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hey everybody Brian Zayn here I apologize for the weird lighting in this room I guess you could say it’s kind of spooky lighting it’s kind of creepy makes sense to sometime at Hell in a Cell the show just wrapped up and I give you my review of it I am on the road I’m actually on my vacation right now but I’m not gonna let that stop me from reviewing this fine pile of a show let me ask you this question yes are happening you when you’ve got a big test coming up in class and it’s the day of the test and you realize you’ve like no you haven’t studied for it like at all so the last second you just try and remember some things you did in the past like some correct answers and other pop quizzes and hope that that applies to the act like the quiz that the big test itself and you hope you pass that I think is what happened with w/e this weekend because only four matches from this show are actually announced with any kind of foresight beforehand only on Sunday afternoon do we get the bulk of this card announced and actually put to paper it say here these matches are actually happening it seems that you know the company was so focused on premiere week between you know raw and NXT and Smackdown on Fox that oh my god I forgot we had a pay-per-view this Sunday we’d better put some shit together make all the rematches and rematches we got on this evening the first of which took place in the one-and-only kickoff match as Lacey Evans took on the Talia the to trade some butt slaps early on Lacey goes to the Sharpshooter fairly often Bennett eyes able to fight out of it a couple times deliberate is the word I would use to describe this matchup here they both take their time doing a lot of stuff especially Lacey I mean that makes sense Lacey’s a heel so I think you know certain heel characters do work or that kind of slow down pace to try and like get the crowd riled up you know so when the babyface comeback happens it’s a faster pace and the crowd is alive for but that’s basically the speed we went with here Natalya does evade the marrow salt puts her in the Sharpshooter the good-looking one and makes lacey tap out she does exact a bit of a revenge on her in the match then after the bell even hits her with the women’s right for good measure i give this one two stars out of five it was a good match though not their best in the series and by this point I think it’s time of these two do finally move on from each other I thought the max they had last week on Raw was like it after the decisive victory Lacey had and her being two one on Italia but now we have yet one more in there so now it’s definitely even-steven 50/50 booking yay the show officially opens with the rematch I actually cared about the first of two hella sell matches in big red for the second year in a row Becky Lynch defensive wall women’s title against Sasha banks red vs. blue you know how it goes the match begins before the cell actually makes it all the way down as Sasha starts fighting Becky on the outside we get all the weapons here there’s a chair there’s a ladder kendo sticks a tables brought out big meteora onto Becky into the ladder in the corner that was especially devastating Sasha slamming Becky’s arm into the cell door working the arm repeatedly Becky does McCann come back hits the BEC splitter into the cell wall this is definitely the biggest spot of the match here Becky sets up a chair propped up by some kendo sticks that are hanging a horizontally in the corner like a big high chair basically she said Sasha up on the chair drop kicks her off the apron into the corner and that spot is absolutely brilliant Sasha with a big meteora through the table after that though Becky kicks out Becky does clatters the hell out of Sasha with a kendo stick then Sasha runs Becky into a conveniently placed wall chair you know how often you see those hanging off walls many more chairs are brought into the ring Becky gets a second rope Beck splitter onto the pile we get a disarm her sasha taps and becky retains the title it’s a really fun match I think it’s my pick for the best women’s match of the year in the company so far and there’s been a few good ones especially I would also say this is probably a better Hell in a Cell a women’s Hell in a Cell match I should say and the one they had before with Charlotte and Sasha banks I was very pleasantly surprised at the amount of innovation and the creative use of weapons they had again especially the media or into the corner on the ladder and then also the the high chair with the steel chair and the kendo sticks and the biggest shock for me in this matchup was that Sasha lost I think this was her time to win I think especially when you consider now she is oh and to in big pay-per-view matches since her return I think she definitely needed that win now it’s still great for Becky to where I think it’s the most legit she’s looked in quite some time as Women’s Champion so she needed that win as well but I think it’s one thing to have you know your babyface is built strong but you got to have your yen with your yang you have your heels look strong as well and that doesn’t just mean having them win in the build-up to this I think they also need to win some of the big matches when it counts as well so kind of surprised kind of pointed that Sasha didn’t win maybe we will get that you know two women power trip between her and Bayley at some point but not tonight Roman reigns teams up with Daniel Bryan a bit of an unlikely partnership here as they take on the non mallet wielding bludgeon brothers Eric Rowan and Luke Harper but don’t worry the mallas gonna come into play a much later into this show it’s also tornado tag rules I think it’s kind of a nice change