WWE Hell In A Cell 2019 Highlights – WWE Hell In A Cell 10/8/19 Highlights HD

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super vigilant and our turn announcing of colony partnership Europe hit Tim Hebert since she returned King believes she should be the center of attention all the time they’re what makes each other better that’s what allows them to raise the bar each and every week introducing the Challenger [Applause] to contain nowhere for banks to run what about the bow is the door if they can get trouble already big-time that’s the mentality you have to have to a say hey finally we’re getting officially underway what’s that now she’s thinking here Sasha banks you by Becky Lynch Oh an uppercut because the chain the door has not been securely locked it’s been said before when it’s she’s getting overtime pay for this Lynch said Sasha bakes made it personal both these women in five First Coast Becky has been waiting to have banks trapped Sasha finding an old now what’s on the mind of the blueprint I’m gonna be good creativity when you step into these walls holding on to the arm you just have to be ready for classic champions instead Oh Sasha fates turning things around quickly look out Oh mister and now wait a minute looking for the best [Applause] just taking a look oh there’s in our sights and no Aikido and again everything legal that Lee Sasha banks grabbing not just some Helena so but anything if you’ve done it once God repeatedly being slammed inside of that cell door I had a chance just briefly just that I can’t sit in the audience Oh Sasha banks took it Invicta that evil mind she is thinking oh oh look out now wait a minute look at this I kid title the glint she getting able to kick out I’m going for yet another his deal chair and let the shoot thinking bank said go to church and now Lynch again just driving but now their boss trying to get out of the way but Sasha banks [Applause] well is right now Sasha banks is reversible Mitchell and oh what a kick nice counter top broke key Becky Lynch driving in it drive and the desire not to see any other of having fun at this point get together show the man likes what Lynch will not be stopped willing to destroy her sound itself [Applause] being able to regroup it here in the golden one Center has the raw women’s champion Becky Lynch to the man King you’ve been a part of I mean the first-ever Hell in a Cell and Becky Lynch’s is figure out a way navigate away free she does [Applause] the box with that kendo stick female stands another steel chair you talk about the evil State who is she doing you’re right you read nigga Oh Oh repeating she’s in all her glory right now thank you itch into the ring and then she wound up getting bounced off of him he’s the man this has been all about gaining respect [Applause] [Music] introducing first there are no rules Harper and I to do whatever we want [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Daniel Bryan was the one who instilled the confidence in eric rowan and it’s almost a Frankenstein’s monster scenario and think of terrifying wherever an understatement this is the case Luke Harper and Eric Rowan never expected it to turn into something like that no tax [Applause] from the outside potential weakness in Harper or low beer look at this height splash there’s been a lot of ill will between it’s in jeopardy here Daniel Bryan yeah the bigger man the more Pam of Daniel Bryan Roman trying to fight back into this ripped into the barricade his impressive speed absolutely sanguinist mood here tonight he perpetually wears in his eyes that both Eric Rowan and Luke Harper possess and isolate the smaller of the two competitors Daniel Bryan for head of Bryan vicious assault here by Luke Harper a corner and out rowing with that spinning kick Harper and Rowan have no problem Harper who is on the same exact page I’m in a race what an accurate or other Daniel Bryan looking for the LeBell lock right and try to Luke Harper though will quickly break things up with a kick for the spine and there is that that that faraway stare quarry is now sending Brian do yet another sacrified has been all Luke Harper and Eric Rowan by Harper and Rowan in the beatings they dish out now Daniel plying with the right hand teed off on Luke Harper I said Daniel Bryan right there Harper though with the momentary as it was now Erick Rowan drags Roman reigns and here’s range Down Goes Harper Sacramento the WWE fans falling behind but ere head to the ring apron drop toehold some of the energy for these explosive ticks in the corner escapes they need and here come the yes kicks shoulder for potential LaBelle Lana back on now era here comes Harper everybody’s down it looks like a battle field out here that is a look high above the golden one Center here in Sacramento in their mind or this tornado match