WWE Friday Night SmackDown – Brock Lesnar vs Kofi Kingston – 4 October 2019

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on Friday Night Smackdown for the WWE Championship the most coveted title in sports entertainment in tonight’s main event is sponsored by Ghost Recon [Applause] yeah [Applause] [Music] [Applause] that’s got to be a record of some sort that was unbelievable Brock Lesnar five time WWE Champion this is all in seconds rock Lesnar conquered Kofi Kingston rock Kofi’s lifelong dream his life’s work crashing down with an f5 we are once again entering the era of the Beast and what has to be record fashion Brock Lesnar is your new WWE Champion [Applause] Monday night the man whose son Monday night on Raw Rey Mysterio that’s not [Applause] there is state of ghosts and that ghost name is for less never cease beer on the face of brocklander paid the last guest is the man who won the UFC heavyweight championship croc was Velasquez is here with Rey Mysterio and he’s marching right to the ring I can’t believe it [Applause] a shock buzzer right now we live in a first-round TKO courtesy of this man [Applause] less than just bubbly no less your smartrider a cleanser retreat [Applause] rey mysterio went along to handle the situation himself but he obviously brought backup Rock Lester’s in shock he cannot believe it Cain Velasquez staring a hole through the WWE Champion wanna be tough guys around well Cain Velasquez’s a true tough guy and he’s staring right at Brock Lesnar [Applause] Velasquez is a real deal approving commodity and nobody knows that fact better than Brock Lesnar [Applause] what do you see this right now I have never seen fear in the eyes of the beasty kids now [Applause] this was woven sit down Cain Velasquez with a gentleman take out a lesser and then the Mali began and brought Lester covering up and then retreating retreating from Velasquez I can assure you Brock Lesnar was not expecting to encounter his old rival the man who defeated him for the UFC Heavyweight Championship Cain Velasquez in a WWE ring but make no mistake Velasquez has arrived and the Beast has got to deal with it is your new WWE Champion girl has a big big problem and his name is Kay Velazquez Jayne Velasquez alongside Rey Mysterio thank you ladies and gentlemen for joining us on this historic premiere of Friday Night Smackdown good night from Los Angeles

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