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[Music] what is good everybody welcome to an epic my damn toys video today we are going to be breaking down the first night of the double w/e draft 2019 taking place last night on Friday Night Smackdown live on Fox we got the first few picks of the draft and then of course the following round will be on Monday Night Raw we will get the rest of our draft and then the rest of the people who do not get picked will be able to sign with whatever side they want to do right Smackdown last night we had the raw side and then we had the Smackdown side and there were some things that I did not like about this show about you know the draft and how they broke it down I’m gonna get into that and then I’m going to tell you the things about it that I do like and everything we’re gonna just take you through the rosters that you know ended up on Monday Night Raw and then the rosters that ended up on Friday Night Smackdown what I expected and you know sort of how it all played out so first of all if you guys did watch my predictions video I did predict that the man Becky Lynch will be the first overall pick and that is what took place we did get the man going number one overall of course our night started off with Seth Rollins going one-on-one with Roman reigns very solid matchup to open up the show I thought this is an excellent match the thing obviously interfere we all kind of expected that you know you can’t have your Universal Champion lose and Roman reigns you know they’re gonna protect him at all costs as well so they had to have the feigned interfere so that was a pretty cool moment though I’m not gonna lie I thought it was pretty cool I caffeine like took separates under the ring but then Seth Rollins came back I think it would have been better if you know he just pulls him under the ring and then he disappears that would have been pretty cool but I guess the way that it all played out they had to book it the way they did but I want to get into what my biggest gripe was about the draft guys okay so if you know the NFL or NBA Draft if you guys don’t know what the NFL or NBA draft is it’s basically where you know young upcoming talent from the college level of sports are going into the professional leagues of the NFL and the NBA so if you have played three years in the in college football or one year of college basketball you are eligible to go to the NBA or NFL drafts so in these drafts there’s 30 teams you get 30 picks or in the NFL you get 32 picks total for each round in these pools they don’t say well draft one you can only select from this specific view of superstars everyone is eligible to be drafted it is up to the teams and it is up to each GM and their owners to decide who they want to take whether it be the greatest player you know cuz they scouted it they know this guy right here without a doubt is gonna be the best or if they take a chance on a guy at number two overall and they think you know maybe he’s not the highest rated but we think he’s most valuable we want to go after this guy it’s not these are who are available to be drafted and then on night 2 we can pick up the rest of them that is the way that W we did this thing and I don’t appreciate that I thought that was really horse crap ok so they had like 30 superstars who were eligible to be drafted on night 1 here on Smackdown but then you could only pick from that pool you couldn’t go outside of that pool and that was against the draft rules I didn’t like that I think that’s total bull crap I think you should be able to draft whoever the hell you want that’s an official draft it’s not you know pick who we decide you can pick its pick who’s ever ever available so when Becky Lynch got taken it Smackdown live order to take Seth Rollins they could have taken Seth Rollins you know what I’m saying just just because he’s not eligible on this night what kind of sense does that make you know I I just offend that annoying I didn’t like how they did that I understand why they did it I just wasn’t I didn’t agree with it I know that they did that so that you would have star power on Monday Night Raw so you can still have Brock Lesnar and Seth and Charlotte all go on Monday Night Raw but I just thought it was weird man it just I don’t know it just didn’t make any sense to me I think would have been better if you just laid out everybody in this first round you know you’re champions and everything like that and then there would have still been plenty of talent to pick over going into Monday Night Raw I think I think there would have been plenty of talent like this isn’t near all the talent on the roster you guys can see here Monday Night Raw site is overloaded because Smackdown live we don’t have most of those figures that went over there but that’s just someone wanted to talk about but getting into the draft guys I mean once we got started going I did notice that there was an article that W eat composted where they were talking about the draft and they were talking about you know the pools for each night you know I didn’t know it so the draft started that that’s what they were doing so I was totally confused and shocked by that once the show started but on night one you know they had you know Friday Night Smackdown here’s the superstars you can get and then Monday Night Raw here’s the superstar if you can get and they legitimately guys they put it in the order that Stephanie McMahon announced the picks so the draft was pretty much spoiled for everyone before it even started and I thought that was hilarious and leave it to w/e to do some stuff like that it’s just my god man like can we get some can we get some stuff going but before we get into you know everything else