WWE Hell In A Cell 2019 Predictions

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[Applause] so look I have waited I have waited I have waited nice to dr. smackdown live WWE would actually give me a card for the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view but they have not there’s only four matches out there but we’ve got to predict the thing eventually I’m gonna run out time eventually I’m gonna be dead in the ground and then what we’re gonna do you’re trying to summon my corpse up from the dirt and get him to predict things you don’t want to see that you tuned in you’d be like this is disgusting so we’re gonna do a lot of guessing for the Hell in a Cell show but I’ll do my best my name is Terry Miller welcome to what cult wrestling hell my cell is Sunday let’s do what we can we will start with Daniel Bryan and Roman reigns taking on Luke Harper and Erick Rowan and I think given the last few weeks all of these ideas all of these plans are actually it’s gonna turn out that Daniel Bryan was the mastermind behind all of this have to go out the window because that would not make any sense I’ve seen him at a carrot Rowan I’ve seen him at a clue Harper and not another Rock tax Vince McMahon in 1998 way when it turned out they’re all in cahoots and obviously the rock won the WWE Championship at the Survivor Series this is a I hate you you’ve screwed me over I am Daniel Bryan I am gonna whip your ass kind of a vibe so you can’t go back on that now WWE and if you do my brain will probably melt onto the floor that is kind of a shame because it means the once plan Daniel Bryan versus Roman reigns match isn’t going to happen I think in 2019 that could be a big deal but it also means there is only one obvious winner when it comes to these pairings it will be Roman it will be Daniel they will somehow get the victory over their evil bad people my worry is what happens with Luke Harper now because if you go on Luke Harper with social media big Instagram or Twitter he is taking shots at WWE like he’s about to run out of bullets so Wally has been called back into the fold I don’t think he appreciated the fact they wouldn’t give him release earlier in the year and the fact they added six months to his contract so in my world what is gonna happen is again the big dog and mr. yes-man get the one-two-three and the Luke Harper will just vanish again and I would assume Eric Rowan just falls back into the mid card now that’s not the end of the world I do like Rowan but I think he can actually bolster things out whether he falls on Raw Smackdown but it does mean that six months worth of story and six months worth of detective work by yours truly kind of ended on a little bit of a lull so I’m hope I’m wrong with this and I hope the WWE has one final twist in the tale I’m not overly confident with that but yes Daniel Bryan Roman reigns take the victory maybe somehow they still do work out that match you could do face vs. face and it’s not like they’ve been getting along but they are my thoughts we’re also gonna get both women’s belts defended and the first is Charlotte Flair who will be going after Bayley Smackdown title now if you did watch the first ever Smackdown on Fox you will know that WWE is right behind Charlotte as they have been for many years so I would imagine this is the pay-per-view when we take the title off Bayley we give it to Charlotte and we start ramming home to anybody that is new we really like this woman please like her as well which you should very talented I don’t even think you need any shenanigans you should let them go out there for 10-15 minutes or 45 minutes if you want again we’ve only got four matches announced so far but give them plenty of time allow them to do their thing and allow people to buy into the majesty of the SmackDown women’s type because that way when Charlotte does win by tapping Bayley out I would guess to the figure eight it’s gonna help everybody yeah yeah yeah I know that’s the exact same finish we saw on the tag match on Saturday but sometimes things just work if it worked there why can’t it work again a couple of days later over a couple of days later 24 hours later 48 hours later whatever is I said Sammy you’re not Saturday at all smackdowns on fridays now but it’s because we do the ups and downs on Saturday look what you have done WWE you took the schedule and you burned it like Seth Rollins and now I’m struggling to keep up and I’m rambling on like a madman but yes I don’t think this is gonna be too wacky or too crazy I just think this Charlotte will get the win again after the figure eight Bayley taps out and I would assume these two then separate maybe you could do one more match it whatever the next pay-per-view is on to not the Saudi Arabia show not on how to do that are we anyway Charlotte your new Smackdown Women’s Champion and I’m clearly going title changing heavy as well because when we get to Sasha banks versus Becky Lynch which is also happening in the helmet sell for the Royal Women’s Championship well I think you’ve got to put that bad boy on Sasha I just think it makes perfect sense because if you don’t you do have to end this feud so that I can’t get another match after you know she wasn’t able to do what she set out to do but also it’s really important that we justify banks is he’ll turn if you become a bad guy and you still can’t get any wins and you still can’t be victorious it means you have made the wrong decision now like two three four five six months down the line you can look back and go oh I’m an absolute nerd I’m an absolute geek because the fans are meant to hate you but if that happens at the very start is just like or you’re a massive Poindexter that’s what happened two students came back and more don’t forget he had that big hill turn at WrestleMania and he was hitting a J’s thousand the ball love punching him in the penis but where did it get him nowhere also you are in the hem the silk so you can do a bunch of homework gosh I can’t believe they did that stuff and also as this will likely be after Charlotte versus Bailey get Bailey out there to cause some shenanigans she can be super pissed off that she lost her own belt and there’s always a way to get in the cage I know everybody just gets in the cage nowadays and so what is even the point of having this structure especially because everyone’s favorite structure but I don’t care just get the belt off Becky