WWE Draft 2019 Rules Explained, HUGE Stipulation Match On SmackDown Tonight

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[Applause] hi guys I’m Adam will born from what culture and I’m patient zero from what culture I don’t forget you can listen to the news as a podcast when you’re out about by searching for what culture I see on either iTunes Spotify or AV a podcast Rama coded up today a huge match is planned for tonight’s Friday Night Smackdown though Wednesday night Wars guess who wins again another huge plan has been devised for NXT and it looks like ember moon might be injured they seize venues but guess what it is tonight atom will for it’s the bloody draft big bloody WWE draft 2019 kicks off on Smackdown concludes on Raw all kinds of stuff going on it’s gonna be a very news where every weekend once again in the wacky world of professional wrestling and WWE last night’s published a complete set of draft rules on and I’m gonna run through the key points from this big massive post innate so basically there are two draft pools they have lists of wrestlers who will be selected on Friday then some will be selected on Monday it’s a big bad mix there are over 70 names in those pools I’m welcome Arouca what what Jesus what we will prepare bazooka number Luca but we will have his thirty wrestlers drafted on tonight’s episode of SmackDown and fourteen one drafted on Raw we have a situation where raw because it’s the free our show will receive free picks for every two smart dumb pick so just for you they’re gonna do it again and tag teams will count as one pick and less otherwise specified WWE noted the Fox our USA Network who are apparently making the selections here may go hey I want Jimmy USO oh we were Ju to nail you shoes you split they’re not my size my razor they’re not gonna split Lisa was up an undrafted wrestlers will join a Lee agency pool and they will be able to sign off a brand of their choosing after the draft so we’re gonna have a few left over people might have a heap slate or situation like a few years ago that was loads of fun they might do at gambling he because he’s very entertaining and also it’s been reported but Stephanie McMahon is gonna be the one that I’m seeing the pick so you don’t like Steph the chef here in a long couple of nights either way what you reckon do these not hey Stephanie valves yeah that make sense I mean as much as you like hang on that’s to be unfair that now gets less pics than raw but it does make sense because you need more people on Monday Night Raw and also they’re blatantly gonna be like okay magda haven’t gets Brock Lesnar and Roman reigns and Ronda Rousey Monday Night Raw you get all of the lucha and also is there any way that they just get around it because anyone could be a tag-team now by not being oh yeah that flavors tag-team oh you have the graveyard dogs yeah sorry well out there Roman Roman reigns and Steve Austin teamed once we’ll have that they obviously didn’t I’m really really looking forward to the draft tonight yeah drafts are awesome but I mean they need to do a lot to salvage WWE in my eyes after this bloody week has literally broken me yes it most certainly has and you know it’s assumed that we don’t actually have any particularly enjoy topics today indeed Seth Rollins so good he’s gonna be facing Roman reigns in the opening match of tonight’s a Smackdown of course as part of that draft they’re going to be representing each brand of course Rollins representing Monday night bloody Raw and Roman reigns are representing Smackdown and W we posted this comment saying we’ll roll in secure the topic for all rain score a major victory for the blue brand it’s gonna be range I’ll tell you right now it’s gonna be rains because smack now they’re gonna get loads of the big picks are like yeah they are this is a kind of a weird match I mean could be a great match yes they’re very good it’s a weird magical because why would either really care about representing their brands when they could be picked to the other brand like an hour later it’s kind of odd it’s not piece of Buchan but it’s a fun match I’m looking forward to seeing it going down the crowd reactions will be really interesting particularly after Helen ourselves particularly considering as Rollins against reigns if you took this like a year and a half ago you know reigns is probably booed out of the building and roll interview itself the chef all this stuff but you know it’s gonna be weird to see how Rollins has received after as a Hell in a Cell situation if people blame I mean they really shouldn’t blame him for that but is he could be they’re gonna become like a reigns ask figure who’s well they should blame me for his terrible to a game so I reckon Roman we already won the most overreaction Roma’s going to get to me perfectly last night but like you say I think it’s gonna be an absolutely fantastic match and WWE if you pull that bollocks