WWE Highest Paid Wrestlers REVEALED! | WrestleTalk News Mar. 2019


WWE Highest Paid Wrestlers REVEALED! | WrestleTalk
News Mar. 2019
HEADLINE: Enzo Amore Catches Heat Over King
Kong Bundy
with the news and guess who is at it again,
Enzo Amore, you’ll never be in the Fakidor
Army at this rate!!
This time the man whose heat generation skills
may be responsible for the ice caps melting
put his foot in it accidentally. Rather than
his usual schtick of courting controversy
to flog music or get people to rapping concerts.
Enzo was actually trying to do a nice thing
and commemorate the passing of WWE legend
King Kong Bundy who died this week at the
age of 61.
Except I don’t think Enzo actually knows
who Bundy is. Despite thinking he saw him
at a show.
“#RIPKingKongBuddy the epitome of prowrestlin
i recall goin 2 shows @ MSG w/ my grandparents,
my Grandma Raphaela loved em & hyped em up
the whole ride in, plenty of wrestlers risked
it all that night, but I never forgot the
guy w/ the green tongue who ate the turnbuckle”
The famous turnbuckle eater was the hirsute
hero George the Animal Steele who passed away
in 2017.
If you scroll back to there on Twitter maybe
we’ll find Enzo’s actual eulogy for King
Kong Bundy.
HEADLINE: WWE Women’s Pay Revealed!
Speaking of paying your respects perhaps WWE
should consider respecting its female talent
by paying them some more money.
According to a report by The Mirror via The
Birmingham Live, so do with that info what
you will, the salaries of WWE’s Women’s
roster has been revealed.
Now, as a British man, I find it obviously
awkward to discuss the amount of money people
earn, which is why I get paid in magic beans.
But we’re going to dive into this in the
name of wrestling reportage.
The salaries that came out yesterday are said
to be from mid-2018, so things may have changed
now, but it puts Ronda Rousey at making $1.5
million a year. Charlotte Flair on a queenly
sum of $550,000.
Alexa Bliss and Nikki Bella on $350,000. Mickie
James and Brie on sidekick money at $300,000..
Asuka, Smackdown Women’s champion on $250,000,
which is the same as Curt Hawkins, sp she’s
making streak money, but wins and losses don’t
matter. Becky Lynch is also making this much.
Bayley is on $200,000 while at the lowest
end of the scale is the Riott Squad who are
all on $80,000. As is Tamina.
In the vast majority of cases this is significantly
less than the male members of the roster in
similar positions in their division. For instance
Charlotte Flair, about to headline WrestleMania,
is on the same money as Erick Rowan, who doesn’t
even headline his own appearances because
Daniel Bryan.
Ronda Rousey, the highest paid woman on the
roster, and the actual living breathing Ronda
Rousey, is on the same salary as Dolph Ziggler,
who has never even had a push.
Obviously in WWE’s eyes the men’s division
is the big draw and the salaries reflect that,
but it will be interesting to see after WrestleMania
and another year where the women continue
to rise to prominence if that wage gap doesn’t
even out a little more.
HEADLINE: WWE Highest Paid Stars Revealed!
Forbes has also been doing some salary snooping
too and compiled a list of the top ten biggest
earning WWE superstars.
Riding high at number 1 is Jonathan Cena who
pocketed a cool $10 million in 2018. You can’t
see him, because there are piles of money
in the way.
Next is The Beast Brock Lesnar who made $6.5
million, just over half as much as Cena, but
seems fair Brock was only there half as much
as John. Who was barely there too. What are
you playing at WWE
Third is Roman Reigns with $4.3 million. Fourth
AJ Styles on $3.5 million. Triple H is fifth
on $3.2 million, doesn’t sound cerebral
to pay yourself less than others, but he also
gets paid for his position in the company
Rounding out the top ten is Randy Orton making
$2.9 million from outta nowhere and for no
good reason. Seth Rollins making $2.7 million.
Undertaker on $2.5 million which is a lot
of Post Malone tickets. Ambrose on $2.2 and
Kevin Owens on $2 million.
WWE says the average wrestler makes $500,000,
but consider Cena is on 10 million alone you’d
need a lot of low paid women and Curt Hawkins
to bring that number down to a round 500,000.
HEADLINE: Vince McMahon vs. Shahid Khan Billionaire
But it’s not just the wrestlers how have
been battling over wallet sizes, because Forbes
has also started a backstage brawl between
Chairman Vince McMahon and Shahid Khan, father
of AEW lead investor Tony Khan by placing
them both on the annual billionaire list.
In this latest battle between AEW and WWE
it was the former that came out on top, with
Khan ranked at #224, while Vince McMahon was
way down in #691 place. However, McMahon is
the only through and through wrestling personality
on the list.
Khan’s net worth was listed as $7.2 billion
while Vince McMahon ‘only’ has $3.2 billion
to his name. I’m sure Vince shed a single
tear over that measly sum, which he wiped
away with a Benjamin.
Before we go remember that Fastlane Baby Cometh,
where all will be revealed upon the grandest
stage of all, and you can get involved in
the madness by becoming a Pledgehammer on
Patreon and taking part
in the WrestleLeague predictions war against
myself, Oli and luke for the very soul of
WrestleTalk. Or bragging rights. Whichever
comes first.
Thanks for watching and thank you to all of
the names scrolling beneath me for being our
awesome Pledgehammers on Patreon, you give
me life, and heat, and food, because money,
and if you direct your attention over there
you can follow that link to our predictions
video for Fastlane Baby which you should watch
and compete in the WrestleLeague. I’ve been
El Fakidor and that was lucha.