of pace I think we’re all kind of expecting traditional tag-team match for this one but I think the tornado aspect of it really played to all their strengths the basic format of this match was there’s a lot two on one stuff you know the big baddies beating of Roman beating up Daniel taking turns doing one of the other we got a lot of that kind of stuff and we had some occasional transition spots with all four guys in there but then kind of settled back into a two-on-one scenario action moves the outside Harper it’s a big dive of the outside onto reigns hits his face right on the announce table in the process rowan menacingly breaks a pencil ooh so evil they go for a double powerbomb on Bryan on the announce tables but Dana hits at her can run on Harper spear to Rowan through the table by Roman reigns that was a pretty impressive sequence there at the end of the match Daniel gets hooked around by Harper on the ring lands on his feet after a third dragon suplex attempt Roman hits the Superman punch Bryan with the knee still at down the spear Roman and debride win this matchup here three stars out of five so I give this one I like I said I think the two-on-one aspect of the first part of the match kind of like it felt kind of uninspired that first portion of it then I think one things moves the outside things keeps me really a second and third gear the fact the final third of the match I thought was spectacular work by all four guys like I said I think that the tornado aspect of this match I think really really helped elevate the match and made it better than I think it would have been on paper or word a traditional just two-on-two with proper tags tag team match Randy Orton takes on Ali up next one of the many matches that was thrown into the cart at the last minute but this one actually does have some story to it you know goes all the way back to Elimination Chamber when or legitimately injured Ali which allowed that spot to be taken up by Kofi Kingston and now you know the rest of the story with that one early in the match Ali goes for a top rope maneuver but Orton dumps it on the outside Orton imposing his will for a good long time with some hope spots here and there by Olly he eventually makes us come back dives to the outside onto Orton at some point all he gets his big freaking welt on his torso it’s not pretty big honkin tornado DDT by Olly to also does a dope-ass counter out of the RKO into a rollup a two-count orden does hit the RKO soon enough afterward gives kind of a knowing nod like okay you beat me for one moment but I got you back covers and wins the thing even though I said there is a backstory to this and they just do have a history and it’s kind of legit I don’t think this is a feud or a storyline that’s really been like brought to prominence in the last few weeks I feel they had to really put this back in the microwave in order to reheat the heat so to speak nothing really crazy or out of the ordinary this matchup except for the aforementioned dope-ass counter to the RKO that was really cool he can’t necessarily bust that out every week though this was you know but that’s kind of the overarching theme with this show there’s a lot of matches where they’re kind of like they’re revived at last minute in order to drum up some kind of heat or that US rematches to matches we already saw a while ago that also kind of came out of nowhere and then they were forgotten about speaking of which women’s Tag Team Championship match up next as Alexa bliss and Nicki Cross defend against the kabuki Warriors these two teams had a really good match for the Belles a couple of weeks ago a few weeks ago actually on Raw so I was really excited to see this match happen again on pay-per-view between osku and Alexa bliss lot of like good contact being made on the strikes as all these ladies here one of my favorite spots is super subtle Kyrie who does the plank walk right into a boot in the eyes of Nicky cross in the corner we get a hot tag saying go to the big elbow but lamps hard on the lays of cross bliss dives on the sand on the outside Oscar with a green mist on the cross how was last time you saw that on programming the big kick to the head the Kabuki warriors win the women’s tag team championships I give this one three-and-a-half stars out of five those already a good match to begin with and then elevated severely thanks that awesome finish with osku spittin the poison missed in and Nikki’s face so I so completely unexpected and I loved how it ended they’re also really cool to see the kabuki warriors finally get there dude they I think got really got the short end of the stick in there in there very long and also very short-lived a few to the ikonics over the championships a couple of months ago and I think you know it’s good to finally see them with the belts now probably the most legitimate team even though they were also kind of thrown together I think that they’re probably the most badass team to have won the belts at this point you know I feel I kind of feel bad for Nikki cross and Alexa bliss because I was warming up to the angle but I always thought they were missing a little bit of an L to really get their characters over but well I would say this on who were better for a long time I wanted to see more kind of vignettes with Emily showing their characters I only really got that except for a couple of you know pre-match interviews here and there so where is that team gonna end up now they don’t have the belts who can say but I think it was a good match and yeah the finish is awesome six-man tag match up next as all three members of the OSI take on the Viking raiders and a mystery partner revealed to be braun strowman I thought for sure it was gonna be set of goggles Anders keep that