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McKenzie Mitchell for WWE now presented by Xfinity with major updates on tomorrow night’s WWE draft get the best in-home Wi-Fi experience with Xfinity x5 the rules of the draft which begins tomorrow night on Friday Night Smackdown on Fox are as follows more than 70 male superstars and female superstars as well as tag teams have been placed in this year’s WWE draft pools these lists are currently preliminary but 30 superstars will be in smackdowns pool and eligible to be drafted on Friday night and 41 superstars will be in raw pool and eligible to be drafted on Monday and as I reported earlier today the first overall pick of the draft will be determined when Universal Champion Seth Rollins representing Raw squares off against Roman reigns representing SmackDown to kick things off this Friday night since Friday Night Smackdown is a two-hour show and Monday Night Raw is three hours for every two cakes Friday Night Smackdown has Monday Night Raw will get three tag teams from count is one pick unless Fox or USA Network specifically wants to select one superstar from the tag team any undrafted superstar from each pool will be immediately declared free agents and able to sign with the brand of their choosing with so much today stacked let’s bring in my colleague Ryan Coppola to talk everything at WWE Draft welcome are you ok so I think we have to kick this off with someone that everyone is talking about could go number one on Raw or Smackdown the man Becki legend earlier this year she was the SmackDown Women’s Champion and the raw Women’s Champion all at once she is currently the raw Women’s Champion how big is this draft Rebecca I only think it’s huge and I think for a few reasons for one of you just kind of pointed it out she’s the raw Women’s Champion but like what happens if any raw champion gets drafted to SmackDown or the vice versa how does that work we don’t have the answers to that and it’s a really intriguing point going into Friday she’s gonna be highly sought after by Fox and by you now of course we can’t talk about Becky Lynch and not mention Sasha banks Sasha one of your favorite superstars of course what do you think did Sasha’s iron most eminent wrath so I think it’s interesting because you much like me saw how she looked at the end of that classic Hell in a Cell match a couple nights back it’s undeniable and a barnburner no pun and it’s clear that her beef with Becky has not diffused because of that situation but also at the same time Smackdown would present a lot of interesting opportunities for Sasha the Fox comes more eyeballs and comes more opportunities to prove exactly what she says she is which is the best sports entertainer on earth I can see it either way Mackenzie one that’s interesting for me is the street profits now they’ve talked a lot of stuff over the last couple months on Raw the drafts presents a lot of interesting possibilities for them I can see them making noise on Raw or Smackdown obviously they have their history at NXT totally we’ve seen them on NXT you’ve also seen them backstage at Rob we’ve never seen them actually wrestle so it’ll be interesting to see how this all pans out with the draft so now we’ll move over to the Monday night pool we’re starting off with Brock Lesnar somebody that just got a win over Kofi Kingston a champion of course now is having some controversy with Cain Velasquez what what does that mean so I mean there’s a lot to dissect there with Brock right I’m curious heading into Monday night rora smackdown it’s his head totally even focused on a draft right now I mean it’s like Cain Velasquez represents a lot for Brock it was one of his biggest UFC losses it was like he saw a ghost last Friday night on Smackdown this goes without saying Brock Lesnar is one of the all-time biggest figuratively literally WWE Superstars if he’s not right at the very top for Fox or USA I would be absolutely shocked someone also in Monday’s pool that we should touch on Charlotte Flair the current Smackdown Women’s Champion Charlotte somebody that you can build a brand around oh it’s on it’s undoubtable first of all ten women’s title reigns is crazy never been done no one’s even really come close the momentum she has right now because of that undeniable Charlotte represents in a lot of ways and but in a different way kind of like the female is there where she is big box office she’s gonna just bring a ton of eyeballs to your brand I’d be shocked if foxy USA right now aren’t on the horn with one another really vying for her services 100% and one of those popular tag teams in all of WWE in Monday’s pool the new day ton a ton going on for the new day heading into this first of all where is Kofi’s head after that crushing loss to Lesnar last Friday night on Smackdown he’s kind of chimed in and exclusive and on Twitter afterwards and it seems like he’s as optimistic as he can be but after such a historic rain it’s like where is the group at after that the other thing and I almost shudder to say this as a big fan of the new day groups can be drafted as a group but they also can be separated via the rules of the draft as you pointed out earlier right well Smackdown want Kofi wood raw and USA Network want biggie so there’s just a ton that could happen to the new day so many changing variables it’s just too much going on and then on top of that kind of where they are at the moment as a group which is kind of really reeling after a really tough loss for Kofi last Friday night and the last man I’m gonna ask you about on Monday night’s pool is Ali where is he going what are you thinking I’m thinking ah we put a lot of attention on himself in a positive way after his defeat but near defeat versus Randy Orton last week at WWE Hell in a Cell it was clear with me watching that Orton was impressed by Ali’s performance and I’m basically positive that he also impressed the brass at both Fox and USA Network how could you not with a performance like that Ali is a guy that you can make understand of your brand she is on the come-up he’s someone that you want to build around no doubt about it well it’ll be interesting to see for a full list of the superstars in each pool head over to and do not miss when it all goes down on the draft tomorrow night on Friday Night Smackdown at 8:00 7:00 central on Fox Xfinity X I gives you the speed coverage and control you need for the ultimate in-home Wi-Fi experience

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