WWE Fastlane Kickoff: March 10, 2019


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100 thoughts on “WWE Fastlane Kickoff: March 10, 2019”

  1. master19880404 says:

    I agree with Beth but me I love them so much! IIconics made a good point: titles need to defend on smackdown. I did already and I will say it again: IIconics are divine ladies. Peyton Thank you for your gorgeous smile. Billie thank you for beautiful eyes.

  2. Danny pULLIAM says:

    Sonya DeVille is the 7th finest goddess on the roster💖💖💖💖💖

  3. Zhao Yun says:

    Wheres my man Booker T I wanted to laugh not hear bull$*&* 😟😫😖

  4. Max Dai says:

    Nakamura from main event to Kick off….

  5. ayub khan says:

    roman reigns is great the shield is best all time i love

  6. Roman King of heart says:

    The shield

  7. Roman King of heart says:

    Roman reigns

  8. Stealth 107 says:

    Joe Joe Joe.

  9. Zay Cruise says:

    I guess no more appearances from Rusev @ ⏫Up Up, Down Down⏬ show on YouTube 😣😢😢😟😔😭

  10. The illuminati guy says:

    Couldn't they decide the match card
    I mean first they wanted daniel vs owens and now its a triple threat with mustafa ali involved in it
    Second,andrade vs mysterio and now they are involved in a fatal 4 way with joe and truth
    Third,kofi vs the bar which was not even expected

  11. Babyydogee says:

    EC3 ugly

  12. KIRILL Zavat says:

    USOS vs Rysev nakamyra

  13. Jai Andhra says:

    ✊✊Roman Roman✊✊

  14. Sudipta Kayal says:


  15. Mohamad Rizal says:

    57:31 The crew aren't ready

  16. piosenki top girls says:

    Super fastlene

  17. Rohidul Haque says:


  18. Jacob Cass says:

    This PPV is just a mess

  19. Mohinish Baluni says:

    This pre show match was REALLY good!

  20. dejs pro says:

    Rey mistetryo

  21. toxic-_- barri says:

    KO should not be in that match up The New Day should be in the match

  22. Crypto Noob says:

    24:49 Zelina wants that Samoan D

  23. Matthew Wolfe says:

    The Iiconics Billie Kay and Peyton Royce are the most entertaining women's tag team in WWE today.

  24. Pieter allen Master Blue says:

    Is she stupid, she a beautiful female . she will never be the MAN !!!!!! period

  25. Shane Rosser says:

    Finally EC3 Can Speak.

  26. Rohit c. akki. Akki says:

    The shield wins the match

  27. Brie Bella fan Brie Bella forever says:

    I can't wait

  28. Shane Rosser says:

    I Wish The Smackdown Live Commentators Stop Talking Kofi Kingston. It's A Setup To Suit Byron Saxton.

  29. Shane Rosser says:

    New Day Sucks.

  30. ermini0 0ttone says:

    story lines in raw/smackdown,
    wrestling match,
    the all programs WWE,
    IS FOR KIDS!!!😖😕😧😞

  31. Shane Rosser says:

    You Know Byron Saxton Can't Shut Up About Kofi Kingston. He Set It Up.

  32. Shane Rosser says:

    Byron Saxton Is A Cry Baby.

  33. Shane Rosser says:

    Why Don't Byron Saxton Quit As Commentator And Be With Kofi Kingston.

  34. Omar Hashmi says:

    No Buddy Murphy? Okay then.

  35. Shane Rosser says:

    Byron Saxton Ruined The Fastlane PPV.

  36. Michael Rothemund says:

    Where is SANITY?

  37. Amit Deshpande says:

    Ha haha it's all fake matches ……just like daily soap serials…..and American watch it like it's a mma or ufc lol

  38. village viral on says:

    Jinder Mahal is best

  39. Azeem Abdullah says:

    Vince really knows how to gather crowd

  40. nun ya says:

    Corey Graves annoys the hell out of me. He’s such a hypocrite and overdramatizes everything. He calls himself a journalist LMAO

  41. Aiman Md Isa says:

    52:52 the botch right there

  42. Arup Deb says:

    Iconics are so funny.. 😊❤️

  43. Arup Deb says:

    Are there no rules for a tag match

  44. Micaele Kessia says:

    que merda vou ter que aprender a falar inglês mesmo 🙁

  45. Half Man / Half Amazing ALL PHENOMENAL says:

    DAMN, Sonya just cockblocked EC3 big time! She sounded like a lesbian protecting her girlfriend, yikes!

  46. Reef2480 says:

    Way to kill Becky’s momentum guys 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻.