going but this feud between the OSI and the Viking raiders is part of the seemingly endless and obviously one-sided feud between the two the Viking raiders have had Anderson and gallows number quite often in the last several weeks err taking lots of punishment in the ring before stroma gets the hot tag but the OSI worked the leg and then triple team brought forcing the ref to throw out the match the beard boys win via DQ which i think is kind of weak after the bell the Vikings dive onto Anderson and gals in the outside styles want some more of Brava he gets picked out of the sky with a right hand and just like that his leg no longer hurts strowman then poses with his fists in the air kind of making a statement to Tyson Fury before their inevitable confrontation at crown jewel and I also loved Ajay selling afterwards was clearly out of it he has no idea where he is or what day it is or what city he is in pretty funny selling there my Styles I give us one two stars out of five I think it’s kind of a decent match and then bogged down by a lame finish and really the only purpose of this match was to further promote the feud between strowman and Tyson Fury which began this past Friday of SmackDown I’m a little sidebar here about Tyson Fury and Campbell asked as his involvement this past Friday as someone who doesn’t watch or care about you know MMA or a box they I don’t really care that these guys are involved in the product it means nothing to me even though I do understand they are big names in their respective fields so I think from a business standpoint that could draw money but you know the purist in me thinks that this just takes away focus from you know the wrestlers and the ones who should be promoted you know but maybe you know I may be back if I were still if I were watching wrestling in you know early 1998 I might have thought the same thing about Mike Tyson being involved a Steve Austin you know we all saw that turned out I’m not saying that Velasquez and Fury are gonna get us in kind of business but having that kind of crossover appeal is probably good for the company in at least in the short term I am I’m far more excited about a match between Cain Velasquez and Lesnar than I am with strolling in tights in fury not only do Velasquez and Lesnar have the history in UFC but Velasquez actually have some match experience like he’s wrestled in Mexico he’s got nailed the experience under his belt and he genuinely seems like a fan he wants to be there and he has the passion I don’t know what fury is interested in pro wrestling I don’t know if he was just paid a lot of money to do it but whereas Velasquez I can definitely see some chemistry and maybe see something happen like he and Lesnar doing good business in the wrestling ring it’s just too bad it’s happening on a pay-per-view I have absolutely no desire to watch the street profits are backstage happen at this week’s draft when all of a sudden r-truth and Carmela bump into them to me no we haven’t seen her in forever she rolls up carmella from behind and pins her to become the new 24/7 champion she runs off and Wow two new sets a female champions in one night and you know what I spoil alert we’re not done yet in your night of rematches King Corbin takes on Chad gable who he is now a via Proclamation rechristened shorty Gable and bafflingly they are running with it it’s not just thing where the heels are calling him that like Corbin and Corey graves like no like they’re just that that’s is canonically that’s his name now and so that is where we are in 2019 although I will say it’s kind of cool that the std chant the rock started on Friday as made its way onto the show and kudos to Corey grant he actually runs with it on commentary calling him a vicious dude a VDI see what you did there Corey gable gets beat down for a long time but he’s got some fire left in and he talks big trash to Corbin who’s down his knees before Chad hits the chaos theory and a two-count Gable’s working over Corbin now wrapping his leg around the ring post multiple times Corbin is a deep six in the ring and a chokes him on the apron he grabs his sceptre and ghost the kill but gable avoids and rolls up Corbin for the win and Greg Hamilton actually refers to him as shorty gable when he wins my god they’re actually going through this thing I give this one two and a half stars out of five no then we haven’t seen from these two before I think their finals match a few weeks ago over at the King of the Ring tournament was better than this one this one’s still okay still told a good story about I think I was more excited by the one they had several weeks ago and man how sad is it even when Corbin’s getting a push he still can’t win matches up next the role model Bayley defends the SmackDown Women’s Championship against Charlotte Flair’s looking to become a 10 I’m Women’s Champion before robaix r-truth we get a face-off between truth and foon Aki one of the Japanese announcers and Funaki pulls out some of the kung fu naki moves to get a bit of a pop to mean it turns around it’s a kick from carmella then in a bit of a selfless move carmella tells truth to go over the cover he does and he wins back the 24/7 title for the 20th time I would have absolutely flipped my shit Funaki won though Bayley gains the advantage early on after an ayah rake she works Charles late for the bulk of this thing she goes to the figure-four which then gave Charlotte the opening to come back she hits the natural selection but we get a rope break at some point in this comeback Charlotte’s mouth it’s busted open though a moonsault but Billy gets the knees up later on Bayley tries to pin dirty but the referee catches her Charlotte hits the big boot the figure-eight and for the second time in three