there is equipment beam but I assure you the result brains face first off the apron trades and now he’s gonna dump his own partner Rowan is now tearing apart the Barrett Luke Harper make Harper or Owen feel disrespected again the referees trying to get some semblance of control it’s downright impossible or not oh so you guys gonna what do you play deep down Carper is still standing Daniel prying you see massive welched [Applause] this is an incredible match here at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view event here’s the big bodies still strewn all over the place one of Matt’s tonight at Hell in a Cell what a match here tonight a common enemy standing side by side at the mouth of hell [Applause] but in the end of the night the big dog and Daniel Bryan are the last man standing here’s the middle even captain of team flare in cruising fox a 13-time world champion orden is a big time target to advance your own career here in WWE on the WWE Network tonight immediately following the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view events WWE chronicled that Ali was injured taken out of that Elimination Chamber match that Kofi Kingston laughs uh championship oh he’s magical run which King continued to ride the wave all the way to the very top man like Randy Orton here tonight the world championship brand there’s no doubt to the high-flying ollie and if you’re Randy Orton you want to ground up Holly whipped across the ring Randy Orton Randy Orton to realize who still runs things here in there yeah the draft begins this coming Friday night work or will he be on Monday Night Raw on USA no wasted motion the rib cage of Olly is Jim getting a little bit deeper the chin lock here Holly oh and a blow right through the spine drop something Oh kick the wrench right to the midsection and I’ll are you gonna fly suicide dive and Randy bylines showing live Oh got a gutsy performance here there’s the quickness of Olly Wow balls through ladies first Randy there’s the reversal back to his feet out of the methodical approach meanwhile Olli though encounter with his finishing maneuver the announcement from the top rung looked for the fourth in a second rope now victory Oh [Applause] nobody home and Randy Orton from the second rope Randy Orton rivers 50d can taste the finish line right now you are dealing with one of the best third generation Thornton spins him around again Holly Rowe what an incredible performance tonight by Holly but Randy our today Oh with the wind [Music] for a count of ten incapacitate WWE women’s Tag Team Championships took iron an opportunity to tag titles tonight introducing first Nikki cross Hannah look Shaw I hope Blizzard Cross are ready for the kabuki warrior and introducing the Challenger kabuki warriors can’t do I mean I don’t and the nhd Women’s Champion you can see she’s got the pirate garb hit start racking up some W new capture in title Friday Night Smackdown at a week for money of course on us a Monday night one or you get left behind spin ship and maybe not whoa-oh parallel digression when Oscar gets going when Tyree hundred ten day reign as the NXT Women’s Champion Mosca a woman who once said eight bits champion she won the inaugural it raise tax Alexis Alaska is stronger than any other here in WWE maybe getting involved to really plan or prepare and ask across using the entry to advantage of very same look at him join the fuck barricade the ruthlessness that she wants possessed was unmatched let me to be drafted drastically changes the landscape eyes enemies anything can happen and again ooh listen and hard and there wash guy Tyree sane and Oscar would have to pin or submit their blister cross ww-wait now one up yeah I think she might have been got to the rope and now let’s get the grapevine and right back again half crab now on two less Alexa bliss trying to and now Alexa to a side headlock could do oh and slam to the man and there’s the slutty cover again by Kyrie st. and a kick-out by Blair rapid tags in and out from piracy but God is caught by the Empress and again Alexa rolls through Oscar bounced off the second rope face-first can she make it to the corner make a tag she does glow Civ offense buttocks offensive style of Nikki and there’s the running bulldog crossbody window Tyrese a keeps the hopes alive being able to reverse saying Alabama swag and now Nikki put the tag titles of pasta let’s go dragging her part into the quarter to allow oh look at this just blatant disrespect from Oscar interference on the outside and bliss off the apron some of the Japanese legends like the great kabuki the Great Muta summoning like entire both USA Network and Fox had a close eye on this one men on Friday Night Smackdown up a mere week anything could happen in it shirt kitchen is your first video see the OC getting ready United States