Lynch and put it on such a banks so we can have a really cool story deep down I don’t actually feel they are gonna do that because with everything new on smack there and everything new on Raw I think they see Becky Lynch as an important part of the cake which she is these are my predictions and I think that makes it better long term so Becky can chase and eventually win it back I’m going with the men losing that’s that we then get to our main event actual real life there which is Seth Rollins taking on the fiend for the universal chairmanship now WWE we have finally arrived I saw your Twitter post the other day when you asked your fans how do you think this match is going to end and the three options were a pinfall submission or disqualification err that was me taking your disqualification answer as if it was my finger biting off the tip and spitting it onto the floor and the reason I’m doing that is that you cannot you cannot in any world end this match on a DQ there is only one way this has to finish and that is with Bray Wyatt the fiend being the new universal champion because here’s the thing here’s the thing I think if WWE doesn’t do that it would be a huge window into the fact that they’re still not really listening to their audience and I like settle and I think he’s an incredibly talented cat but he doesn’t need to be the champion right now he doesn’t have that much momentum because all of that momentum has gone on to prey white he’s the man right now everybody is behind him and if we don’t finally say okay great we’re now pushing him to the moon where he could live he can have a little house he can have a little coffee every single day as he sits out there in space it just goes to show no matter how much you get behind someone no matter how much a wrestler puts into their character we are always going to stay the course right now in October 2000 nineteen and is not the time to stay the course that’s right I’m getting fired up by this but I just think if we do some stupid thing where the ref calls it off because brave wives beating up Seth Rollins too much especially because it’s in the hell nacelle with the whole point is you’re meant to have hell hell you cannot DQ someone so please WWE I’m begging you if I didn’t fall out of the picture if I didn’t fall out of the screen I’d actually get down on my knees let’s just do something a little bit differently let’s listen to the audience and go with what they want Seth once can win it back you can do whatever after the fact but let’s use Helena cell to build the fiend up to be a dominant and successful champion that you know does live alongside the likes of Seth Rollins and Roman reigns and The Undertaker let’s make him that guy because why the hell not exactly I don’t even care if you want this to be a two minute thing I really really really don’t the more dominant the fiend looks the more we can buy into that persona and go well who the hell is gonna stop that guy I keep using the word hell it’s good it’s like in my brain it’s like Pavlovian conditioning cuz the pay-per-view is called Hell my cell now I’m just thinking about Hell hell hell hell hell but it will be hell Dean doesn’t win and with the belt line is scooby-doo stuff and I guess we should try and come up with some other matches that are gonna be on this show I mean we’ll probably do the new day versus the revival because that’s just what we do if we don’t do the new day versus the rival maybe the world just implodes maybe that’s actually what’s holding everything together they will probably redo AJ Styles versus Cedric Alexander for the u.s. title even though there’s no logic there whatsoever but we do have somewhat of a few but probably do the OSI versus the Viking raiders for that exact same reason it’s like well they had something going on and despite the OSI losing all the time we can throw them together and we’ll probably do a 205 live match I don’t know what’s going on with 205 line but drew gulick he’s a champ he can be on the pre-show put him against the Brian Kendrick is it even man and on top of that we’ll probably do heavy machinery versus Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Roode because again we’ve done it before so why not do again I guess I need to predict them well Bobby in Dolph belt they’ll retain the USO’s will win AJ Styles will win and yeah the Viking raiders will win that’s my random predictions for the rest of Hell in a Cell you tell me when was the last time we were 24 hours removed from a WWE pay-per-view and we only had four matches and I know by the time this goes live WWE is gonna do this social media thing and they’re getting a really small but eventually I got a draw a line like I say and I just gotta get videos done otherwise you’d never get the video I just reset here for my entire life waiting I don’t want to live that way or to go out there and I want to seize the day now don’t forget to leave a comment below and let us know your helmet cell predictions and look if you are watching this when more has been announced get the conversation going down in the comments and we can do it that way like share and subscribe head over to what Cole show calm and read yourself some articles follow what God runs well uncle J Balvin w/e watch more videos here culture Wrestling my name is Simon from what culture and I would presume that braun strowman will somehow be featured as well simply because WWE likes braun strowman i mean he ain’t gonna fight Tyson Fury he’s gonna do something on Raw how nuts is that as well Tyson Fury is now affiliated with the WWE I mean it just absolutely I can’t even fathom it I mean it’s great and it’s awesome and it’s gonna get the mainstream interested Tyson Fury is very good at getting headlines be able to do something born strong on this show who else do they like nobody really they kind of make everybody in WWE she’s getting a Kimora maybe you can do Shinsegae Nakamura versus Ali and once again in skåne Mecca Mora will win that one too after Sami Zayn interrupts I’ve got my best I’ve tried I have no idea how nacelle is a very very weird show because all the folks he’s been on Smackdown which is now in the books there’s only one way to find out watch the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view tomorrow and make sure you watch the reaction show live here on what culture wrestling do it

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