about the show that I enjoyed let’s go ahead and run down whoo all raw got of course in the first round Becky Lynch The OC was its raw second pick and then drew McIntyre was the third pick I thought that was very interesting for Drew McIntyre to go over to the Monday to Monday Night Raw I thought that was an excellent pick as far as you know I like that he got picked pretty high up but again he got picked pretty high up because there was nobody really else that was eligible to be drafted so that was interesting to see Drew McIntyre go for the third overall pick to raw I should say the third picks overall not the third overall but the third overall pick was the OCA Jay Chou’s Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson so the rest of the raw picks guys was Randy Orton ricochet Bobby Lashley Alexa bliss Kevin Owens Natalya the Viking raiders Nikki Cross and the street profits another thing I’ll say guys is why did they take Alexa bliss and Nikki cross separately why wouldn’t you just take them two in one to cut down on a pic so you get an extra superstar wasn’t that dumb to like why not take them together because they’re our tag team that didn’t make any sense you want to get your own rule they’re coming back over to the SmackDown side guys we have Roman reigns Bray Wyatt the theme big acquisition right there that is one of the names that I thought that that was you know that I said could’ve went over to Fox cuz I knew Fox really wanted the thene over there braun strowman another huge name that ended up on smackdown side of things and i think that’s good for him I think get see it to be honest with you I wanted him McIntyre at ricochet all to go to SmackDown I just feel like seeing them on Monday Night Raw it’s just gotten stale I don’t know what it is but that’s just my own personal opinion also missing from over here is Lacey Evans and the rest of lucha house party at kalisto right here you have heavy machinery and then of course your Smackdown live tag team champions the revival who also got picked to Smackdown and breaking down both sides I mean I knew Roman reigns and stone Fox again we talked about the fee moving over I think Sasha banks moving over we predicted that I think that as an excellent acquisition for her she needed to get over to the blue brand separate from Becky build up on that women’s division and just kind of see what we can lead to braun strowman again we discussed that i like him going over to smackdown even though i didn’t think it was gonna happen I still think it’s good for him over here we did call that AJ Styles Randy Orton and Becky Lynch would all go to raw I am kind of bummed for Kevin Owens I think I predicted him to go to raw but I still I don’t like seeing it you know there’s so many big names over here it’s gonna be very interesting to see where it goes but over here you do have some pretty good names you have Drew McIntyre Becky Lynch you got you know Kevin Owens The OC I’m guessing Lana will come with Bobby Lashley and since I guess Bobby Lashley and Lana came over to raw I’m guessing rusev will also come over to raw but I do like the Randy Orton switched brands but what a lot of people are saying also guys is it seems like a lot of these people stayed on the same brains that they were already a part of before the wild-card rule even took place you know there are some big things that switched over I think the theme Sasha banks braun strowman and randy orton probably the biggest acquisitions which are you know that sports photo big makes ups there but I still think that I don’t know both rosters kind of just seen I don’t know at this point I guess we’ll know we’ll have a better idea of it following Monday Night Raw and the rest of the draft but you guys know the way of the universal champion Seth Rollins we have brought Lesnar still to be drafted we still have a ton of tag-team still to be drafted I guess it’s obvious now that since AJ Styles went over to Ross chin Scott Nakamura will most definitely be coming over to SmackDown Bailey is the new SmackDown Women’s Champion she defeated Charlotte she turned heel you know she took that freakin that I don’t even know what the hell that was it was like a sharp kendo stick looking thing to those inflatable flailing arm two men she’s going over to SmackDown obviously says she’s the new Smackdown Women’s Champion and one thing that I do want to mention also nothing more I’m thinking about it it’s like it kind of doesn’t work out for Kevin Owens anywhere because now that he’s on Monday Night Raw it’s kind of a bigger pond but at the same time he’s so damn good guys he should be he should be a freakin world champion all the time the man’s a absolute beast who should be draped in gold all the freaking time and I’m kind of glad he got away from Smackdown and I know Shane McMahon’s not gonna be around for a while but seeing him you know be over there following the 2017 superstar shake-up and going through this stuff with Daniel Bryan Sami Zayn and Shane McMahon and then going through our more stuff with shaming man and all that it is kind of good to see him back over on Raw side but getting into the other things that took place on this night guys I just felt like I don’t know we got to see Chad Gable and trash Corbin again like that’s like the eighth time we’ve seen that I think it’s literally the fourth or fifth time we’ve seen that and I think that is getting old a lot of people are hating on the name shorty but you know Chad Gable and the name that gave him and that’s just that’s just I just don’t even know what to say to that I don’t think I’ll ever call him that to be honest with you I am ready for Monday night Raw’s Draft just so we can finally see the rest of the rosters I