Champion AJ Styles we don’t know who the Viking raiders have brought as a taxi part well I don’t know about that this would be a tough three to beat Aaron and I absolutely past two weeks they’ve got the device decisive victory moto have the Viking raiders found to be their tag team partner and their tag team partner Puri said he was disrespected by braun strowman and now we got a full house on this side that fallout usually beats three of a kind it’s gonna happen I can’t wait to and I’d either it could anything can happen I mean wouldn’t your face complexion change to me they are Quint they are strong all of the trainees try and take them on at me and it didn’t matter how many to look these two teams have being the OSI and oh the Viking raiders of Aybar and no matter your size I bar for the moment in I bar just pummel each other oh the last several weeks on Raw in fact slam into this six-man tax AJ Styles off for distraction this way yeah we’ve always looked at oh I have always Oh strength by gallows is some of the Vikings tag maidens run out coast caliphs but there’s the United States Champion AJ style Oh kick in his own dir making his way back to his feet but the Oh see that’s hard to argue well usually Oh right handy now Eric starting up nobody there got that shoulder up now once again AJ bowed out and Karl Anderson Luke Gallows have set it and now Eric not able to make the tag door is the mushroom on man sherbet take it out everything again so alone and after blaming I know what he’s thinking pushing the strategy they set up that possible cat crush it cap crusher is subdued deep its determination on the face of the United States champions [Music] qualification the Viking raiders head raw the numbers advantage no more Oh talk about a rivalry it is so there’s the United States Champion AJ Styles AJ just wanted to put his finishing touches his Styles o tonight that just laid out AJ Styles what a right fist by braun strowman boxing’s lineal world heavyweight champion by braun strowman here tonight [Applause] well [Applause] you go understand I go downstairs in the staff [Music] he’s a super tough dude and he’s about The Dispatch of Chad gable once and for all [Applause] [Music] [Applause] you have a victory for jack cable here tonight over King Corbin would be a huge jump start to his career so king corpsman and chad gable one-on-one tonight that’s for sure and Baron Corbin down one King Corbin not been able to get out of the blocks there I say right now Gables officious to make Corbin able to kick out of it gable with a clothesline and now hit right away with the right hands Oh God I happen to be the post face the body shots by authority they call them the Royals now are you talking about Sacramento Oh gamble runs right into a right hand we might know where he’s at if to the right hand by Corbett not that other guy that was at the desk before we came out I can’t call clothesline a clubbing blow right to the back of the net Chad gable trying to make it back to his feet the old man who ruptures a great honor for shorty gable to represent the United States in the Olympic Oh loves boxing skills to use a table fighting back Corbin top up gable with a missile dropkick and Down Goes the king and now gable looks to rally necessary lands at his feet time gable was ready for it second rope crossbow truly very unexpected that game was able to kick out till now turns his attention yet again and out gable back to his feet can this video oh and Gable now trash-talking Corbett wah-wah-wah loop pretty impressive Chad Campbell they’re moments ago with the German suplex Ken gable capitalized n into the corner performing this time the Corbin caught him nearly driving shorty straight through the rabbit check car aren’t our punishment time for the cake the size but Corbin though Oh believe it or not I think the more of a chance it gives shorty gable Corbin back to his feet first can Chad gable somehow counter again here in Sacramento they’re trying to drag him stop cause beatnik acting corbin can take this one put this one away at any time that he walks he can’t look at the gable made him pay shipping shipping Corbett trying to use his water rope to the apron and it’s going to force a break now Oh Corbin with Gable outside chocolate wherever he was just qualified the last time these two met [Applause] Jabil just tuck out with the upset of the century Vlada me cake [Music] I certainly hope the Queen has better luck what’s to win women’s title white blank Charlotte Blair after this past Friday [Applause] [Music] Bayley still considers centered Sajal herself a role model you know launch smackdown her broadcast worldwide at over 27 different it’s reducing the Challenger [Applause] to her advantage to retain the title against Charlotte so a rematch here tonight oh thank ladder match winner cash