nights Bayley taps out and Charlotte wins that aforementioned 10th Women’s Title I give this one three stars out of five it’s really hard to compete with the opening match you got with Becky Lynch and Sasha banks but I think these two did a really good job in their own right not a good night for the boss and hug connection again it’s a great corporate move to have your two top female babyfaces winning the championships in their respective brant it’s good momentum going into the draft when they’re gonna be you know on separate shows once again but you know again it’s not that great when you’re trying when you have to win I think you have to build up competent female heels and you just had your two top female Heels lose in dramatic fashion on this night so again where do you go with these two do you have eventually win remax has got the titles back who’s to say but yeah that’s kind of the one the one negative I got from these two matches the two women’s title matches were both great in their own rights I think the Hell in a Cell match obviously was superior but yeah I feel bad for Sasha and Bayley in this one also with pointing out after the match Bailey’s throwing a big hissy fit on the outside of the Ring after losing she says why does this always happened to me we actually get some na na na hey hey goodbye chance on the crowd what does a huge shot because you know even though she’s a heel they are in Sacramento which is by proxy and practically the same thing as San Jose so they’re always usually cheering for her and they were she was getting some baby face pops in this match byproduct but by the virtue of her being in California but no they actually can’t turn on her at the end here so I wonder where that tantrums in a lead backstage Chad shorty Gables interviewed about his match he says he finally shut King Corbin up and then on this night he was the bigger man then King Corbin jumps him and it beats the hell out of him at least he had some of his heat back and I guess we’re gonna see another match between these two in the very near future in your main event Seth Rollins defends the big red belt against the fiend Bray Wyatt in Hell in a Cell and I’ve got a lot to say about how this thing ended but let’s just get through the actual match itself first of one of the big defining things about this matches we’ve got the big spooky red lighting for the entire duration of this matchup here ron’s grabs a kendo stick early on and wax Wyatt with it but Bray no cells before it begins to work Seth over Rollins makes a comeback hit some dives into the cell wall but again the story here is a Bray is this unkillable Beast and cannot be slowed down by sessoms set by Steph’s mere mortal attacks sister ABI into the wall Bray setting up a table but Seth gets him on it and hits a frog splashed through it Bray is unaffected by that or the stop right afterward another sister ABI and Seth kicks out and here’s the thing we are we have several minutes to go in this matchup this is the first of what will be many false finishes but already the crowd is turning on it that is going to be a this is a pivotal point in this matchup and things just go downhill from there back on the outside Bray produces a giant cartoon mal from under the ring the same one he crushed rambling rabbit with a made strawberry jam out of Seth fights back hits the stomp on the mallet Seth and spams brain with all the big moves including three stumps the crowd is starting to hate this until Bray gets back up again which gets a big pop a pedigree another stomp break kicks out at one which gets with one of the biggest puffs of the night even more stomps Seth whomps in with a chair breaks out at 1 again Seth smash the chair on the fiends face to the ladder and kick-out at two Seth is just completely dominating Bray here he’s just beating him down with more weapons more stomps more kicks the fans are shitting all over this one he grabs a sledgehammer from under the ring and the referee tells him not to use it it’s Hell in a Cell what do you do in referee sure enough Seth hits Bray with the sledge II with all the weapons on top the referee did accuse him for reasons the fans champ bullshit as well they should have and then after the match is over the EMTs come down to check on Bray Seth stands over him we suddenly get this big Jason Voorhees moment where he mandibles Seth out of nowhere makes me wonder why he didn’t do that in the max proper before the bell rang a massive restart the match chant from the crowd as Bray exposed to the concrete floor another sister Abby on the floor and a big AE dub sham for that as well another mandible claw it says spitting out ketchup the fiend stands tall the show cuts to black and a course of boos such good shit pal this match did get four stars out of five up until the 12th or 13th stomp and then I downgrade to one star out of five maybe it was a bit optimistic for us as a fanbase to assume Bray was gonna win the title on this night our bad I guess I’m really surprised the number of people who are online defending this bullshit because well they backed themselves into a corner do you really think Bray was gonna win the Champions League I would have been nice would have been different would have been surprising to have something like this but instead you’ve got two years in a row where you’re Hell in a Cell main event in the Cell match ends in a disqualification which completely goes against your entire logic you spent the last 20-some odd years building for Hell in a Cell one year okay that was an anomaly that was just kind of a freak incident never happened again no we were skunked again in fact we were spoiled this weekend when they had a poll online saying how do you think that match is gonna end and they