think that you know I bet if you went over to that article that I was talking about where I think that you could sort of just project where everybody’s gonna go I bet I hope hopefully they didn’t really post it in order I bet they did though I bet I mean I can guarantee it it’s gonna be if some a guy like gets the first paper smack now gets if smack now gets the first pick they’re gonna go Brock and then Rahl is gonna go set Rollins and then Smackdown is gonna go Bailey and then Raw is going to go I can’t remember what the list is but that’s I’m sure that’s how it’s gonna go but the one thing I wanted to discuss guys is the way they had like all the Fox football the NFL analysts on the show I thought that was really terrible just because like I don’t think that double w/e fans and wrestling fans first of all they first of all probably don’t know who a lot of those guys are that are breaking down those matchups in Troy Aikman and Joe Buck and Terry Bradshaw and stuff it’s kind of weird because it’s kind of mixing my two things that I love football and wrestling but it just doesn’t come off good like those people don’t give a about wrestling they don’t care about Roman right they don’t care about Randy Orton when we care about these guys you know we care about it and I feel like they kind of make a mockery about it you know in certain terms I think that some of them know what’s going on if a that some of them kind of know it but none of those men watch professional wrestling on a daily basis or on a weekly basis like we do they don’t know any of that stuff and you know Troy Aikman was breaking down the piledriver and Joe Buck is like learning something new every day you know I just learned something from Troy Aikman and you put this guy on w/e television when like he doesn’t even know what a piledriver is he doesn’t care what a piledriver is I I just don’t I don’t understand why you would do that the War Rooms I think we’re a good idea you know the war rooms are you know we had the wrong war room where it’s all the USA analysts and they’re breaking down their picks and then you had the Box war room where all the guys are breaking down the pigs but it just came off so like let it like to me it just seemed in this genuine it didn’t seem real it seemed very fake it seemed kind of cringy guys weren’t even really paying attention they’re like jotting down like fake notes like they’re not even writing and it just looks so fake it didn’t look genuine to me and it just made everything look kind of jackassery I don’t know I I just didn’t feel like it was important to anybody and they just get it’s like Stephanie McMahon coming out and announcing every pic was kind of lame for me as well I think it would’ve been much cooler to have Bischoff and Heyman do it I think that would’ve been excellent you know have those guys at now each pick you know talk some trash back and forth but the reason they didn’t do that is because not everybody was eligible you know like they’d never done that eligible thing before that never once done well these guys are the only ones that are eligible and then these guys will be eligible the next time and that’s why it wasn’t super competitive for this draft because it’s not you know you I can’t pick anyone I want so that is just what the biggest turn-off for me is I am happy this is the ultimate thing guys is that I’m super happy we have a raw roster and a Smackdown roster and following Monday Night Raw we will be completely done with the wild card rule for sure and there won’t be any flip-flop we will have our raw show our SmackDown show and it will be it would be much better than the wild card rule that trash was terrible I think everybody can agree with that and I just wanted to give my thoughts and opinions on everything regarding the W eat draft 2019 and just giving my my own personal thoughts and opinions I would love to know yours down in the comment section below do you agree with me what it what did you think what do you think about these Fox analysts the football like NFL Fox analysts and you know the commentators and stuff what do you think about those guys being on our televisions and talking about wrestling I just don’t buy it I just don’t come across as real to me and it just seems really phony and it just I don’t know man but again I would love to know all of your thoughts down in the comment section below I think that is everything guys I tried my best to try to get everything out in the open break down everything for you guys what do you guys think I think for the most part that Monday Night Raw won I mean they got three picks for every two over here and while they got Roman and the theme I’m not big on braun strowman and i honestly i think that the the raw obviously won i mean you have aj randy drew kevin ricochet Becky Lynch you didn’t get Sasha over here I guess the revival was a good pick just one thing that I try to know as well is like why wouldn’t you want your Champions first right like they’re supposed to mean something they’re supposed to be big why wouldn’t you want your Champions first I don’t know well they’re not eligible well that’s bull crap why aren’t they al is did you stupid man but anyways guys that is gonna do it I hope to see Monday Night Raw will do a little bit better with draft I guess we don’t have to look forward to any football analyst breaking down wrestling and not knowing what the hell they’re talking about but thank you guys so very much for watching I hope you guys did enjoy subscribe to the channel for more epic Zeva w we figure videos follow me on instagram and twitter it might have toys and I will see you guys in the next video thank you [Music]

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