiting for you so go ahead apologize you apologize to Samoa Joe last week when you thought that he was involved in one of your incidents and until tonight you thought Rowan was involved in your incidents so go ahead and apologize before this turns into a melee and you get hurt I just want you to know that we’ve been conducting our own investigation and we found next week we’ll bring you the culprit

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