put DQ as an option well that’s how you know what’s gonna happen they couldn’t commit to they couldn’t pull the trigger on Bray Wyatt actually winning and so what you have now is complete I think a complete you’ve killed his mystique it only took two official matches to completely kill the mystique of Bray Wyatt the fiend because even if he wins a championship in a rematch it’s gonna be too late because this bull should happen I don’t understand how you would do this again with the whole the logic of how they put this match if one kind of hammer doesn’t get you disqualified but another one does then there the whole logic of this matchup and how you book things and how you tell stories and how you build your world is irrevocably fucked up and there needs to be some kind of hard reset because this is you know I’m not one for hyperbole but this is the single dumbest thing I’ve seen all year and there’s been a few dumb things in the world of wrestling but this hasn’t hit the cake this is absolute bullshit some people are saying well as Bray one here then what would happen in Survivor Series russell’s brock lesnar he BTW we lose then or hear me out maybe they could have done this instead maybe at that second sister Abigail in the ring when Seth first kicks out and the fans start booing right then and start turning on it right then that’d be the point and where Bray wins the belt in shocking fashion and then you’ve got this contrived bullshit finish that you had that you had here on this night and you save that for Survivor Series so both he and Lesnar can save face and no one really loses maybe do something like that I don’t know it’s just I’m being redundant I’m repeating myself I’m saying bullshit a lot because it is I’m frustrated it’s really frustrating Hell in a Cell the one that ends in a DQ that did that be the tag line for helmet cell from here on out cuz you’re already two years in you might as well keep this trend going from a visual standpoint from a storytelling standpoint I actually didn’t mind the whole that in mind the spooky red lighting I didn’t mind no steps just beating the hell out of Bray until he was almost dead then he has the big Freddy Krueger moment or Jason Voorhees moment at the end I get why they did I just think the timing of it was bad I think it flopped the fans shit all over that thing they were not having it you know Justin Henry Rakolta Hawks had the best on Twitter that they could have had live mics and plug a W Dynamite’s the liner for that week and it wouldn’t have been as good commercial for that show as that finish was on Sunday in one fell swoop they’ve killed him a stick of the fiend they’ve killed him a stick of Hell in a Cell after two years in a row of this you know cuz god forbid you have a conclusive finish god forbid you actually pull the trigger on something interesting and different and would have got people talking you know who cares if the title change here would be too close to when Kofi dropped it on Friday you know maybe you need some good upheaval you’re going into this new era where you’ve got you know the shows on two different networks you have it a draft if I can go with it just do it why wouldn’t you do something like that you know there are so many words I can use to describe the awfulness of this main event and Lord knows I’ve tried to come up with some more of them but I’m just tired right now I’m burned out I’m bummed out from the ending of that show again maybe I was thinking too hard for prey to win clean maybe they would have found some way for something to happen like in the back of my mind I had a feeling it was gonna be a DQ finish but I didn’t expect them to do it two years in a row you know I’m just glad I have the rest of my vacation look forward to it hopefully this night won’t bum me out for the rest night I’m here you had one great match you had a few good matches that we’d already seen before in previous paper reviews and Ross often done better and then you had one main event and start out really interesting and really captivating but then totally fell off a cliff and then the fans very predictably turned on it this show felt like it was the last thing on the company’s mind it felt like it was something that was booked at the last minute it felt like a show where half the card was announced the day of do you feel me one of surprising gems of this show was like wow how much they’re pushing the ladies you’ve got the Sasha Becky Matt you’ve got the Bailey Charlotte match and even you’ve got Tamina and Carmela doing some stuff and the women’s tag-team championship match those points were all like really strong points in the show but then like everything else is just like what happened to this thing the wheels I felt that came off but enough about me what did you think of Hell in a Cell 2019 what did you think of that perplexing bizarre ending to the pay-per-view let me know in the comments section below and be sure to give it a letter graded by going to the I card in the corner of your screen quick programming note as I mentioned last week on the raw or review there will not be a Rob review this week because I am on vacation I had to pick and choose what shows I was gonna review I said I was gonna review Hell in a Cell which now in hindsight I regret and I’m gonna review NXT and AAW dynamite for Wednesday warfare but because the obligations I have be here on vacation so sadly no raw a review but I hope you guys can bear with me and next week it will come back I’m Brian Zane and I’ll see you next time how much they’re pushing the ladies totally fell off a cliff and then bullshit a lot because it is trigger on Brea one shit as well they shut up is the fast chambo news

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