his likes of Charlotte but Becky Lynch over on the wall side Becky of course accept legitimate gripe no beat Charlotte hair fair and square tonight no try to put Bailey oh wait Charlotte’s got a chopper up in Bailey go in the championship here tonight then such a success oh-ho late both of the opposite here we go Bailey cover looking only in a kick-out Charlotte slipped into the corner by Bailey course perhaps a psychological advantage tell it made her pay contradicted my bone as it was happening the queen is a hungry challenger behind great throw by Charlotte and a Kip up in Charlotte’s in control Charlotte of Bailey moved out of the way and look $2 she ran right into a wicked forearm late that’s what it takes to go over right into the apron it takes to remain a champion here in WWE again take out the legs weaken the knee and the ankle that’s what Bailey’s doing I was gonna look at the wrap Charlotte’s leg around the ring post but bold strategy by the champion that fun-loving superstar you know what though Cole that’s what that’s look at the hash brown she wasn’t gonna cut it down Bailey and a kick-out Bailey wasn’t gonna be able to retain Brody for this matchup goes you can expect to see Charlotte’s Flair Oh Charlotte Flair and if there’s a though they could fight fire with fire we know it Charlotte Flair blood from the front now giving Bailey a little taste of a better side I’m back breaker from the Queen and Charlotte natural selection so penny Valley into the corner and now it’s Charlotte turning my attention Charlotte from the top rope barely got the knees up and Charlotte using her power so like family said fuck again just Oh doing what Bailey did to her earlier on tonight using the apron to inter vanish between the first to her feet looking for the big booth Bailey saw coming yeah Bailey using the ropes to to leverage to the official call Charlotte with the boat look we’ve stepped in a battle tonight an indoor thing once again carries the gold Charlotte Flair and he’s had it ripped from her clutches [Applause] surprise him by surprise and now I’m sure he’ll have an answer just the expression on Seth’s face I don’t know he may not be anticipated but for Seth Rollins I mean what a stretch of championship match the balance has been a fighting champion taking on a murderer’s row of opponents [Music] [Music] [Applause] very well happen I mean the fene would give pretty kruger nightmares playing mind games he’s got the better of the universal champion the last several weeks guys just look at it there’s no hesitation no fear in the eye and it is time now Y years ago and watch the Undertaker dead and this could happen it going right at Seth Rollins trying to get ovation gets dropped I think that this is one of those matches just put out of your mind saw this saw earlier there’s a lot of a lot of stuff under that ring and charging it it’s having no effect on the beam you ever seen anything like that at home Bray Wyatt no no I think it’s pretty obvious there’s nowhere for Seth Rollins to run as Rollins now steel steps from the WWE Universe affected Seth Rollins into those steel steps team gray why look at us in this house look at this but it looks like I just found a toy to buy the universal champion it doesn’t have to go to dark places he’s already in the dark places Universal Rollins looking to fly once again picking up the scraps they do to your gloves on his hands looking to put let’s but series a knob was able to break three Rollins connects follow to the top rope look it down incoming he enjoys the pain it looks like look at the face of Seth Rollins rounds of shots I don’t think any of us can put our our minds involve a place that his mind is that what is that [Applause] step onto the mallet come fiend off his feet Rollins again line up the Challenger springboard then the connection tick you time to do this stop connect charge again now looking for the pedigree [Applause] – Jenna stop he’s thinking okay what is it going to take obvious Seth Rollins I think has come to grips with he’s got to go [Applause] kicked out and one wallet secure he’s got to be having second thoughts he’s got to be doubting himself right now what what can I do the chair a ladder I he’s done just about everything he could think of to the feed Bray Wyatt [Applause] and as Canada looks like the referees trying to get Seth Rollins now back into the ring just said wait wait wait [Applause] [Applause] after all the punishment of the fiend Bray Wyatt has been through now how is that lifted and the feed Bray Wyatt this looking on I don’t blame him I would not try to get one of the defendants on my land on the concrete in the kid sister that a mandible claw was a game [Music] [Applause] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] don’t

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