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    The Women
    Revolution and all, are still pretty meh. Sasha & Bailey could hold the men's titles & still be a 'who cares anymore' team, like Ziggler.
    Ronda can say "Fuck" as many times as she wants, she has the mic skills of a half painted fence, same with Charlotte.
    Let's not even mention the failure that was Emma, and now Asuka.
    Paige is great, she's busy with her dumbass movie.
    Alexas fantastic, she's injured.
    Alicia Fox is funny, she's an alcoholic.
    Raw's views dropped around the Women's segments this week.
    They already had lazily booked ass pull tag team matches every week, for no reason, and all the Tag Titles mean is that now they have a reason for it. Too bad it's just gonna be random teams jobbing for whatever team is on top at the moment.
    Personally I don't think the Women's roster is worth the extra finance of pay raises. Save it & buy Pyro, that'd honestly help them more.

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    John Cena is the highest paid for being the biggest Vince McMahon asskisser.

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    This is why AJ Lee called them out on them and told stephanie she was full of shit and what about Sasha where she stands

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    Just perfect.

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    It’s because no matter how good a women wrestler is they can’t do what male wrestlers can and they don’t draw as much money.

    No one goes to see the WWE just to see a woman wrestle however they do go to see a male superstar wrestler.

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  83. Fluffyudders says:

    I'm really interested in how much the likes of John Cena, Brock Lesnar and the Undertaker got paid last year PER APPEARANCE. Must be easily 6 figures per show.

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    So that's their standard annual salaries but how more do they get when holding a title?
    I remember some of them commenting about that being a motivator sometimes.

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    Women's division need a female version of Scott Hall and Steve Nash

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    If they sign the contract, then there ya go.

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    80 thousand is still a good chunk of change…

  89. Kurt Wetzel says:

    Highest paid WWE Wrestler goes to Brock Lesnar. Reason is he gets paid a lot per appearance but he only shows up part time. Only wrestles matches at big PPVs and shows up on Raw to hype that big match. Bad for the WWE business as he is Universal Champion but great for Brock.
    In my opinion Brock is overrated and gets paid way too much.

  90. Mellennium Beats says:

    Asuka should demand more money! Because is so unfair that she working her ass off in the ring every week and get the same amount as Curts Hawkins who get booked some times.

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  94. David Parkes says:

    Can it really be called a "Womens Revolution in WWE" if it's women (across the board) are paid not even a quarter of its male roster? Seriously male jobbers earn more than some of the women. Ronda being the obvious exception, although her salary has more to do with who she is and the mainstream exposure she brings to the WWE than anything else.

  95. J Corley says:

    I'd be genuinely interested in seeing the contracts for WWE talent. Do they get a portion of merchandise sales? Do some have more dates than others? Etc?
    Personally they need to hurry up and ditch Lesner, then take the money he makes and put it into the women's division. They're carrying a lot of the show. Though I'm sure he does sell a lot of merch.
    The merchandise issue is a valid complaint Ryback had. WWE won't allow some people to take outside gigs and the booking can impact their earning potential other places. If a wrestler gets paid some off merchandise but they're booked to lose it would impact them.

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    Women can be paid when they don't suck in the ring. Sure they give it a good try, but they are still awkward in the ring when it comes to wrestling.

  99. Andrew Victor says:

    I'm surprised that female top star like the four horsewomen don't even hit 1 million

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    fu orton deserve that money and more

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