that was the time where they just switch seen her around about four times I’m gonna reach through the screen and punch you yeah Superman punch through the lens meeting support Wednesday night more stuff um aw beat NXT once again but both Shores were down the aw viewership is down quite significantly from the week one tool so a week one they got one point for zeidel 9 million this week and it all all was down to one point one four million this is split across TNT which had the bulk of the viewers and the truTV simulcast so some declines which is due to the baseball right but it was a big baseball night and I one of them me of all we ran which is why we had the truTV simulcast and all that NXT was down as well down a hundred thousand viewers to seven hundred and ninety thousand DML so does not and figure for online that it was a big baseball night there’s something nine million viewers tuned into hot MLD action never for me I’ve been to again and it was fun being there was fun you just sit there and have a beer last about five hours you just chill it’s cool yeah Oh cricket man me beginner I had a dream last night where I played cricket with the rock carry on Oh drop to catch rubbish well the key numbers as always the 18 to 49 demographic and again AUW has absolutely smashed NXT here at 0.46 rating in 18 to 49 and actually just point to two so increasingly aw is the show that appeals to the younger audience the audience the WWE are supposedly trying to attract and once again the only demographic in which NXT b ke w was in 50-plus viewers so WWE once again highlights that they have a young person problem I also read somewhere about Rijos reaction about how she really just picked the demographics ray W yes melter had some thoughts on that and she is attracting a lot of younger viewers in particular and so forth if only did like you know good Asian wrestlers that they could push and you know maybe not forget about four six then inexplicably turned heel yeah Kairi same exists I have one more note to add to its not to drag on too long but it’s worth knowing as well the enemy ATW numbers did progressively increase throughout the night which is quite interesting suggests that a lot of people maybe tune over from those baseball games once they were over and in some markets in a lot of markets it actually peaked with the main event segment so that’s good stuff because when you look at Raw and SmackDown usually it’s like you know more of a decline throughout the show this one’s gone up so good and bad in these rings let’s see how they pan out over the coming money yeah I don’t think it’s anything to be too devastated about even if you’re a fan of NXT we said that when they launched they were gonna have a huge amount of viewership with people casual fans checking out and if you they liked them they probably stay and if they didn’t this would probably happen I think you know we all anticipated you in particular going down for the session because the novelty has kind of worn off but like you said it is promising that they are not only going up but also getting the right demographics and like you said that main event will hopefully have encourage more people to talk about it and possibly tune back in or stick around or whatever and I’ve seen a lot of talk about Jericho’s promo being shared all over social media so there could even be a chance that more people go you know what maybe I want to give this another another guy and maybe give us another match I’ll be interesting to see how they do without baseball tonight intriguing to see what the plan is next for NXT as well because they’re per Dave Meltzer there is talk that wwr looking to pull NXT from Full Sail University and look for 5,000 capacity venues a la a e.w in early 2020 good decision this for me yeah it’s a goodness it’s a tough decision as well but like if you sit and watch NXT DW and you’re a new fan you know aw is running in these five to six fives and Sierra arenas and it just looks like a major league production compared to NXT which is held in what a lot of people would look at and go well that’s just a tiny little room it’s much more the production is very sleek but it’s much more akin to the much-maligned Bingle halls that people talk about when they talk about ironically some of the e-w roster so they probably do need to get out of there about at the same time you kind of sacrificing the intimate loud raucous atmosphere that that wants a little venue generates but you’re competing now you can’t look manually compared to this other promotion America second promotion so you need to do some yeah I mean and I’m glad that the hell aren’t saying we’re just gonna look for venues like you have to keep the capacity small because you cannot look like you’ve you’ve overreached yourself and you’ve got a tarp off loads of sections I’d rather have a slightly bigger arena and then be like oh this is growing and growing and