WWE Funny Moments Part 2

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[Applause] the lack love you need you to watch an angel finally the 1999 King of the Ring in the world’s greatest athlete has come here tonight to talk about ass at SummerSlam it’s mr. mass the premier the Primo the perfect ass versus the people’s ass [Applause] [Music] and there’s just Ramos bring what a vomit bag a big Newton yes yes what what why’d you Jay [Music] refer to the mayor’s garage did you knock oh I get it who’s there [Music] [Applause] Swiss Olympus are you talking to me yeah I’m talking to cold what’s a lot are you talking to me [Applause] [Music] these delight the wrestling huh are you getting brother I love it it’s in my blood brother it’s also in my name brother in my head brother don’t you think you’re on blue holes for the wrestling I got a new trait Larry brother mister hold your let’s hold to feel brother and I feel honored 57 brother well it’s our gonna do brother when Alistair comes at King saw – at SummerSlam brother we’re gonna hook your brother you would need for the first time in history brother the first time brother the last time others the only race brother [Music] what am I saying are you talking to me you have you shoot me man just joke [Music] you people also said that the Spurs we’re gonna make it out of the first round this change is not here to protect me this cage is to protect you from me we’d be sand on the MS and I quit at the end I got no wife but you got a boyfriend [Music] go ahead go fuck yourself [Music] I’m gentle boogity boogity it’s been some very rude things that were saying disrespectful things are done apologize to rock [Music] [Applause] [Music] seriously melon slice are you talking to me I’m out here [Music] excuse me start crying you talking to me

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