  47. rayane raoui says:

    Is the usos vs Shane and the miz…!!!!!!! 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😑😐😐😐

  48. Portgas _ D _ ACE says:

    نيو داي ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  49. Felix Muganhu says:

    Is this reality guys.. im from Zimbabwe Africa.

  50. Half Man / Half Amazing ALL PHENOMENAL says:

    Lana trying hard to look like Sia lmao

  51. madison lear says:

    i live in ohio

  52. Everette Benton Jr. says:

    Shinsuke is amazing and deserves more. Fight me on it.

  53. mhd you sifi says:

    i am better then all of you in fotball

  54. Rix Trangex says:

    Fastlane Baby!!

  55. Rasmus Kirkegaard Jensen says:


  56. Jerome Ninonuevo says:

    The Shield is back Ambrose, my friend finally made the right decision. I know reunioning the Shield, the group that destroy everyone. Winning in fashline.

  57. Christio :P says:

    What a total lack of respect to show the Miz during the match.

  58. Samer Sy says:

    ماأطيب كساسهم

  59. People's Matter says:

    I am coming back home!!!!!!!!!

  60. Killjoy says:

    Literally the iiconics were the funniest part out of all of this

  61. Rachelelago 2000rte says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that what mr McMahon did was racist AF

  62. steve fernandes says:

    Is the boss & hug connection going to smackdown this week?

  63. Picasodadon says:

    IIconics are trash point blank period

  64. Kiblat says:

    Many talk little Show from me zeroo 🌟 👉👎👎👎👎👎

  65. Jeevan Thapa says:

    😱 new day
    I like your fight

  66. pencil says:

    Imagine waiting months to get a speaking opportunity, just to be as CRINGE as EC3. Sonya and Mandy physically cringed.

  67. Ash’s Pro Wrestling Channel says:

    My prediction is that Kofi will win the WWE championship at WM35

  68. Vithun Illankovan says:

    I love the increase in male-female scenes!

  69. rogaming mx says:

    The shield won

  70. Jaehee Park says:

    Sonya vs EC3, book it 😂😂😂😂

  71. Oggie Krstic says:

    What's with all the bait and switch?

  72. Sandeep Mahal says:

    Kayla Braxton Carmella And Zelina Vega Are so Sexy looking and hot

  73. richard cumiskey says:

    28:41 WTF was that from Sam Roberts.

  74. Quianna Howell says:

    Nice video

  75. Sami Alrahmo says:


  76. dasmith1207 says:

    This is THE BEST that I ever remember seeing Samoa Joe ever [email protected] 25:00. Might be the 'do ? The US Belt, guns ? Idk. The audacity? Powerful show thus far. …

  77. mr. გეიმერ says:

    Wwe is real fight?

  78. TJ 12 says:

    58:05midnight hour*

  79. Try ZVP says:

    nakamura est un gros tricheur et le pire ses que l'arbitre ne fait rien…

  80. christophe valognes says:


  81. Intjar Khan says:

    52:51 🤯🤯🤯🤯😱😱😱

  82. Legal QTee says:

    I Hate beck lynch I give her no respect😒

  83. Dormin Plays says:


  84. Kiran Gouda says:

    Today I understand WWE LOGOS MINING

  85. CJ Brewen says:

    I love the kickoff show I’m want go see it live fix man😎🏆

  86. CJ Brewen says:

    Ok got it 😎🏆 I’m working tomorrow 😎🏆

  87. CJ Brewen says:


  88. CJ Brewen says:

    Yeah see live )120 see online yeah I had money save and my vacation too I thought I did no 😎🏆🌈

  89. CJ Brewen says:

    They better get little cal trans yeah 😎🏆🌈 work for it tomorrow 😎🏆🌈 give my sweet cousin 😎🏆🌈

  90. CJ Brewen says:

    Get it had yeah buy a new no 😎😎🌈🏆

  91. CJ Brewen says:

    Raw and see smack down too yeah yeah push myself to work no 😎🏆🌈

  92. CJ Brewen says:

    Yeah love way I sound 😎🏆🌈 has

  93. Javier Ray McCallum says:

    The road to wrestlemaina

  94. JSFIFA says:

    Christian for Hall of Fame 💛

  95. Dominic Blaisdell says:

    I was their like if you were to

  96. says:

    52:51 match planted,fixed, nakamura didnt hit his leg,whatever his name,,,

  97. FaZe Goofy says:

    I growing up watching 1986 WWF as kid's now wwe change 2019

  98. jamison Fortnite ! says:


  99. la chamaquita fresa says:


  100. Jerome Ninonuevo says:

    This is the final match, for the shield. The final for the shield.

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