growing sure then overreach try and do like an eight thousand co-owner and then realise that you got to tape off half of the arena speaking of tearing off the arena we’ve got quite an interesting question regarding a UW’s attendant so we’ll get to that um let’s move on last story amber means crocked isn’t she Oh her teacher’s name unfortunate really unfortunate timing considering earlier this year she was hurt returned around WrestleMania time did she return in the battle royal just out of nowhere I think she did the WrestleMania possibly over the top I don’t think that match was just starting is we were just getting into the building ironically but she’s hurt basically she hasn’t been on TV since the 23rd of September when she lost her lazy Evans in like five minutes according to Dave in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter she has suffered either an ankle or an Achilles problem don’t know which one don’t know the severity of it at the moment but if it’s an Achilles problem Dave notes that she could be up out for up to a year very very worrying bad stuff there so fingers crossed it’s just an ankle problem fingers crossed she’s back on TV because 2019 hasn’t been a particularly good year for her she had the bailey title program but that didn’t really pan out in the way that people had hoped but she’s extremely talented she’s extremely underused I know we get to see her doing good things on TV yeah I saw real shame for his vineyard and there’s never a good time to be injured but right now it’s probably the best because you know wer so fixated on the full horse woman even the the permutations with that personally I think possibly they’re gonna try and switch Sasha and Bailey over brands so you can just continue the feuds just with alternate people for Charlotte and Becky to face so in a way it’s probably best that ember isn’t just knocking around and they’re gonna move so no you should put you in the tag title picture or whatever and she’s number I could really make an impact but hopefully as well for Ember personally when she comes back she can have a real sort of character Renaissance because like I said she was fantastic in NXT she’s kind of lost her way a little bit on the main roster and this time to go away hopefully if the injury isn’t too severe can allow it to come back and really make that impact because I think she could dive straight into a tie picture yes she returns they’ve just got to figure out the presentation a little bit better than in that Bailey feud which wasn’t quite there yeah freaking out over someone smashing you switch or no she’s master switch because they said so it was one of those it was Sonya and Mandy they were being bell ends superhero well I supervillain Oh alright let’s move on to your Twitter questions at what culture WWE first question as you mentioned centers around atw attendances comes from ad spongey who says I saw someone put this photo on Facebook this morning if you haven’t put it up on screen I don’t know it’s basically a load of empty seat targets in the ER in the heart on the whole cup side in the aw Rena and it’s not necessarily people not buying tickets this is people scalping – yes and a g-string yes do you think aid of you needs to address the scalping problem in some way or another no because there’s absolutely nothing we can do about the scaling problem there’s literally nothing you can do okay you kids have people checking IDs on the door and stuff so that the person who’s bought the ticket is a person who gets in but then you’re gonna have even less people in the building because the only one who’s bought the ticket on the circum Demark ‘it will be turned away and that’s even worse 20 cannon pounds and I’m someone who’s bought tickets for gigs and stuff like that and any sort of hassle I’m like exactly like it’s just a sad reality like there are gonna be empty seats because scalpers bought these things up then couldn’t shift them they’re selling for like six dollars or every was you’re gonna see these empty seats it shows it’s just what’s gonna happen there’s nothing you can do about it it’s a sad fact 20 count spoke about this last week really their hands are tied it’s just going to be the case and you know we will come on and show pose like this when there’s big empty seats because that’s our job but you know well here’s hoping that quality products can maybe up those two it’s very different to empty seats compared to Demeter view they haven’t taped off an area yet now and you know there’s smaller buildings as well here’s an idea just fill the areas that haven’t got people sitting and watch the show starts with like inflatable dolls call it call it the orange cassidy section of course they wouldn’t get off or react to anything they just feel like maybe like right second question today comes through to mr. or mrs. márcia a son called dave like you become to me and again Michael says I’m really sick and tired of talking about Hell in a Cell but Dave we do to make what are you doing we were it’s Friday I was in a good mood it’s happy draft day do you know we talk about ourselves it okay right I’m really sick and tired of talking about himself but it could have been saved slightly no I couldn’t day we’re getting better no he couldn’t know it could not anyway if the Rollins attacked with the sledgehammer was the start of a heel turn so we can have what Rolla desperately needs weasel mode Rollins hash tag Helen SL ruined my week atlas he’ll ruin my life Dave that was a P I was really happy on like salad Sundays you ever used and just haha anyway but disregarding them having to saving himself because they can’t cuz you enter no contest and second year running inside Hell in a Cell right and then you release that bollocks statement and you also had it set three and yeah Dave man look what you’ve done but look what you’ve done we need he’ll Rob instantly yeah yeah the top face thing hasn’t worked it just hasn’t liked his promos stink like the character has been turned into this like generic catchphrase spitting runs who just goes cheap even previewed and he kind of looks like a little loose when he’s constantly trembling in fear at the murder climbing all this stuff and you know he’s just not that he’s not the guy like Roman before him it hasn’t worked out wlwt’s presentation is you know part of the problem you can break that down however where you want I’d like to see him as the weasel he’ll I’d like to see him doing that stupid laugh again because it was really annoying and the heels are supposed to be about also I’d really like him just go right okay this is it facing the fiend again because they were never wasn’t gonna run this back at some point right what’s the he’ll do most of all low blow Lobos the fiend in completing ourselves yeah laughs or something fiends got no bars yes alright let’s move on to Sam Stalin who sends off a final question of today who says in the draft tonight who is actually making the pigs as the authority I haven’t been asked of you know sound either of I ya know the what’s up groups been suspiciously quiet come on Steph send me the deets and sounds like it’s gonna be Stephanie McMahon presenting the pics on behalf of Network people and there’s gonna be all kinds of Vox and UFC people involved Colin Jost and Michael chair parent or she are apparently getting but I was great the last time they were talking about well that was great that bloody battle royal and so yeah it sounds like Steph the chef doing that Steph can be the chef surf is the chef sous chef she’s that shoe Steph up here with a shoot whatever she’s gonna be presenting them apparently on behalf of the network don’t move oh geez that’s Eva Marie Wow yeah a lot of people talking about the authority figures they’re gonna be making picks just flash it off on screen just say so-and-so is drafted to raw or so-and-so actors right now you don’t need someone say I want to pick them because it also sort of makes people feel a lot worse look what you did to her right anyway god no hey boy even right away we’ve gotten very serious because for today’s and finally you know we like to have a life here what about you oh my here at what culture but anyone even just bow your head we’ve got to be very seriously we’ve got to we’re gonna do a moment silence here because as W million folks tweet it tomorrow or tonight I should say we say goodbye we had a fantastic few months the memories will stay with us forever indelibly in some ways but tonight we see the final passing of the wild card room I honestly have no idea who is on each roster it was an awful five months or whatever it was it was a desperate rage crap it kind of work to a certain extent and it buried half the midcard town so if I had one support I would indeed be pouring one out for the wild card rule dearly the pirate rest in peace remember when we used to do what going on here we had like those oh yeah gaming people come on and whose batter that was a low point wasn’t it right pops on that log today’s news stories in the comment section below don’t forget to Like share and subscribe and subscribe to what Gould dressing on either iTunes Spotify or wherever your podcast from for daily wrestling podcast plus you can send us Twitter questions at what culture WWE watch they’re all about was you could follow him at at Andy hates Murray the heat stands for head cheese he’s Al Snow I’m Steve Blackman you can follow me at we’ll now known on Twitter as broken Adam will born got some a plan this weekend – really he’s bought these stress so make sure you check that out Adam will born at what culture WWE of course for the rest of us right this has been the news my thanks Andy Murray thank you for watching enjoy the draft happy draft day part one at least and we will see you soon

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